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Miss Cavell Was Shot - The Diaries of Amy Hodson, 1914-1920 (Paperback): Monica Kendall Miss Cavell Was Shot - The Diaries of Amy Hodson, 1914-1920 (Paperback)
Monica Kendall
R465 Discovery Miles 4 650 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

In August 1914, thirteen-year-old Amy was trapped on the Belgian seacoast as war was declared with Germany, alone with her younger brothers. British, resilient and feisty, she got back to occupied Brussels and began her war diaries. Amy knew Nurse Cavell and Ada Bodart, members of the secret network to get Allied soldiers across the frontier. She writes of zeppelins, food shortages, constant gunfire and spies. She confronts a 'sneering' German who demands to know where her brother is: 'I could have shot him, ' she comments. Then it all changes: in 1917 her mother attacks her and Amy is moved to a Catholic boarding school nearby. Constantly in trouble for being disruptive, answering back, whistling, laughing in church and climbing onto roofs 'for fun', she longs for the love and approval of her teacher - and her estranged mother.

Dad's War Photos - Adventures in the South Pacific (Hardcover) (Hardcover): Neal Bertrand Dad's War Photos - Adventures in the South Pacific (Hardcover) (Hardcover)
Neal Bertrand
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Sergeant Stubby (Paperback): Ann Bausum Sergeant Stubby (Paperback)
Ann Bausum
R273 R223 Discovery Miles 2 230 Save R50 (18%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

National Geographic brings you the story of a stray dog who eventually became affectionately known as Sergeant Stubby the most famous war dog of World War I. Beloved award-winning author and library darling Ann Bausum brings her friendly writing style and in-depth research to her first book for adults. Stubby's story begins in 1917 when America is about to enter the war. A stray dog befriends Private J. Robert Bob Conroy at the Connecticut National Guard camp at Yale University and the two become inseparable, eventually crossing an ocean and going to war together. What follows is an epic tale of how man's best friend becomes an invaluable soldier on the front lines and in the trenches, a decorated war hero and an inspiration to a country long after the troops returned home.

Defending the Conquest - Bernardo de Vargas Machuca's Defense and Discourse of the Western Conquests (Paperback): Kris Lane Defending the Conquest - Bernardo de Vargas Machuca's Defense and Discourse of the Western Conquests (Paperback)
Kris Lane; Translated by Timothy F. Johnson
R541 R468 Discovery Miles 4 680 Save R73 (13%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Of great benefit for scholars and teachers, this is the first English translation and critical edition of a rare refutation of Bartolome de las Casas's famous 1552 Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies, one of the most influential texts of the sixteenth century. The Defense and Discourse of the Western Conquests, written by the Spanish soldier Bernardo de Vargas Machuca about 1603, provides valuable insights into the other side of the debate over the morality of the Spanish conquest.

Dad's War Photos - Adventures in the South Pacific (Paperback): Neal Bertrand Dad's War Photos - Adventures in the South Pacific (Paperback)
Neal Bertrand; Foreword by James J Bollich; Edited by Gail M. Kearns
R398 Discovery Miles 3 980 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
A Special Journey (Paperback): Rosemary Edmeads A Special Journey (Paperback)
Rosemary Edmeads
R356 Discovery Miles 3 560 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

A true story of a Halifax aircraft and seven airmen flying much needed supplies from their base in Italy to Poland to aid partisans fighting heroically during the Warsaw Uprising. It traces the lives of the aircrew and one special man, the father I never knew. It is a story of tragedy and loss, survival and discovery, of a plane shot down and Polish partisans coming to the aid of the survivors. It concludes with a long journey from California to Poland to meet families who also share a truly special connection with this aircraft.

Vietnam - A View from the Front Lines (Hardcover): Andrew Wiest Vietnam - A View from the Front Lines (Hardcover)
Andrew Wiest 1
R451 R348 Discovery Miles 3 480 Save R103 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Vietnam War ripped America apart and charted the nation's tumultuous future. In their tens of thousands, young men went off to fight in what was an initially popular war only to face defeat and acrimony as national resolve wavered - and returned home to a nation that reviled them and tried to forget about them. Written by Andrew Wiest, the bestselling author of The Boys of '67: Charlie Company's War in Vietnam this book traces the American experience of Vietnam from the war's popular inception to its morale-crushing and bitter conclusion. Based on rich collection housed at the Center of Military History and at the Vietnam Archive at Texas Tech, Vietnam allows the reader a grunt's-eye view of the conflict - from the steaming rice paddies and swamps of the Mekong Delta, to the triple-canopy rainforest of the Central Highlands, and to the forlorn Marine bases that dotted the DMZ. The stories contained within these pages detail everything from heroism and battle to helicopters hitting the landing zones and death and injury. In their own words, this is a true and grippingly accurate portrait of the American war in Vietnam through the eyes of the men and women who fought in that far away land, and those they left behind.

The Girl in the Check Coat (Paperback, New): Christine Winecki The Girl in the Check Coat (Paperback, New)
Christine Winecki
R335 Discovery Miles 3 350 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Christine Winecki is a Holocaust child survivor. In her book she presents the story of her life, starting with the fond memories of her early childhood in south-eastern Poland, and then taking the reader through the turbulent years of the Second World War under Soviet and then German occupation. She depicts also the story of her future husband Oton a survivor of a labor camp in Siberia and their post-war life in Warsaw until the infamous events in 1968, which forced them to leave Poland and emigrate to Australia. Apart from its biographical content the book is rich in observations on the historical, political, and ethnographic aspects of the changing settings of the author's unfolding story.

The Things They Cannot Say - Stories Soldiers Won't Tell You About What They've Seen, Done or Failed to Do in War... The Things They Cannot Say - Stories Soldiers Won't Tell You About What They've Seen, Done or Failed to Do in War (Paperback, New)
Kevin Sites
R319 Discovery Miles 3 190 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

What is it like to kill? What is it like to be under fire? How do you know what's right? What can you never forget? In The Things They Cannot Say, award-winning journalist and author Kevin Sites asks these difficult questions of eleven soldiers and marines, who-by sharing the truth about their wars-display a rare courage that transcends battlefield heroics. For each of these men, many of whom Sites first met while in Afghanistan and Iraq, the truth means something different. One struggles to recover from a head injury he believes has stolen his ability to love; another attempts to make amends for the killing of an innocent man; yet another finds respect for the enemy fighter who tried to kill him. Sites also shares the unsettling narrative of his own failures during war-including his complicity in a murder-and the redemptive powers of storytelling that saved him from a self-destructive downward spiral.

The Tartan Pimpernel (Paperback, Reprint): Donald Caskie The Tartan Pimpernel (Paperback, Reprint)
Donald Caskie; Foreword by Mike Hughes
R192 R163 Discovery Miles 1 630 Save R29 (15%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The Tartan Pimpernel is the remarkable autobiography of Donald Caskie, minister of the Scots Kirk in Paris at the time of the German invasion of France in 1940. Although he had several opportunities to flee, Caskie remained there to help establish a network of safe houses and escape routes for Allied soldiers and airmen trapped in occupied territory. The seamen's mission he set up in Marseilles was in fact the largest clearing-house in France for stranded British soldiers and airmen. This was dangerous work, but, despite the constant threat of capture and execution, Caskie showed enormous resourcefulness and courage as he aided thousands of servicemen to freedom.
Finally arrested and interrogated, he was sentenced to death at a Nazi showtrial, and it was only through the intervention of a German pastor that he was saved. After the war, Caskie returned to the Scots kirk, where served as minister until 1960.
This inspiring story of selfless commitment to others in extreme adversity is the truly brave man. 'More thrilling than any story' -The Scotsman

Staying Human Through the Holocaust (Paperback): Oren Hercz Staying Human Through the Holocaust (Paperback)
Oren Hercz; Translated by Audrey Demarcisco
R465 R435 Discovery Miles 4 350 Save R30 (6%) Special order

Terez Mozes was born in Romania in 1919 to a stable and loving family. Her idyllic life would eventually be shattered by the upheavals of the Second World War as the Nazis systematically undertook the destruction of the Jewish race. Starting with the insidious and menacing anti-Jewish laws and continuing with resettlement into cramped ghettos and finally deportation to the death camps, Terez and her sister Erzsi would be thrust into a harrowing journey that would forever alter the course of their lives. In June 1944, Terez and Erzsi were sent to the notorious Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in German-occupied Poland, where they would fight for their survival in a traumatic ordeal of unimaginable horror. Liberation in February 1945 should have meant the end of their nightmare, yet their homecoming would be delayed by widespread confusion as the Russians swept through Eastern Europe crushing the Nazi regime. After internment in numerous Russian camps and an uncertain future, Terez and Ezri finally returned to their shattered hometown of Oradea in August 1945. Staying Human Through the Holocaust, originally titled Beverzett kotablak ("Shattered Tablets"), was published in Hungarian in 1993 and in Romanian in 1995. Told in a direct and riveting style that will haunt the reader long after the story is over, this memoir is a glimpse of the darkest and most uplifting aspects of our humanity from both an individual and historical point of view.

Maybe Tomorrow... (Paperback): Steve Haydock Maybe Tomorrow... (Paperback)
Steve Haydock
R282 Discovery Miles 2 820 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Steve Haydock joined the British Army in 1972 aged 15, joining the lnfantry Junior Leaders Battalion, based in Oswestry, Shropshire. On his 18th birthday he arrived in Northern lreland to begin the first of his three tours of duty in the province, with the 1st Battalion of The Queens Lancashire Regiment. He served nine years with the QLR from Northern Ireland to Cyprus to Ghana before becoming a civilian in the mid 1980's. In 1992, after seeing the war unfold in Yugoslavia he left England to join the Croatian Army, to use his experience and skills to help the Croats fight to defend the country and win freedom from the Serbian aggressor. This is his story................

Heroines of the Soviet Union 1941-45 (Paperback): Henry Skaida Heroines of the Soviet Union 1941-45 (Paperback)
Henry Skaida; Illustrated by Christa Hook; Henry Sakaida
R354 R325 Discovery Miles 3 250 Save R29 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

When the Great Patriotic War began many women volunteered for the armed forces, but most of them were rejected. They were steered towards nursing or other supportive roles. Many determined women managed to enter combat by first volunteering as field medics and nurses, then simply picking up a gun during the battle, and charging boldly into the line of fire. In the area of aviation, women also contributed greatly to the war effort. In rickety biplanes, they flew bombing missions at night, without parachutes; their only protection was the darkness. This book tells the stories of the brave women that were awarded the Soviet Union's most prestigious title - Hero of the Soviet Union - for their bravery in protecting their homeland.

Stories of Service - Valley Veterans Remember World War II (Paperback): Janice Stevens Stories of Service - Valley Veterans Remember World War II (Paperback)
Janice Stevens
R562 R382 Discovery Miles 3 820 Save R180 (32%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This compilation of 76 World War II veterans' stirring recollections presents a remarkable array of stories from all of the major theatres of the war, including the Pacific, Europe, and a saga of Japanese internment in the United States. Gleaned from a series of memoir-writing classes, veterans of the greater Fresno, California, region recorded their memories, thoughts, fears, and feelings on having played a role in World War II. Ranging from riveting to poignant, the stories capture the dramatic moments of epochal combat - including the landings at Okinawa and the Battle of the Bulge - while acutely expressing the difficulties and privations of life during wartime.

A Captive Audience - Voices of Japanese American Youth in World War II  Arkansas (Paperback): Ali Welky A Captive Audience - Voices of Japanese American Youth in World War II Arkansas (Paperback)
Ali Welky
R431 R393 Discovery Miles 3 930 Save R38 (9%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Using archival primary material such as photographs, yearbooks, artwork, and first-person written accounts, A Captive Audience gives an inside look at the experiences of young people at the Rohwer and Jerome Relocation Centers in Arkansas during the forced incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II. Many young internees at the camps saw their families lose their homes, businesses, and possessions on the West Coast when the U.S. government rounded up people of Japanese descent after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Yet through all the chaos and heartbreak of the internment experience, young people often brought a unique perspective of hope and resiliency. Intended for young-adult readers, this book explores important dimensions of Arkansas and U.S. history, including human rights and what it means to be an American.

Gray Land - Soldiers on War (Hardcover): Barry Goldstein Gray Land - Soldiers on War (Hardcover)
Barry Goldstein
R753 R598 Discovery Miles 5 980 Save R155 (21%) Shipped within 7 - 13 working days

Given extraordinary access by the U.S. Army, Barry Goldstein spent two years photographing and interviewing more than fifty actively serving members of a veteran battalion, including two month-long trips during which he lived and patrolled with the unit. No one indicts war more powerfully than experienced professional soldiers, and no one enumerates more eloquently the reasons for serving. Gray Land is a collection of photographic portraits of veterans accompanied by excerpts from candid, unsupervised interviews and images documenting the realities of life in a war zone. The nobility and wisdom of these men and women will change the way we see war.

Men Of Mont St Quentin (Paperback): Peter Stanley Men Of Mont St Quentin (Paperback)
Peter Stanley
R397 R303 Discovery Miles 3 030 Save R94 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

At exactly 1.30 p.m. on 1 September 1918, the dozen men of Nine Platoon, 21st Australian Infantry Battalion, rose from Elsa Trench and walked across a weedy beet-field toward the German defenders of Mont St Quentin. Within hours, three were dead and five more were wounded, one of whom died six weeks later. The survivors returned from war, more-or-less intact, to live through the next sixty-odd years in the shadow of that traumatic event. Men of Mont St Quentin tells the story of the men of Nine Platoon and their families. This is the first time that the story of such a group of Australians has been told - only made possible because Garry Roberts, the father of one of the dead, was so grieved by his son Frank's death that he obsessively collected accounts of what happened that afternoon. The Roberts' family papers, used here in this way for the first time, reveal the lives of Frank's comrades and their families as they came to terms with loss and life after war. In the hands of Peter Stanley, one of Australia's leading military historians, a famous battlefield in France becomes unforgettably connected with Australian men and their families in the long aftermath of the Great War.

I Wouldn't Start from Here - Travels in 21st-century terror, torture and torpor (Paperback, Main): Andrew Mueller I Wouldn't Start from Here - Travels in 21st-century terror, torture and torpor (Paperback, Main)
Andrew Mueller
R239 R182 Discovery Miles 1 820 Save R57 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

With considerable skill, Mueller skids around the globe from failed state to ravaged war zone to desolate no-man's-land, from Beirut to Basra via Belfast and Bihac, to try to unpick why we humans seem so prone to plucking war from the jaws of peace, why so much that can go wrong does go wrong, over and over again, and how and why some conflicts suddenly, quietly, inexplicably seem to find themselves solved. It's a surprisingly sunny book given the mire in which he finds himself. And it is a notably entertaining and eye-opening tour of the world's moral basements in the vein of Holidays in Hell or Emergency Sex.

Day of the Flying Fox - The True Story of World War II Pilot Charley Fox (Paperback): Steve Pitt Day of the Flying Fox - The True Story of World War II Pilot Charley Fox (Paperback)
Steve Pitt
R378 R303 Discovery Miles 3 030 Save R75 (20%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Commended for the 2009 Best Books for Kids & Teens Canadian World War II pilot Charley Fox, now in his late eighties, has had a thrilling life, especially on the day in July 1944 in France when he spotted a black staff car, the kind usually employed to drive high-ranking Third Reich dignitaries. Already noted for his skill in dive-bombing and strafing the enemy, Fox went in to attack the automobile. As it turned out, the car contained famed German General Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox, and Charley succeeded in wounding him. Rommel, who at the time was the Germans' supreme military commander in France orchestrating the Nazis' resistance to the D-day invasion, was never the same after that. Author Steve Pitt focuses on this seminal event in Charley Fox's life and in the war, but he also provides fascinating aspects of the period, including profiles of noted ace pilots Buzz Beurling and Billy Bishop, Jr., and Great Escape architect Walter Floody, as well as sidebars about Hurricanes, Spitfires, and Messerschmitts.

While Bullets Fly - The Story of a Canadian Field Surgical Unit in the Second World War (Paperback): Ian Bruce Robertson While Bullets Fly - The Story of a Canadian Field Surgical Unit in the Second World War (Paperback)
Ian Bruce Robertson
R449 R379 Discovery Miles 3 790 Save R70 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

A soldier is badly wounded in a mobile, fast-moving theatre of war. Without rapid surgery, he will die. There are no helicopters to move him out to a hospital.
This was the problem faced by the military medical authorities in the Second World War. Their solution: take the medical services to the wounded They set up mobile ambulance units, field dressing stations and blood transfusion units, all based on trucks so that they could move swiftly to keep up with the troops.
They also set up field surgical units, which were mobile operating rooms based on three trucks and managed by the surgeons themselves. They operated in everything from tents to wine cellars, abandoned schoolhouses and hospitals to monasteries and cathedrals. Working often in conditions that would be condemned in modern hospitals, they did whatever it took to save lives.
This is the story of one such unit, the 2nd Canadian Field Surgical Unit under the command of the young surgeon Rocke Robertson: from its set-up and training in England to the historic Allied landings in Sicily; through the killing grounds of central Sicily and southern Italy to the horrific Battle of Ortona on Italy's Adriatic coast. Operating in stifling heat and raw cold, fighting off dust, flies, exhaustion and malaria, they dealt with wounds and patient loads that stretched their imagination, ingenuity and strength to the breaking point.
These units were the precursors of the Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals (MASH) in the Korean War, where the wounded soldiers were transferred swiftly and smoothly by helicopter to a medical facility set up behind the lines.
Written by Rocke Robertson's son, this is a vivid and intimate account of a field surgical unit in action - saving lives while bullets fly.

If I Must Die (Paperback): Ge'rard Fournier, Andre Heintz If I Must Die (Paperback)
Ge'rard Fournier, Andre Heintz
R384 R286 Discovery Miles 2 860 Save R98 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Eight months after the extraordinary success of operation "Postmaster," in which a British commando led by Captain Gustavus March-Phillips, had kidnapped three Axis vessels in Fernando Po Harbour in Spanish Guinea, the Small Scale Raiding Force headed towards Normandy in their Royal Navy speed boat on the night of the 12th of September 1942.

Onboard, the same intrepid commander and 10 of his best men, toughened by previous victorious raids against German coastal defenses, such as the foolhardy operation "Dryad" on the Casquets Lighthouse on the northern tip of the Channel Islands, were now preparing to disembark on the Normandy shores, 8 miles west of Arromanches.

This new episode of the history of the SSRF has all of the ingredients of a war spy thriller: the very secret Special Operations Executive created by Winston Churchill, a commando of courageous men from diverse and quite singular backgrounds including an authentic English Lord, a member of the Free French Naval Forces, a Dutchman, a Pole, a Sudeten German communist; but also valorous members of the French Resistance in Normandy who were to be betrayed by a double agent fallen into the clutches of the fearsome Hugo Bleicher, one of the aces of the Abwehr, the Wehrmacht's counter-espionage service.

Nevertheless, the whole "Aquatint" operation and the unexpected events that were to follow were so ominously true, that the Fuhrer's High Command took full advantage of them and hence fed its diabolical propaganda campaigns led by Dr Joseph Goebbels.


.,."a must read for anyone interested in Special Forces Operations in WWII... well illustrated with (black and white) pictures of the characters involved, location maps, and other relevant items...fascinating..."Play History.Net, 7/2008

Jottings of a Young Sailor (Hardcover): Norman Sparksman Jottings of a Young Sailor (Hardcover)
Norman Sparksman
R292 Discovery Miles 2 920 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

One of the main functions of the Royal Navy during World War II was to defend from enemy attack Allied merchant shipping carrying vital war supplies to and from the United Kingdom. This it did in two ways. Firstly, it organised merchant ships into convoys escorted by a protective screen of warships and secondly by arming the merchant ships themselves so that they had some means of self defence. This book is an account of Norman Sparksman's experiences whilst serving in the Royal Navy. Firstly as a seaman during his officer training programme on HMS Edinburgh escorting convoys to the Russian Arctic ports of Murmansk and Archangel; and later, having been commissioned, serving in the branch of the Navy responsible for the arming of merchant ships.Surviving the loss of his ship in action while defending an Arctic convoy and the privations of an enforced two month stay in primitive conditions on the desolate snowbound North coast of Russia he then had to face the perilous voyage back to the UK on a destroyer sailing independently with no means of help in the event of mishap. Having arrived home safely the author completed his officer training at HMS King Alfred and the Royal Naval College Greenwich. He was then posted to the convoy assembly point in Belfast Lough to assist with the arming of the merchant ships assembling there for convoy. In April 1945 he was posted to the busy port of Calcutta in India, again to assist in the servicing of defensively equipped merchant ships. Demobilised in August 1946, the author returned home to civilian life. No more dodging bombs and shells. No more wondering if a torpedo would dispatch him to the next world.

After Auschwitz - One Man's Story (Hardcover): Hermann Gruenwald, Bryan Demchinsky After Auschwitz - One Man's Story (Hardcover)
Hermann Gruenwald, Bryan Demchinsky
R756 R637 Discovery Miles 6 370 Save R119 (16%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Born into privilege in Hungary, Hermann Gruenwald's idyllic childhood came to an end in 1944 when he and his family were sent to Auschwitz. During his incarceration, Gruenwald's instinct for survival helped him live through three concentration camps. In After Auschwitz he recounts his story not only as a witness to history but as a human actor determined to make his way in whatever situation he finds himself. Gruenwald paints his life story onto the larger canvas of some of the great conflicts and movements of the twentieth century. He offers a vivid portrayal of growing up affluent and Jewish in class-conscious Hungary in the interwar period and of the initial promise and disillusioning reality of Hungarian communism.After Auschwitz also traces Gruenwald's spectacular success in the Montreal garment trade. With his wife, also a survivor, he immigrated to Canada in 1950 to rebuild his life. His budding business instincts quickly took over and the same toughness and determination that kept him alive in Europe served him equally well in Canada. While Gruenwald's Holocaust experience is never far from his thoughts, his instinct to succeed is as much a part of his story as his survivor's tale. After Auschwitz is a veritable blueprint for success - in life and in business - born out of adversity.

The Embattled Self - French Soldiers' Testimony of the Great War (Hardcover): Leonard V. Smith The Embattled Self - French Soldiers' Testimony of the Great War (Hardcover)
Leonard V. Smith
R867 Discovery Miles 8 670 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

How did the soldiers in the trenches of the Great War understand and explain battlefield experience, and themselves through that experience? Situated at the intersection of military history and cultural history, The Embattled Self draws on the testimony of French combatants to explore how combatants came to terms with the war. In order to do so, they used a variety of narrative tools at hand rites of passage, mastery, a character of the soldier as a consenting citizen of the Republic. None of the resulting versions of the story provided a completely consistent narrative, and all raised more questions about the "truth" of experience than they answered. Eventually, a story revolving around tragedy and the soldier as victim came to dominate even to silence other types of accounts. In thematic chapters, Leonard V. Smith explains why the novel structured by a specific notion of trauma prevailed by the 1930s.

Smith canvasses the vast literature of nonfictional and fictional testimony from French soldiers to understand how and why the "embattled self" changed over time. In the process, he undermines the conventional understanding of the war as tragedy and its soldiers as victims, a view that has dominated both scholarly and popular opinion since the interwar period. The book is important reading not only for traditional historians of warfare but also for scholars in a variety of fields who think critically about trauma and the use of personal testimony in literary and historical studies."

The Frank Family That Survived (Paperback): Gordon F. Sander The Frank Family That Survived (Paperback)
Gordon F. Sander; Introduction by John Keegan
R621 Discovery Miles 6 210 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Told by the grandson of the head of the family, this is the gripping odyssey of another Frank family from the deceptively good life of Berlin in the 1920s, through the rise of Hitler and their flight to apparently safe Holland, the nightmarish ordeal of their thousand-day-long "submersion" in a small apartment in The Hague, to the joy and pain of liberation and their final journey to America, the same route Anne Frank might have taken had she not been betrayed. Based on personal testaments, records, and family interviews, the book describes their life behind closed curtains in constant fear of discovery. In 1945, after many adventures and appalling vicissitudes, they finally emerged to face the uncertainties of postwar Holland and the promise of the New World. Both a history and a memoir, this extensively researched book gives the first account of the war in Holland, the occupation, and the resistance (including the Jewish resistance) to be published for several years. Despite that resistance, and the help of the Dutch citizens who sheltered their Jewish neighbors, most of Dutch Jewry was destroyed.

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