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About Us

Who are we?

Loot.co.za is a leading South African online store. We are committed to providing the best quality products, accompanied by legendary customer service. We opened shop in 2003 and offer South African customers access to over 14 million products across 17 departments including Books, Electronics, Outdoor, DIY, Toys, Baby, Health & Beauty, Kitchen, Home, DVDs, Music, Computers and more. 


Whether you are shopping from your PC, Mobile Web or the Loot Online App, we try to ensure that the ordering process is seamless and simple for our customers. Choose from 14 payment options including VISA, Mastercard, Discovery Miles, Masterpass, RCS Card, Mobicred, SCode, Zapper, IPay, Diners Club, American Express and EFT. We also offer free delivery in SA when you spend R350 or more (T&Cs apply). 

Loot Promise:
We aim to provide our customers with exceptional customer service, a great shopping experience, great brands, best prices and a number of safe and secure payment options and are continuously looking at new ways to improve the Loot shopping experience. 


Our Head Office and Collections department is based in Khutaza Park, Westlake Business Park, Westlake in Cape Town.  We also have 2 warehouses located in Cape Town (Airport Industria) and Gauteng (Midrand) and run by dedicated fulfilment teams. 


What is the phone number for Loot.co.za?

087 820-LOOT or 087 820-5668

What are Loot.co.za's office hours?

Our customer service team is available from 8:00am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday. We're open for collections from 8:30am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday and closed on Saturday, Sundays and public holidays. Of course the website works and is monitored 24/7!

I don't have a credit card, can I still buy from Loot.co.za?

We do accept payment by direct deposit, so you don't need a credit card. Once you've placed your order, just press the [Pay by direct deposit] button and you will get all the information that you need to make the payment. You don't need to fax the deposit slip - just specify your order number as a reference when making the deposit and we will assign the money to your order as soon as it appears on our statement. This usually takes a day or two, and you will receive an automated email confirmation once we have it.

Where can I fax (or email) my proof of payment by direct deposit?

You don't need to fax or email this to us. Provided that you put your order number as a reference on the deposit/transfer, we will automatically assign the deposit to your order. If you forget to put the correct reference on the deposit, please email the proof of payment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or fax it to 021 701-8218.

What are Loot.co.za's bank details?

Our bank details are as follows:

Account Holder: Loot Online (Pty) Ltd
Bank: ABSA
Branch Code: 632005 (or 63200500 for Standard Bank clients)
Account Number: 4074462458

Please put your order number as a reference on the transfer.

How do I sign out completely?

Click the sign out link in the footer.  You only generally need to do this if you're using a shared computer.

I forgot my password - what do I do now?

On the page that you sign in to Loot.co.za, there is a link that you can click to have us generate a new, random password and send it to you by email. Remember that if you click the link again, the first password that we emailed to you will no longer be valid and you will have to wait for the second email message!

Will these DVDs play in my DVD player?

Currently, the DVDs that we sell are either Region 2, or multi-zone. They should work in any DVD player bought in South Africa. If we do start offering Zone 1 (US) DVDs, they will be very clearly marked.

I tried to sign in and was told that my email address is invalid - what now?

If we receive errors when trying to send mail to your email address, then we may mark it as being invalid. If it's actually still valid, all you need to do is validate it. If your email address has been marked as invalid, you will be given the option to validate your email address when you try to sign in to Loot.co.za.

Do you deliver to <<insert name of country here>>?

No. At the moment, we only deliver within the borders of South Africa.

I got interrupted after I placed an order but before I could complete payment. How do I get back to the order I placed?

There's a [Track orders] link at the bottom of the our web page. This lists all the orders which have not yet been completed, including orders that have been placed but not paid for. Just click on the order number link, then press the [Pay for this order] button.

Can I check orders that I placed a long time ago?

Yes you can access any order that you've ever placed using your order history report. Sign in to Loot.co.za and press the [Your account] button at the top of the web page. On the left, you will find a host of useful links all related to your account. Click the one that says [Order history] and use the fields to set the time period you're interested in before pressing the [Search] button.

How do I get an invoice for my order?

First find the order using the [Order history] link (see previous question). When you've clicked on the order you're interested in, you will find a [Show invoice] button that will allow you to obtain an invoice in Adobe PDF format.

How do I get my VAT number printed on my invoice?

Normally, you need to enter the VAT number in the checkout process before placing the order. If you forget to do this, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and we can add it retrospectively for you.

I need my invoice made out to my company - how do I do that?

We use the billing address that you used when checking out your order, as the address to print on the order. If you select the wrong billing address, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can rectify it for you.

I received an message saying that my order expired even though I paid for it. What now?

If you paid by direct deposit, you may have forgotten to put the your order number as a reference on the transfer or deposit. Use the [Track orders] at the bottom of our web page to check whether the orders that you expect to be in progess are all listed. If they are, you probably placed this order accidentally and you can discard the message. If they are not, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will try to resolve the issue for you.

How long will my order take?

It depends on what's on the order and the delivery method you choose. There are two components to the time taken - the time to dispatch, and the time to deliver. Each product on Loot.co.za has a dispatch estimate that may vary between 24 hours and few weeks, depending on where the product is being sourced from. The time taken to dispatch your order is dependent on the slowestitem on the order. When you place your order, we will estimate the latest date that we would expect to dispatch the order. Once we dispatch the order, the time taken for you to receive depends on the delivery method you choose. This can vary from instantaneous if you're collecting it from us directly, to about a week for post office deliveries.

What if I'm looking for something that I can't find on the website?

Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will see if we can find it for you.

What is a special order?

A special order is where our supplier doesn't have stock of the item in question. Even though the supplier doesn't have stock, we can still order it from them and there is normally a reasonable chance that we will be able to obtain the item in question. Please see the special order FAQ for more information about special orders.

Why does Loot.co.za have special orders?

Because there are hundreds of thousands of books that are purposely not kept in stock by our suppliers, and therefore not easily available any other way.

What happens if I place a special order a book and you can't get it for me?

We generally time-out special orders after about three months. If you pre-paid for the item, we refund you in full.

What if I receive the goods damaged?

It's our responsibility to ensure that you receive your order in good condition. If anything is damaged, please contact us within one business day of receiving the order and we will make arrangements to replace the product and return the faulty or damaged item. Please see the Returns Policy.

What if my order gets lost by the courier company or post office?

It's our responsibility to ensure that you receive your order in good conditon. If the order gets lost on route to you, we will either refund you fully or create a replacement order for you at our expense.

Is it safe to send orders using the post office?

Although the post office service can be somewhat erratic with respect to timing, we have had very few problems with the overall reliability of the service.

What if my stuff gets damaged to lost by the post office or courier?

Just let us know right away and we will try to resolve the problem or order replacements. It's our responsibility to ensure that you get what you ordered in proper condition.

What if I find I actually don't want something that I ordered?

You may return most items to us for credit within 21 days of us dispatching the product to you. Please see the Returns Policy.

Can I have a bulk discount?

We do offer bulk discount of between 3% and 4% where 10 or more items are purchased and where payment is done by EFT. This discount needs to be applied for before you pay for the order and cannot be applied for retrospectively. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details and eligiblility.

MySchool:What is MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet?

MySchool, MyVillage and MyPlanet is South Africa's biggest fundraising programmes and raises over R4million every month for schools, charities and welfare organisations. The programme allows you to make a difference, just by shopping.

MySchool:How does it work? 

Each time you click to checkout on loot.co.za, simply insert your MySchool card number and loot.co.za will give back a percentage of your purchase value to your chosen school or charity.

MySchool:What percentages are paid to the school/charity?

As a partner Loot.co.za will give between 0.25% and 5% of the total purchase amount. 

MySchool:How do I register OR get my MySchool Card?

Apply for your MySchool card by calling their Client Services department on 0860 100 445 or applying online. Your card number will be sent to you via email within approximately 15 minutes. It will take 14-21 days for the card to be delivered to you.

MySchool:Technical Support/Client Services

For info relating to a Lost/Stolen Card Call MySchool’s Client Services directly on 0860 100 445 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . For more MySchool FAQ’s or info on how to update your profile or change your beneficiaries online click here.

end faq