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Woodworking - Traditional Craft for Modern Living (Hardcover): Andrea Brugi, Samina Langholz Woodworking - Traditional Craft for Modern Living (Hardcover)
Andrea Brugi, Samina Langholz 1
R586 R423 Discovery Miles 4 230 Save R163 (28%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Using simple techniques, Tuscany-based woodworkers Samina Langholz and Andrea Brugi teach you how to make 20 beautiful wood objects for the home. From an egg cup made from a reclaimed beam and broom handle to a chopping board featuring a hand-carved "butterfly" - an old trick for stabilising a crack - here are a wonderful selection of approachable carpentry projects that don't require complicated tools, and can be done easily in the home. Suitable for all levels of expertise - even the complete beginner - the simple and accessible step-by-step instructions are accompanied by stunning location photography. Inspired by the rustic lifestyle of rural Italy and the unspoiled views of olive groves that surround them, Samina and Andrea make beautiful carpentry pieces and this book will inspire you to recreate them in your own home.

Essential Joinery - The Fundamental Techniques Every Woodworker Should Know (Paperback, 2nd ed.): Marc Spagnuolo Essential Joinery - The Fundamental Techniques Every Woodworker Should Know (Paperback, 2nd ed.)
Marc Spagnuolo
R674 R537 Discovery Miles 5 370 Save R137 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
One Block of Wood - 15 Projects to Make (Paperback): Nina Tolstrup One Block of Wood - 15 Projects to Make (Paperback)
Nina Tolstrup
R340 R247 Discovery Miles 2 470 Save R93 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Ideal for beginner or seasoned crafters Includes 15 original and inspiring projects Cheap and quick ideas with stunning results Whether you're new to woodwork, an old hat with a bit of wood you'd like to use up or just curious to discover what you can create this book is for you. Nina Tolstrup has devised 15 simple, beautifully made projects from one block of wood. There's no need to worry about buying new materials - this eco-friendly selection will ensure that you'll have all the help you need to use up those leftovers. Nina demonstrates the versatility of this easy-to-work with material. The ideas range from a stylish Garden Bird Feeder to a sturdy Doorstop and Herb Box. It's as easy as it sounds. Other titles in the series include One Ball of Wool, One Piece of Fabric and One Piece of Paper.

The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees - The Ash in Human Culture and History (Paperback): Robert Penn The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees - The Ash in Human Culture and History (Paperback)
Robert Penn
R368 R298 Discovery Miles 2 980 Save R70 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Out of all the trees in the world, the ash is most closely bound up with who we are: the tree we have made the greatest and most varied use of over the course of human history. One frigid winter morning, Robert Penn lovingly selected an ash tree and cut it down. He wanted to see how many beautiful, handmade objects could be made from it. Thus begins an adventure of craftsmanship and discovery. Penn visits the shops of modern-day woodworkers-whose expertise has been handed down through generations-and finds that ancient woodworking techniques are far from dead. He introduces artisans who create a flawless axe handle, a rugged and true wagon wheel, a deadly bow and arrow, an Olympic-grade toboggan, and many other handmade objects using their knowledge of ash's unique properties. Penn connects our daily lives back to the natural woodlands that once dominated our landscapes. Throughout his travels-from his home in Wales, across Europe, and America-Penn makes a case for the continued and better use of the ash tree as a sustainable resource and reveals some of the dire threats to our ash trees. The emerald ash borer, a voracious and destructive beetle, has killed tens of millions of ash trees across North America since 2002. Unless we are prepared to act now and better value our trees, Penn argues, the ash tree and its many magnificent contributions to mankind will become a thing of the past. This exuberant tale of nature, human ingenuity, and the pleasure of making things by hand chronicles how the urge to understand and appreciate trees still runs through us all like grain through wood.

50 Things to Do with a Penknife - The whittler's guide to life (Hardcover): Matt Collins 50 Things to Do with a Penknife - The whittler's guide to life (Hardcover)
Matt Collins 1
R292 R217 Discovery Miles 2 170 Save R75 (26%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A beautifully presented, practical gift guide to the age-old art of whittling. There are 50 projects featured in the book, ranging from quick makes to more elaborate projects, and even a chapter on creating things from cork. The 8 main themes are: Quick Things - including a doorstop, a bookmark and a gift-box book; Into The Woods - including a willow whistle, walking stick, fish hook and slingshot; Around The House - including chopsticks, coat and crochet hooks; Cork Creations - including a succulent pot, stamp, and earphones spool; Ornamental Carving - including a boat, a deer and a spinning top; Kitchen Carving - including a carrot flute, apple candle and onion flower; The Natural World - including a bird feeder and instructions to prepare a fish for cooking, a graft an apple tree. The projects cater for a range of skill levels and the instructions are complemented by smart step-by-step illustrations, which highlight the tactile quality of the material in hand. The book also includes an introduction with advice on selecting a penknife, maintaining your blade, choosing your caving material, and carving techniques. Featuring the ultimate crossover of cool craftsmanship and savvy survival-skill projects, this book is the perfect gift for creative adventurers.

Crafting Wood Logic Puzzles - 18 Three-Dimensional Games for the Hands and Mind (Paperback): Charlie Self Crafting Wood Logic Puzzles - 18 Three-Dimensional Games for the Hands and Mind (Paperback)
Charlie Self; As told to Tom Lensch
R485 R397 Discovery Miles 3 970 Save R88 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

For centuries logic puzzles have entertained, inspired an educated kids of all ages Studies have shown that these engaging 'brain teasers' provide unsurpassed benefits to the body and mind, increasing manual dexterity, mathematical abilities and overall intellectual agility. "Crafting Wood Logic Puzzles" provides plans and instructions for crafting 18 of the most popular manual puzzles. Projects range from traditional 'out together / take apart' games like pentominoes and soma cubes to more sophisticated 'unlocking' head-scratchers, such as the Burr and Heart Box puzzles. Readers will also learn specialised cutting, drilling, sanding, gluing and finishing techniques that make crafting wooden puzzles possible.

The Woodworker's Studio Handbook - Traditional and Contemporary Techniques for the Home Woodworking Shop (Paperback): Jim... The Woodworker's Studio Handbook - Traditional and Contemporary Techniques for the Home Woodworking Shop (Paperback)
Jim Whitman
R497 R364 Discovery Miles 3 640 Save R133 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Celebrate the joys of working with wood in your own home studio or wood shop.

The Woodworker's Studio Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the artistry, design, and skills all woodworkers need to propel their hobby to the next level.

Master woodworker Jim Whitman walks you through planning your work space, helps you select tools and the right wood for the right projects, and gets you comfortable with your tools so you feel at ease in the studio and ready to experiment...all with gentle instruction and reassuring humor. His 20 teaching projects make you feel like a seasoned craftsman from step one, regardless of your experience level.

Learn about the importance of proper planning, measuring twice so you just have to cut once, and how to make the most of your wood. Above all, get ready to get your hands dirty: woodworking is about play just as much as precision

The Woodworker's Studio Handbook

- Teaches joinery, lamination, routing, turning, carving, and finishing--core woodworking skills in full-color photographs, and complete with illustrated tool guides.

- Illustrates the steps for 20 beautiful teaching projects for all skill levels, including a picture frame, a small cabinet, a carved pendant, turned bowls, and more.

- Engages your creativity with reclaiming recycled wood, using green wood, or using a sketchbook and drafting tools to design original work.

How to Build a Shed (Hardcover): Sally Coulthard How to Build a Shed (Hardcover)
Sally Coulthard; Illustrated by Lee John Philips
R431 R343 Discovery Miles 3 430 Save R88 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Ever dreamed of having your very own garden retreat? Off-the-shelf sheds aren't always the answer - the cheap ones are badly made and freezing cold, and the better quality ones are really expensive. But what if you could build your own shed from scratch? How to Build a Shed is the ultimate practical guide. With its clear, easy-to-follow instructions, expert advice and specially commissioned illustrations, you'll be able to source the materials, choose the right tools and build your dream shed on a budget - even if you've never used a hammer.

Mountain Man Skills - Hunting, Trapping, Woodwork, and More (Hardcover): Stephen Brennan Mountain Man Skills - Hunting, Trapping, Woodwork, and More (Hardcover)
Stephen Brennan
R458 R383 Discovery Miles 3 830 Save R75 (16%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Crafts and Skills of the Mountain Man is a fascinating, practical guide to the skills that have made the mountain men famous worldwide as outdoorsmen and craftsmen. Readers can replicate outdoor living by trying a hand at making rafts and canoes, constructing tools, and living off the land. Learn key skills like: Building a strong fire. Learning to hunt and butcher your meals. Creating a safe and solid shelter. And much more! Whether you're an avid outdoorsman or a novice hiker, Crafts and Skills of the Mountain Man is your handbook to not only surviving outdoors, but flourishing. The style of the mountain man is unique and popular, especially among young people, historians, and those with a special interest in living off the land. The mountain man has been successful outdoors for ages, and now you can too with the skills, tips, and tricks included in this handy manual. Skyhorse Publishing is proud to publish a broad range of books for hunters and firearms enthusiasts. We publish books about shotguns, rifles, handguns, target shooting, gun collecting, self-defense, archery, ammunition, knives, gunsmithing, gun repair, and wilderness survival. We publish books on deer hunting, big game hunting, small game hunting, wing shooting, turkey hunting, deer stands, duck blinds, bowhunting, wing shooting, hunting dogs, and more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to publishing books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked by other publishers and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

The Joint Book - The Complete Guide to Wood Joinery (Spiral bound): Terrie Noll The Joint Book - The Complete Guide to Wood Joinery (Spiral bound)
Terrie Noll
R374 R311 Discovery Miles 3 110 Save R63 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Joint Book is the ultimate workshop reference, giving woodworkers all the knowledge they need to choose the right joint for the job. It also features step-by-step, illustrated instructions for making over 70 joints, including mortise and tenon joints, dovetails, miters and more. In short, it covers every basic joint in every joint family--including a range of joint variations and helpful jigs.

Traditional Woodworking Handtools: A Manual for the Woodworker (Paperback): Graham Blackburn Traditional Woodworking Handtools: A Manual for the Woodworker (Paperback)
Graham Blackburn
R759 R611 Discovery Miles 6 110 Save R148 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

For speed and production, but not necessarily quality, power tools are the norm in many amateur workshops. However, thanks to the maker movement, there is renewed interest among crafters and woodworkers in using traditional handtools. The personal satisfaction, the pleasure of hands-on work, and the more leisurely, contemplative approach to woodworking is replacing the need for the speed and noise of power tools. In Traditional Woodworking Handtools, the second volume in his Illustrated Workshop Series, Graham Blackburn has assembled a virtual encyclopedia of traditional woodworking handtools, including holding tools, saws, planes, edge tools, setting-out tools, boring tools, and striking tools. Each tool is listed and includes a full description of what it does and how it's used. His engaging writing, which includes anecdotes from his four decades as a master woodworker, entertains as well as instructs. And the hundreds of line drawings of handtools are illuminating. While also a reference for anyone collecting or simply fascinated by handtools, Traditional Woodworking Handtools is a user's guide for the woodworker and crafter, designed to help reintroduce many of these tried-and-true tools into today's workshops.

Wood Pallet Workshop - 20 DIY Projects that Turn Forgotten Wood into Stylish Home Furnishings (Paperback): Danny Darke Wood Pallet Workshop - 20 DIY Projects that Turn Forgotten Wood into Stylish Home Furnishings (Paperback)
Danny Darke
R407 R383 Discovery Miles 3 830 Save R24 (6%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Here are twenty easy-to-follow designs ranging from coffee tables and wine racks to decorative wall art, all with step-by-step and clear full-color photographs. It's perfect for do-it-yourselfers looking for simple and creative ways to decorate their homes. Wooden shipping pallets have found an unlikely second life: beautiful, handcrafted home decor without the designer price. The DIY market has long been drawn to refurbishing furniture and interior design on a budget, but easily accessible wood pallets have opened up all-new and inspiring ways to personalize a home in an eco-friendly, low-cost way. The projects here will amaze and inspire: Hanging Shelf End Table Bench Bar Headboard Deck Chair Wall-Hanging Mason Jar Organizer Pallet-Mounted Bottle Opener Wall-Mounted Coat Rack Sconces Door Handle Serving Tray Pallet Arrow Wall Art Outdoor Flower Box Flower Arrangement Centerpiece Clothes Pin Picture Frame And more! Until recently, upcycling required crafters to hunt for goods and furniture at yard sales and online, and many refurbishing books could only offer tips for specific pieces. With wooden pallets, the scope of the project is boundless, and warehouses and stores are happy to give them away for free. What was once a scavenger hunt and test of skill for experienced DIYers can now be an easy weekend project for even the newest of crafters.

Woodworking for Dummies (Paperback): Jeff Strong Woodworking for Dummies (Paperback)
Jeff Strong
R439 R322 Discovery Miles 3 220 Save R117 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

You've seen a few shows on TV, and working with wood looks like it could be quite entertaining and rewarding. After all, you get to create something that you can proudly display to your friends and family. But where and how do you begin to move from expressed interest to hands-on experience? "Woodworking For Dummies" shows you how your raw building materials stack up, with everything you would need to know about hardwood, softwood, plywood, veneer wood, plain-sawn wood, rift-cut wood, quarter-sawn wood, solid wood, man-made wood, and more. This down-to-earth guide gives you the goods on how boards are made from trees and the characteristics of hardwood and softwood species, plus all the buzz on; gearing up with the right tools; putting safety first in your workshop; using adhesives and glue; working with wood joints; smoothing it out by sanding and filling; adding color with stains and paints; and protecting your work with topcoats. Whether you want to put together a simple plywood bookcase or an incredible solid oak dining table, "Woodworking For Dummies" can help you get organized as you craft your plans for a piece that'll reflect your personal touch. You'll discover how to: measure and mark your wood; distinguish among saw designs; choose and use sharpening tools; hone in on hot melt glue; speed things up with modern frame joints; get down to the nitty-gritty on nails; and apply water-based polyurethanes. This handy reference packs in essential information for the novice woodworker and some advanced tips and tricks to jumpstart any woodworker's existing skills. Detailed illustrations, how-to photos, and a color insert defining the look of different woods and the effects of finishes are sure to inspire a sawdust storm in your busy workshop.

Wood Craft - Master the Art of Green Woodworking (Hardcover): Barn The Spoon Wood Craft - Master the Art of Green Woodworking (Hardcover)
Barn The Spoon 1
R295 R232 Discovery Miles 2 320 Save R63 (21%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Get in touch with nature and find harmony working with your hands. Looking for a simple, natural way of working with wood? Create beautiful wooden objects from fresh green wood by becoming skilled in the crafts of whittling, axe-based furniture making, and turning. With green woodworking there's no need for costly materials and machinery. All you need to begin crafting is a log, an axe, and a hand knife. Starting with the selection and splitting of your very first log, let Wood Craft show you all the techniques of green woodworking and guide you step by step through a series of rewarding projects. Learn to carve your own spoons, bowls, shrink pots, and other objects; construct simple pieces of furniture, such as a frame stool and side table; discover how to turn wood on a pole lathe in order to construct a full chair with turned legs and back rest. Wood Craft brings up-to-date a newly resurgent folk craft and makes it truly accessible to all - no workshop required. So what are you waiting for?

Woodwork Made Easy - A Step-by-Step Guide  (Paperback): Penny Swift, Janek Szymanowski Woodwork Made Easy - A Step-by-Step Guide (Paperback)
Penny Swift, Janek Szymanowski
R130 R99 Discovery Miles 990 Save R31 (24%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

Woodwork made easy is a guide that introduces DIY enthusiasts and amateur carpenters to the full range of techniques and equipment required to tackle a wide range of projects. It describes the different types of woods suitable for various uses, and features step-by-step photographs to guide the reader from start to finish. More than a dozen projects are illustrated step-by-step, along with materials lists and suggested tools and equipment for each task. Alternative ideas are also given. Wood is a versatile material which may be used to make a host of items from decorative objects to furniture and outdoor structures. Once you have grasped the basic skills required you will find that it is not a difficult material to work with. A chapter on building procedures is intended for those wishing to tackle more involved projects like garden sheds, outbuildings or even granny flats. Instructions and illustrations guide you through dry wall construction and show how basic doors and windows are fitted and a simple roof erected.

Making Things Right - A Master Carpenter at Work (Paperback): Ole Thorstensen Making Things Right - A Master Carpenter at Work (Paperback)
Ole Thorstensen; Translated by Sean Kinsella 1
R323 R229 Discovery Miles 2 290 Save R94 (29%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A celebration of good craftsmanship by a Norwegian master carpenter - the anatomy of a job well done.

"An enriching and poetic tribute to manual labour" Karl Ove Knausgård

"In Thorstensen's skilled hands, the everyday story of a suburban loft conversion is turned into an urgent study on the value of doing good work. It should be widely read." Robert Penn - author of The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees

This is, quite simply, the story of a loft conversion. It is also a book about work and identity, about collaboration and pride in skilled craftsmanship, and about what it means to make things with your hands in a consumerism-driven world.

A master carpenter and builder with thirty years' experience, Thorstensen gives a matter-of-fact, reflective voice to the workers who construct our living spaces and our urban environment. He looks upon his tools as an important part of himself and as a reflection of his respect for his trade, and he addresses the gulf in understanding and communication between skilled craftsmen and "academic" workers.

From the moment of a client's phone call to their occupation of a newly constructed living space, Making Things Right tracks the project as it takes shape: the delicate negotiation to establish an optimum plan; the collaboration with a trusted team of specialist painters, plasterers, plumbers, electricians; the handling of materials; the blood, sweat and frustration involved in doing a job well.

Why is it that manual skills are underestimated? After all, working with your hands gives you time to think. With all its practical detail, Making Things Right is the simple philosophy of a working life.

Will interest readers of The Craftsman by Richard Sennett: Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain; The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees by Robert Penn; Do No Harm by James Marsh and A Shepherd's Life by James Rebanks

Translated from the Norwegian by Sean Kinsella

CARPENTRY AND JOINERY (Paperback, 3rd edition): George Mitchell CARPENTRY AND JOINERY (Paperback, 3rd edition)
George Mitchell
R1,014 R858 Discovery Miles 8 580 Save R156 (15%) Ships in 15 - 25 working days

Blending traditional and modern skills, this is a comprehensive and practical guide for all students of woodwork. Subjects covered include tools, doors, windows, floors, roofs, stairs and access.

Make: Volume 66 (Paperback): Mike Senese Make: Volume 66 (Paperback)
Mike Senese
R229 R171 Discovery Miles 1 710 Save R58 (25%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

We're excited to present our "2019 Make: Digital Fabrication Guide"! This year we get our hands on maker-ready waterjet cutters with machines from Wazer and Omax. We also review the latest 3D printers, CNC routers, laser cutters, and vinyl cutters. More than 20 tools tested to help you find the best one for your shop or makerspace. Plus, more than 30 DigiFab projects and lessons: Build a robot companion that reacts to the faces of people around you Make Nixie tube-style display with LEDs and acrylic Create a mini Intaglio printing press and create unique artwork and much more.

Classic Wooden Toys - Step-by-Step Instructions for 20 Built to Last Projects (Paperback, 2nd New edition): Jim Harrold Classic Wooden Toys - Step-by-Step Instructions for 20 Built to Last Projects (Paperback, 2nd New edition)
Jim Harrold
R597 R480 Discovery Miles 4 800 Save R117 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Woodwork - The Complete Step-by-step Manual (Hardcover): Dk Woodwork - The Complete Step-by-step Manual (Hardcover)
Dk 2
R345 R271 Discovery Miles 2 710 Save R74 (21%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

Master key carpentry skills, from simple joinery techniques to fine woodworking, all explained in clear, step-by-step instructions and photographs. Tools - Understand how to use hand, power, and machine tools, and choose the right wood for every job. Techniques - Follow clear, step-by-step instructions to master all key woodwork techniques, from joints to finishing. Projects - Put your skills into practice to create well-crafted and practical objects, from a wine rack to a chest of drawers. This book shows you the main woodworking techniques step by step - from basic through to more advanced types of wood joints, finishing, woodturning, and furniture restoration - and explains all the essential woodworking tools. It gives you a directory of more than 100 hard and soft woods and their properties so that you can choose the right wood for the job. Then, put your skills into practice with 28 DIY woodworking projects, which have detailed plans and instructions and are arranged in order of complexity. Make a simple chopping board or wine rack as small weekend projects, or try more advanced woodworking ideas such as a linen chest, dresser, or chair. Endorsed by the Worshipful Company of Carpenters, Woodwork is a complete illustrated woodworking course, giving you everything you need to know.

Building Sheds (Paperback): Joseph Truini Building Sheds (Paperback)
Joseph Truini
R555 R371 Discovery Miles 3 710 Save R184 (33%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This well-illustrated guide offers a range of building options, with complete instructions and plans for five different styles of shed, including a small timber-frame garden storage shed, a traditionally framed shed and a post-and-beam barn. From designing a shed to match your storage needs to selecting framing materials for economy and durability, constructing shed foundations, installing windows and doors and building stairways and ramps, this is a complete, no-nonsense guide to building a shed.

Make Your Own Knife Handles: Patterns and Techniques for Customizing Your Blade (Paperback): Chris Gleason Make Your Own Knife Handles: Patterns and Techniques for Customizing Your Blade (Paperback)
Chris Gleason
R585 R467 Discovery Miles 4 670 Save R118 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

If you've ever wanted your own custom knife to take along on that camping, hunting, or fishing trip, or to give to a family member or a friend as the perfect gift, Make Your Own Knife Handles has you covered. All you need is the knife blade of your choice, easily picked up at any woodworking store or knife shop, and Chris Gleason's new book, and you'll soon be customizing your own beautiful knife. With simple construction techniques, Make Your Own Knife Handles covers all the basics of selecting the wood, prepping it for your blade, and how to assemble the knife. The 16 projects cover all the styles you'll need, from a simple folding knife and kitchen paring knife to an Alaskan Ulu and hatchet. With a knife kit and a little bit of wood and time, you'll have a custom blade that will soon become your most trusted friend.

Hardening, Tempering and Heat Treatment - Workshop Practice Series 1 (Paperback): Tubal Cain Hardening, Tempering and Heat Treatment - Workshop Practice Series 1 (Paperback)
Tubal Cain
R225 R182 Discovery Miles 1 820 Save R43 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In this valuable book Tubal Cain takes the reader beyond the superficial or the simply practical with explanations of the composition of steel, its additives, and the effects of different temperatures on its constituents. With a grasp of what changes are actually taking place in the metal the care needed in following the practical processes described becomes understandable and will lead to better and more consistent results. Flame, salt bath and furnace heating are detailed, with information on accurate measurement or recognition of temperature levels. For the average small workshop operative or model engineer the discourses on tool material, hardening and tempering will be of most use, and in this connection this book replaced the author's earlier Hardening and Tempering Engineers' Tools, providing a broader-based, more detailed and up to date examination of the subject.

Wood-Turning Pattern Book: 80 Designs for Turning Classic Projects on the Lathe (Paperback): David Heim Wood-Turning Pattern Book: 80 Designs for Turning Classic Projects on the Lathe (Paperback)
David Heim
R556 R450 Discovery Miles 4 500 Save R106 (19%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This one-of-a-kind book is an essential resource for beginning woodturners as well as people who have spent many hours at the lathe. It provides 70 patterns for a wide range of woodturning projects-from bottle stoppers, chopsticks and salad bowls to holiday ornaments, drawer knobs, tool handles, and candlesticks. Every pattern includes all the measurements you need to turn the piece, as well as a drawing to show you how the finished piece will look. The text also provides basic woodturning lessons and offers helpful tips on woods and finishes to use, advice on how to turn a piece successfully, and background on some legendary woodturners and other artisans whose work inspired several patterns.

Essential Woodturner: The Classic Projects and Smart Techniques Every Turner Needs to Know (Paperback): Tim Snyder Essential Woodturner: The Classic Projects and Smart Techniques Every Turner Needs to Know (Paperback)
Tim Snyder
R669 R533 Discovery Miles 5 330 Save R136 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

You've decided to give woodturning a try: you've purchased a lathe, you've got the tools, there's a nice piece of stock at arm's length,and you're ready to start spinning some wood. What are going to make? You can only make so many bowls. Are there some classic go-to projects that every woodturner should know how to make -- either for themselves or for family and friends? With almost two dozen projects, The Essential Woodturner provides the classic projects and the necessary techniques that every woodturner needs to know. Ranging from pepper mills, bottle stoppers, and pens to mallets, rolling pins, and duck calls-with a live-edge bowl thrown in for good measure-the project list in The Essential Woodturner is the ideal road map for woodturners seeking to make some fun stuff while expanding their talents and building their confidence. With helpful drawings, step-by-step photos, and easy-to-follow guidance, each project can be completed in a few hours or a couple of days and requires only basic tools and equipment.

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