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Merchants of Labor - Recruiters and International Labor Migration (Hardcover): Philip Martin Merchants of Labor - Recruiters and International Labor Migration (Hardcover)
Philip Martin
R499 Discovery Miles 4 990 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Some 10 million migrant workers cross national borders each year and, if they pay an average $1,000 to recruiters, moving workers over borders is a $10 billion a year business. Merchants of Labor examines the businesses that move low-skilled workers over national borders, asking how much they collect from migrant workers and what can be done to reduce worker-paid migration costs. For-profit recruiters are likely to be an enduring feature of international labor migration, which makes developing tools to improve the management of their activities ever more crucial. The UN recognized in the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 the need to measure what workers pay to get jobs in other countries with the goal of reducing worker-paid costs so that workers and their families can benefit more from international labor migration. Using cost data from over 3,000 workers, Merchants of Labor examines the often murky world of labor brokers, travel agents, and others who move low-skilled workers from one country to another in order to explore lower worker-paid migration costs. It explains the three core functions of labor markets- recruitment, remuneration, and retention- and shows how national borders increase recruitment costs. New data on what workers pay to get jobs in other countries are presented, and incentives to complement enforcement are explored as a way to induce recruiters to protect migrant workers.

Job Quality in an Era of Flexibility - Experiences in a European Context (Hardcover): Tommy Isidorsson, Julia Kubisa Job Quality in an Era of Flexibility - Experiences in a European Context (Hardcover)
Tommy Isidorsson, Julia Kubisa
R2,676 Discovery Miles 26 760 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

This is the era of flexibility. Under constant pressure to be adaptable, organizations increasingly adopt employment practices such as zero-hours contracts, the casualization of the workforce and the use of temporary and agency labour. These flexible practices are central to debates about the changing nature of job quality and its causes, trends and consequences. Arguing that job quality is central to understanding contemporary work, this book explores the internal and external pressures for flexibility in workplaces, professions and sectors and how this pressure shapes workers' experiences of job quality. By studying job quality dynamics via case studies from organizations and occupations in the UK, Poland, Belgium and Sweden, the volumes illustrates the diversity of practices and experiences, as well as market pressures and institutional arrangements which effect working lives. Finally, the editors propose a policy debate on the new concept "flexiquality" - a combination of flexibility and job quality that can be beneficial for both management and workers.

Labor Markets and Skills in a New Era - Managing the Impacts of Population Aging and Technological Change in Uruguay... Labor Markets and Skills in a New Era - Managing the Impacts of Population Aging and Technological Change in Uruguay (Paperback)
Ignacio Apella, Rafael Rofman, Helena Rovner
R860 Discovery Miles 8 600 Shipped within 18 - 22 working days

This book discusses the impacts of population aging and technological change on Uruguay's labor markets and economic growth potential, focusing on the need to increase the level and quality of investment in human and physical capital in order to improve welfare and reduce inequality.

Skills of the Unskilled - Work and Mobility among Mexican Migrants (Hardcover): Jacqueline Hagan, Rub en Hern andez-Le on,... Skills of the Unskilled - Work and Mobility among Mexican Migrants (Hardcover)
Jacqueline Hagan, Rub en Hern andez-Le on, Jean-Luc Demonsant
R1,639 R1,215 Discovery Miles 12 150 Save R424 (26%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Most labor and migration studies classify migrants with limited formal education or credentials as unskilled." Despite the value of migrants' work experiences and the substantial technical and interpersonal skills developed throughout their lives, the labor-market contributions of these migrants are often overlooked and their mobility pathways poorly understood. Skills of the Unskilled" reports the findings of a five-year study that draws on research including interviews with 320 Mexican migrants and return migrants in North Carolina and Guanajuato, Mexico. The authors uncover these migrants' lifelong human capital and identify mobility pathways associated with the acquisition and transfer of skills across the migratory circuit, including reskilling, occupational mobility, job jumping, and entrepreneurship.

Critical Theory, Democracy, and the Challenge of Neoliberalism (Hardcover): Brian Caterino, Phillip Hansen Critical Theory, Democracy, and the Challenge of Neoliberalism (Hardcover)
Brian Caterino, Phillip Hansen
R1,302 Discovery Miles 13 020 Shipped within 18 - 22 working days

With a few exceptions, critical theorists have been late to provide a comprehensive diagnosis of neoliberalism comparable in scope to their extensive analyses of advanced welfare state capitalism. Instead, the main lines of critical theory have focused on questions of international justice which, while no doubt significant, restrict the scope of critical theory by deemphasizing linkages to larger political and economic conditions. Providing a critique of the Frankfurt School, Brian Caterino and Phillip Hansen move beyond its foundations, and call for a rethinking of the bases of critical theory as a practical, freedom-creating project. Outlining a resurgence of neoliberalism, the authors encourage a fresh, nuanced analysis that elucidates its political and economic structures and demonstrates the threats to freedom and democracy that neoliberalism poses. They propose the reformulation of a radical democratic alternative to neoliberalism, one that critically addresses its limitations while promoting an enhancement of communicative and social freedom.

Engineering Culture - Control and Commitment in a High-Tech Corporation (Paperback, 2 Rev Ed): Gideon Kunda Engineering Culture - Control and Commitment in a High-Tech Corporation (Paperback, 2 Rev Ed)
Gideon Kunda
R649 R540 Discovery Miles 5 400 Save R109 (17%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Engineering Culture is an award-winning ethnography of the engineering division of a large American high-tech corporation. Now, this influential book-which has been translated into Japanese, Italian, and Hebrew-has been revised to bring it up to date. In Engineering Culture, Gideon Kunda offers a critical analysis of an American company's well-known and widely emulated \u0022corporate culture.\u0022 Kunda uses detailed descriptions of everyday interactions and rituals in which the culture is brought to life, excerpts from in-depth interviews and a wide variety of corporate texts to vividly portray managerial attempts to design and impose the culture and the ways in which it is experienced by members of the organization. The company's management, Kunda reveals, uses a variety of methods to promulgate what it claims is a non-authoritarian, informal, and flexible work environment that enhances and rewards individual commitment, initiative, and creativity while promoting personal growth. The author demonstrates, however, that these pervasive efforts mask an elaborate and subtle form of normative control in which the members' minds and hearts become the target of corporate influence. Kunda carefully dissects the impact this form of control has on employees' work behavior and on their sense of self. In the conclusion written especially for this edition, Kunda reviews the company's fortunes in the years that followed publication of the first edition, reevaluates the arguments in the book, and explores the relevance of corporate culture and its management today.

Crisis and Social Regression in Brazil - A New Moment of the Social Question (Paperback, 1st ed. 2019): Roberto Veras de... Crisis and Social Regression in Brazil - A New Moment of the Social Question (Paperback, 1st ed. 2019)
Roberto Veras de Oliveira
R1,274 R1,052 Discovery Miles 10 520 Save R222 (17%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

This is the first book published in English to present a concise but panoramic overview of the social, economic and political roots of the current Brazilian crisis. By situating former president Dilma Rousseff's impeachment in the wider context of the historical struggle for social rights, citizenship and democracy in the country, the book provides a conceptual framework that will allow foreign readers to better understand the apparent contradiction of a rising regional power that all of a sudden entered in one of the worst economic, social and political crisis of its history. This book will be of interest to a wide range of social scientists (such as sociologists, economists, historians and political scientists) interested in labor and citizenship issues in developing countries like Brazil, as well as for social agents (from the public and private spheres) with practical involvement with such issues, such as trade unionists, leaders and advisors of business organizations, policy-makers, politicians, NGO activists and technicians.

Contemporary Collaborative Consumption - Trust and Reciprocity Revisited (Paperback, 1st ed. 2018): Isabel Cruz, Rafaela Ganga,... Contemporary Collaborative Consumption - Trust and Reciprocity Revisited (Paperback, 1st ed. 2018)
Isabel Cruz, Rafaela Ganga, Stefan Wahlen
R1,079 R1,000 Discovery Miles 10 000 Save R79 (7%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

This book provides critical perspectives on contemporary collaborative consumption, a recent societal phenomenon shaking up previously fixed socio-economic categories such as the producer and the consumer. The contributors discuss the role of trust and reciprocity in collaborative consumption through seven case studies. The chapters advance debates on the contradictions of positioning collaborative consumption as possible solutions for a more sustainable development and exacerbating new forms of inequalities and injustice. The book contributes a nuanced appraisal of social and economic activity for reflecting socio-technological changes in contemporary societies.

Evolving Work - Employing Self and Community (Hardcover): Ronnie Lessem, Tony Bradley Evolving Work - Employing Self and Community (Hardcover)
Ronnie Lessem, Tony Bradley
R2,676 Discovery Miles 26 760 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

The idea of Self and the authenticity of particular identities have been rapidly dissolving in the acids of post-modern globalising capitalism. The hegemony of patterns of work, wage-labor and the operation of labour markets in the American West (and European North) has ridden rough-shod over distinctive ways of enabling communities to flourish in many parts of the Southern and Eastern worlds (Global South). But, this is not inevitable. Indeed, as this book indicates, there are many practical examples across the globe - that connect with some of the most significant theoretical challenges to the operation of dehumanising work - which reveal that a profound reversal is taking place. As such, the core theme of this book is to show that a movement is occurring whereby self-employment can be transformed into communal work that employs the Self in ways that release the authentic vocations of people, individually and collectively. The approach taken in these chapters traverses the globe, utilising the original 'integral worlds' model that will be familiar to students of the Trans4M/Routledge Transformation and Innovation series, developed over more than a decade. Such a standpoint points the way to the release of particular social and economic cultures in each of what we term the four "realities" or "worldviews" of South, East, North and Western worlds. In this book we use the methodology of GENEalogy - identifying the realms associated with each world - to show how the rhythms, that is Grounding, Emergence, Navigation and Effect, of each is leading to greater economic, social and spiritual freedom for individuals, organisations, communities and, indeed, entire societies.

Social Movements, Stakeholders and Non-Market Strategy (Hardcover): Forrest Briscoe, Brayden King, Jocelyn Leitzinger Social Movements, Stakeholders and Non-Market Strategy (Hardcover)
Forrest Briscoe, Brayden King, Jocelyn Leitzinger
R1,834 Discovery Miles 18 340 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

This volume brings together new research that bridges the domains of stakeholder theory, non-market strategy and social movement theory. Although these three research domains have developed via relatively distinct academic communities, they speak to a common set of phenomena at the intersection of business, markets, civil society, and the state. This collection sets an agenda for a more holistic theory of business and society - a theory that takes seriously the various kinds of stakeholders that make up society and have claims over business, that incorporates the goals and objectives of businesses to survive and thrive, and that places an important role on the process of mobilization and contentious interaction between actors whose goals inherently conflict. Using a range of quantitative and qualitative methods, contributors focus on a phenomenon at the intersection of business, civil society, and government. Examining markets shaped by heavy stakeholder involvement and contention, chapters explore topics such as markets for electric vehicles, medical marijuana, municipal drinking water, and cigarettes along with controversial business practice, including employment practices for LGBT workers and racial/ethnic minorities, and working conditions in global supply chains.

Routledge Handbook of Human Trafficking (Hardcover): Ryszard Piotrowicz, Conny Rijken, Baerbel Heide Uhl Routledge Handbook of Human Trafficking (Hardcover)
Ryszard Piotrowicz, Conny Rijken, Baerbel Heide Uhl
R4,025 Discovery Miles 40 250 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Trafficking in human beings (THB) has been described as modern slavery. It is a serious criminal activity that has significant ramifications for the human rights of the victims. It poses major challenges to the state, society and individual victims. THB is not a static given but a constantly changing concept depending on societal changes and opinions, economic situations and legal developments. THB occurs both transnationally and within countries. The complexity of THB is such that it requires a wide range of expertise fully to address the phenomenon. Edited by a team of leading international academics, the Routledge Handbook of Human Trafficking will provide an interdisciplinary introduction to THB. It is aimed at academics, students, research universities and non-governmental organisations, as well as policy makers. It will review THB through the lens of law, anthropology, social and political science and will address statistical, data protection issues and showcase the most effective research methods, analyse the various actors and stakeholders and the different types of exploitation of trafficked persons. It will critically highlight and analyse the most pressing current challenges posed by THB.

Opting Out? - Why Women Really Quit Careers and Head Home (Paperback): Pamela Stone Opting Out? - Why Women Really Quit Careers and Head Home (Paperback)
Pamela Stone
R555 R438 Discovery Miles 4 380 Save R117 (21%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

"With insight and compassion, Pamela Stone shows convincingly that, far from representing a return to tradition, the decision of some women to relinquish high-powered careers is a reluctant and conflict-ridden response to the growing mismatch between privatized families and time-demanding jobs. By charting the institutional obstacles and cultural pressures that continue to leave even the most advantaged women facing impossible options, "Opting Out?" gets beneath the hype and offers the real story behind the misleading headlines. This groundbreaking study is required reading for anyone who cares about the fate of families, work, and gender equality in contemporary America."--Kathleen Gerson, author of "Hard Choices: How Women Decide About Work, Career, and Motherhood"
"Pamela Stone's "Opting Out? "is a creative and beautifully written addition to the burgeoning scholarly and popular literature on work and family. Stone gives voice to those elite career women--the 'best and the brightest'--who have returned home to raise their kids. She creatively unpacks these women's 'choices, ' describing both the 'pulls' of family life but also the labor market 'pushes.' "Opting Out? "is a fully nuanced portrait of women (and their husbands) struggling to make important life decisions in a culture that often provides only simplistic zero-sum alternatives: mom or worker, even though most women are already working moms. Women want alternative visions of working motherhood, yet are often stymied by outmoded workplace models (and firms and managers) insensitive to the concerns of working families. Stone's work challenges our organizational leaders and policy makers to do better, for women, but alsomore generally for working families, workplace organizations, and society as a whole."--Patricia A. Roos, Rutgers University
"Pamela Stone has listened to women with high powered careers now at home with their kids as no one else has. Bringing an open mind and equal parts sympathy and skepticism, coupled with years of training as a social scientist, Stone analyzes the opt out decision and comes to surprising conclusions. Delving beneath the superficial, media-friendly explanations, she finds the real movers in the drama: rising norms of intensive mothering, fathers ensconced in even more demanding and better-paying jobs, and inflexible workplaces that refuse to accommodate reduced hours. Brilliantly written and argued, this book reveals what's really going on in women's minds and corporate America today, and what we can do to make equal opportunity at home and on the job reality rather than rhetoric."--Heidi Hartmann, Institute for Women's Policy Research
"A fascinating, fine-grained look at the real reasons why many professional women with children leave the workplace. Stone's research and her well-written account make it clear that educated mothers aren't opting out; they are being shut out by inflexible employers. Must reading for anyone interested in understanding the 'reality of constraint' behind the 'rhetoric of choice.'"--Ann Crittenden, author of "The Price of Motherhood"
"Based on a study, but told through the eloquent stories of women who are at-home mothers, this seminal book goes beyond the myths, misconceptions, and even what is usually said, to reveal very important and compelling truths. Everyone who cares about work and family life in the United States todayneeds to read this book."--Ellen Galinsky, President, Families and Work Institute, and author of "Ask the Children"
"A brilliant analysis. With exquisite sensitivity, Stone unpacks the painful process by which most women who 'opt out' feel pushed out by workplace pressures from their own-and their husbands'-all-or-nothing careers. This book offers sophisticated sociology at its accessible best, in the tradition of Arlie Hochschild's pathbreaking work."--Joan Williams, author of "Unbending Gender"
"'Ladies, start your engines.' This exhortation concludes the illuminating analysis of vibrant, fully realized stories Pamela Stone heard in talking to women who left professional work for full-time home life. Thank you, Pamela Stone, for producing new knowledge that both individuals and business policy-makers will find essential in creating the conditions that will enable business professionals to meet this profound social and economic challenge."--Stewart Friedman, Director, Wharton Work/Life Integration Project, University of Pennsylvania

Justification, Evaluation and Critique in the Study of Organizations - Contributions from French Pragmatist Sociology... Justification, Evaluation and Critique in the Study of Organizations - Contributions from French Pragmatist Sociology (Hardcover)
Michael Lounsbury; Edited by Charlotte Cloutier, Jean-Pascal Gond, Bernard Leca
R2,061 Discovery Miles 20 610 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

The papers included in the volume explore how mobilizing Boltanski and Thevenot's EW framework helps address questions regarding the premises and dynamics of agreement and disagreement in coordinated action, both within and across organizations, and by so doing, help advance our understanding of organizational processes more generally. The book is organized into four sections, each with contributions that address one of the four core theoretical objectives around which the volume is structured (1) to clarify how individuals manage the contradictions and compromises inherent to organizational pluralism; (2) to look at organizations critically by unpacking the roles of rhetoric and justification in the practice of critique; (3) to reconsider valuation and evaluation in organizations; and (4) to push the boundaries of the EW framework. These four objectives provide a scaffolding that helps further embed the framework in our contemporary thinking about organizations.

Internet Sex Work - Beyond the Gaze (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018): Teela Sanders, Jane Scoular, Rosie Campbell, Jane Pitcher,... Internet Sex Work - Beyond the Gaze (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018)
Teela Sanders, Jane Scoular, Rosie Campbell, Jane Pitcher, Stewart Cunningham
R1,370 R1,155 Discovery Miles 11 550 Save R215 (16%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

This book takes readers behind the screen to uncover how digital technologies have affected the UK sex industry. The authors use extensive new datasets to explore the working practices, safety and regulation of the sex industry, for female, male and trans sex workers primarily working in the UK. Insights are given as to how sex workers use the internet in their everyday working lives, appropriating social media, private online spaces and marketing strategies to manage their profiles, businesses and careers. Internet Sex Work also explores safety strategies in response to new forms of crimes experienced by sex workers, as well as policing responses. The book will be of interest to students and scholars across a range of social science disciplines, including gender studies, socio-legal studies, criminology and sociology.

Industrial Work and Life - An Anthropological Reader (Paperback): Massimiliano Mollona, Geert De Neve, Jonathan Parry Industrial Work and Life - An Anthropological Reader (Paperback)
Massimiliano Mollona, Geert De Neve, Jonathan Parry
R881 Discovery Miles 8 810 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Industrial Work and Life: An Anthropological Reader is a comprehensive anthropological overview of industrialisation in both Western and non-Western societies. Based on contemporary and historical ethnographic material, the book unpacks the 'world of industry' in the context of the shop floor, the family, and the city, revealing the rich social and political texture underpinning economic development. It also provides a critical discussion of the assumptions that inform much of the social science literature on industrialisation and industrial 'modernity'. The reader is divided into four thematic sections, each with a clear and informative introduction: historical development of industrial capitalism; shopfloor organisation; the relationships between the workplace and the home; the teleology of industrial 'modernity' and working-class consciousness. With readings by key writers from a range of backgrounds and disciplines, Industrial Work and Life is the essential introduction to the study of industrialisation in different societies. It will appeal to students across a wide range of subjects including: anthropology, comparative sociology, social history, development studies, industrial relations and management studies. Includes essays by: E.P. Thompson, Aihwa Ong, Jonathan Parry, Thomas C. Smith, Harry Braverman, Michael Burawoy, Huw Beynon, Francoise Zonabend, James Carrier, Leslie Salzinger, Ching Kwan Lee, Ronald Dore, Tom Gill, Carla Freeman, Max Gluckman, James Ferguson, Chitra Joshi, Lisa Rofel, Geert De Neve, Karl Marx, Rajnarayan Chandavarkar, Robert Roberts, June Nash, Christena Turner.

The Cambridge Handbook of Technology and Employee Behavior (Hardcover): Richard N. Landers The Cambridge Handbook of Technology and Employee Behavior (Hardcover)
Richard N. Landers
R3,932 Discovery Miles 39 320 Shipped within 18 - 22 working days

Experts from across all industrial-organizational (IO) psychology describe how increasingly rapid technological change has affected the field. In each chapter, authors describe how this has altered the meaning of IO research within a particular subdomain and what steps must be taken to avoid IO research from becoming obsolete. This Handbook presents a forward-looking review of IO psychology's understanding of both workplace technology and how technology is used in IO research methods. Using interdisciplinary perspectives to further this understanding and serving as a focal text from which this research will grow, it tackles three main questions facing the field. First, how has technology affected IO psychological theory and practice to date? Second, given the current trends in both research and practice, could IO psychological theories be rendered obsolete? Third, what are the highest priorities for both research and practice to ensure IO psychology remains appropriately engaged with technology moving forward?

Egypt's Labor Market Revisited (Paperback): Ragui Assaad Egypt's Labor Market Revisited (Paperback)
Ragui Assaad; Contributions by Mona Amer, Asmaa El Badawi, Ghada F. Barsoum, Mohamed Fotouh Abulata, …
R413 Discovery Miles 4 130 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

This volume is a sequel to a 1998 publication by the Economic Research Forum (ERF). Its true significance lies in the contributors' reliance on fresh data and solid analytical techniques used to examine a wide spectrum of pertinent issues concerning the labor market in Egypt. The range of topics includes labor supply, employment and unemployment, youth labor market school-to-work transition, internal and international migration, earnings and inequality, and gender and education. The papers in this volume are the very first research available based on data collected in the Egypt Labor Market Panel Survey of 2006, a follow-up to the Egypt Labor Market Survey of 1998. The panel design used for collecting data is state-of-the-art methodology in the labor field, and has never before been implemented in Egypt on this scale.Contributors: Mona Amer, Asmaa El Badawi, Ghada Barsoum, Mohamed Fotouh Abulata, Alia El Mahdi, Fatma El Hamidi, Ali Rashed, Mona Said, Jackline Wahba, Rania Roushdy.

After Civil Rights - Racial Realism in the New American Workplace (Hardcover, New): John David Skrentny After Civil Rights - Racial Realism in the New American Workplace (Hardcover, New)
John David Skrentny
R827 R637 Discovery Miles 6 370 Save R190 (23%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

What role should racial difference play in the American workplace? As a nation, we rely on civil rights law to address this question, and the monumental Civil Rights Act of 1964 seemingly answered it: race must not be a factor in workplace decisions. In "After Civil Rights," John Skrentny contends that after decades of mass immigration, many employers, Democratic and Republican political leaders, and advocates have adopted a new strategy to manage race and work. Race is now relevant not only in negative cases of discrimination, but in more positive ways as well. In today's workplace, employers routinely practice "racial realism," where they view race as real--as a job qualification. Many believe employee racial differences, and sometimes immigrant status, correspond to unique abilities or evoke desirable reactions from clients or citizens. They also see racial diversity as a way to increase workplace dynamism. The problem is that when employers see race as useful for organizational effectiveness, they are often in violation of civil rights law.

"After Civil Rights" examines this emerging strategy in a wide range of employment situations, including the low-skilled sector, professional and white-collar jobs, and entertainment and media. In this important book, Skrentny urges us to acknowledge the racial realism already occurring, and lays out a series of reforms that, if enacted, would bring the law and lived experience more in line, yet still remain respectful of the need to protect the civil rights of all workers.

Democracy and the Political in Max Weber's Thought (Hardcover): Terry Maley Democracy and the Political in Max Weber's Thought (Hardcover)
Terry Maley
R1,119 R1,015 Discovery Miles 10 150 Save R104 (9%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Max Weber is best known as one of the founders of modern sociology and the author of the Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, but he also made important contributions to modern political and democratic theory. In Democracy and the Political in Max Weber's Thought, Terry Maley explores, through a detailed analysis of Weber's writings, the intersection of recent work on Weber and on democratic theory, bridging the gap between these two rapidly expanding areas of scholarship.Maley critically examines how Weber's realist 'model' of democracy defines and constrains the possibilities for democratic agency in modern liberal-democracies. Maley also looks at how ideas of historical time and memory are constructed in his writings on religion, bureaucracy, and the social sciences. Democracy and the Political in Max Weber's Thought is both an accessible introduction to Weber's political thought and a spirited defense of its continued relevance to debates on democracy.

Scholarly Crimes and Misdemeanors - Violations of Fairness and Trust in the Academic World (Hardcover): Mark Davis, Bonnie Berry Scholarly Crimes and Misdemeanors - Violations of Fairness and Trust in the Academic World (Hardcover)
Mark Davis, Bonnie Berry
R2,780 Discovery Miles 27 800 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

This book explores the problem of scientific dishonesty and misconduct - a problem that affects all disciplines, yet whose extent remains largely unknown and for which established standards for reporting, prevention, and punishment are absent. Presenting examples of research misconduct, the authors examine the reasons for its occurrence and address the experience of victimization that is involved, together with the perpetrators' reactions to being accused. With consideration of the role of witnesses and bystanders, such as book and journal editors and reviewers, students and professional organizations, the book covers the many forms of academic misconduct, offering a theorization of the phenomenon in criminological terms as a particular form of crime, before examining the possibilities that exist for the prevention and control of scholarly crime, as well as implications for further research. An accessible treatment of a problem that remains largely hidden, Scholarly Crimes and Misdemeanors will appeal to readers across disciplines, and particularly those in the social sciences with interests in academic life, research ethics and criminology.

The Contested Moralities of Markets (Hardcover): Simone Schiller-Merkens, Philip Balsiger The Contested Moralities of Markets (Hardcover)
Simone Schiller-Merkens, Philip Balsiger
R1,664 Discovery Miles 16 640 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Moral struggles in and around markets abound in contemporary societies where markets have become the dominant form of economic coordination. The present volume advances our current understanding of markets by highlighting the sources, processes and outcomes of moral struggles in and around markets. It traces the creation, reproduction and change of underlying moral orders and reveals the role of status and power differentials, alliances and political strategies as well as the general cultural, social and political contexts in which the struggles unfold. The contributions to this volume reflect the 'moral turn' that can currently be observed in organization studies and economic sociology, and connect to recent developments in the sociology of morality.

Voices of Guinness - An Oral History of the Park Royal Brewery (Hardcover): Tim Strangleman Voices of Guinness - An Oral History of the Park Royal Brewery (Hardcover)
Tim Strangleman
R587 Discovery Miles 5 870 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

Imagine a workplace where workers enjoyed a well-paid job for life, one where they could start their day with a pint of stout and a smoke, and enjoy free meals in silver service canteens and restaurants. During their breaks they could explore acres of parkland planted with hundreds of trees and thousands of shrubs. Imagine after work a place where employees could play over thirty sports, join one of the theater groups or dozens of other clubs. Imagine a place where at the end of a working life you could enjoy a company pension from a scheme you had never contributed a penny to. Imagine working in buildings designed by an internationally renowned architect whose brief was to create a building that "would last a century or two." This is no fantasy or utopian vision of work but just some aspects of the working conditions enjoyed by employees at the Guinness brewery established at Park Royal West London in the mid-1930s. In this book, Tim Strangleman tells the story of the Guinness brewery at Park Royal, showing how the history of one plant tells us a much wider story about changing attitudes and understandings about work and the organization in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Drawing on extensive oral history interviews with staff and management as well as a wealth of archival and photographic sources, the book shows how progressive ideas of workplace citizenship came into conflict with the pressure to adapt to new expectations about work and its organization. Strangleman illustrates how these changes were experienced by those on the shop floor from the 1960s through to the final closure of the plant in 2005. This book asks striking and important questions about employment and the attachment workers have to their jobs, using the story of one the UK and Ireland's most beloved brands, Guinness.

Extreme 9 to 5 (Hardcover): Simon Melhuish, Emma Craven, Lee Linford Extreme 9 to 5 (Hardcover)
Simon Melhuish, Emma Craven, Lee Linford
R224 R90 Discovery Miles 900 Save R134 (60%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days
Literature of Labour - 200 Years of Working Class Writing (Paperback, 2nd edition): H. Gustav Klaus Literature of Labour - 200 Years of Working Class Writing (Paperback, 2nd edition)
H. Gustav Klaus
R635 Discovery Miles 6 350 Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

This innovative work is established as the substantive exploration of the literary endeavours of working people and socialists over 200 years.H. Gustav Klaus challenges the complacent assumptions about working class and socialist literature as merely a "symptom", arguing that the literature of labour is an integral part of the historical development of the working class and deserves much closer attention.This work breaks away from the 'Great Tradition' and in revealing the rich source of creativity within the literature of labour, introduces an alternative tradition of English literature.

General Systemology - Transdisciplinarity for Discovery, Insight and Innovation (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018): David Rousseau,... General Systemology - Transdisciplinarity for Discovery, Insight and Innovation (Hardcover, 1st ed. 2018)
David Rousseau, Jennifer Wilby
R2,671 R2,099 Discovery Miles 20 990 Save R572 (21%) Shipped within 20 - 25 working days

This book expands the foundations of general systems theory to enable progress beyond the rich heuristic practices available today. It establishes a foundational framework for the development of scientific transdisciplinary systems principles and shows how these can amplify the potential of individuals and teams working in multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary contexts or striving to translate their progress across disciplinary boundaries. Three general scientific systems principles are presented, and their relevance to the design, analysis, management and transformation of systems is explored. Applying lessons from the history and philosophy science, this book disambiguates key concepts of general systemology, clarifies the role of general systemology within the field of systemology, and explains how general systemology supports other forms of transdisciplinarity. These insights are used to develop new perspectives, strategies and tools for addressing long-standing challenges to the advancement and transdisciplinary application of general insights into the nature of complex systems.The material presented in this book includes comprehensive models of the structure of systemology as a disciplinary field, the structure and significance of the general systems worldview, and the role of general systemology as the heart of systems science, systems engineering and systems practice. It explains what a fully-fledged general theory of systems would look like, what its potential is, what routes are available to us to develop it further, and how to leverage the knowledge we have attained so far. Many examples and analogies show how general systemology has the potential to enable scientific discovery, insightful theory building, and practical innovation in all the disciplines as they study, design, nurture or transform complex systems. This book is essential reading for anyone wishing to master the concepts, terminology, models and strategies needed to make effective use of current general systems knowledge and to engage in the further development of the philosophy, science, and practice of general systemology.

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Gender and Immigration
Gregory A. Kelson, Debra L. Delaet Paperback R623 Discovery Miles 6 230
Overload - How Good Jobs Went Bad and…
Erin L. Kelly, Phyllis Moen Hardcover R574 R449 Discovery Miles 4 490
Janesville - An American Story
Amy Goldstein Paperback  (1)
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City Of Broken Dreams - Myth-making…
Leslie J. Bank Paperback R295 R234 Discovery Miles 2 340