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The Philiosophical Works of Francis Bacon (Paperback): John M. Robertson The Philiosophical Works of Francis Bacon (Paperback)
John M. Robertson
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First published in 1905, this reissued edition of The Philosophical Works of Francis Bacon is an edited collection based upon the definitive seven volume edition of 1857, translated and prefaced by Robert Leslie Ellis and James Spedding. Of great historical, philosophical and scientific interest, this collection brings together translations of Bacon's most important works, including the Novum Organum, the De Augmentis Scientarium, the Parasceve, and the De Principiis atque Originibus, as well as works originally written in English, such as the Valerius Terminus and the Filum Labyrinthi. The reissue offers a comprehensive and provocative collection of the key writings of the man we now consider to be the father of Empiricism who popularised inductive methodologies for scientific inquiry. All works include prefaces by Robert Leslie Ellis and James Spedding, and the collection includes an introductory note from the editor John M. Robertson.

The First Philosophers - The Presocratics and Sophists (Paperback): Robin Waterfield The First Philosophers - The Presocratics and Sophists (Paperback)
Robin Waterfield
R235 R181 Discovery Miles 1 810 Save R54 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The first philosophers paved the way for the work of Plato and Aristotle - and hence for the whole of Western thought. Aristotle said that philosophy begins with wonder, and the first Western philosophers developed theories of the world which express simultaneously their sense of wonder and their intuition that the world should be comprehensible. But their enterprise was by no means limited to this proto-scientific task. Through, for instance, Heraclitus' enigmatic sayings, the poetry of Parmenides and Empedocles, and Zeno's paradoxes, the Western world was introduced to metaphysics, rationalist theology, ethics, and logic, by thinkers who often seem to be mystics or shamans as much as philosophers or scientists in the modern mould. And out of the Sophists' reflections on human beings and their place in the world arose and interest in language, and in political, moral, and social philosophy. This volume contains a translation of all the most important fragments of the Presocratics and Sophists, and of the most informative testimonia from ancient sources, supplemented by lucid commentary. ABOUT THE SERIES: For over 100 years Oxford World's Classics has made available the widest range of literature from around the globe. Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, helpful notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.

Of Human Freedom (Paperback): Epictetus Of Human Freedom (Paperback)
R114 R77 Discovery Miles 770 Save R37 (32%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In this personal and practical guide to moral self-improvement and living a good life, the second-century philosopher Epictetus tackles questions of freedom and imprisonment, stubbornness and fear, family, friendship and love, and leaves an intriguing document of daily life in the classical world. GREAT IDEAS. Throughout history, some books have changed the world. They have transformed the way we see ourselves - and each other. They have inspired debate, dissent, war and revolution. They have enlightened, outraged, provoked and comforted. They have enriched lives - and destroyed them. Now Penguin brings you the works of the great thinkers, pioneers, radicals and visionaries whose ideas shook civilization and helped make us who we are.

Aristotle on Earlier Greek Psychology - The Science of Soul (Hardcover): Jason W Carter Aristotle on Earlier Greek Psychology - The Science of Soul (Hardcover)
Jason W Carter
R1,669 R1,544 Discovery Miles 15 440 Save R125 (7%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This volume is the first in English to provide a full, systematic investigation into Aristotle's criticisms of earlier Greek theories of the soul from the perspective of his theory of scientific explanation. Some interpreters of the De Anima have seen Aristotle's criticisms of Presocratic, Platonic, and other views about the soul as unfair or dialectical, but Jason W. Carter argues that Aristotle's criticisms are in fact a justified attempt to test the adequacy of earlier theories in terms of the theory of scientific knowledge he advances in the Posterior Analytics. Carter proposes a new interpretation of Aristotle's confrontations with earlier psychology, showing how his reception of other Greek philosophers shaped his own hylomorphic psychology and led him to adopt a novel dualist theory of the soul-body relation. His book will be important for students and scholars of Aristotle, ancient Greek psychology, and the history of the mind-body problem.

How to Be a Pyrrhonist - The Practice and Significance of Pyrrhonian Skepticism (Hardcover): Richard Bett How to Be a Pyrrhonist - The Practice and Significance of Pyrrhonian Skepticism (Hardcover)
Richard Bett
R1,670 R1,544 Discovery Miles 15 440 Save R126 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

What was it like to be a practitioner of Pyrrhonist skepticism? This important volume brings together for the first time a selection of Richard Bett's essays on ancient Pyrrhonism, allowing readers a better understanding of the key aspects of this school of thought. The volume examines Pyrrhonism's manner of self-presentation, including its methods of writing, its desire to show how special it is, and its use of humor; it considers Pyrrhonism's argumentative procedures regarding specific topics, such as signs, space, or the Modes; and it explores what it meant in practice to live as a Pyrrhonist, including the kind of ethical outlook which Pyrrhonism might allow and, in general, the character of a skeptical life - and how far these might strike us as feasible or desirable. It also shows how Pyrrhonism often raises questions that matter to us today, both in our everyday lives and in our philosophical reflection.

The Norton Introduction to Philosophy (Paperback, Second Edition): Gideon Rosen, Alex Byrne, Joshua Cohen, Elizabeth Harman,... The Norton Introduction to Philosophy (Paperback, Second Edition)
Gideon Rosen, Alex Byrne, Joshua Cohen, Elizabeth Harman, Seana Valentine Shiffrin
R1,390 Discovery Miles 13 900 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Second Edition of this ground-breaking collection gives students all the tools they need to understand and engage with major philosophical issues. Students are presented with clear yet thorough topic introductions, historical context, reading guides for challenging selections and exclusive commissioned essays written by leading contemporary philosophers specifically for undergraduates. The Second Edition features a NEW co-author, a NEW focus on diversity within the field and NEW readings and topics relevant to students' lives.

Design Works - A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Value through Business Design, Revised and Expanded Edition (Paperback):... Design Works - A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Value through Business Design, Revised and Expanded Edition (Paperback)
Jacqueline Brunning, Paul Forster
R640 R466 Discovery Miles 4 660 Save R174 (27%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Design Works is a second-edition collection of best practices that serves as a leader's guide to driving innovation within the enterprise through the strategic and design-inspired practice of Business Design. It is well recognized that enterprise success requires ongoing innovation to create new value and sustain success. That requires a disciplined integration of exploration, sound strategic decision-making and leadership at all levels of the enterprise. While the resurgence of design thinking has proven to catalyze fresh thinking, it can fall short if not fully integrated with the business strategy of the enterprise, mindful stakeholder engagement and the evolution of enterprise management systems. This book builds on the fundamental principles of the first edition of Design Works: How to Tackle Your Toughest Innovation Challenges through Business Design. It expands on how to effectively navigate progress through strategy integration, effective stakeholder engagement and blending design-inspired practices with analytics to build a compelling business case for investment in value-creating efforts. Like the first edition, it includes valuable frameworks, inspiring stories and practical tools to drive growth and innovation in any type of organization. Clear principles for leading innovation draw from others' experience to help make the most of enterprise talent and resources. New methodologies hone and build on the repertoire of tools in the first edition. New stories provide insights into how a variety of organizations have leveraged the principles and practices of Business Design.

How Theology Shaped Twentieth-Century Philosophy (Hardcover): Frank B. Farrell How Theology Shaped Twentieth-Century Philosophy (Hardcover)
Frank B. Farrell
R1,670 R1,544 Discovery Miles 15 440 Save R126 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Medieval theology had an important influence on later philosophy which is visible in the empiricisms of Russell, Carnap, and Quine. Other thinkers, including McDowell, Kripke, and Dennett, show how we can overcome the distorting effects of that theological ecosystem on our accounts of the nature of reality and our relationship to it. In a different philosophical tradition, Hegel uses a secularized version of Christianity to argue for a kind of human knowledge that overcomes the influences of late-medieval voluntarism, and some twentieth-century thinkers, including Benjamin and Derrida, instead defend a Jewish-influenced notion of the religious sublime. Frank B. Farrell analyzes and connects philosophers of different eras and traditions to show that modern philosophy has developed its practices on a terrain marked out by earlier theological and religious ideas, and considers how different philosophers have both embraced, and tried to escape from, those deep-seated patterns of thought.

Women Philosophers of the Early Modern Period (Paperback): Margaret Atherton Women Philosophers of the Early Modern Period (Paperback)
Margaret Atherton
R297 R247 Discovery Miles 2 470 Save R50 (17%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

An important selection from the largely unknown writings of women philosophers of the early modern period. Each selection is prefaced by a headnote giving a biographical account of its author and setting the piece in historical context. Atherton's Introduction provides a solid framework for assessing these works and their place in modern philosophy.

Critique of Pure Reason (Paperback): Immanuel Kant Critique of Pure Reason (Paperback)
Immanuel Kant; Edited by Paul Guyer, Allen W. Wood
R923 R665 Discovery Miles 6 650 Save R258 (28%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

This entirely new translation of Critique of Pure Reason is the most accurate and informative English translation ever produced of this epochal philosophical text. Though its simple, direct style will make it suitable for all new readers of Kant, the translation displays a philosophical and textual sophistication that will enlighten Kant scholars as well. This translation recreates as far as possible a text with the same interpretative nuances and richness as the original.

Reading Wittgenstein with Anscombe, Going On to Ethics (Hardcover): Cora Diamond Reading Wittgenstein with Anscombe, Going On to Ethics (Hardcover)
Cora Diamond
R737 R631 Discovery Miles 6 310 Save R106 (14%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

In Reading Wittgenstein with Anscombe, Going On to Ethics, Cora Diamond follows two major European philosophers as they think about thinking, as well as about our ability to respond to thinking that has miscarried or gone astray. Acting as both witness to and participant in the encounter, Diamond provides fresh perspective on the importance of the work of these philosophers and the value of doing philosophy in unexpected ways. Diamond begins with the Tractatus (1921), in which Ludwig Wittgenstein forges a link between thinking about thought and the capacity to respond to misunderstandings and confusions. She then considers G. E. M. Anscombe's An Introduction to Wittgenstein's Tractatus (1959), in which Anscombe, through her engagement with Wittgenstein, further explores the limits of thinking and the ability to respond to thought that has gone wrong. Anscombe's book is important, Diamond argues, in challenging contemporary assumptions about what philosophical problems are worth considering and about how they can be approached. Through her reading of the Tractatus, Anscombe exemplified an ethics of thinking through and against the grain of common preconceptions. The result drew attention to the questions that mattered most to Wittgenstein and conveyed with great power the nature of his achievement. Diamond herself, in turn, challenges Anscombe on certain points, thereby further carrying out just the kind of ethical work Wittgenstein and Anscombe each felt was crucial to getting things right. Through her textured engagement with her predecessors, Diamond demonstrates what genuinely independent thought is able to achieve.

The Early Modern Subject - Self-Consciousness and Personal Identity from Descartes to Hume (Paperback): Udo Thiel The Early Modern Subject - Self-Consciousness and Personal Identity from Descartes to Hume (Paperback)
Udo Thiel
R731 R642 Discovery Miles 6 420 Save R89 (12%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Early Modern Subject explores the understanding of self-consciousness and personal identity-two fundamental features of human subjectivity-as it developed in early modern philosophy. Udo Thiel presents a critical evaluation of these features as they were conceived in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. He explains the arguments of thinkers such as Descartes, Locke, Leibniz, Wolff, and Hume, as well as their early critics, followers, and other philosophical contemporaries, and situates them within their historical contexts. Interest in the issues of self-consciousness and personal identity is in many ways characteristic and even central to early modern thought, but Thiel argues here that this is an interest that continues to this day, in a form still strongly influenced by the conceptual frameworks of early modern thought. In this book he attempts to broaden the scope of the treatment of these issues considerably, covering more than a hundred years of philosophical debate in France, Britain, and Germany while remaining attentive to the details of the arguments under scrutiny and discussing alternative interpretations in many cases.

The Highway of Despair - Critical Theory After Hegel (Paperback): Robyn Marasco The Highway of Despair - Critical Theory After Hegel (Paperback)
Robyn Marasco
R502 R391 Discovery Miles 3 910 Save R111 (22%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Hegel's "highway of despair," introduced in his Phenomenology of Spirit, represents the tortured path traveled by "natural consciousness" on its way to freedom. Despair, the passionate residue of Hegelian critique, also indicates fugitive opportunities for freedom and preserves the principle of hope against all hope. Analyzing the works of an eclectic cast of thinkers, Robyn Marasco considers the dynamism of despair as a critical passion, reckoning with the forms of historical life forged along Hegel's highway. The Highway of Despair follows Theodor Adorno, Georges Bataille, and Frantz Fanon as they each read, resist, and reconfigure a strand of thought in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit. Confronting the twentieth-century collapse of a certain revolutionary dialectic, these thinkers struggle to revalue critical philosophy and recast Left Hegelianism within the contexts of genocidal racism, world war, and colonial domination. Each thinker also re-centers the role of passion in critique. Arguing against more recent trends in critical theory that promise an escape from despair, Marasco shows how passion frustrates the resolutions of reason and faith. Embracing the extremism of what Marx, in the spirit of Hegel, called the "ruthless critique of everything existing," she affirms the contemporary purchase of radical critical theory, resulting in a passionate approach to political thought.

Receptive Bodies (Paperback): Leo Bersani Receptive Bodies (Paperback)
Leo Bersani
R365 Discovery Miles 3 650 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Leo Bersani, known for his provocative interrogations of psychoanalysis, sexuality, and the human body, centers his latest book on a surprisingly simple image: a newborn baby simultaneously crying out and drawing its first breath. These twin ideas--absorption and expulsion, the intake of physical and emotional nourishment and the exhalation of breath--form the backbone of Receptive Bodies, a thoughtful new essay collection. These titular bodies range from fetuses in utero to fully eroticized adults, all the way to celestial giants floating in space. Bersani illustrates his exploration of the body's capacities to receive and resist what is ostensibly alien using a typically eclectic set of sources, from literary icons like Marquis de Sade to cinematic provocateurs such as Bruno Dumont and Lars von Trier. This sharp and wide-ranging book will excite scholars of Freud, Foucault, and film studies, or anyone who has ever stopped to ponder the give and take of human corporeality.

Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy - Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Aristotle Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy - Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Aristotle; Edited by Roger Crisp
R437 Discovery Miles 4 370 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

This new edition of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics is an accurate, readable and accessible translation of one of the world's greatest ethical works. Based on lectures Aristotle gave in Athens in the fourth century BCE, Nicomachean Ethics is one of the most significant works in moral philosophy, and has profoundly influenced the whole course of subsequent philosophical endeavour. It offers seminal, practically oriented discussions of many central ethical issues, including the role of luck in human wellbeing, moral education, responsibility, courage, justice, moral weakness, friendship and pleasure, with an emphasis on the exercise of virtue as the key to human happiness. This second edition offers an updated editor's introduction and suggestions for further reading, and incorporates the line numbers as well as the section numbers of the Greek text. With its emphasis on accuracy and readability, it will enable readers without Greek to come as close as possible to Aristotle's work.

Marcus Aurelius in Love (Paperback): Marcus Aurelius, Marcus Cornelius Fronto Marcus Aurelius in Love (Paperback)
Marcus Aurelius, Marcus Cornelius Fronto; Translated by Amy Richlin
R407 R385 Discovery Miles 3 850 Save R22 (5%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

In 1815 a manuscript containing one of the long-lost treasures of antiquity was discovered--the letters of Marcus Cornelius Fronto, reputed to have been one of the greatest Roman orators. But this find disappointed many nineteenth-century readers, who had hoped for the letters to convey all of the political drama of Cicero's. That the collection included passionate love letters between Fronto and the future emperor Marcus Aurelius was politely ignored--or concealed. And for almost two hundred years these letters have lain hidden in plain sight. Marcus Aurelius in Love rescues these letters from obscurity and returns them to the public eye. The story of Marcus and Fronto began in 139 CE, when Fronto was selected to instruct Marcus in rhetoric. Marcus was eighteen then and by all appearances the pupil and teacher fell in love. Spanning the years in which the relationship flowered and died, these are the only love letters to survive from antiquity--homoerotic or otherwise. With a translation that reproduces the effusive, slangy style of the young prince and the rhetorical flourishes of his master, the letters between Marcus and Fronto will rightfully be reconsidered as key documents in the study of the history of sexuality and classics.

Correspondance de Pierre Bayle: Janvier 1703-1706, No. 13 (Hardcover): Pierre Bayle Correspondance de Pierre Bayle: Janvier 1703-1706, No. 13 (Hardcover)
Pierre Bayle; Edited by Antony McKenna
R3,400 Discovery Miles 34 000 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days
Understanding Kant's Ethics (Paperback): Michael Cholbi Understanding Kant's Ethics (Paperback)
Michael Cholbi
R428 Discovery Miles 4 280 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Kant's ethical thought remains one of the most influential, yet notoriously challenging, systems in the history of philosophy. This volume provides a sympathetic but critical reconstruction of the main strands of Kant's ethics, focusing on the most commonly read of Kant's ethical works, the Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals. Part I outlines Kant's arguments in defense of his Categorical Imperative, as well as elaborating Kant's understanding of dignity and human freedom. Part II addresses the most common objections to Kant's ethics, including challenges to the Formula of Universal Law; Kant's controversial ethical stances on suicide, sex and marriage, and non-human animals; and the place of reason, sentiment, and happiness in Kant's ethics. For scholars and specialists alike, the volume offers a clear and accessible account of what Kantian morality both offers us and asks of us.

The Oxford Handbook of Descartes and Cartesianism (Hardcover): Steven Nadler, Tad M. Schmaltz, Delphine Antoine-Mahut The Oxford Handbook of Descartes and Cartesianism (Hardcover)
Steven Nadler, Tad M. Schmaltz, Delphine Antoine-Mahut
R2,726 Discovery Miles 27 260 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The Oxford Handbook of Descartes and Cartesianism comprises fifty specially written chapters on Rene Descartes (1596-1650) and Cartesianism, the dominant paradigm for philosophy and science in the seventeenth century, written by an international group of leading scholars of early modern philosophy. The first part focuses on the various aspects of Descartes's biography (including his background, intellectual contexts, writings, and correspondence) and philosophy, with chapters on his epistemology, method, metaphysics, physics, mathematics, moral philosophy, political thought, medical thought, and aesthetics. The chapters of the second part are devoted to the defense, development and modification of Descartes's ideas by later generations of Cartesian philosophers in France, the Netherlands, Italy, and elsewhere. The third and final part considers the opposition to Cartesian philosophy by other philosophers, as well as by civil, ecclesiastic, and academic authorities. This handbook provides an extensive overview of Cartesianism - its doctrines, its legacies and its fortunes - in the period based on the latest research.

Play and Aesthetics in Ancient Greece (Hardcover): Stephen E. Kidd Play and Aesthetics in Ancient Greece (Hardcover)
Stephen E. Kidd
R1,669 R1,543 Discovery Miles 15 430 Save R126 (8%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

What is art's relationship to play? Those interested in this question tend to look to modern philosophy for answers, but, as this book shows, the question was already debated in antiquity by luminaries like Plato and Aristotle. Over the course of eight chapters, this book contextualizes those debates, and demonstrates their significance for theoretical problems today. Topics include the ancient child psychology at the root of the ancient Greek word for 'play' (paidia), the numerous toys that have survived from antiquity, and the meaning of play's conceptual opposite, the 'serious' (spoudaios). What emerges is a concept of play markedly different from the one we have inherited from modernity. Play is not a certain set of activities which unleashes a certain feeling of pleasure; it is rather a certain feeling of pleasure that unleashes the activities we think of as 'play'. As such, it offers a new set of theoretical challenges.

The Portable Cixous (Paperback): Helene Cixous The Portable Cixous (Paperback)
Helene Cixous; Edited by Marta Segarra
R572 R443 Discovery Miles 4 430 Save R129 (23%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

H?l?ne Cixous is more than an influential theorist. She is also a groundbreaking author and playwright. Combining an idiosyncratic mix of autobiographical and fictional narrative with a host of philosophical and poetic observations, Cixous's writing matches the kaleidoscopic nature of her thought, offering new ways of conceptualizing sex, relationships, identity, and the self, among other topics.

Yet, as Jacques Derrida once observed, a "profound misunderstanding" hangs over the accomplishments of Cixous, with many believing the intellectual excelled only at theoretical exploration. Providing a truly liberal selection of her writings from throughout her career, Marta Segarra rediscovers Cixous's acts of invention for a new generation to enjoy. Divided into thematic concerns, these works fully capture Cixous's genius for merging fiction, theory, and the experience of living. They discuss dreaming in the feminine, Algeria and Germany, love and the other, the animal, Derrida, and the theater. They defy classification, locking literature, philosophy, and psychoanalysis into thrilling new patterns of engagement. Whether readers are familiar with Cixous or are approaching her thought for the first time, all will find fresh perspectives on gender, fiction, drama, philosophy, religion, and the postcolonial.

Life as Insinuation - George Santayana's Hermeneutics of Finite Life and Human Self (Hardcover): Katarzyna Kremplewska Life as Insinuation - George Santayana's Hermeneutics of Finite Life and Human Self (Hardcover)
Katarzyna Kremplewska
R1,469 R1,383 Discovery Miles 13 830 Save R86 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Aristotelian and Cartesian Logic at Harvard - Charles Morton's ""Logick System"" and William Brattle's ""Compendium... Aristotelian and Cartesian Logic at Harvard - Charles Morton's ""Logick System"" and William Brattle's ""Compendium of Logick (Hardcover)
Rick Kennedy
R1,071 R812 Discovery Miles 8 120 Save R259 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Charles Morton was transatlantic Puritanism's most famous educator at the time of his arrival in Boston in 1686. His Logick System advocated the vigorous Aristotelian logic popularized by Melanchthon. William Brattle, a generation younger than Morton, was one of Harvard's most beloved tutors. Brattle introduced newly fashionable Cartesian logic into the Harvard curriculum. His Compendium of Logick ultimately superseded the text of his well known colleague and continued to be used at Harvard until the mid-eighteenth century. Although Harvard was a small provincial outpost in the history of logic, its position in America as a bastion of Puritanism makes it an excellent locale for the examination of one idiosyncratic strain of dogmatic, religiously-oriented logical thought. Morton's and Brattle's texts teach us much about the Puritans, especially about the epistemology, psychology, and theology that supported their particular form of religious rationalism.

The Cambridge Habermas Lexicon (Hardcover): Amy Allen, Eduardo Mendieta The Cambridge Habermas Lexicon (Hardcover)
Amy Allen, Eduardo Mendieta
R2,126 Discovery Miles 21 260 Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

Over a career spanning nearly seven decades, Jurgen Habermas - one of the most important European philosophers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries - has produced a prodigious and influential body of work. In this Lexicon, authored by an international team of scholars, over 200 entries define and explain the key concepts, categories, philosophemes, themes, debates, and names associated with the entire constellation of Habermas's thought. The entries explore the historical, philosophical and social-theoretic roots of these terms and concepts, as well as their intellectual and disciplinary contexts, to build a broad but detailed picture of the development and trajectory of Habermas as a thinker. The volume will be an invaluable resource for students and scholars of Habermas, as well as for other readers in political philosophy, political science, sociology, international relations, cultural studies, and law.

The World as Will and Idea (Paperback, Original): Arthur Schopenhauer The World as Will and Idea (Paperback, Original)
Arthur Schopenhauer; Edited by David Berman; Translated by Jill Berman
R239 R182 Discovery Miles 1 820 Save R57 (24%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

"The nineteenth-century idealist philosopher and precursor of Freud" "The World as Will and Idea" (1819) holds that all nature, including man, is the expression of an insatiable will to life; that the truest understanding of the world comes through art, and the only lasting good through ascetic renunciation. Unique in western philosophy for his affinity with Eastern thought, Schopenhauer influenced philosophers, writers, and composers including Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, Wagner, Tolstoy, Thomas Mann, and Samuel Beckett. The Work presented here appeals not only to the student of philosophy, but everyone interested in psychology, literature and eastern and western religion. "The most comprehensive paperback edition available, with introduction, bibliography, selected criticism, index and chronology of Schopenhauer's life and times "

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