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On the Move - Changing Mechanisms of Mexico-U.S. Migration (Paperback): Filiz Garip On the Move - Changing Mechanisms of Mexico-U.S. Migration (Paperback)
Filiz Garip
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Why do Mexicans migrate to the United States? Is there a typical Mexican migrant? Beginning in the 1970s, survey data indicated that the average migrant was a young, unmarried man who was poor, undereducated, and in search of better employment opportunities. This is the general view that most Americans still hold of immigrants from Mexico. On the Move argues that not only does this view of Mexican migrants reinforce the stereotype of their undesirability, but it also fails to capture the true diversity of migrants from Mexico and their evolving migration patterns over time. Using survey data from over 145,000 Mexicans and in-depth interviews with nearly 140 Mexicans, Filiz Garip reveals a more accurate picture of Mexico-U.S migration. In the last fifty years there have been four primary waves: a male-dominated migration from rural areas in the 1960s and '70s, a second migration of young men from socioeconomically more well-off families during the 1980s, a migration of women joining spouses already in the United States in the late 1980s and '90s, and a generation of more educated, urban migrants in the late 1990s and early 2000s. For each of these four stages, Garip examines the changing variety of reasons for why people migrate and migrants' perceptions of their opportunities in Mexico and the United States. Looking at Mexico-U.S. migration during the last half century, On the Move uncovers the vast mechanisms underlying the flow of people moving between nations.

The Silicon Valley of Dreams - Environmental Injustice, Immigrant Workers, and the High-Tech Global Economy (Paperback): David... The Silicon Valley of Dreams - Environmental Injustice, Immigrant Workers, and the High-Tech Global Economy (Paperback)
David N Pellow, Lisa Sun-Hee Park
R645 R547 Discovery Miles 5 470 Save R98 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

View the Table of Contents.
Read the Preface.

"An important contribution to the contemporary critique of high tech industry."
-- "Contemporary Sociology"

"Offers a lot for the general reader. The authors must be congratulated."
--"International Migration Review"

"Powerful and passionate exposA(c)"
-- "Journal of American Ethnic History"

"An important contribution to the environmental sociology literature."
-- "Choice"

"Powerful, compelling and revealing. Pellow and Park weave a fascinating story of both the historical and current domination of gender, class and race in Silicon Valley."
-- "Alternatives Journal"

"The Silicon Valley of Dreams . . . exposes the numerous inequities that plague the area, from the huge number of temporary workers, the highest per capita in the nation, to the obvious absence of union jobs."
--"Conscious Choice"

"The authors of [this] important [book] share a sense of compassion for and commitment to the struggle of labor, community, civil rights and environmental activists."
--"Los Angeles Times"

""The Silicon Valley of Dreams" provides a progressive intervention into environmental sociology and into public discourse on the relationship between immigration and environment."
-- "American Journal of Sociology"

"Critical reading for students and scholars in ethnic studies, immigration, urban studies, gender studies, social movements and environmental studies, as well as activists and policy-makers working to address the need of workers, communities and industry."
--"Educational Book Review"

Next to the nuclear industry, the largest producer of contaminants in the air, land, and water is theelectronics industry. Silicon Valley hosts the highest density of Superfund sites anywhere in the nation and leads the country in the number of temporary workers per capita and in workforce gender inequities. Silicon Valley offers a sobering illustration of environmental inequality and other problems that are increasingly linked to the globalization of the world's economies.

In The Silicon Valley of Dreams, the authors take a hard look at the high-tech region of Silicon Valley to examine environmental racism within the context of immigrant patterns, labor markets, and the historical patterns of colonialism. One cannot understand Silicon Valley or the high-tech global economy in general, they contend, without also understanding the role people of color play in the labor force, working in the electronic industry's toxic environments. These toxic work environments produce chemical pollution that, in turn, disrupts the ecosystems of surrounding communities inhabited by people of color and immigrants. The authors trace the origins of this exploitation and provide a new understanding of the present-day struggles for occupational health and safety.

The Silicon Valley of Dreams will be critical reading for students and scholars in ethnic studies, immigration, urban studies, gender studies, social movements, and the environment, as well as activists and policy-makers working to address the needs of workers, communities, and industry.

The Political Dimension of Labor-Management Relations - National Trends and State Level Developments in Massachusetts (Volume... The Political Dimension of Labor-Management Relations - National Trends and State Level Developments in Massachusetts (Volume 2) (Paperback)
Phillip Saunders
R888 Discovery Miles 8 880 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

First published in 1986. This study examines both labor's and management's political activities in the state of Massachusetts. The book, while historical in character, provides an interpretation of change, and identifies, describes and interprets temporal sequences. The primary aim of this study is to trace the evolution of public policy in the United States in the broad area of labor-management relations. The attempts of organized labor and management groups to influence public policy through the political process are examined, with a more detailed examination of labor and management political struggles in Massachusetts. This title will be of interest to students of political and labor history.

Women and Careers - Transnational Studies in Public Policy and Employment Equity (Hardcover): Marilee Reimer Women and Careers - Transnational Studies in Public Policy and Employment Equity (Hardcover)
Marilee Reimer
R3,078 Discovery Miles 30 780 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The unifying theme of Women and Careers is women's educational and employment success, with the objective of profiling supportive public policy in global contexts from Atlantic Canada to Western Europe, Australia and China. It takes up the career processes of women from marginalized groups who have been underrepresented historically: women who are the first generation to graduate from university in both Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick) and China and rural women from the eastern most Canadian province (Newfoundland and Labrador). It examines the situation of marginalized Protestant women in Belfast, Northern Ireland, who benefit from a European Union program that supports their political and social involvement in an economically underdeveloped region and previously unimagined in a country once wrought by sectarian violence. A policy analysis of an Atlantic Canadian region after the dominant forestry industry leaves takes up policy options and women's possible agency should economic support return for small business networks and social enterprise, e.g., credit unions, food and social housing cooperatives. Proactive employment equity programs in Finland's Applied Science Institute and Switzerland's Forestry Institute provide cutting edge examples of diversity and inclusion policies in education and academia. A comparative study of Canada and Australia of two leading public service employers illustrates incremental outcomes for women managers and professionals but raises the ultimate question of the pace and necessary political will required to remove barriers to gender equality in countries with major gender inequities. Women and Careers examines a series of institutional contexts transnationally and the impact of policies, programs and economic re-structuring on careers outcomes. It displays the latest research on the topic and will be of interest both to students at an advanced level, academics, reflective practitioners, and diversity managers. It addresses the topics with regard to women's education and employment and will interest researchers, academics and policymakers in the fields of women's employment and career studies, diversity programs, organization studies, development policy, gender studies and globalization.

Revisiting the Manufacturing USA Institutes - Proceedings of a Workshop (Paperback): National Academies of Sciences,... Revisiting the Manufacturing USA Institutes - Proceedings of a Workshop (Paperback)
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Policy and Global Affairs, Board on Science, Technology and Economic Policy, Innovation Policy Forum; Edited by Frederic Lestina, …
R1,046 R963 Discovery Miles 9 630 Save R83 (8%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The Manufacturing USA initiative seeks to reinforce U.S.-based advanced manufacturing through partnerships among industry, academia, and government. Started in 2012 and established with bipartisan support by the Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act of 2014, the initiative envisages a nationwide network of research centers for manufacturing innovation. Some 14 manufacturing innovation institutes have been established to facilitate the movement of early-stage research into proven capabilities ready for adoption by U.S. manufacturers. To better understand the role and experiences of the Manufacturing USA institutes, a committee of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine convened a workshop on May 23, 2017 drawing together institute directors and manufacturing policy experts along with leaders from industry, academia, and government. Given the continued prominence of enhancing domestic manufacturing and international competitiveness in public policy discussions, the National Academies convened a second workshop on November 14, 2018, to monitor the progress of the Manufacturing USA institutes. This publication summarizes the presentations and discussions from this second workshop.

Gender, Embodiment and Fluidity in Organization and Management (Hardcover): Robert McMurray, Alison Pullen Gender, Embodiment and Fluidity in Organization and Management (Hardcover)
Robert McMurray, Alison Pullen
R1,254 Discovery Miles 12 540 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This third volume in the Routledge Focus on Women Writers in Organization Studies series challenges us to think again about the implications of gender, embodiment and fluidity for organizing and managing. The themes of this book disrupt our understanding of dualisms between sex (men and women), gender (masculinity and femininity) and mind / body, and in so doing analyze the ways in which dominant power relations constitute heteronormativity throughout organizational history, thereby reinforcing mainstream management research and teaching. By centring the work of women writers, this book gives recognition to their thinking and praxis; each writer making political inroads into changing the lived experiences of those who have suffered discrimination, exclusion and marginalization as they consider the ways in which organizational knowledge has tended to privilege rather than problematize masculinity, fixity, control, normativity, violence and discrimination. The themes and authors (Acker, de Beauvoir, Halberstam, Kosofsky Sedgwick, Kristeva, Yourcenar) covered in this book are important precisely because they are not generally encountered in mainstream writing on management and organization studies. They are significant to the study and analysis of organizations because they demonstrate how our understanding of managing and organizing can be transformed when other voices/bodies/genders write on what it is work, live, lead and relate to self and others. All the writers turn to the ways in which individuals matter organizationally, acknowledging that lived experiences are a source of political and ethical practice. Each Woman Writer is introduced and analyzed by experts in organization studies. Further reading and accessible resources are also identified for those interested in knowing more. This book will be relevant to students, researchers and practitioners with an interest in business and management, organizational studies, critical management studies, gender studies and sociology. Like all the books in this series, it will also be of interest to anyone who wants to see, think and act differently.

Women and Work - Feminism, Labour, and Social Reproduction (Paperback): Susan Ferguson Women and Work - Feminism, Labour, and Social Reproduction (Paperback)
Susan Ferguson
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Feminism is once again on the political agenda. Across the world women are taking to the streets to protest unfair working conditions, abortion laws, and sexual violence. They are demanding decent wages, better schools and free childcare. But why do some feminists choose to fight for more women CEOs, while others fight for a world without CEOs? To understand these divergent approaches, Susan Ferguson looks at the ideas that have inspired women to protest, exploring the ways in which feminists have placed work at the centre of their struggle for emancipation. Two distinct trajectories emerge: 'equality feminism' and 'social reproduction feminism'. Ferguson argues that socialists have too often embraced the 'liberal' tendencies of equality feminism, while neglecting the insights of social reproduction feminism. Engaging with feminist anti-work critiques, Ferguson proposes that women's emancipation depends upon a radical reimagining of all labour and advocates for a renewed social reproduction framework as a powerful basis for an inclusive feminist politics.

Growing Up Girl - Psycho-Social Explorations of Gender and Class (Paperback, Reissue): Valerie Walkerdine, Helen Lucey, June... Growing Up Girl - Psycho-Social Explorations of Gender and Class (Paperback, Reissue)
Valerie Walkerdine, Helen Lucey, June Melody
R1,316 Discovery Miles 13 160 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Set against a backdrop of deindustrialisation, rising male unemployment and the feminisation and casualisation of the labour market, Growing Up Girl graphically explores the complexities of gender and class during a period of massive social change. It tells the story of today's 'I can have everything' girls who face unprecedented shifts in the organisation of family, education and work, and yet who continue to struggle with the not always visible but always palpable pressures of wealth, poverty, class and ethnicity. Drawing on data spanning nearly twenty years, the authors of this ground-breaking study provide a sobering antidote to commonplace platitudes about 'girl power' and a feminine future. They reveal the hidden price of middle class girls' apparently effortless achievements - obsessive hard work, guilt and devastating feelings of inadequacy - and they trace how the labour market cruelly sets material limits on the disappointed hopes and ambitions of working class girls. Vividly illustrating their arguments with quotations from the research participants, they show how young women's practices of self-invention are regulated both by unconscious processes and real social and economic constraints. Their insistent conclusion is that class is far from dead. Indeed, it is centrally important to our understanding of what it is to be a young woman in today's complex and challenging world. This important and grippingly written book is essential reading for students and scholars alike in sociology, cultural studies, women's studies, education and psychology. It will also be of interest to anyone else struggling to make sense of the position of women in society today.

Social Development - Its Nature and Conditions (Paperback): L. T. Hobhouse Social Development - Its Nature and Conditions (Paperback)
L. T. Hobhouse
R1,027 Discovery Miles 10 270 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Originally published in 1924, Professor Hobhouse's theories and commentaries upon social development are an important milestone in the history of sociological thought. Of particular interest to the modern sociologist is his delineation of the struggle of the human mind towards rationality in thought and action and his insistence on the principle that in all social investigations it is necessary to distinguish between questions of fact and questions of value.

Greek Employment Relations in Crisis - Problems, Challenges and Prospects (Hardcover): Horen Voskeritsian, Panos Kapotas,... Greek Employment Relations in Crisis - Problems, Challenges and Prospects (Hardcover)
Horen Voskeritsian, Panos Kapotas, Christina Niforou
R3,082 Discovery Miles 30 820 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Greece's economy and society have undergone important structural changes in recent years as a result of the financial crisis and consequent austerity policies that have been implemented. The Greek labour market and employment relations system have been subject to immense pressures, leading to fundamental changes both in the structure of institutions and in the behaviour of the main employment relations actors. The present volume constitutes a first attempt to appreciate the consequences of a decade of austerity politics on the Greek labour market. Offering a multidisciplinary perspective and building on original research by leading Greek scholars in the fields of labour economics, employment relations and the sociology of work, it will discuss the impact of the crisis and the resulting policies on the Greek labour market and employment relations. This volume will be of interest to policy makers, researchers and students interested in the past, present and future of Greek employment relations and the impact of austerity on Greece.

Nonstandard Work - The Nature and Challenges of Emerging Employment Arrangements (Paperback, 1st ed): Francoise Carre, Marianne... Nonstandard Work - The Nature and Challenges of Emerging Employment Arrangements (Paperback, 1st ed)
Francoise Carre, Marianne A Ferber, Lonnie Golden, Stephen A. Herzenberg
R1,058 R876 Discovery Miles 8 760 Save R182 (17%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In recent years, much attention has focused on the growth of nonstandard and contingent employment (including part-time work), which involves up to 30 percent of the total U.S. labor force. There is little agreement on either the causes or the effects of this trend. Some researchers emphasize the advantages: employees may explore the job market and obtain work that does not necessarily involve rigid schedules, while employers enjoy greater flexibility and lower costs. Others point to the disadvantages for employees, such as lack of job security, fewer benefits and chances for promotion, and often lower wages. Drawbacks for employers include a workforce that has little chance to develop firm-specific knowledge or loyalty.

Chapters in Nonstandard Work: The Nature and Challenges of Emerging Employment Arrangements carefully analyze the extent and nature of various nonstandard work arrangements; their advantages and disadvantages for employees and employers; the demographic, industrial, and occupational distribution of such positions; and the question of whether standard employment itself is changing. Some contributors consider how innovative labor market intermediaries and unions might expand opportunities for workers while also helping firms to raise their productivity.

Getting In and Getting On in the Youth Labour Market - Governing Young People's Employability in Regional Context... Getting In and Getting On in the Youth Labour Market - Governing Young People's Employability in Regional Context (Hardcover)
Pauline Leonard, Rachel Wilde
R1,208 R1,030 Discovery Miles 10 300 Save R178 (15%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Based on up to date qualitative and ethnographic research, this book examines youth education-to-work transitions in the UK. Using the theoretical lens of a Foucauldian governmentality approach, the authors consider the 'why' and 'how' of youth employability training and demonstrate how different employability schemes planned and operationalised in diverse geographical and economic landscapes work in practice. The book examines and compares a range of employment entry route programmes and reveals the tension between employability and good quality employment, and the ways in which young people from varying social and regional backgrounds are positioned very differently within this.

Working Bodies - Interactive Service Employment and Workplace Identities (Hardcover): Linda McDowell Working Bodies - Interactive Service Employment and Workplace Identities (Hardcover)
Linda McDowell
R1,733 R1,571 Discovery Miles 15 710 Save R162 (9%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Through a series of case studies of low-status interactive and embodied servicing work, Working Bodies examines the theoretical and empirical nature of the shift to embodied work in service-dominated economies. Defines 'body work' to include the work by service sector employees on their own bodies and on the bodies of others Sets UK case studies in the context of global patterns of economic change Explores the consequences of growing polarization in the service sector Draws on geography, sociology, anthropology, labour market studies, and feminist scholarship

Labor and Monopoly Capitalism - The Degradation of Work in the Twentieth Century (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Harry... Labor and Monopoly Capitalism - The Degradation of Work in the Twentieth Century (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Harry Braverman; Foreword by John Bellamy Foster
R564 R490 Discovery Miles 4 900 Save R74 (13%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This widely acclaimed book, first published in 1974, was a classic from its first day in print. Written in a direct, inviting way by Harry Braverman, whose years as an industrial worker gave him rich personal insight into work, Labor and Monopoly Capital overturned the reigning ideologies of academic sociology.

This new edition features an introduction by John Bellamy Foster that sets the work in historical and theoretical context, as well as two rare articles by Braverman, "The Degradation of Work in the Twentieth Century" (1975) and "Two Comments" (1976), that add much to our understanding of the book.

The Capitalist Unconscious - From Korean Unification to Transnational Korea (Hardcover): Hyun Ok Park The Capitalist Unconscious - From Korean Unification to Transnational Korea (Hardcover)
Hyun Ok Park
R1,369 R1,038 Discovery Miles 10 380 Save R331 (24%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The unification of North and South Korea is widely considered an unresolved and volatile matter for the global order, but this book argues capital has already unified Korea in a transnational form. As Hyun Ok Park demonstrates, rather than territorial integration and family union, the capitalist unconscious drives the current unification, imagining the capitalist integration of the Korean peninsula and the Korean diaspora as a new democratic moment. Based on extensive archival and ethnographic research in South Korea and China, The Capitalist Unconscious shows how the hegemonic democratic politics of the post-Cold War era (reparation, peace, and human rights) have consigned the rights of migrant laborers-protagonists of transnational Korea-to identity politics, constitutionalism, and cosmopolitanism. Park reveals the riveting capitalist logic of these politics, which underpins legal and policy debates, social activism, and media spectacle. While rethinking the historical trajectory of Cold War industrialism and its subsequent liberal path, this book also probes memories of such key events as the North Korean and Chinese revolutions, which are integral to migrants' reckoning with capitalist allures and communal possibilities. Casting capitalist democracy within an innovative framework of historical repetition, Park elucidates the form and content of the capitalist unconscious at different historical moments and dissolves the modern opposition among socialism, democracy, and dictatorship. The Capitalist Unconscious astutely explores the neoliberal present's past and introduces a compelling approach to the question of history and contemporaneity.

China's Economic Engagement in North Korea (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019): Bo Gao China's Economic Engagement in North Korea (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2019)
Bo Gao
R1,747 R1,429 Discovery Miles 14 290 Save R318 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book addresses growing tensions in Northeast Asia, notably between North Korea and China. Focusing on China's economic participation in North Korea's minerals and fishery industries, the author explores the role of China's sub-state and non-state actors in implementing China's foreign economic policy towards North Korea. The book discusses these actors' impact on the regional order in Northeast Asia, particularly in the Korean Peninsula. The project also provides a comprehensive and up-to-date account of China's cultural and economic activities in North Korea as implemented by both the historically traditional actors in Jilin and Liaoning provinces in Northeast China, and new actors from coastal areas (Shandong and Zhejiang provinces) and inland provinces (Chongqing and Henan) to Zhejiang province. It argues that in the era of economic decentralisation, Chinese sub-state and non-state actors can independently deal with most of their economic affairs without the need for permission from the central government in Beijing. A key read for scholars and students interested in Asian history, politics and economics, and specifically the East Asian situation, this text offers an in-depth analysis of recent activity concerning the Sino-DPRK economic relationship.

Basic Income - And How We Can Make It Happen (Paperback): Guy Standing Basic Income - And How We Can Make It Happen (Paperback)
Guy Standing 1
R255 R213 Discovery Miles 2 130 Save R42 (16%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

'Basic Income is an idea whose time has come, and Guy Standing has pioneered our understanding of it... Standing's analysis is vital' Paul Mason 'Guy Standing has been at the forefront of the movement for nearly 4 decades, and in this superb and thorough survey he explains how it works and why it has the potential to revitalise life and democracy in our societies. This is an essential book.' Brian Eno Shouldn't everyone receive a stake in society's wealth? Could we create a fairer world by granting a guaranteed income to all? What would this mean for our health, wealth and happiness? Basic Income is a regular cash transfer from the state, received by all individual citizens. It is an acknowledgement that everyone plays a part in generating the wealth currently enjoyed only by a few. Political parties across the world are now adopting it as official policy and the idea generates headlines every day. Guy Standing has been at the forefront of thought about Basic Income for the past thirty years, and in this book he covers in authoritative detail its effects on the economy, poverty, work and labour; dissects and disproves the standard arguments against Basic Income; explains what we can learn from pilots across the world and illustrates exactly why a Basic Income has now become such an urgent necessity.

Coping with Uncertainty - Youth in the Middle East and North Africa (Paperback): Jorg Gertel, Ralf Hexel Coping with Uncertainty - Youth in the Middle East and North Africa (Paperback)
Jorg Gertel, Ralf Hexel
R705 R538 Discovery Miles 5 380 Save R167 (24%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Seven years after the Arab uprisings, the social situation has deteriorated across the Middle East and North Africa. Political, economic and personal insecurities have expanded while income from oil declined and tourist revenues have collapsed due to political instability. Against a backdrop of escalating armed conflicts and disintegrating state structures, many have been forced from their homes, creating millions of internally displaced persons and refugees. Young people are often the ones hit hardest by the turmoil. How do they cope with these ongoing uncertainties, and what drives them to pursue their own dreams in spite of these hardships? In this landmark volume, an international interdisciplinary team of researchers assess a survey of 9,000 sixteen- to thirty-year-olds from Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen, resulting in the most comprehensive, in-depth study of young people in the MENA region to date. Given how rapidly events have moved in the Middle East and North Africa, the findings are in many regards unexpected.

A World Without Work - Technology, Automation and How We Should Respond (Hardcover): Daniel Susskind A World Without Work - Technology, Automation and How We Should Respond (Hardcover)
Daniel Susskind 1
R465 R365 Discovery Miles 3 650 Save R100 (22%) Ships in 5 - 10 working days

'A path-breaking, thought-provoking and in-depth study of how new technology will transform the world of work' Gordon Brown 'Compelling ... Thought-provoking ... Should be required reading for any presidential candidate thinking about the economy of the future' NEW YORK TIMES New technologies have always provoked panic about workers being replaced by machines. In the past, such fears have been misplaced, and many economists maintain that they remain so today. Yet in A World Without Work, Daniel Susskind shows why this time really is different. Advances in artificial intelligence mean that all kinds of jobs are increasingly at risk. Susskind argues that machines no longer need to reason like us in order to outperform us. Increasingly, tasks that used to be beyond the capability of computers - from diagnosing illnesses to drafting legal contracts - are now within their reach. The threat of technological unemployment is real. So how can we all thrive in a world with less work? Susskind reminds us that technological progress could bring about unprecedented prosperity, solving one of mankind's oldest problems: making sure that everyone has enough to live on. The challenge will be to distribute this prosperity fairly, constrain the burgeoning power of Big Tech, and provide meaning in a world where work is no longer the centre of our lives. In this visionary, pragmatic and ultimately hopeful book, Susskind shows us the way. "This is the book to read on the future of work in the age of artificial intelligence. It is thoughtful and state-of-the-art on the economics of the issue, but its real strength is the way it goes beyond just the economics. A truly important contribution' Lawrence Summers, former Chief Economist of the World Bank 'A fascinating book about a vitally important topic. Elegant, original and compelling'Tim Harford, author of The Undercover Economist

Making a Living, Making a Difference - Gender and Work in Early Modern European Society (Paperback): Maria Agren Making a Living, Making a Difference - Gender and Work in Early Modern European Society (Paperback)
Maria Agren
R1,092 Discovery Miles 10 920 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

What do people do all day? What did women and men do to make a living in early modern Europe, and what did their work mean? As this book shows, the meanings depended both on the worker and on the context. With an innovative analytic method that is yoked to a specially-built database of source materials, this book revises many received opinions about the history of gender and work in Europe. The applied verb-oriented method finds the 'work verbs' that appear incidentally in a wide variety of early modern sources and then analyzes the context in which they appear. By tying information technologies and computer-assisted analysis to the analytic powers - both quantitative and qualitative - of professional historians, the method gets much closer to a participatory observation of the micro-patterns of early modern life than was once believed possible. It directly addresses a number of broad problems often debated by historians of gender and early modern Europe. First, it discusses the problem of assessing more accurately the incidence, character and division of work. Second, it analyzes the configurations of work and human difference. Third, it deals with the extent to which work practices created notions of difference - gender difference but also other forms of difference - and, conversely, to what extent work practices contributed to notions of sameness and gender convergence. Finally, it studies the impact of processes of change. Drawing on sources from Sweden, the authors show the importance of multiple employment, the openness of early modern households, the significance of marriage and marital status, the gendered nature of specific tasks, and the ways in which state formation and commercialization were entangled in people's everyday lives.

The Power of Presence: Unlock Your Potential to Influence and Engage Others (Paperback, Special Ed.): Kristi Hedges The Power of Presence: Unlock Your Potential to Influence and Engage Others (Paperback, Special Ed.)
Kristi Hedges
R447 R415 Discovery Miles 4 150 Save R32 (7%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

When some people speak, everyone listens. When they need commitment to projects, others jump on board. These are the lucky few with "presence"-that subtle magnetic field that signals authority and authenticity. Wouldn't it be great if doors opened as effortlessly for you? They can! Everyone, regardless of position or personality, can strengthen their presence. The key is to cultivate the communication aptitude, mental attitude, and unique leadership style needed to connect with and motive others. The Power of Presence demystifies this elusive sought-after quality. Filled with strategies, exercises, and personal stories from years spent coaching leaders, this new paperback release of a popular career accelerator explains how to: Build relationships based on trust * Rid yourself of limiting behaviors * Embody values you want to convey * Explore how others see you and correct misperceptions * Present effectively in public and in meetings * Communicate in ways that inspire. Presence. You know it when you see it, but how do you get more of it?The Power of Presence shows you exactly how.

The Political Economy of Work in the Global South (Paperback, 1st ed. 2020): Anita Hammer, Adam Fishwick The Political Economy of Work in the Global South (Paperback, 1st ed. 2020)
Anita Hammer, Adam Fishwick
R1,554 Discovery Miles 15 540 Ships in 36 - 41 working days

Part of the Critical Perspectives on Work and Employment series, this edited collection brings together contributions from leading international scholars to initiate an important dialogue between labour process analysis and scholarship on work in the Global South. This book characterises the forms of work and labour process that characterise globalising capitalism today and addresses core analytical concerns within Labour Process Theory and research on work in the South. It explores how a wide range of production relations in the Global South, ranging from formal to informal employment and self-employment, are embedded in wider social relations of gender, caste, religion and ethnicity, and are related to wider patterns of commodification and resistance. Drawing on cutting-edge research, the book's chapters consider a diverse range of working situations, covering migrant workers in the Middle East, commercial surrogacy work in India and cooperative garment workers in Argentina. In offering a novel reading of the political economy of work in the Global South and shedding light on lesser-considered fields of work and worker organization, this volume will provide new insights for making sense of the changing world of work for students, scholars, labour activists and practitioners alike.

The Innovation Complex - Cities, Tech, and the New Economy (Hardcover): Sharon Zukin The Innovation Complex - Cities, Tech, and the New Economy (Hardcover)
Sharon Zukin
R607 Discovery Miles 6 070 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

You hear a lot these days about "innovation and entrepreneurship" and about how "good jobs" in tech will save our cities. Yet these common tropes hide a stunning reality: local lives and fortunes are tied to global capital. You see this clearly in metropolises such as San Francisco and New York that have emerged as "superstar cities." In these cities, startups bloom, jobs of the future multiply, and a meritocracy trained in digital technology, backed by investors who control deep pools of capital, forms a new class: the tech-financial elite. In The Innovation Complex, the eminent urbanist Sharon Zukin shows the way these forces shape the new urban economy through a rich and illuminating account of the rise of the tech sector in New York City. Drawing from original interviews with venture capitalists, tech evangelists, and economic development officials, she shows how the ecosystem forms and reshapes the city from the ground up. Zukin explores the people and plans that have literally rooted digital technology in the city. That in turn has shaped a workforce, molded a mindset, and generated an archipelago of tech spaces, which in combination have produced a now-hegemonic "innovation" culture and geography. She begins with the subculture of hackathons and meetups, introduces startup founders and venture capitalists, and explores the transformation of the Brooklyn waterfront from industrial wasteland to "innovation coastline." She shows how, far beyond Silicon Valley, cities like New York are shaped by an influential "triple helix" of business, government, and university leaders-an alliance that joins C. Wright Mills's "power elite," real estate developers, and ambitious avatars of "academic capitalism." As a result, cities around the world are caught between the demands of the tech economy and communities' desires for growth-a massive and often-insurmountable challenge for those who hope to reap the rewards of innovation's success.

The Disrupted Workplace - Time and the Moral Order of Flexible Capitalism (Paperback): Benjamin H. Snyder The Disrupted Workplace - Time and the Moral Order of Flexible Capitalism (Paperback)
Benjamin H. Snyder
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The twenty-first century workplace compels Americans to be more flexible. To embrace change, work with unpredictable schedules, be available 24/7, and take charge of one's own career. What are the wider implications of these pressures for workers' lives? How do they conceive of good work and a good life amid such incessant change? In The Disrupted Workplace, Benjamin Snyder examines how three groups of American workers-financial professionals, truck drivers, and unemployed job seekers-construct moral order in a capitalist system that demands flexibility. Based on seventy in-depth interviews and three years of participant observation, he argues that the flexible economy transforms how workers experience time. New scheduling techniques, employment strategies, and technologies disrupt the flow and trajectory of working life, which makes the workplace a site of perplexing moral dilemmas. Work can feel both liberating and terrorizing, engrossing in the short term but unsustainable in the long term. Through a vivid portrait of real workers' struggles to adapt their lives to constant disruption, Benjamin Snyder mounts a compelling critique of the costs of the flexible economy.

Masters of Craft - Old Jobs in the New Urban Economy (Hardcover): Richard E. Ocejo Masters of Craft - Old Jobs in the New Urban Economy (Hardcover)
Richard E. Ocejo
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How educated and culturally savvy young people are transforming traditionally low-status manual labor jobs into elite taste-making occupations In today's new economy--in which "good" jobs are typically knowledge or technology based--many well-educated and culturally savvy young men are instead choosing to pursue traditionally low-status manual labor occupations as careers. Masters of Craft looks at the renaissance of four such trades: bartending, distilling, barbering, and butchering. In this in-depth and engaging book, Richard Ocejo takes you into the lives and workplaces of these people to examine how they are transforming these once-undesirable jobs into "cool" and highly specialized upscale occupational niches--and in the process complicating our notions about upward and downward mobility through work. He shows how they find meaning in these jobs by enacting a set of "cultural repertoires," which include technical skills based on a renewed sense of craft and craftsmanship and an ability to understand and communicate that knowledge to others, resulting in a new form of elite taste-making. Ocejo describes the paths people take to these jobs, how they learn their chosen trades, how they imbue their work practices with craftsmanship, and how they teach a sense of taste to their consumers. Focusing on cocktail bartenders, craft distillers, upscale men's barbers, and whole-animal butcher shop workers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and upstate New York, Masters of Craft provides new insights into the stratification of taste, gentrification, and the evolving labor market in today's postindustrial city.

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