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KasiNomic Revolution - The Rise Of African Informal Economies (Paperback): G.G. Alcock KasiNomic Revolution - The Rise Of African Informal Economies (Paperback)
G.G. Alcock
R240 R216 Discovery Miles 2 160 Save R24 (10%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

A revolution is taking place in the great marketplaces of the informal sector and it contains an unquantified scale and power as an economic engine and a way of life for the majority of our low income populations. The KasiNomic Revolution may still be a murmur in the streets, a grassroots economic groundswell, but it is the future of African economic activity.

Kasi is the South African term for the township – a teeming conurbation of homes and businesses, entertainment venues and social meeting places. GG Alcock uses the term KasiNomics to describe the informal sectors of Africa, whether they are in the township, a rural marketplace, at a taxi rank or on a pavement in the shadow of skyscrapers. Brought up in a rural Zulu community, GG has learnt and shares the lessons of African culture, language, stick fighting, lifestyle and tribal politics, along with shared poverty and community, which have prepared him for accessing the great informal marketplaces of Africa. He is uniquely placed to uncover the extraordinary stories of kasi businesses which not only survive but excel, revealing a revolutionary entrepreneurship which is mostly invisible to the formal sector.

KasiNomic Revolution is a story of kasi entrepreneurs on one side and, on the other, of great corporate successes and failures in the informal community. KasiNomic Revolution is at once a business book, and at the same time a deeply human book about the people and lives of rural and urban informal societies.

KasiNomic Revolution is about the lessons of marketing, distribution, culture and modernity in an informal African world.

Shine A Light - In Conversation With Ingrid De Storie (Paperback): Corrine Wilson Shine A Light - In Conversation With Ingrid De Storie (Paperback)
Corrine Wilson
R277 Discovery Miles 2 770 Ships in 1 working day

Shine A Light tells the story of two women, Corrine and Ingrid, who at the onset seem worlds apart, separated by the deep chasm of South Africa’s dark history. But as they traverse one of the most dangerous communities in Cape Town in search of vulnerable animals, they discover they are more similar than they are different.

While the narrative winds its way along the troubled streets, it becomes clear how animals provide a unique platform for dialogue and, in turn, healing. Through Ingrid’s eyes, and in conversations with people who would never have otherwise spoken – gangsters, drug dealers and addicts – Corrine slowly begins to feel her perceptions waver when she learns that behind every broken animal is a broken human, and just because someone can speak, it does not guarantee them a voice.

101 Water Wise Ways (Paperback): Helen Moffett 101 Water Wise Ways (Paperback)
Helen Moffett 1
R130 R112 Discovery Miles 1 120 Save R18 (14%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

An essential guide for those dealing with the Cape Water Crisis and for general water saving in South and southern Africa, a notoriously water-scarce region.

Three provinces in South Africa have been declared national disaster zones because of drought. The way we think about water needs to change, and fast. This is especially true for those of us who have running water and flush sanitation piped into our homes. For millions of South Africans, water is already a precious resource that costs toil to collect and fuel to heat. Our middle-class expectations that water will gush steaming from our dozens of indoor taps 24/7 are going to look as bizarre to future generations as the spectacle of Cleopatra bathing in asses’ milk. Our Roman-orgy relationship with water is over.

This book will hopefully help to alleviate water panic and distress. A “can-do” compendium, it’s meant to be a guide, not prescriptive – not all solutions or tips are one-size-fits-all. Think of it as an ally in your fight to save water and part of your survival kit, along with the first-aid box; Valium for water-worriers.

Song For Sarah - Lessons From My Mother (Hardcover): Jonathan Jansen, Naomi Jansen Song For Sarah - Lessons From My Mother (Hardcover)
Jonathan Jansen, Naomi Jansen 3
R90 R78 Discovery Miles 780 Save R12 (13%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Jonathan Jansen is the former Vice Chancellor of the University of the Free State, with a formidable reputation for transformation and for a deep commitment to reconciliation in communities living with the heritage of apartheid. In this, Jansen’s most personal and intimate book to date, South Africa’s beloved professor contemplates the stereotypes and stigma so readily applied to Cape Flats mothers as bawdy, lusty and gap-toothed – and offers this endearing antidote as a praise song to mothers everywhere who raise families and build communities in difficult places.

As a young man, Jansen questioned how mothers managed to raise children in trying circumstances – and then realised that the answer was right in front of him in the form of Sarah Jansen, his own mother. Tracing her early life in Montagu and the consequences of apartheid’s forced removals, Jansen unpacks how strong women managed to not only keep families together, but raise them with integrity.

With his trademark delicacy, humour and frankness, Jansen follows his mother’s life story as a young nurse and mother to five children, and shows how mothers dealt with their pasts, organised their homes, made sense of politics, managed affection, communicated core values – how they led their lives. As a balance to his own recollections, Jansen has called on his sister, Naomi, to offer her own insights and memories, adding special value to this touching personal memoir.

Township Economy - People, Spaces And Practices (Paperback): Andrew Charman, Leif Petersen, Thireshen Govender Township Economy - People, Spaces And Practices (Paperback)
Andrew Charman, Leif Petersen, Thireshen Govender 1
R420 R361 Discovery Miles 3 610 Save R59 (14%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Township Economy provides a unique insight into township informal business and entrepreneurship. It is set in the post-apartheid period, in the third decade of Africa’s democracy and draws on evidence collected from 2010-2018 in 10 township sites, nine in South Africa and one in Namibia. The book focuses on micro-enterprises, the business strategies of township entrepreneurs and the impact of autonomous informal economic activities on urban life.

The book is unique in approach and content. It looks at spatial influences at various gradients, from the city-wide level, to objects, to invisible infrastructure. The analysis examines the influence of power as a tool to dominate and control and thus constraint inclusive opportunities.

This captivating book will be of interest academic researchers, university students and specialists in business studies, urbanism, politics and socio-economic development.

Slumming It - The tourist valorisation of urban poverty (Paperback): Fabian Frenzel Slumming It - The tourist valorisation of urban poverty (Paperback)
Fabian Frenzel
R260 R224 Discovery Miles 2 240 Save R36 (14%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Have slums become 'cool'? More and more tourists from across the globe seem to think so as they discover favelas, ghettos, townships and barrios on leisurely visits. But while slum tourism often evokes moral outrage, critics rarely ask about what motivates this tourism, or what wider consequences and effects it initiates.

In this provocative book, Fabian Frenzel investigates the lure that slums exert on their better-off visitors, looking at the many ways in which this curious form of attraction ignites changes both in the slums themselves and on the world stage. Covering slums ranging from Rio de Janeiro to Bangkok, and multiple cities in South Africa, Kenya and India, Slumming It examines the roots and consequences of a growing phenomenon whose effects have ranged from gentrification and urban policy reform to the organization of international development and poverty alleviation.

Controversially, Frenzel argues that the rise of slum tourism has drawn attention to important global justice issues, and is far more complex than we initially acknowledged.

Native Boy - Confessions Of A Maplazini In The City (Paperback): Thabo Molefe Native Boy - Confessions Of A Maplazini In The City (Paperback)
Thabo Molefe
R250 R200 Discovery Miles 2 000 Save R50 (20%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

As a child, Thabo Abram Molefe, along with his family, is impelled into the apartheid era tradition of rural to urban transition. Moving from a farm to a multi ethnic and vibrant township in the heart of Heidelberg, the birthplace of Eugene Terre’ Blanche’s AWB, proves to be both a challenge and an adventure as he works to evade the nickname that has followed him as a result: "maplazini", Sotho for a dumb country bumpkin.

Native Boy explores a young man’s complex relationship with identity and race, seen through the lens of township life. Moreover, it is about his journey to escape the socio economic trap of the apartheid regime to forever limit the black man to a life of hardship.

Humans Of New York (Hardcover, New): Brandon Stanton Humans Of New York (Hardcover, New)
Brandon Stanton 3
R753 R546 Discovery Miles 5 460 Save R207 (27%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

An instant Number One New York Times bestseller, Humans of New York began in the summer of 2010, when photographer Brandon Stanton set out on an ambitious project: to single-handedly create a photographic census of New York City. Armed with his camera, he began crisscrossing the city, covering thousands of miles on foot, all in his attempt to capture ordinary New Yorkers in the most extraordinary of moments. The result of these efforts was "Humans of New York," a vibrant blog in which he featured his photos alongside quotes and anecdotes.

The blog has steadily grown, now boasting nearly a million devoted followers. Humans of New York is the book inspired by the blog. With four hundred colour photos, including exclusive portraits and all-new stories, and a distinctive vellum jacket, Humans of New York is a stunning collection of images that will appeal not just to those who have been drawn in by the outsized personalities of New York, but to anyone interested in the breathtaking scope of humanity it displays.

Heartfelt and moving, Humans of New York is a celebration of individuality and a tribute to the spirit of a city.

Promised Land - Exploring South Africa's Land Conflict (Paperback): Karl Kemp Promised Land - Exploring South Africa's Land Conflict (Paperback)
Karl Kemp
R300 R237 Discovery Miles 2 370 Save R63 (21%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

Land reform and the possibility of expropriation without compensation are among the most hotly debated topics in South Africa today, met with trepidation and fervour in equal measure. But these broader issues tend to obscure a more immediate reality: a severe housing crisis and a sharp increase in urban land occupations.

In Promised Land, Karl Kemp travels the country documenting the fallout of failing land reform, from the under-siege Philippi Horticultural Area deep in the heart of Cape Town’s ganglands to the burning mango groves of Tzaneen, from Johannesburg’s lawless Deep South to rural KwaZulu-Natal, where chiefs own vast tracts of land on behalf of their subjects. He visits farming communities beset by violent crime, and provides gripping, on-the-ground reporting of recent land invasions, with perspectives from all sides, including land activists, property owners and government officials. Kemp also looks at burning issues surrounding the land debate in South Africa – corruption, farm murders, illegal foreign labour, mechanisation and eviction – and reveals the views of those affected.

Touching on the history of land conflict and conquest in each area, as well as detailing the current situation on the ground, Promised Land provides startling insights into the story of land conflict in South Africa.

City Of Broken Dreams - Myth-making, Nationalism And The University In An African Motor City (Paperback): Leslie J. Bank City Of Broken Dreams - Myth-making, Nationalism And The University In An African Motor City (Paperback)
Leslie J. Bank
R295 R254 Discovery Miles 2 540 Save R41 (14%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

City Of Broken Dreams brings the global debate about the urban university to bear on the realities of South African rust-belt cities through a detailed case study of the Eastern Cape motor city of East London, a site of significant industrial job losses over the past two decades. The cultural power of the car and its associations with the endless possibilities of modernity lie at the heart of the refusal of many rust-belt motor cities to seek alternative development paths that could move them away from racially inscribed, automotive capitalism and cultures. This is no less true in East London than it is in the motor cities of Flint and Detroit in the US.

Since the end of the Second World War, universities have become increasingly urbanised, resulting in widespread concerns about the autonomy of universities as places of critical thinking and learning. Simultaneously, there is increased debate about the role universities can play in building urban economies, creating jobs and reshaping the politics and identities of cities.

In City Of Broken Dreams, author Leslie Bank embeds the reader's understanding of the university within a history of industrialisation, placing-making and city building.

Knowledge For The Anthropocene - A Multidisciplinary Approach (Hardcover): Francisco J. Carrillo, Gunter Koch Knowledge For The Anthropocene - A Multidisciplinary Approach (Hardcover)
Francisco J. Carrillo, Gunter Koch
R3,706 Discovery Miles 37 060 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

With human-induced environmental impacts disrupting human life in deeper ways and at a wider scale than anything previously experienced, this multidisciplinary book looks at the ways that current knowledge bases seem inadequate to help us deal with such realities. It offers a critical appraisal of the current knowledge infrastructure, including science, technology, innovation, education and informal knowledge systems. Contributions from a wide spectrum of social scientists, philosophers, activists and decision-makers tackle the importance of knowledge for the Anthropocene using a mosaic of data, theories, cases, models, methods and experiences. Chapters highlight what relevant knowledge will become critical to dealing with deteriorating environmental conditions, as well as how science, technology, education and innovation can be radically transformed to deal with these challenges. The book further explores the behavioural, economic, social and cultural aspects of the Anthropocene, and how knowledge impacts both these and our possible futures. This will be a critical read for human geography and environmental science scholars, as well as social science scholars more broadly, particularly with its in-depth glossary and digital resource list. It will also aid practitioners in the planning, design, management and evaluation of knowledge systems by providing deeper understandings of the potential circumstances of knowledge in the Anthropocene.

Handbook on Cities and Complexity (Hardcover): Juval Portugali Handbook on Cities and Complexity (Hardcover)
Juval Portugali
R5,597 Discovery Miles 55 970 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Written by some of the founders of complexity theory and complexity theories of cities (CTC), this Handbook expertly guides the reader through over forty years of intertwined developments: the emergence of general theories of complex self-organized systems and the consequent emergence of CTC. Examining studies from the end of 1970 through to the current leading approach to urbanism, planning and design, the book provides an up-to-date snapshot of CTC. Insightful chapters are split into five parts covering the early foundations of the topic, the evolution of towns and cities and urban complexity, the links between complexity, languages and cities, modelling traffic and parking in cities, and urban planning and design. The Handbook on Cities and Complexity concludes with the contributors' personal statements on their observations of COVID-19's impact upon global cities. This book will be an invaluable resource for those researching cities and complexity and also for scholars of urban studies, planning, physics, mathematics, AI, and architecture.

Research Handbook on International Law and Cities (Hardcover): Helmut P. Aust, Janne E. Nijman, Miha Marcenko Research Handbook on International Law and Cities (Hardcover)
Helmut P. Aust, Janne E. Nijman, Miha Marcenko
R5,891 Discovery Miles 58 910 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This groundbreaking Research Handbook provides a comprehensive analysis and assessment of the impact of international law on cities. It sheds light on the growing global role of cities and makes the case for a renewed understanding of international law in the light of the urban turn. Written by a group of scholars from a wide range of different geographical and theoretical backgrounds, this Research Handbook contributes to a better understanding of the practice of cities in various fields of international law ranging from climate change over human rights and migration to security governance. Additionally, it offers reflections on how to account for this urban turn in the light of historical and cross-cutting theoretical perspectives from legal and non-legal scholarship alike. Combining doctrinal work and analysis of international practice with critical historical and theoretical contributions, this Research Handbook will be a must-have reference book for researchers and students in the field of international law as well as other disciplines, including human geography, urban studies, sociology and political science.

Shaw, Ledroit Park and Bloomingdale in Washington, DC - An Oral History (Paperback): Shilpi Malinowski Shaw, Ledroit Park and Bloomingdale in Washington, DC - An Oral History (Paperback)
Shilpi Malinowski
R444 R373 Discovery Miles 3 730 Save R71 (16%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The Politics of the Encounter - Urban Theory and Protest under Planetary Urbanization (Paperback): Andy Merrifield The Politics of the Encounter - Urban Theory and Protest under Planetary Urbanization (Paperback)
Andy Merrifield
R566 Discovery Miles 5 660 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"The Politics of the Encounter" is a spirited interrogation of the city as a site of both theoretical inquiry and global social struggle. The city, writes Andy Merrifield, remains "important, virtually and materially, for progressive politics." And yet, he notes, more than forty years have passed since Henri Lefebvre advanced the powerful ideas that still undergird much of our thinking about urbanization and urban society. Merrifield rethinks the city in light of the vast changes to our planet since 1970, when Lefebvre's seminal Urban Revolution was first published. At the same time, he expands on Lefebvre's notion of "the right to the city," which was first conceived in the wake of the 1968 student uprising in Paris.
We need to think less of cities as "entities with borders and clear demarcations between what's inside and what's outside" and emphasize instead the effects of "planetary urbanization," a concept of Lefebvre's that Merrifield makes relevant for the ways we now experience the urban. The city--from Tahrir Square to Occupy Wall Street--seems to be the critical zone in which a new social protest is unfolding, yet dissenters' aspirations are transcending the scale of the city physically and philosophically. Consequently, we must shift our perspective from "the right to the city" to "the politics of the encounter," says Merrifield. We must ask how revolutionary crowds form, where they draw their energies from, what kind of spaces they occur in--and what kind of new spaces they produce.

Best Practices - A photo essay about Los Angeles and its messy relationship with building materials, signage systems,... Best Practices - A photo essay about Los Angeles and its messy relationship with building materials, signage systems, communication equipment, plant life, and people (Paperback)
Erin Besler, Ian Besler, Jonathan Jae-An Crisman, Fiona Connor, Wendy Gilmartin, …
R599 R501 Discovery Miles 5 010 Save R98 (16%) Ships in 10 - 20 working days

In visually cataloging the endearing and enigmatic ways in which the built environment takes shape, Best Practices proposes a new way of thinking about neighbourhoods, housing developments, streetscapes, and storefronts, not so much as places defined by building codes, dimensions, or geographic features, but as assemblages of ad hoc interventions and incidental ephemera. Drawing on the history of architecture, media theory, cultural anthropology, and urban studies, Best Practices pairs photographic documentation with extensive captions and citations to define a territory within the margins between the sanctioned and unsanctioned, the regulated and unregulated, the tasteful and tacky, the novel and the nonsense. While not necessarily in opposition of those mechanisms, Best Practices asserts that interest, knowledge, and meaning are more often generated on the lines that divide such categories. This book advocates for a more thorough consideration of the unauthorised remodels, slap-dash handiwork, haphazard paint jobs, half-hearted do-it-yourself projects, cracked facades, contradictions, compromises, and coincidences.

Humbugs of New-York - Being a Remonstrance Against Popular Delusion; Whether in Science, Philosophy, or Religion (Paperback):... Humbugs of New-York - Being a Remonstrance Against Popular Delusion; Whether in Science, Philosophy, or Religion (Paperback)
David Meredith Reese
R428 Discovery Miles 4 280 Ships in 12 - 17 working days
Urban Homesteads - How to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle (Hardcover): Rebecca Gross Urban Homesteads - How to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle (Hardcover)
Rebecca Gross
R834 R696 Discovery Miles 6 960 Save R138 (17%) Ships in 10 - 20 working days

In a fast-paced world with mega upheaval, including climate crises and a global pandemic, the allure of growing your own food, being self-sufficient, and living green is immense. This yearning for not being wholly reliant on the supermarket, and the growing concerns over pesticides and food miles has led to the resurgence in seeking old-world skills. As showcased in Urban Homesteads, the benefits of a productive garden on your doorstep or within arm's reach, tending to chickens, harvesting your own honey, and using eco-friendly water-harvesting techniques are clear: fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruit on tap, fresh eggs, delicious honey; plus living at a slower pace, better value for money, and a more soothing and mindful existence. Of course, a healthy garden and environment also attracts beneficial insects and birds. Get inspired with this book's range of eco-friendly possibilities from around the globe. With beautiful full-colour photos, gathered here are stories of people who have set up their own productive and abundant back yard or patio, as well as examples of great vertical planters, indoor gardens, and those who have reached into the urban community allotment. Use this book to start your own journey with an urban homestead lifestyle, with lots of generous tips, modern green concepts as well as a twist of modern, technically savvy know-how. All the practical guidance you need on how to be the change you want to see.

Africa's urban revolution (Paperback): Susan Parnell, Edgar Pieterse Africa's urban revolution (Paperback)
Susan Parnell, Edgar Pieterse
R450 R395 Discovery Miles 3 950 Save R55 (12%) Ships in 4 - 8 working days

The facts of Africa's rapid urbanisation are startling. By 2030 African cities will have grown by more than 350 million people and over half the continent's population will be urban. Yet in the minds of policy-makers, scholars and much of the general public, Africa remains a quintessentially rural place. This lack of awareness and robust analysis means it is difficult to make a policy case for a more overtly urban agenda. As a result, there is across the continent insufficient urgency directed to responding to the challenges and opportunities associated with the world's last major wave of urbanisation. Drawing on the expertise of scholars and practitioners associated with UCT's African centre for cities, and utilising a diverse array of case studies, Africa's urban revolution provides a comprehensive insight into the key issues - demographic, cultural, political, technical, environmental and economic - surrounding African urbanisation.

Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure Development - Finance, Stakeholder Alignment, Governance (Paperback): Raymond E.... Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure Development - Finance, Stakeholder Alignment, Governance (Paperback)
Raymond E. Levitt, W R Scott, Michael J. Garvin
R1,020 Discovery Miles 10 200 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Large infrastructure projects often face significant cost overruns and stakeholder fragmentation. Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) allow governments to procure long-term infrastructure services from private providers, rather than developing, financing and managing infrastructure assets themselves. Aligning public and private interests and institutional logics to create robust, decades-long service contracts subject to shifting economic and political contexts is a significant cross-sectoral governance challenge. This work summarizes over a decade of research conducted by scholars at Stanford s Global Projects Center and multiple US and International collaborators to enhance the governance of both infrastructure projects and institutional investors, whose long term, cash flow obligations align especially well with the kinds of long term inflation-adjusted returns that PPP infrastructure projects can generate. In these pages, multiple theoretical perspectives are integrated and combined with empirical evidence to examine how experiences from more mature PPP jurisdictions can help improve PPP governance approaches worldwide. The information contained here will appeal to engineering, economics, political science, public policy and finance scholars interested in the delivery of high-quality, sustainable infrastructure services to the citizens in countries with established and emerging market economies. Officials in national, state/provincial and local government agencies seeking alternative financing and service provision strategies for their civil and social infrastructure, and legislators and their staff members interested in promoting PPP legislation will find this book invaluable. It will also be of high interest to long-term investment professionals from pension funds, sovereign funds, family offices and university endowments seeking to deploy money into the infrastructure asset class, and practitioners seeking insights into methods for enhancing stakeholder incentive alignment, reducing transaction costs and improving project outcomes in PPPs. Contributors: B.G. Cameron, G. Carollo, C.B. Casady, E.F. Crawley, K. Eriksson, W. Feng, M.J. Garvin, K.E. Gasparro, R.R. Geddes, W.J. Henisz, D.R. Lessard, R.E. Levitt, T. Liu, A.H.B. Monk, D.A. Nguyen, C. Nowacki, W.R. Scott, R. Sharma, A.J. South

Financialising City Statecraft and Infrastructure (Paperback): Andy Pike, Peter O'Brien, Tom Strickland, Graham Thrower,... Financialising City Statecraft and Infrastructure (Paperback)
Andy Pike, Peter O'Brien, Tom Strickland, Graham Thrower, John Tomaney
R868 Discovery Miles 8 680 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Infrastructure systems provide the services we all rely upon for our day-to-day lives. Through new conceptual work and fresh empirical analysis, this book investigates how financialisation engages with city governance and infrastructure provision, identifying its wider and longer-term implications for urban and regional development, politics and policy. Proposing a more people-oriented approach to answering the question of 'What kind of urban infrastructure, and for whom?', this book addresses the struggles of national and local governments to fund, finance and govern urban infrastructure. It develops new insights to explain the socially and spatially uneven mixing of managerial, entrepreneurial and financialised city governance in austerity and limited decentralisation across England. As urban infrastructure fixes for the London global city-region risk undermining national 'rebalancing' efforts in the UK, city statecraft in the rest of the country is having uneasily to combine speculation, risk-taking and prospective venturing with co-ordination, planning and regulation. This book will be of interest to researchers and scholars in the fields of business and management, economics, geography, planning, and political science. Its conclusions will be valuable to policymakers and practitioners in both the public and private sectors seeking insights into the intersections of financialisation, decentralisation and austerity in the UK, Europe and globally.

Bunker - What It Takes to Survive the Apocalypse (Paperback): Bradley Garrett Bunker - What It Takes to Survive the Apocalypse (Paperback)
Bradley Garrett
R362 R304 Discovery Miles 3 040 Save R58 (16%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Urban governance in post-apartheid cities - Modes of engagement in South Africa's metropoles (Paperback): Christoph... Urban governance in post-apartheid cities - Modes of engagement in South Africa's metropoles (Paperback)
Christoph Haferburg, Marie Huchzermeyer
R250 R215 Discovery Miles 2 150 Save R35 (14%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Urban governance as a term captures the complex interaction between stakeholders or groupings that influence urban development. In South Africa, this complexity emerged with the transition from apartheid over two decades ago. Today, governance influences priorities in a wide range of urban domains, from public transport to policing; from engagements at the neighbourhood level to city-wide strategies. In different configurations, urban governance shapes innercity districts and gated estates on the urban periphery. The contributors to this volume cover urban governance in contemporary South Africa across three spheres, the state, the community and the private sector, through a variety of lenses. Spatial concerns are central to many of the analyses and case studies, in which the authors highlight different modes that influence the steering of South Africa's largest cities. This book illuminates post-apartheid tensions and urban dynamics in a way that will be of value to scholars, practitioners, decision-makers, politicians and activists alike.

Making Cities Resilient (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): Vishwa Raj Sharma, Chandrakanta Making Cities Resilient (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Vishwa Raj Sharma, Chandrakanta
R4,341 Discovery Miles 43 410 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

As the world has transformed, so have cities. Today, cities are home to 54 percent of the world's population, and by the middle of this century that figure will likely rise to 66 percent. According to the United Nations (UN) Habitat I (1972), Habitat II (1996) and Habitat III (2016) summits, cities are facing many serious challenges, including growing inequality, security concerns and the worsening impacts of climate change. Uncontrolled urbanization has led to many problems (haphazard growth of areas, emergence of slums, inadequate water and power supply, poor sanitation, shortage of transport and other civic amenities, shrinking green spaces, pollution, crime, and urban disaster risks such as fire, flood, road and industrial accidents, etc.). Worldwide, communities at the international, national and local level are continuously working to improve human habitats. In order to make our planet more sustainable, the UN has moved from the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Among the latter, the aim of SDG 11 is to "...make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable." In light of these challenges, various terms have emerged to help understand urban issues. Visualizing the problem, the United Nations program "Making Cities Resilient" is focused on mitigating the disaster risk in urban areas. This book analyzes terms such as: sustainable, resilient, livable, inclusive, smart and world class city, which have emerged in the process of combating urban challenges in today's world. The book addresses emerging concepts for cities, challenges and potentials, urban environments, health and planning/policies. Covering 14 large cities in India, as well as case studies from Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Poland and Sweden, it provides a regional dimension to and micro-level perspective on urban issues.

City at the Edge of Forever - Los Angeles Reimagined (Paperback): Peter Lunenfeld City at the Edge of Forever - Los Angeles Reimagined (Paperback)
Peter Lunenfeld
R385 R329 Discovery Miles 3 290 Save R56 (15%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

An engaging account of the uniquely creative spirit and bustling cultural ecology of contemporary Los Angeles How did Los Angeles start the 20th century as a dusty frontier town and end up a century later as one of the globe's supercities - with unparalleled cultural, economic, and technological reach? In City at the Edge of Forever, Peter Lunenfeld constructs an urban portrait, layer by layer, from serendipitous affinities, historical anomalies, and uncanny correspondences. In its pages, modernist architecture and lifestyle capitalism come together via a surfer girl named Gidget; Joan Didion's yellow Corvette is the brainchild of a car-crazy Japanese-American kid interned at Manzanar; and the music of the Manson Family segues into the birth of sci-fi fandom. One of the book's innovations is to brand Los Angeles as the alchemical city. Earth became real estate when the Yankees took control in the nineteenth century. Fire fueled the city's early explosive growth as the Southland's oil fields supplied the inexhaustible demands of drivers and their cars. Air defined the area from WWII to the end of the Cold War, with aeronautics and aerospace dominating the region's industries. Water is now the key element, and Southern California's ports are the largest in the western hemisphere. What alchemists identify as the ethereal fifth element, or quintessence, this book positions as the glamour of Hollywood, a spell that sustains the city but also needs to be broken in order to understand Los Angeles now. Lunenfeld weaves together the city's art, architecture, and design, juxtaposes its entertainment and literary histories, and moves from restaurant kitchens to recording studios to ultra-secret research and development labs. In the process, he reimagines Los Angeles as simultaneously an exemplar and cautionary tale for the 21st century.

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