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Gift vouchers send

All you need to send a gift voucher to someone is their email address. The person you are sending the voucher to does not need to be registered at Loot.co.za when you create the voucher, but they will need to register before they can claim the voucher.

To send someone a voucher, you need to be a registered customer. If you're not already registered at Loot.co.za, click on the Register button on the top of our web page.

To create a voucher, first go to your Gifts and Wishlists page. Now press the Send a gift voucher button. At this point, you may need to enter your password before the voucher form is displayed.

On the voucher form, fill in the amount for the voucher, and the email address of the person to send the voucher to. If you want to send a message along with the voucher, just type it into the space provided. The message sent will be formatted exactly as you type it in, with line breaks and spacing preserved.

Finally, if you know that the recipient is already a registered Loot.co.za customer, you may want to click on the checkbox at the bottom of the form. When you check this box, we will verify that the recipients email address is registered at Loot.co.za, and we will prevent anyone else from claiming the voucher.

When you're happy with the information on the voucher form, press the Pay for this voucher button to choose a payment method. From this point onward, the voucher will be listed on your voucher history page.

On the next screen, you can choose how you would like to pay for the voucher. Just select the appropriate option and follow the instructions provided. It's that easy!

We will send you an email message confirming the voucher immediately. Once we have approved payment for the voucher, we will send it to the recipient. At the same time, we will send you another message letting you know that the voucher has been activated. We will also let you know when the recipient claims the voucher.


  • If your account has a positive cash balance, that will be used first when paying for the voucher.
  • If the balance on its own is sufficient to pay for the voucher, you will not be asked to select a payment method.
  • Vouchers may be used to pay for orders at Loot.co.za, but they may not be redeemed for cash or used to pay for other vouchers.