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Payment by EFT

Take down our bank details provided after the order is placed.

You need to use your order number as the reference on your deposit/transfer.

On an ABSA deposit slip, fill in your order number on the form where it asks for “Dep. reference”.

For internet banking, the place to insert your order number is usually marked “Beneficiary's reference”.

We will only process your order once the payment has reflected on our bank account.

It can take up to three days for us to receive and process your direct deposit/transfer.

Cheque payments are subject to a 7 day clearance period and we will only process your order after the cheque has cleared.

We will send you an automated email at the time we assign your payment to your order.

As long as you have ensured that the order number was used as the reference, then there is no need to send us the proof of payment. 

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