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Referral program

The Loot.co.za referral program is a program whereby any of our customers can earn vouchers in return for referring new customers to Loot.co.za. You can also find out more about the referral program by consulting the referral FAQ. You can refer people you know by sending them an email message (or we can send one on your behalf). You can also refer people that visit your website by including Loot.co.za product links or banner ads on your web pages.

You will earn a R50 voucher to spend on purchases of R250.00 or more, for each new customer that you refer. Referral vouchers are issued on completion of the referred customer's first order. These vouchers are not transferable and may not be exchanged for cash.


Referrals are tracked using a "cookie" that is set when the person clicks on one of your specially formatted links. You can get the link that you need to send to your friends by clicking the Referral links link accessible from your account once you've signed in. The same page also provides links that you can use to display banners and product links on your web pages.

If you just tell your friends about Loot.co.za, that won't earn you referrals - you need to get them to click on the link that you email to them, or that you display on your website.

When one of your referrer links is clicked, we will set a "cookie" on the web browser of the person who clicked the link. You don't need to worry about the mechanics of this process, but the net result is that if the person uses that browser to register on Loot.co.za before the cookie expires, then you will be recorded as that person's referrer. The cookies that we set expire after a month. If the person already has one of our referral cookies set when your link is clicked, the existing cookie takes precedence.

Referrals are only recorded using the mechanism above. We cannot change or set a person's referrer once that person has registered on Loot.co.za.


You may not make use of affiliate or referral links as part of a Loot.co.za funded campaign. For example, if we have opted to buy paid advertising on your web site, or if you are charging Loot.co.za for clicks or impressions, then the links that you use may not include your affiliate or referrer id.

You may not include links on your website if your website contains material that is of an offensive, racist, or pornographic nature.

Banner images that you display on your website may not be altered in any way, and must be served from a Loot.co.za web server - you may not make local copies or serve the images from your web server.

If we change the referral fees or commission structure, then the new fees and structure will apply to all referrals that become eligible for payment from that point onward, even if the referred customer registered on Loot.co.za before the change.

These referral program guidelines should be read in conjunction with the normal Loot.co.za Terms and Conditions of Use.

In addition to the referral program, we also have an affiliate program which is aimed at more prominent web sites that need to earn cash for referrals rather than vouchers.