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1962: The War That Wasn't (Hardcover): Shiv Kunal Verma 1962: The War That Wasn't (Hardcover)
Shiv Kunal Verma
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Forbidden Family - A Wartime Memoir of the Philippines, 1941-45 (Paperback): Forbidden Family - A Wartime Memoir of the Philippines, 1941-45 (Paperback)
R705 Discovery Miles 7 050 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Written just five years after the end of World War II, this is Margaret Sams s moving testimony of life in a Japanese internment camp the can of Spam hoarded for Christmas dinner, the clandestine radio hidden in her sewing kit, the beheading of other prisoners for transgressions. With her husband held elsewhere as a prisoner of war and with a small son to protect, Margaret broke the rules both of society and of her captors to fall in love and bear a child with a kind and daring fellow internee, Jerry Sams."

Kamikaze - A Japanese Pilot's Own Spectacular Story of the Famous Suicide Squadrons (Paperback, 7): Yasuo Kuwahara, Gordon... Kamikaze - A Japanese Pilot's Own Spectacular Story of the Famous Suicide Squadrons (Paperback, 7)
Yasuo Kuwahara, Gordon T Allred
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Originally published in 1957, this enduring classic -- the first-ever English publication co-written by a Japanese suicide pilot -- remains a touching and insightful look into the world of the kamikaze. This edition, now completely revised, reflects the valuable insight and perspective gained by the author since the time of the book's initial publication. From the age of 15, Yasuo Kuwahara began a life of military service that included suffering through brutal basic training, participating in ferocious aerial combat against the Allies, and avoiding a suicide mission when an atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima, near his hometown. From being handpicked for kamikaze service to finding the discipline to die for the emperor, this history presents a firsthand account of the fascinating life of a kamikaze fighter pilot.

Operation Crossbow - The Untold Story of the Search for Hitler's Secret Weapons (Paperback): Allan Williams Operation Crossbow - The Untold Story of the Search for Hitler's Secret Weapons (Paperback)
Allan Williams 1
R349 R284 Discovery Miles 2 840 Save R65 (19%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The story of the photographic intelligence work undertaken from a country house at Medmenham, Buckinghamshire, is one of the great lost stories of the Second World War . At its peak in 1944, almost 2,000 British and American men and women worked at the top-secret Danesfield House, interpreting photographs - the majority stereoscopic so they could be viewed in 3D - to unlock secrets of German military activity and weapons development. Millions of aerial photographs were taken by Allied pilots, flying unarmed modified Spitfires and Mosquitos on missions over Nazi Europe. it was said that an aircraft could land, the photographs be developed and initial interpretation completed within two hours - marking the culmination of years of experiments in aerial intelligence techniques. Their finest hour began in 1943, during the planning stages of the Allied invasion of Europe, when Douglas Kendall, who masterminded the interpretation work at Medmenham, led the hunt for Hitler's secret weapons. Operation Crossbow would grow from a handful of photographic interpreters to the creation of a hand-picked team, and came to involve interpreters from across the Medmenham spectrum, including the team of aircraft specialists led by the redoubtable Constance Babington Smith. In November that year, whilst analysing photographs of Peenemunde in northern Germany, they spotted a small stunted aircraft on a ramp. This intelligence breakthrough linked the Nazi research station with a growing network of sites in northern France, where ramps were being constructed aligned not only with London, but targets throughout southern Britain. Through the combined skill and dedication of the Crossbow team and the heroism of the Allied pilots, throughout late 1943 and 1944 V-weapon launch sites were located and through countermeasures destroyed, saving hundreds of thousands of lives, and changing the course of the war. Operation Crossbow is a wonderful story of human endeavour and derring-do, told for the first time.

Malayan Spymaster - Memoirs of a Rubber Planter, Bandit Fighter and Spy (Paperback): Boris Hembry Malayan Spymaster - Memoirs of a Rubber Planter, Bandit Fighter and Spy (Paperback)
Boris Hembry
R200 Discovery Miles 2 000 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This is a true story of 1930s Malaysia, of jungle operations, submarines and spies in WWII, and of the postwar Malayan Emergency, as experienced by an extraordinary man. Boris Hembry went out to Malaya as a rubber planter in 1930 to work on estates in Malaya and Sumatra. Following the Japanese invasion in December 1941 he volunteered for Freddy Spencer Chapman's covert Stay Behind Party and spent a month in the jungle behind enemy lines before escaping by sampan across the Malacca Strait to Sumatra. Hembry returned to Singapore shortly before its surrender then escaped to Java and subsequently to India, where he joined V Force, a clandestine intelligence unit operating in Burma. In 1943 Hembry was recruited into the Secret Intelligence Service - given the bland cover name Inter-Services Liaison Department (ISLD) - and returned to Sumatra and Malaya several times by submarine on intelligence-gathering missions. He became Head of Malayan Country Section ISLD in 1944, liaised with Force 136, and was responsible for the most successful intelligence coup of the Malayan war. After WWII, Hembry returned to planting at Sungei Siput, Perak, where the murder of three colleagues on 16 June 1948 signalled the start of the Malayan Emergency. Assuming the leadership of the local planting community, he formed the first Home Guard unit in Malaya, was an early proponent of squatter control (later incorporated into the Briggs Plan), served on district, state and federal security committees, and survived several attempts on his life.

Long Time Passing - Mothers Speak About War and Terror (Hardcover, New): Susan Galleymore Long Time Passing - Mothers Speak About War and Terror (Hardcover, New)
Susan Galleymore
R581 R507 Discovery Miles 5 070 Save R74 (13%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Susan Galleymore is the mother of a US soldier who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is the story of how and why she traveled to Iraq to visit him on a military base. It is a remarkable portrait of what it means to be a mother in a time of war. It also tells of her continuing journey through the middle east, interviewing mothers in war zones including Iraq, Israel and the West Bank, Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan and the United States. As these women relate their experiences, across the political divide, they show how they view their child's involvement in war, and illustrate the wider impact of war on family, community and country. In exploring how mothers cope with war, Galleymore sheds light on related social issues including how countries treat their war veterans; US military recruitment techniques; conscientious objection and AWOL; court martials; and the failures and successes of military leadership. She explores cultural differences and examines common assumptions civilians hold about war and why troops themselves are hesitant to share their own stories or discuss the psychological breakdown that occurs within their ranks. Long Time Passing gets to the heart of extreme social experiences -- war and warriors, mothers and children, leadership -- and explores the limits of courage and fear.

Four Years in the Stonewall Brigade (Paperback, New edition): John O Casler Four Years in the Stonewall Brigade (Paperback, New edition)
John O Casler; Introduction by Robert K. Krick
R594 Discovery Miles 5 940 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The classic tale of battle, roguery, and capture from the Army of Northern Virginia. From his looting of farmhouses during the Gettysburg campaign and robbing of fallen Union soldiers as opportunity allowed to his five arrests for infractions of military discipline and numerous unapproved leaves, John O. Casler's actions during the Civil War made him as much a rogue as a Rebel. Though he was no model soldier, his forthright confessions of his service years in the Army of Northern Virginia stand among the most sought after and cited accounts by a Confederate soldier. First published in 1893 and significantly revised and expanded in 1906, Casler's Four Years in the Stonewall Brigade recounts the truths of camp life, marches, and combat. Moreover, Casler's recollections provide an unapologetic view of the effects of the harsh life in Stonewall's ranks on an average foot soldier and his fellows. A native of Gainesboro, Virginia, with an inherent wanderlust and thirst for adventure, Casler enlisted in June 1861 in what became Company A, 33rd Virginia Infantry, and participated in major campaigns throughout the conflict, including Chancellorsville and Gettysburg. Captured in February 1865, he spent the final months of the war as a prisoner at Fort McHenry, Maryland. His postwar narrative recalls the realities of warfare for the private soldier, the moral ambiguities of thievery and survival at the front, and the deliberate cruelties of capture and imprisonment with the vivid detail, straightforward candor, and irreverent flair for storytelling that have earned ""Four Years in the Stonewall Brigade"" its place in the first rank of primary literature of the Confederacy. This edition features a new introduction by Robert K. Krick chronicling Casler's origins and his careers after the war as a writer and organizer of Confederate veterans groups.

Fly: True Stories Of Courage And Adventure From The Airmen Of World (Paperback): Michael Veitch Fly: True Stories Of Courage And Adventure From The Airmen Of World (Paperback)
Michael Veitch
R305 R240 Discovery Miles 2 400 Save R65 (21%) Special order
Escape from Baghdad - First Time Was For the Money, This Time It's Personal (Paperback, Airport / Ireland / Export ed):... Escape from Baghdad - First Time Was For the Money, This Time It's Personal (Paperback, Airport / Ireland / Export ed)
James Ashcroft
R320 R252 Discovery Miles 2 520 Save R68 (21%) Special order

In Making a Killing - James Ashcroft's first book - his escape from death at the hands of insurgents in Iraq was thanks to the bravery of his interpreter and friend, Sammy, a Sunni ex-Iraqi air force pilot. Now, a call for help means Ash must take a break from chasing pirates in West Africa and return to the chaos of war-torn Baghdad. Abandoned by the occupying Coalition Forces and at the mercy of the Shia-dominated Iraqi police, Sammy and his family face certain death unless Ash and his crack team can get in and quickly rescue them. Escape from Baghdad is a gripping account of real life and death on the ground in Iraq. From secretly acquiring weapons on the black market, to dodging the fearsome death squads that roam the streets and the suicide bombers that wreak havoc on a daily basis, this is the story of a vulnerable family adrift in the chaos of war, where the only thing that can be relied upon is the bond between former brothers-in-arms. And this time, these guns-for-hire who come with a hefty price-tag aren't even being paid. This time, it's personal.

Marines in the Garden of Eden (Paperback): Richard Lowry Marines in the Garden of Eden (Paperback)
Richard Lowry
R245 R193 Discovery Miles 1 930 Save R52 (21%) Special order

On March 23, 2003, in the city of An Nasiriyah, Iraq, members of the 507th Maintenance Company came under attack from Iraqi forces who killed or wounded twenty-one soldiers and took six prisoners, including Private Jessica Lynch. For the next week, An Nasiriyah rocked with battle as the marines of Task Force Tarawa fought Saddam's fanatical followers, street by street and building to building, ultimately rescuing Private Lynch.

Taking Fire (Paperback, New edition): Ron Alexander, Charles W Sasser Taking Fire (Paperback, New edition)
Ron Alexander, Charles W Sasser
R131 R113 Discovery Miles 1 130 Save R18 (14%) Special order

Nicknamed "Mini-Man" for his diminutive stature, a mere five-foot-three and 125 pounds in his flight boots, chopper pilot Ron Alexander proved to be a giant in the eyes of the men he rescued from the jungles and paddies of Vietnam. With an unswerving concern for every American soldier trapped by enemy fire, and a fearlessness that became legendary, Ron Alexander earned enough official praise to become the second most decorated helicopter pilot of the Vietnam era. Yet, for Ron, the real reward came from plucking his fellow soldiers from harm's way, giving them another chance to get home alive.

In Taking Fire, Alexander and acclaimed military writer Charles Sasser transport you right into the cramped cockpit of a Huey on patrol, offering a bird's eye view of the Vietnam conflict. Packed with riveting action and gritty "you-are-there" dialogue, this outstanding book celebrates the everyday heroism of the chopper pilots of Vietnam.

Raider (Paperback, St. Martin's Pbk. Ed): Charles W Sasser Raider (Paperback, St. Martin's Pbk. Ed)
Charles W Sasser
R131 R113 Discovery Miles 1 130 Save R18 (14%) Special order

The true story of the legendary soldier who performed more POW raids than any other American in history.
He went into battle as a boy. And on one of the most daring missions of World War II, he became a man-- and the perfect soldier for America's next wars...
Galen Charles Kittleson was slight, modest, and born to wage war. The son of an Iowa farmer, Kittleson volunteered in 1943 and caught the eye of his commanders. By 1945, PFC Kittleson was selected for the Army's smallest elite unit, the Alamo Scouts. While U.S. forces were pushing back the Japanese in the Pacific, the Alamo scouts unleashed legendary raids deep behind enemy lines, including the liberation of over 500 starved, beaten prisoners of the Bataan Death March in the Philippines. For Kittleson, a career as a raider had just begun...
Charles W. Sasser chronicles the remarkable journey that was Kit Kittleson's courageous life in the service of his country. Now a veteran after first going to war as a boy twenty-five years ago, Kittleson volunteered for one last mission-- the most extraordinary and daring POW raid ever attempted by secret American Special Forces in Vietnam...

Eyewitness Accounts I Was a Kamikaze (Paperback): Ryuji Nagatsuka Eyewitness Accounts I Was a Kamikaze (Paperback)
Ryuji Nagatsuka 1
R208 R169 Discovery Miles 1 690 Save R39 (19%) Special order

Ryuji Nagatsuka did not know, when he made an application to become a pilot in October 1943, that by the following autumn Japan's situation in the war would be so critical that the role for which he was destined would be part of the most incomprehensible phenomenon of the hostilities - that of a suicide pilot, known to the world as a kamikaze. He and his fellow kamikaze pilots had to be highly trained to crash exactly on target and to evade dense anti-aircraft fire. In this way, thirteen US warships were sunk, and 174 damaged, in the Battle of Okinawa. Here, in this extraordinary document, Nagatsuka gives us a unique insight into what it was that enabled these young men to die for their country in such a way - and to do so willingly.

Bomber Aircrew of World War II - True Stories of Frontline Air Combat (Paperback, illustrated edition): Bruce Barrymore Halpenny Bomber Aircrew of World War II - True Stories of Frontline Air Combat (Paperback, illustrated edition)
Bruce Barrymore Halpenny
R359 R294 Discovery Miles 2 940 Save R65 (18%) Special order

Aircrew on a bomber in World War II experienced a cold, tiring and perilous existence. The RAF flew at night, when the human spirit is at its lowest ebb and for many it did not seem prudent to think further ahead than the target, and then hope for a safe return. Daytime raids brought the fear of defending fighters preying on the massed formations of heavily laden aircraft as they struggled over enemy territory. The ground crew saw their aircraft heave themselves into the air and their imagination filled the silent hours until they counted in the returning aircraft and saw the ravages of the enemy defences and the hazards of foul weather. This is their story.

Hard as Nails - The Sportsmen's Battalion of World War One (Hardcover, New): Michael Foley Hard as Nails - The Sportsmen's Battalion of World War One (Hardcover, New)
Michael Foley
R451 R362 Discovery Miles 3 620 Save R89 (20%) Special order

This is the history of the Sportsmen's Battalion, Royal Fusiliers 23rd service battalion, which consisted almost entirely of men from the world of sport or entertainment. The battalion was privately raised and took men up to the age of 45. This book covers the battalion's beginnings in London and progression to Hornchurch, France and then Germany.

Soul Patrol (Paperback): Ed Emmanuel Soul Patrol (Paperback)
Ed Emmanuel; Foreword by Gary A. Linderer
R153 R126 Discovery Miles 1 260 Save R27 (18%) Special order

LRRPs had to be the best.
Anything less meant certain death.
When Ed Emanuel was handpicked for the first African American special operations LRRP team in Vietnam, he knew his six-man team couldn't have asked for a tougher proving ground than Cu Chi in the summer of 196868. Home to the largest Viet cong tunnel complex in Vietnam, Cu Chi was the deadly heart of the enemy's stronghold in Tay Ninh Province.
Team 2/6 of Company F, 51st Infantry, was quickly dubbed the Soul Patrol, a gimmicky label that belied the true depth of their courage. Stark and compelling, Emanuel's account provides an unforgettable look at the horror and the heroism that became the daily fare of LRRPs in Vietnam. Every mission was a tightrope walk between life and death as Emanuel's team penetrated NVA bases, sidestepped lethal booby traps, or found themselves ambushed and forced to fight their way back to the LZ to survive. Emanuel's gripping memoir is an enduring testament to the valor of all American LRRPs, who courageously risked their lives so that others might be free.

I Sank The Bismarck (Paperback): John Moffat I Sank The Bismarck (Paperback)
John Moffat 1
R175 R138 Discovery Miles 1 380 Save R37 (21%) Special order

In the early hours of the 27th of May, 1941, the German warship Bismarck - scourge of the Atlantic ocean - was sailing towards a fateful encounter. Two days previously, Prime Minister Winston Churchill had issued the order to "Sink the Bismarck". High winds and low visibility added to the atrocious morning weather as Fleet Air Arm pilot, John Moffat, took to the air in his open cockpit bomber. Along with twelve other brave pilots, John Moffat took down the largest warship of its time. A warship that had destroyed the famed HMS Hood within minutes, and was able to withstand anything the British military threw at them. These men, in their Swordfish, managed to avoid the fearful anti-aircraft fire and launched their torpedoes. One of them hit, holing the German warship. This is his story - of how as a young man he experienced first-hand the titanic struggle for naval supremacy, the cramped-cabins and meagre rations of WW2, the mind-numbing patrols over hundreds of miles of ocean and the adrenalin and fear of being in a fragile aircraft sought out by gunfire. As the only surviving member of his fellow pilots, John Moffat tells of everything that led him to be able to say, "I sank the Bismarck".

The Soldiers Who Say No - True Stories of Soldiers Who Refuse to Fight in Iraq (Paperback): Peter Laufer The Soldiers Who Say No - True Stories of Soldiers Who Refuse to Fight in Iraq (Paperback)
Peter Laufer 2
R185 R151 Discovery Miles 1 510 Save R34 (18%) Special order

This book allows us to hear from the men and women who speak with a different kind of authority than the sort that ordered them into Iraq. The voices of these young Americans - former soldiers who have opted out of the war - draw their power from wrenching honesty about firsthand experiences. In the process, they help to fill a routine void in political discourse and media coverage that does not admit the realities of the Iraq War.Going far beyond the tabloid headlines and media reports, this is a deep and direct account from soldiers who turned their back on what they viewed as an immoral and illegal mission, and who refused to sacrifice themselves and their humanity in the conflict in Iraq. Written by acclaimed activist Peter Laufer and with a powerful foreword by Clare Short MP, "Mission Rejected" is a compelling blend of oral history and tenacious journalism, reflecting the frontline truth behind the moral conundrum that is the Iraq War.

The Spiders of Allah (Paperback): James Hider The Spiders of Allah (Paperback)
James Hider 1
R175 R138 Discovery Miles 1 380 Save R37 (21%) Special order

In his fascinating, terrifying and often very funny book, James Hider takes his doubts about religious beliefs straight into the dark heart of the world's holy wars--from Israel to Gaza to Iraq--the birthplace that spawned so many faiths--and then back to Jerusalem. From hardcore Zionist settlers still fighting ancient Biblical battles in the hills of the West Bank to Shiite death squads roaming the lawless streets of Iraq in the aftermath of Saddam; whether it's the misappropriation and martyrdom of Mickey Mouse by Gaza's Islamists, or a US president acting on God's orders, Hider sees the hallucinatory effect of what he calls the 'crack cocaine of fanatical fundamentalism' all around him. As he meets terrorists, suicide bombers, soldiers, ayatollahs, clerics, and ordinary and extraordinary people alike, the question that sparked his journey continues to plague his thoughts: how can people not only believe in this madness, but die and kill for it too? This extraordinary and timely book takes the God Delusion debate onto the streets of the Middle East. It casts an unflinching yet compassionate eye on the very worst and most violent crimes committed in the name of religion, and then sharply asks the questions the world needs to answer if we are ever to stand a chance of facing our own worst demons.

Scram! - The Gripping First-hand Account of the Helicopter War in the Falklands (Paperback): Harry Benson Scram! - The Gripping First-hand Account of the Helicopter War in the Falklands (Paperback)
Harry Benson
R320 R252 Discovery Miles 2 520 Save R68 (21%) Special order

In April 1982 Harry Benson was a 21-year-old Royal Navy commando helicopter pilot, fresh out of training and one of the youngest helicopter pilots to serve in the Falklands War. These pilots, nicknamed 'junglies', flew most of the land-based missions in the Falklands in their Sea King and Wessex helicopters. Much of what happened in the war - the politics, task force ships, Sea Harriers, landings, Paras and Marines - is well-known and documented. But almost nothing is known of the young commando helicopter pilots and aircrewmen who made it all happen on land and sea. This is their 'Boys Own' story, told for the very first time. Harry Benson has interviewed forty of his former colleagues for the book creating a tale of skill, initiative, resourcefulness, humour, luck, and adventure. This is a fast-paced, meticulously researched and compelling account written by someone who was there, in the cockpit of a Wessex helicopter. Few of these pilots have spoken publicly about: * The two helicopter crashes and eventual rescue following a failed SAS mission high up on an in hospitable glacier in South Georgia * The harrowing story of the Exocet strike that sunk the transport ship Atlantic Conveyor * The daring missile raid on the Argentine high command in Port Stanley * The constant mortar fire faced while supporting troops and evacuating casualties * The hair-raising head-on attacks by Argentine jets on British helicopters * The extraordinarty courage shown during the evacuation of the bombed landing ship Sir Galahad' * The secret nighttime low-level missions to insert and resupply SAS and SBS using night vision goggles If you liked Apache, Vulcan 607 and Chickenhawk, you'll love Scram! The word "Scram" was used to warn other junglies to go to ground or risk being shot down by their own side as Argentinean jets blasted through 'bomb alley'.

Hell on Earth - Dramatic First-hand Experiences of Bomber Command at War (Paperback, New edition): Mel Rolfe Hell on Earth - Dramatic First-hand Experiences of Bomber Command at War (Paperback, New edition)
Mel Rolfe
R239 R197 Discovery Miles 1 970 Save R42 (18%) Special order

On a dark desperate night in June 1943 a stricken Halifax bomber limped low over Holland and crashed in a small meadow of cows. The aircraft was wrecked, but its crew, amazingly, stepped out alive and completely unhurt - just one of the twenty new and true stories of bravery, survival and luck, good and bad, contained in this book.
'A good, tense reporting job...the author allows these veterans to tell the key elements of their stories mainly in their own words yet still brings out the excitement and terror of their recollections.' - Journal of Aircrew Assocation
'A very good read going a long way to helping understand what those chaps went through to achieve victory.' - Bomber Command Historical Society Journal

Night Action (Paperback): Peter Dickens Night Action (Paperback)
Peter Dickens
R233 R190 Discovery Miles 1 900 Save R43 (18%) Special order

This memoir is Peter Dickens' account of his experiences as the young commander of the 21st MTB Flotilla during 1942-43, mainly in the North Sea and the Channel. In all the annals of the war at sea, comparatively little has been written about the role of the torpedo boat, and yet these small and vulnerable boats, travelling at high speed amid storms and gunfire, and usually under the cover of darkness, managed to closely engage enemy convoys and escorts in high-speed attacks and wreak havoc among the German supply lines. Like the sailors who fought against the U-boats in the battle of the Atlantic, Dickens and his comrades were experiencing a new kind of warfare and had to hit upon the techniques and tactics as they went along; their kind of action called for great courage, spilt-second timing and complete understanding between captain and crew. Night Action is a lively and thrilling account, but also one which is frank and carefully considered; there is humour but the horror of war is never far away and the author conveys to the reader a sharp sense of the reality of those operations in a way that no history book can do.

Lurps - A Ranger's Diary of Tet, Khe Sanh, A Shau, and Quang Tri (Paperback): Robert C. Ankony Lurps - A Ranger's Diary of Tet, Khe Sanh, A Shau, and Quang Tri (Paperback)
Robert C. Ankony
R855 Discovery Miles 8 550 Special order

Lurps is the memoir of a juvenile delinquent who drops out of ninth grade to pursue a dream of military service, eventually becoming a member of the elite U.S. Army LRRP / Rangers in Vietnam. Set in 1968, during some of the war's major campaigns and battles including Tet, Khe Sanh, and A Shau Valley, Lurps considers war through the eyes of a green young warrior.

World's Fastest Multi-Engine Piston Aircraft - Republic's XR-12 Rainbow & the Hughes XF-11 (Hardcover): Mike Machat World's Fastest Multi-Engine Piston Aircraft - Republic's XR-12 Rainbow & the Hughes XF-11 (Hardcover)
Mike Machat
R526 R419 Discovery Miles 4 190 Save R107 (20%) Special order
Eagle and Pegasus (Hardcover): Hennie Vaessen, Graeme Cunningham Eagle and Pegasus (Hardcover)
Hennie Vaessen, Graeme Cunningham
R295 R239 Discovery Miles 2 390 Save R56 (19%) Special order

Since 1941 a Polish brigade has been training in Scotland under the command of the able General Stanislav Sosabowski. They are patiently waiting for the chance to help liberate their stricken homeland. However, events take a different course. On 21st September the Poles are parachuted into the Gelderse village of Driel which up to that point had little to do with the war. By this time the British have more or less lost the Battle of Arnhem. The Germans have rendered the Rhine an unassailable barrier and the crossing to Oosterbeek is nigh impossible. The Polish Eagle and British Pegasus are now left to salvage what they can. This is based on the real story of Arnhem and her lost battle. In this final volume the story of those who fought at Arnhem reaches its conclusion. During the night of the 25th to 26th of September 1944, resistance is abandoned and, due to the efforts of the Polish regiment under the command of General Sosabowski, many British manage to escape the hellhole north of the Rhine. Those left behind are either taken to hospital or into captivity. For the allied troops the Battle of Arnhem has turned into a tragedy. The question is: who takes the blame?

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