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Complex Analysis and Geometry - International Conference in Honor of Pierre Lelong (English, French, Hardcover): H. Bass, J.... Complex Analysis and Geometry - International Conference in Honor of Pierre Lelong (English, French, Hardcover)
H. Bass, J. Oesterle, A. Weinstein; P. Dolbeault, A. Iordan, …
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This collection of 18 research papers, dedicated to Pierre Lelong, describes the state of the art on representative problems of complex analysis and geometry. The book opens with an exposition of the achievements of Pierre Lelong on plurisubharmonic functions, closed positive currents, and their further study by other mathematicians. Moreover, a list of eleven open problems is given. All other contributions contain new results related, for example, to the following items: - Capacities, product of positive currents, L2 extension theorems, Bergman kernels and metrics, new properties of convex domains of finite type - Non-compact boundaries of Levi-flat hypersurfaces of C2, compact boundary problems as application of compactly supported measures orthogonal to polynomials, Hartogs' theorem on some open subsets of a projective manifold, Malgrange vanishing theorem with support conditions - Embeddings for 3-dimensional CR-manifolds, geometrization of hypoellipticity, stationary complex curves and complete integrability - Regular polynomial mappings of Ck in complex dynamics, a direct proof of the density of repulsive cycles in the Julia set. The book is aimed at researchers and advanced graduate students in complex and real analysis, algebraic geometry and number theory.

Complex Analysis and Geometry - International Conference in Honor of Pierre Lelong (Paperback, Softcover reprint of the... Complex Analysis and Geometry - International Conference in Honor of Pierre Lelong (Paperback, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2000)
Pierre Dolbeault, A. Iordan, G. Henkin, Henri Skoda, Jean-Marie Trepreau
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This meeting has been motivated by two events: the 85th birthday of Pierre Lelong, and the end of the third year of the European network "Complex analysis and analytic geometry" from the programme Human Capital and Mobility. For the first event, Mathematicians from Poland, Sweden, United States and France, whose work is particularly related to the one ofP. Lelong have accepted to participate; for the second, the different teams of the Network sent lecturers to report on their most recent works. These teams are from Grenoble, Wuppertal, Berlin, Pisa and Paris VI; in fact, most of their results are also related to Lelong's work and, a posteriori, it is difficult to decide whether a talk is motivated by the first or by the second event. We chose only plenary lectures, usually of one hour, except a small number, given by young mathematicians, which have been shorter. A two hours problem session has been organized. The Proceedings gather papers which are exact texts of the talks, or are closely related to them. The members from the Network and five other lecturers sent us papers; the other lecturers published the content of their talks in mathematical Journals. All the presented texts have been submitted to referees independent of the organizing committee; the texts of the problems have been approved by their authors.

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