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Rethinking Southern Violence - Homicides in Post-Civil War Louisiana, 1866-1884 (Paperback, illustrated edition): Gilles Vandal Rethinking Southern Violence - Homicides in Post-Civil War Louisiana, 1866-1884 (Paperback, illustrated edition)
Gilles Vandal
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By analyzing nearly 5,000 homicides over an eighteen-year period, Gilles Vandal provides a clear picture of the level of physical violence in Louisiana after the Civil War. He combines statistics with more traditional sources to draw conclusions about the patterns of violence and their geographical distribution. Examining post-Civil War Louisiana homicide from various perspectives, this book shows that patterns of homicide varied widely from one region to another, between racial and ethnic groups, and between genders.

Vandal also compares the situation in rural areas with that in New Orleans, the state's largest city. He examines the motivations for criminal violence and provides an explanation for the emergence of lynching as an acceptable form of punishment, especially against African Americans. This study points to a clear dichotomy between the general lawlessness of whites and the relatively nonviolent attitude of blacks during Reconstruction. Finally, Rethinking Southern Violence shows how black intraracial homicides became an important component of the general atmosphere of lawlessness in the South as the degradation of social, legal, and political conditions which characterized the Reconstruction period increasingly alienated blacks.

The quantity of data analyzed, the issues raised, and the methodological approach used take Vandal's work beyond the traditional study of violence in southern society. Not only does he deal with issues and subjects rarely addressed by historians, but he also opens new paths for understanding the roots of violence in twentieth-century America.

Sex For Sale - Prostitution, Pornography, and the Sex Industry (Hardcover, 2nd New edition): Ronald Weitzer Sex For Sale - Prostitution, Pornography, and the Sex Industry (Hardcover, 2nd New edition)
Ronald Weitzer
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This groundbreaking collection of essays on the sex industry contains original studies on sex work, its risks and benefits, and its political implications. Sex for Sale covers areas not commonly researched, including gay and lesbian pornography, telephone sex workers, customers of prostitutes, male and female escorts who work independently, street prostitution, sex tourism, legal prostitution, and strip clubs that cater to women.

Sex for Sale also tracks various trends during the past decade, including the mainstreaming and growing acceptance of some types of sexual commerce and the growing criminalization of other types, such as sex trafficking. Sex for Sale offers a window into the lived experiences of sex workers as well as an analysis of the larger gender arrangements and political structures that shape the experiences of workers and their clients.

This book contributes greatly to a growing research literature that documents the rich variation, nuances, and complexities in the exchange of sexual services, performances, and products. This book will change the way we understand sex work.

Politics and Violence in Israel/Palestine - Democracy versus Military Rule (Hardcover): Lev Luis Grinberg Politics and Violence in Israel/Palestine - Democracy versus Military Rule (Hardcover)
Lev Luis Grinberg
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The Israeli regime is a paradox. Considered a democracy, it has no recognized borders and controls the majority of Palestinians by military rule, while the resistance of non-citizen Palestinians exerts major influence over politics and policies.

Drawing on detailed academic research and a broad knowledge of Israeli politics and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this book narrates and analyzes the political developments of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and the conflict with Hezbollah and Hamas, explaining the dangers to future negotiations and how hopes for a settlement have been dashed by the ongoing violence. The author explores the internal Israel and Palestinian politics, showing how they influence the conflict and explaining the central role of military organizations in shaping the relations towards the other nation. With particular relevance to current events, he analyzes the Unilateral Disengagement from Gaza and the second Lebanon War, which account for the deterioration into the present violence and political crisis, explaining the need for international mediation in order to reach a peace agreement and suggesting a new innovative model for future Israeli-Palestinian relations.

Violence and Abuse Issues - Cross-Cultural Perspectives for Health and Social Services (Hardcover): Lee Ann Hoff Violence and Abuse Issues - Cross-Cultural Perspectives for Health and Social Services (Hardcover)
Lee Ann Hoff
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After centuries of being considered a private matter in most societies, violence and its profound effect on the physical health, mental health, and social well-being of victims and their families, as well as on the assailants themselves, has started to take centre stage as a public issue of worldwide concern.

Health and social service providers are in pivotal positions to provide preventive and restorative services to those affected by violent and abusive behaviour. This comprehensive textbook presents theoretical background and practical strategies for doing so, providing a solid knowledge base for good practice in this area. It emphasizes the interdisciplinary aspects of violence and victim/survivor care and addresses violence over the lifespan, covering:

  • child sexual and physical abuse
  • sexual assault of adults
  • battering and emotional abuse of intimate partners
  • elder abuse
  • perpetrators of violence and abuse
  • violence in learning and work environments
  • vicarious trauma and self-care
  • interconnections between various forms of violence, including socially approved violence in the media and in war.

This text is an essential resource for qualified practitioners wanting to learn more about this area and for students starting out in health and social care. Each chapter includes case studies and thinking points, and suggestions for application in practice settings. A companion website provides materials for students and educators, enabling the inclusion of violence issues in an already busy curriculum.

Lee Ann Hoff is a nurse-anthropologist and crisis specialist. She has published widely and is the author of the award-winning textbook People in Crisis. She has extensive experience as an educator, consultant, clinician, and crisis service manager.

Healing the Wounds of Sexual Abuse - Reading the Bible with Survivors (Paperback): Elaine A. Heath Healing the Wounds of Sexual Abuse - Reading the Bible with Survivors (Paperback)
Elaine A. Heath
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This accessibly written book illuminates the good news of healing and liberation the Bible offers survivors of sexual abuse. As an expert in pastoral ministry and a survivor of abuse herself, Elaine Heath handles this sensitive topic with compassion and grace. The book is illustrated with stories and insights from survivors, and each chapter ends with reflection questions and recommended activities. Previously published as We Were the Least of These, this repackaged edition includes a new contextualized introduction that explores how the book speaks into a vital cultural conversation (#MeToo).

Unspeakable Acts - Why Men Sexually Abuse Children (Paperback, New Ed): Douglas W. Pryor Unspeakable Acts - Why Men Sexually Abuse Children (Paperback, New Ed)
Douglas W. Pryor
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The sexual abuse of children is one of the most morally unsettling and emotionally inflammatory issues in American society today. It has been estimated that roughly one out of every four girls and one in ten boys experience some form of unwanted sexual attention either inside or outside the family before they reach adulthood. How should society deal with the sexual victimization of children? Should known offenders be released back into our communities? If so, where, and with what rights, should they be allowed to live? In Unspeakable Acts, Douglas W. Pryor argues that much of this debate, designed to deal with abusers after they have offended, ignores the important issue of why men cross these forbidden sexual boundaries to molest children in the first place and how the behavior can possibly be prevented before it starts. Incorporating in-depth interviews with more than thirty convicted child molesters, Pryor explores how men become involved with breaking sexual boundaries with children. He looks at how their lives prior to offending contributed to and led up to what they did, the ways that initial interest in sex with children began, the tactics offenders employed to molest their victims over time, how they felt about and reacted to their behavior between offending episodes, and how they were ultimately able to stop. The author expands our understanding of this often reviled, little understood group, leaving us with the uneasy conclusion that the moral wall separating us from what is defined as extreme, sick behavior is not as opaque as we would like to believe.

The Iguala 43, Volume 20 - The Truth and Challenge of Mexico's Disappeared Students (Paperback): Sergio Gonzalez Rodriguez The Iguala 43, Volume 20 - The Truth and Challenge of Mexico's Disappeared Students (Paperback)
Sergio Gonzalez Rodriguez; Translated by Joshua Neuhouser
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A well-researched and powerfully argued account of the disappearance of forty-three students and an analysis of the cruelty that normalizes atrocity. The word "corruption" is insufficient for the magnitude of this evil. -from The Iguala 43 On the night of September 26th, 2014, policemen attacked a group of student protestors in the Mexican town of Iguala. Forty-three of these students were then kidnapped and turned over to criminals who allegedly tortured and murdered them, and then burned their corpses. The families of the victims refused to accept the official story, which placed all blame on local actors and absolved the federal government of any culpability. The anger provoked by this atrocity, one of the most barbaric acts in recent times, divided Mexican society in two: on one side were those who unwaveringly supported the cause of the students and on the other those who accepted the government's "historic truth." Written in memory of the forty-three students, this well-researched and powerfully argued book uncovers the agents, causes, and factors responsible for this unspeakable crime. It offers an interpretation of these events that goes beyond the artificial opposition between good and evil, between rulers and insurgents, and tries instead to understand the cruelty that normalizes atrocity. Gonzalez Rodriguez warns us that "this story has been repeated around the world, but we refuse to see it. If anyone doubts or denies this, then I challenge them to finish this book. When faced with the acceptance of horror, we must recover our lucidity and exercise our freedom to transform this tragic reality."

Women and Political Violence - Female Combatants in Ethno-National Conflict (Hardcover): Miranda Alison Women and Political Violence - Female Combatants in Ethno-National Conflict (Hardcover)
Miranda Alison
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This book directly challenges the stereotype that women are inherently peaceable by examining female combatants' involvement in ethno-national conflicts. Drawing upon empirical case studies of Sri Lanka and Northern Ireland, this study explores the ways in which women have traditionally been depicted. Whereas women have predominantly been seen as victims of conflict, this book acknowledges the reality of women as active combatants. Indeed, female soldiers/irregulars are features of most modern conflicts, and particularly in ethno-nationalist violence - until now largely ignored by mainstream scholarship. Original interview material from the author's extensive fieldwork addresses why, and how, some women choose to become violently engaged in nationalist conflicts. It also highlights the personal / political costs and benefits incurred by such women. This book provides a valuable insight into female combatants, and is a significant contribution to the literature. This book will be of great interest to students of political violence, ethnic conflict, gender studies and international relations in general.

Molly III - The Untold Story (Paperback): Rosemarie Smith Molly III - The Untold Story (Paperback)
Rosemarie Smith
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Rosemarie Smith has written her autobiography in three parts; Little Molly, Molly II: Am I who I should be? and Molly III: The Untold Story. Having suffered, child abuse she reached a point where she had totally given up on life and felt that the long hard battle to survive just wasn't worth the pain anymore. In Molly III she gives a true account of what it was like suffering severe physical and mental abuse as a child and then to go on suffering throughout most of her life. Just as she had given up on society and every Government body, came a massive break-through and as a result of that, on July 12th 2017, a judge ruled 'life in prison' for her childhood abuser and said, "Rosemarie Smith's statement of facts was `so compelling....' he believed abuser, John Wass had committed every single sexual and indecent act that his victims had given evidence on!

Men and Violence - Gender, Honor and Rituals in Modern Europe and America (Paperback, New): Pieter Spierenburg Men and Violence - Gender, Honor and Rituals in Modern Europe and America (Paperback, New)
Pieter Spierenburg
R538 Discovery Miles 5 380 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

There is growing interest in the history of masculinity and male culture, including violence, as an integral part of a proper understanding of gender. In almost every historical setting, masculinity and violence are closely linked; certainly violent crime has been overwhelmingly a male enterprise. But violence is not always criminal: in many cultural contexts violence is linked instead to honour and encoded in rituals. We possess only an imperfect understanding of the ways in which aggressive behaviour, or the abstention from aggressive behaviour, contributes to the construction of masculinity and male honour. In this text eight scholars explore the interrelationship of masculinity, honour and the body. The essays focus on the United States and Western Europe from the 17th to the 20th centuries.

Revolution and War (Paperback, New edition): Stephen M. Walt Revolution and War (Paperback, New edition)
Stephen M. Walt
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Revolution within a state almost invariably leads to intense security competition between states, and often to war. In Revolution and War, Stephen M. Walt explains why this is so, and suggests how the risk of conflicts brought on by domestic upheaval might be reduced in the future. In doing so, he explores one of the basic questions of international relations: What are the connections between domestic politics and foreign policy?

Walt begins by exposing the flaws in existing theories about the relationship between revolution and war. Drawing on the theoretical literature about revolution and the realist perspective on international politics, he argues that revolutions cause wars by altering the balance of threats between a revolutionary state and its rivals. Each state sees the other as both a looming danger and a vulnerable adversary, making war seem both necessary and attractive.

Walt traces the dynamics of this argument through detailed studies of the French, Russian, and Iranian revolutions, and through briefer treatment of the American, Mexican, Turkish, and Chinese cases. He also considers the experience of the Soviet Union, whose revolutionary transformation led to conflict within the former Soviet empire but not with the outside world. An important refinement of realist approaches to international politics, this book unites the study of revolution with scholarship on the causes of war.

Rhetorics of Insecurity - Belonging and Violence in the Neoliberal Era (Hardcover): Zeynep Gambetti, Marcial Godoy-Anativia Rhetorics of Insecurity - Belonging and Violence in the Neoliberal Era (Hardcover)
Zeynep Gambetti, Marcial Godoy-Anativia
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In Rhetorics of Insecurity, Zeynep Gambetti and Marcial Godoy-Anativia bring together a select group of scholars to investigate the societal ramifications of the present-day concern with security in diverse contexts and geographies. The essays claim that discourses and practices of security actually breed insecurity, rather than merely being responses to the latter. By relating the binary of security/insecurity to the binary of neoliberalism/neoconservatism, the contributors to this volume reveal the tensions inherent in the proliferation of individualism and the concurrent deployment of techniques of societal regulation around the globe. Chapters explore the phenomena of indistinction, reversal of terms, ambiguity, and confusion in security discourses. Scholars of diverse backgrounds interpret the paradoxical simultaneity of the suspension and enforcement of the law through a variety of theoretical and ethnographic approaches, and they explore the formation and transformation of forms of belonging and exclusion. Ultimately, the volume as a whole aims to understand one crucial question: whether securitized neoliberalism effectively spells the end of political liberalism as we know it today. Zeynep Gambetti is Associate Professor of Political Theory at Bogazici University, Istanbul. Marcial Godoy-Anativia is Associate Director of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics at New York University, where he serves as coeditor of its online journal e-misferica.

Youth in Postwar Guatemala - Education and Civic Identity in Transition (Hardcover): Michelle J Bellino Youth in Postwar Guatemala - Education and Civic Identity in Transition (Hardcover)
Michelle J Bellino
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In the aftermath of armed conflict, how do new generations of young people learn about peace, justice, and democracy? Michelle J. Bellino describes how, following Guatemala's civil war, adolescents at four schools in urban and rural communities learn about their country's history of authoritarianism and develop civic identities within a fragile postwar democracy. Through rich ethnographic accounts, Youth in Postwar Guatemala, traces youth experiences in schools, homes, and communities, to examine how knowledge and attitudes toward historical injustice traverse public and private spaces, as well as generations. Bellino documents the ways that young people critically examine injustice while shaping an evolving sense of themselves as civic actors. In a country still marked by the legacies of war and division, young people navigate between the perilous work of critiquing the flawed democracy they inherited, and safely waiting for the one they were promised.

A Terrible Beauty - An Exploration of the Positive Role of Violence in Life, Culture and Society (Paperback): Leon Whiteson A Terrible Beauty - An Exploration of the Positive Role of Violence in Life, Culture and Society (Paperback)
Leon Whiteson
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An explosive and timely topic! Leon Whiteson is a bestselling author who co-authored the book A Place Called Waco, published by the Perseus Group in the Fall of 1999. A Terrible Beauty: An Exploration of the Positive Role of Violence in Life, Culture and Society explores various aspects of violence from historical, cultural, literary and personal perspectives. In this book Whiteson argues that what sex was to the nineteenth century, violence is to the 20th century- a fact of existence but banished to a netherworld: " For us, violence is a kind of pornography, a vice roundly condemned and slyly enjoyed, a crudely compelling fact of life we seem helpless to confront in any way that makes sense of our thorough;py confused feelings...violence, like sex, is a valid force in its own right, with creative as well as destructive possiblities."

Misperceptions of Intimate Partner Violence in the 21st Century - Two Decades of Lies (Hardcover): Jean Jaymes West Misperceptions of Intimate Partner Violence in the 21st Century - Two Decades of Lies (Hardcover)
Jean Jaymes West
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Public service advertising can be a powerful and effective tool for awareness and education in helping both the public and specific target audiences learn more about urgent health issues. Given the recognition intimate partner violence has gained in the last two decades as an urgent health problem around the world, this issue was selected to explore advertising's effect and potential to help a specific target audience. This research examined female survivors' impressions of domestic violence campaigns. A sample of 16 focus groups of approximately six women in two-hour sessions were conducted, at two different points in time over the past two decades. These focus groups included a fairly equal number of African-American, White, Asian, and Latino women in two different geographic areas of the country. Participants were asked to describe their opinions about a sampling of current domestic violence campaign material. The women who participated expressed heightened negative emotional responses to specific elements of some of the advertising, suggesting the potential of some campaigns to exacerbate the problem for this target group. The purpose of this research was to formulate a base of information to create improved public service advertising for this segment of the public, as they are the group most severely affected by this issue. Thus, based on the Editor's research and the participants' responses, the key goal for an improved campaign should be enhancing early identification, empowerment, and help-seeking behaviour.

Life and Words - Violence and the Descent into the Ordinary (Paperback): Veena Das Life and Words - Violence and the Descent into the Ordinary (Paperback)
Veena Das; Foreword by Stanley Cavell
R615 R470 Discovery Miles 4 700 Save R145 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In this powerful, compassionate work, one of anthropology's most distinguished ethnographers weaves together rich fieldwork with a compelling critical analysis in a book that will surely make a signal contribution to contemporary thinking about violence and how it affects everyday life. Veena Das examines case studies including the extreme violence of the Partition of India in 1947 and the massacre of Sikhs in 1984 after the assassination of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. In a major departure from much anthropological inquiry, Das asks how this violence has entered "the recesses of the ordinary" instead of viewing it as an interruption of life to which we simply bear witness. Das engages with anthropological work on collective violence, rumor, sectarian conflict, new kinship, and state and bureaucracy as she embarks on a wide-ranging exploration of the relations among violence, gender, and subjectivity. Weaving anthropological and philosophical reflections on the ordinary into her analysis, Das points toward a new way of interpreting violence in societies and cultures around the globe. The book will be indispensable reading across disciplinary boundaries as we strive to better understand violence, especially as it is perpetrated against women.

The prison speaks - Men's voices / South African jails (Paperback, 2nd ed): Heather Parker Lewis The prison speaks - Men's voices / South African jails (Paperback, 2nd ed)
Heather Parker Lewis
R230 R183 Discovery Miles 1 830 Save R47 (20%) Shipped within 4 - 10 working days

In this revised 2017 edition of The Prison Speaks the author grapples with the fact that, 15 years after the publication of the first edition of the book in 2003, the problems in the South African prison system remain unaddressed. Issues revisited in this edition include: a brief history of prisons in South Africa; statistics on crime and punishment; overcrowding; the profile of a South African prisoner; male rape; human rights; the Number Gangs; and an outline of a group work programme that combined the factual with the experimental in a face-to-face situation with inmates. The Prison Speaks has been written for the general public, but will also be of particular interest to students of the humanities, those involved in voluntary work in prison, social workers, probation officers and anyone connected with the justice system.

Bullying, Victimization, and Peer Harassment - A Handbook of Prevention and Intervention (Hardcover): Joseph E. Zins, Maurice... Bullying, Victimization, and Peer Harassment - A Handbook of Prevention and Intervention (Hardcover)
Joseph E. Zins, Maurice Elias, Charles A. Maher
R2,437 Discovery Miles 24 370 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

A comprehensive examination of theory, research, prevention and intervention, and professional practice issues - in one source. Teasing, shunning, and bullying can have serious detrimental effects on both victim and perpetrator. Bullying, Victimization, and Peer Harassment: A Handbook of Prevention and Intervention comprehensively gathers emerging research, theory, and effective practice on this subject into one invaluable source. This thorough review of a wide spectrum of innovative, evidence-based practices targets the complex problems of victimization, peer harassment, and bullying in our schools. Interventions range from individuals and their peers to broad, systems-level change within schools and communities. The challenge of prevention is also explored, using the latest studies as a practical foundation. Suggestions are provided detailing effective strategies to make changes in the culture within schools while offering directions for future research and practice. Bullying, Victimization, and Peer Harassment discusses research on current intervention programs now in place that, until now, has never been evaluated. Several of the studies address middle school issues and multi-ethnic populations, including those from the United States, Canada, and Europe. Peer sexual harassment and dating-related aggression are examined that includes and goes beyond traditional views of bullying and peer intimidation. This valuable handbook provides concise yet extensive information on the most current theory, empirical research, practice guidelines, and suggestions for preparing schools for programmatic initiatives. Topics in Bullying, Victimization, and Peer Harassment include: theory and conceptual issues in victimization, bullying, and peer harassment assessment results from a four-year longitudinal study on peer victimization in early adolescents youth perceptions toward bullying high school students' victimization profiles immigrant children and victimization evaluating an adolescent violence prevention program a school-based intervention program peer group intervention interventions for victims multiple perspectives involving sexual harassment school-wide approaches to prevention and intervention and much more! Bullying, Victimization, and Peer Harassment is a crucial resource for researchers and mental health professionals who work in schools and who work with children and their families, such as school psychologists, counselors, clinical child psychologists, social workers, and community psychologists.

Communities of Violence - Persecution of Minorities in the Middle Ages (Paperback, New edition): David Nirenberg Communities of Violence - Persecution of Minorities in the Middle Ages (Paperback, New edition)
David Nirenberg
R684 R521 Discovery Miles 5 210 Save R163 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In the wake of modern genocide, we tend to think of violence against minorities as a sign of intolerance, or, even worse, a prelude to extermination. Violence in the Middle Ages, however, functioned differently, according to David Nirenberg. In this provocative book, he focuses on specific attacks against minorities in fourteenth-century France and the Crown of Aragon (Aragon, Catalonia, and Valencia). He argues that these attacks--ranging from massacres to verbal assaults against Jews, Muslims, lepers, and prostitutes--were often perpetrated not by irrational masses laboring under inherited ideologies and prejudices, but by groups that manipulated and reshaped the available discourses on minorities. Nirenberg shows that their use of violence expressed complex beliefs about topics as diverse as divine history, kinship, sex, money, and disease, and that their actions were frequently contested by competing groups within their own society.

Nirenberg's readings of archival and literary sources demonstrates how violence set the terms and limits of coexistence for medieval minorities. The particular and contingent nature of this coexistence is underscored by the book's juxtapositions--some systematic (for example, that of the Crown of Aragon with France, Jew with Muslim, medieval with modern), and some suggestive (such as African ritual rebellion with Catalan riots). Throughout, the book questions the applicability of dichotomies like tolerance versus intolerance to the Middle Ages, and suggests the limitations of those analyses that look for the origins of modern European persecutory violence in the medieval past.

Women Who Perpetrate Relationship Violence - Moving Beyond Political Correctness (Paperback): Frederick Buttell, Michelle Mohr... Women Who Perpetrate Relationship Violence - Moving Beyond Political Correctness (Paperback)
Frederick Buttell, Michelle Mohr Carney
R1,025 Discovery Miles 10 250 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Find out what drives women to violence in their intimate relationships and how to prevent it Women Who Perpetrate Relationship Violence examines the causes and consequences of violence initiated by women against their partners. This unique book fills the void of available literature on domestically violent women, taking a frank look at the issues surrounding female batterers who are the primary aggressors in their intimate relationships. Contributors write candidly about the similarities and differences between violent women and violent men, how to develop effective interventions, existing theories on the development of abusive behavior in women, and society's response to violent women. The counseling and psychological community has responded to the problem of domestic abuse and violence against women. But very little has been done to address the issues of domestic abuse and violence committed by women. Women Who Perpetrate Relationship Violence presents innovative original research that focuses specifically on women as offenders, rather than simply adapting programs created for male batterers to women. The book includes epidemiological studies, secondary analyses, personality profiles, and a study of women entering a 16-week, court-mandated, batterer intervention program (BIP). Women Who Perpetrate Relationship Violence examines: predictors of intimate violence, including antisocial criminal records, alcohol abuse, and personality disorders associations between interpersonal dependency and violence elevated histrionic, narcissistic, and compulsive personality traits personality disorders lethal domestic assaults recidivism differences in demographic and psychological variables between women who complete treatment programs and those who drop out and much more Women Who Perpetrate Relationship Violence is an invaluable professional resource for psychologists, social workers, and counselors.

A Child Called "it" - One Child's Courage to Survive (Paperback, Reissue): Dave Pelzer A Child Called "it" - One Child's Courage to Survive (Paperback, Reissue)
Dave Pelzer
R219 R166 Discovery Miles 1 660 Save R53 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

This book chronicles the unforgettable account of one of the most severe child abuse cases in California history. It is the story of Dave Pelzer, who was brutally beaten and starved by his emotionally unstable, alcoholic mother: a mother who played tortuous, unpredictable games--games that left him nearly dead. He had to learn how to play his mother's games in order to survive because she no longer considered him a son, but a slave; and no longer a boy, but an "it."

Dave's bed was an old army cot in the basement, and his clothes were torn and raunchy. When his mother allowed him the luxury of food, it was nothing more than spoiled scraps that even the dogs refused to eat. The outside world knew nothing of his living nightmare. He had nothing or no one to turn to, but his dreams kept him alive--dreams of someone taking care of him, loving him and calling him their son.

The Body Never Lies - The Lingering Effects Of Hurtful Parenting (Paperback, New Ed): Alice Miller The Body Never Lies - The Lingering Effects Of Hurtful Parenting (Paperback, New Ed)
Alice Miller
R303 R227 Discovery Miles 2 270 Save R76 (25%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Never before has world-renowned psychoanalyst Alice Miller examined so persuasively the long-range consequences of childhood abuse on the body. Using the experiences of her patients along with the biographical stories of literary giants such as Virginia Woolf, Franz Kafka, and Marcel Proust, Miller shows how a child's humiliation, impotence, and bottled rage will manifest itself as adult illness--be it cancer, stroke, or other debilitating diseases. Never one to shy away from controversy, Miller urges society as a whole to jettison its belief in the Fourth Commandment and not to extend forgiveness to parents whose tyrannical childrearing methods have resulted in unhappy, and often ruined, adult lives. In this empowering work, writes Rutgers professor Philip Greven, "readers will learn how to confront the overt and covert traumas of their own childhoods with the enlightened guidance of Alice Miller."

A Baby's Cry (Paperback): Cathy Glass A Baby's Cry (Paperback)
Cathy Glass 1
R191 R134 Discovery Miles 1 340 Save R57 (30%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

What could cause a mother to believe that giving away her newborn baby is her only option? Cathy Glass is about to find out. From author of Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller Damaged comes a harrowing and moving memoir about tiny Harrison, left in Cathy s care, and the potentially fatal family secret of his beginnings.

When Cathy is first asked to foster one-day old Harrison her only concern is if she will remember how to look after a baby. But upon collecting Harrison from the hospital, Cathy realises she has more to worry than she thought when she discovers that his background is shrouded in secrecy.

She isn t told why Harrison is in foster care and his social worker says only a few are aware of his very existence, and if his whereabouts became known his life, and that of his parents, could be in danger. Cathy tries to put her worries aside as she looks after Harrison, a beautiful baby, who is alert and engaging. Cathy and her children quickly bond with Harrison although they know that, inevitably, he will eventually be adopted.

But when a woman Cathy doesn t know starts appearing in the street outside her house acting suspiciously, Cathy fears for her own family s safety and demands some answers from Harrison s social worker. The social worker tells Cathy a little but what she says is very disturbing . How is this woman connected to Harrison and can she answer the questions that will affect Harrison s whole life?"

Praying for Justice - Faith, Order, and Community in an American Town (Paperback): Carol J. Greenhouse Praying for Justice - Faith, Order, and Community in an American Town (Paperback)
Carol J. Greenhouse
R567 R445 Discovery Miles 4 450 Save R122 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Anthropologist Carol J. Greenhouse offers an ethnographic study of attitudes toward conflict and law in a predominantly white, middle-class, suburban, principally Southern Baptist community."A most stimulating book . . . .Praying for Justice is very successful in describing a people's aversion to discord by means of cultural analysis based on sensitive use of ethnographic and archival materials. . . . There is also the pure interest in figuring out a cultural system that is not of law, but that impacts on law, one that is based on justification rather than command, on participation rather than obedience, a system of handling conflict not requiring the application of human authority. . . . This book is superlative." Law and Society Review"A welcome study analyzing the ideology of Southern Baptists in a suburban community in Georgia. Greenhouse's concern is how religious beliefs provide a basis for people's ideas about justice in their social order and how conflicts or potential conflicts are overcome or avoided entirely by invoking religious doctrine. . . . Her sophisticated analysis of the data is impressive and demonstrates an understanding of Southern beliefs that few scholars have achieved." American Anthropologist"The strength of this work is in its imaginative explanation of the structural means of conflict resolution. Greenhouse goes to painstaking length to explain the Baptist response to conflict. . . . She absorbs herself in her data and maintains that delicate balance of scholar and confidant to her subjects." Contemporary Sociology"

The Victimization of Children - Emerging Issues (Hardcover): Janet Mullings, James Marquart, Deborah Hartley The Victimization of Children - Emerging Issues (Hardcover)
Janet Mullings, James Marquart, Deborah Hartley
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Explore current social developments, issues, and controversies concerning young victims! The Victimization of Children: Emerging Issues keeps students and practitioners working with young victims on the cutting edge of the latest research developments regarding crimes against children. Leading experts from the legal, medical, and sociological communities explore some of the most urgent issues involving child victims. Researchers and practitioners in victim services, social work, mental health, public health, and criminal justice will all benefit from this useful resource. While numerous books have been written on the topic of child abuse and neglect, few delve into the more contemporary issues and problems. The Victimization of Children fills a large void in the literature by offering advanced discussions of today's most relevant topics, making this book an in-depth supplement to generic textbooks. Forward-thinking and thought-provoking, this timely resource provides sound research to expand your knowledge base. This book provides insights into such contemporary issues as: the victimization of youths on the Internet children as victims of war and terrorism spatial patterns of child maltreatment the concentration of child maltreatment within certain geographical areas religion-related child abuse the role of health care professionals in response to child victimization children with disabilities abuse, neglect, and the child welfare system fetal homicide emerging statutory and judicial regulation of third-party assaults legal and social issues surrounding closed-circuit television testimony of child victims and witnesses juvenile courts and their role in addressing family violence The Victimization of Children provides tables, figures, and the latest statistics of various aspects of child victimization to complement the experts' contributions. This book offers new and different responses and interventions to meet the increasingly diverse contexts and situations within which child maltreatment occurs. Emerging trends are explored within this book from a cross-section of disciplines, including law, sociology, criminal justice, psychology, and health services.

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