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Marketplace FAQs


Getting Started

What is selling on Loot Marketplace?

Selling on Loot Marketplace is a program that enables individuals and businesses to sell their products and inventory on Loot.co.za

Why should I sell my products on Loot?

Loot Marketplace enables you to offer your products to millions of online shoppers in South Africa easily and effectively and gives you access to Loot’s trusted customer service and returns. FBL listings are displayed with the Fulfilment by Loot logo, so customers know that packing, delivery, customer service, and returns are all handled by Loot.co.za.

The added bonus is that you are able to start selling without you having to create your own standalone website.

How does it all work

Once you have registered as a seller on Loot Marketplace the following process comes into play:

1.List your products on the Seller Portal

You can add products to the Loot Marketplace Catalogue one at a time, or if you have the capacity you can add batches of items using our load sheet.

2.Start Selling

Once you have listed all your product offerings, customers will be able to view and start purchasing them on Loot.co.za


Loot will notify you via email as well as via your Seller Portal account when a customer places an order. You will be using the Fulfilment by Loot service where Loot will complete the shipping and delivery process to the customer.

4.Get Paid

Loot will disburse your available funds twice monthly into the bank account provided and notify you once payment has been sent.

How do I start selling on Loot.co.za?

You can apply to sell your products here.

Am I eligible to sell on Loot.co.za?

If you have a registered business with a brand or retail presence, you are eligible for the Loot Marketplace platform.

Can I sell used products?

Unfortunately, not, your products need to be brand new and in appropriate retail packaging.

Does Loot offer fraud protection?

Yes, Loot covers the risk of credit card fraud on your behalf.

How do I manage my selling account?

You can use your Seller Portal account to manage all aspects of selling on Loot.co.za. The Seller Portal account is where you manage your selling account, make updates to your inventory, manage your orders, manage any payments and add product listings.

How do I update Inventory?

As a seller you have two options currently for adding product related data:

•Use the Update button next to the product you would like to update within the Manage Inventory section of your Seller Portal account.

•Use Excel-based product upload files to create multiple products simultaneously.

Sell Your Products

What is a product listing?

A product listing refers to the product you make available on Loot.co.za.

How do I list my products?

You can list your products via our easy to use Seller Portal. Currently there are two ways to do this:

1. List products already on Loot.co.za
Indicate how many products you have to sell and the price you would like to sell them for

2. List products not yet on Loot.co.za
Identify UPC/EAN and SKU
List products attributes - for example title, description

How many products do I need to list?

You can list as many products as you want, there is no minimum or maximum limit. However, it is highly recommended that you list as many products as possible. Selection drives sales and the greater the selection, the better your sales with be.


Is there a fee for listing my products?

Listing products on Loot.co.za is completely free, you’ll only pay fees when your products sell.

How do I manage my stock levels and pricing?

You can manage your stock levels and pricing via your Inventory page on your Seller Portal account.

Who controls my product pricing?

You will be in full control of your pricing, you are able to easily manage your pricing via your Seller Portal account.

Orders & Shipments:

What is consignment stock?

Consignment stock is stock which you nominate to send to a Loot warehouse upfront. Any stock you send to Loot on consignment will remain yours until sold.

Do I have to send consignment stock to Loot?

No, sending upfront stock to Loot is optional, although it is recommended for your popular and faster selling items.

How do I know when I’ve made a sale?

You are easily able to track your sales via your Seller Portal account. When you sell products with a Lead-Time, we will also send you an email notification.

How does Fulfilment by Loot work?

You sell it, we ship it.
You send your newly listed products to Loot.co.za’s warehouse. Fulfilment by Loot.co.za picks your products from inventory

Fees & Payments:

What fees will I pay for selling on Loot.co.za?

•Commission (success fee/referral fee?) – charged as a percentage of your nominated selling price.

•Handling Fee – a fulfilment fee which is based on the size and weight of the product sold.

•Storage Fee – storage fees are charged for any overstocked items in the Loot warehouse. Storage is free for your fast-moving items.

When do I pay fees?

•Commission and handling fees are charged to your Seller Portal account balance as soon as an item is successfully sold to a customer.

•Storage Fees are charged to your Seller Portal account balance on a monthly basis, in arrears. Storage is free for your fast-moving items.

How and when will I get paid?

Any positive balance you have available on your Seller Portal account will be paid out to your nominated bank account twice per month.