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Gore Galore (Paperback): Aaron T Knight Gore Galore (Paperback)
Aaron T Knight
R359 Discovery Miles 3 590 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Master of the Scam Revised (Paperback): Aaron T Knight Master of the Scam Revised (Paperback)
Aaron T Knight
R374 Discovery Miles 3 740 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Oh, The Devil You Say (Paperback): Aaron T Knight Oh, The Devil You Say (Paperback)
Aaron T Knight
R363 Discovery Miles 3 630 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Case Of The Strangled Parrot (Paperback): Aaron T Knight Case Of The Strangled Parrot (Paperback)
Aaron T Knight
R357 Discovery Miles 3 570 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Twelve Days Of Christmas Murder and Mayhem (Paperback): Aaron T Knight Twelve Days Of Christmas Murder and Mayhem (Paperback)
Aaron T Knight
R355 Discovery Miles 3 550 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Miss Marble the famous amateur sleuth has amazed everyone for years with her insight into murder cases. Here you will learn some of the secrets of her success. Why a murderer has never thought of knocking her off when they learn she is on the case is a mystery. A group is formed to kill Miss Marble for rvenge at Christmas time in an old castle in northern England . A humorous mystery with many twists to the tale.

Special Interest (Paperback): Aaron T Knight Special Interest (Paperback)
Aaron T Knight
R368 Discovery Miles 3 680 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Imagine a quiet world free of fossil fuel polution. Clean air to breathe. No noise from automobiles or factories. An atruistic scientist imagined it and made it his life's work to find a replacement for fossil fuels. When he discovers an inexhaustable source of electric power he is murdered by a special interest group trying to find the formula. As a precaution he has hidden the formula in four parts in places around the world. Only one person will know how to find the four pieces to the formula. A wild and often hilarious pursuit ensues as the energy industires scramble to possess the prize.

Ortzian Chronicles (Paperback): Aaron T Knight Ortzian Chronicles (Paperback)
Aaron T Knight
R358 Discovery Miles 3 580 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Two aliens make a crash landing on our "fragment" as the Ortzians call it. They are stranded until a rescue party from Ortz, in the xxyyyyyxx galaxy, can rescue them. Unfortunately a scientist at Berkley discovers their presence on earth, and he has a driving ambition to win a Nobel Prize in anything. Two astronomers help the aliens elude their pursuers until they can return to Ortz. Their civilization is 2000 years ahead of our fragment and their advanced science is a tool to thwart the searchers. Have some fun following this hilarious chase and learn about the universe from a very different approach.

Desperate In DC - It's for the birds (Paperback): Aaron T Knight Desperate In DC - It's for the birds (Paperback)
Aaron T Knight
R351 Discovery Miles 3 510 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Myles Metcalf certainly needs the ability to be nimble to keep from being killed by the mob or arrested by the IRS for tax fraud. He has been framed by a master criminal who was the director of the one of the most beloved charitable institutions in the world. As treasurer of the charity Myles uncovered the astonishing truth about the criminal activities being conducted behind the facade of aiding humanity. He is hiding in the center of Washington DC and trying desperately to find the company records which will prove his innocence. Myles receives help from a bizarre trio creating lively action and a great deal of humor.Myles Metcalf found himself caught, ironically, in the very disguise designed to keep attention away from him. He was wearing a brown colored wig with a moustache to match. As he was exiting from his car his wig was caught on the front door frame when he slammed it shut. His black curly hair sprang out from under the portion of the wig caught in the door. Electronic detection devices make no distinction between the owner of the car and an intruder attempting to steal it. The wedged-in wig left the car door slightly ajar which set off a shrieking electronic alarm sound to reverberating loudly in the parking garage. He began to panic, then realized he only had to slip out of the wig and unlock the car door. Just as he was executing this maneuver, a policeman came around the corner in his squad car to investigate the source of the loud car alarm. Now Myles couldn't slip out of the wig because his real hair would be exposed. He twisted around slowly to keep the wig in place while he unlocked the door with his key to free it. While he was performing these fascinating machinations the police man was watching Myles. He drew his revolver from its holster convinced he was witnessing an attempted car theft in progress. Myles had completed his little dance to free up the wig by opening the car door. As he squared up the sig on his head the police man had advanced to within ten feet of him, pointed his gun at the suspect, and commanded him to, "Freeze Slowly turn around and place your hands on the roof of the car. Do it now " Then the police man went through all of the procedures required to check out a suspect. Satisfied with Myles' credentials as "Frank Madden," and proof he owned the vehicle, he told him to lower his arms. He handed Myles his ID and looked at him quizzically, "Why did your car alarm go off? Is it faulty or something?" Myles, AKA Frank Madden," explained to the police man that his sleeve had become caught in the car door and he was attempting to free himself; which had created the suspicious looking gestures he had seen. Ha ha. Satisfied, the police man walked away. Myles was damp with sweat. He certainly had mixed emotions about the incident. He was disgusted with himself for carelessly slamming the car door shut and catching his wig on the frame, but, he was also relieved the police man didn't recognize him. At the condo he sat down to watch the evening news. Only recently had he begun to watch the news broadcasts. He had an interest in current events at the moment. Suddenly his attention to the broadcast became intense. The commentator was saying, " Senator Canfield was given a twenty year sentence today in Federal Court. After an exhaustive series of legal actions starting over a year and a half ago the sensational racketeering case is over. ( TV cameras show a gray haired man being led down the courthouse steps by two Federal Marshals) This case is a culmination of a world wide fraud and smuggling operation discovered two years ago. Senator Canfield is the last of the known conspirators to be tried in an illegal operation encompassing third world countries. Two key figures are still at large, Myles Metcalf, the Treasurer of the International Hand Corporation that operated as a front for the illegal operations, and the CEO, Gabriel Mer

Strike Five (Paperback): Aaron T Knight Strike Five (Paperback)
Aaron T Knight
R292 Discovery Miles 2 920 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Be careful what you wish for. Your dream might come true. This is a humorous story about Chad Smith who had his greatest hope fulfilled but with results he could never have imagined. His ambition was to play ball in the Major League. Only one thing held him back from playing professional baseball in the majors. Through a freak accident this shortcoming is removed but the transformation leads to an unorthodox style of play. His success arouses a number of emotions in the other players, team managers and owners of the baseball teams. He is swept away into a beehive of controversy.

The Madonna Dilemma (Paperback): Aaron T Knight The Madonna Dilemma (Paperback)
Aaron T Knight
R358 Discovery Miles 3 580 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A famous painting of Madonna is stolen in Rome. Somewhere in the fencing of the masterpiece the painting disappears. An LA art dealer who was to fence the art work is found murdered. A mob boss, a widow, an associate and an enemy of the dead man are in a panic to find the money or the painting. An LA detective who is only interested in coasting along until early retirement is assigned to the murder case. He finds it impossible to shift the responsibility to anyone else in LAPD. While he fumbles around, the other interested persons are lying, cheating, double crossing others and deceiving the authorities. There are a number of surprises in the story that can't be revealed here. A fast moving, easy read that is guaranteed to amuse you. is missing since the art dealer was killed. There are doublecrosses, triplecrosses, lies, deceptions and jostling for position for the millions of dollars to be made by the party possessing the paint

on the edge of twilight (Paperback): Aaron T Knight on the edge of twilight (Paperback)
Aaron T Knight
R378 Discovery Miles 3 780 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

NEWS BULLETIN: NORMANDY INVASION FAILS The author was ten years old when America entered WWII and I remember the Home Front very well. The Nazis could have won the war if the Normandy invasion had failed because it would have provided the time to use the futuristic weapons in existence and ready to be used. PROLOGUE When Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese on December 7, 1941 I was ten years old. Although I was a boy through the wartime years I followed the events as they happened via movie newsreels and radio like most Americans. My impression of the war from the first Pacific offensive on Guadalcanal in 1942 forward to the end of the global conflict was, we Americans were always victorious in almost bloodless battles. I believe it was a common conviction shared by many Americans. This public impression of non stop winning in the largest war ever fought on this planet was perpetuated by Hollywood movies. Recently I saw a fictional version of the Anzio invasion depicting the hero as discovering the German construction of their gun emplacements in the hills overlooking the Anzio beachhead. He carries the alarm to the allied commanders who promptly send in the bombers to destroy the artillery positions. One bombing mission seems to wipe out all of the defensive positions only a few days after the landing. In reality, the Germans bombarded the allied beachhead from their hilltop positions for forty days. Propaganda in wartime is used by political leaders of every country to sustain the war time effort of it's citizens. I know now the morale of the American people was of paramount importance because our war production was absolutely vital to all of our Allies fighting around the globe. Our country was far away from the horrors of war so it required a smooth running propaganda campaign to keep up our fighting spirit. After reading a number of history books about WWII from the viewpoint of historians from other countries I gained a revised impression of the war. These other accounts especially from the perspective of the English and French scholars provided me with astonishing truths which to my knowledge were never revealed to the American public. We could have lost the war in Europe if Hitler and the Nazis had enough time to put into action a number of super weapons actually in existence in 1944. At every stage of the war with Germany we were up against far superior weapons mass produced by a country whose sole purpose was war. All of the top scientists in Germany were devoting their efforts to finding more efficient ways to kill people. It was an advantage the Nazis depended on to defeat the Allied armies who outnumbered them. As a German general put it, " this war is run on machines, oil and gasoline." War news as edited for consumption by the public can be likened to the bull fights in Spain. These fights are begun by Picadors on horseback sticking lances into the bull's shoulders and neck to weaken the muscles of the animal so it can't effectively defend itself by using it's deadly horns. The Picadors' horses have padded blankets over them giving the crowd the impression the horse is being protected from the bull's repeated charges and goring as the Picadors are driving their lances into the beast's muscles. Truth is, the padded blanket is for the benefit of the crowd so they don't see the terrible blood streaming wounds sustained by the horse. As I read other accounts of the war I was surprised to learn the Allies discovered a squadron of jet propelled bombers with pressurized cabins in Norway. These ultra modern bombers were capable of flying at 60.000 feet and bombing New York City. V3 intercontinental rockets were under construction to attack the East coast of America. Two super class submarines were also a reality rather than on the drawing board. Churchill's greatest fear could have happened if these super U boats had been operational

Nimbility (Paperback): Aaron T Knight Nimbility (Paperback)
Aaron T Knight
R370 Discovery Miles 3 700 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Myles Metcalf definitely needs nimbility to keep from being killed or thrown in prison by the IRS. He is a fugitive hiding out in the middle of Washington DC trying to dodge being caught and looking for a way to break in to the files of an evil empire to clear himself of being a crook and a tax evader. Three bizarre allies appear to help him in his quest to stay alive and find the evidence to make him a free man. What happens reqiuires nimbility and how

Fred (Paperback): Aaron T Knight Fred (Paperback)
Aaron T Knight
R241 Discovery Miles 2 410 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A humorous tale about a quirky robot. Fred is the latest American status symbol. It will do all of your household chores by itself. New intelligence science has created the perfect servant for your home. However in Fred's case the inventor of the intelligence has a resentment against the owner of the robot company for stealing his ideas. For revenge he programs Fred to be anti social. A robot with a chip on it's shoulder will ruin the company as word gets out about Fred. A hilarious and wild pursuit for Fred ensues in New York in a desperate effort to capture the robot before any damage is done to the company image. PROLOGUE Sometime ago there was a statistic quoted explaining the reasons for the ever-increasing pace of scientific advances. This statistic was rather startling. It seems that over 90% of all the scientists who ever lived, are alive today. Depending on your personal viewpoint, this fact will either horrify or amaze you. Scientific breakthroughs in every technical field are reported weekly. Some of them are major discoveries. But there are so many that only a routine recognition is possible as we struggle to find a place in our minds for all of this new information. The novel created here is sheer fantasy. Intelligent robots have been dreamed about for many years. Perhaps, given the breath-taking pace of advancements in the computer field, intelligent robots may soon be created that rival the imagined machines of this story. However, science has never been able to figure in the human element with any great degree of accuracy. CHAPTER ONE As you enter the lavish showroom of Astro Robo Servant, Inc. your eye is immediately drawn to the huge, larger-than-life model of an Astro Robo Servant. It is now commonly referred to in the American vernacular as an "Astro." The model's body gleams iridescently, the surface changing from one subtle shade of the primary color to another. A special feature the company is proud of is the customer's ability to change the color of his Astro at any time to suit his mood or the decor of his house. The Astro--technically far beyond any previous mechanical robot-- burst upon the American way of life only a year and a half ago. Its abilities to serve a human master are truly amazing. Owning an Astro is the new social status symbol for Americans. The impact on society was revolutionary. Ownership of an Astro, designed specifically to meet the personal needs and wants of the customer was rapidly creating a new elite class of people in America. The invention had brought about a completely new level of living. Anyone who cared about his station in life was now striving to become a member of the Astro upper echelon.

Voted Least Likely - A Comedic Mystery (Paperback): Aaron T Knight Voted Least Likely - A Comedic Mystery (Paperback)
Aaron T Knight
R368 Discovery Miles 3 680 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Money laundering and murder are a bad combination for a respectable bank in the New Jersey suburbs. Fingered for all of the criminal activities going on in the bank is the president Baxter Bindle. He is the son of the owner of the institution who is an internationally known construction magnate. Taken away from the aunt and uncle who raised him then placed in the isolated world of private schools he became a neurotic mess. All of the efforts of his hard driving father to mold him into a successful magnate like himself fail miserably and often hilariously. Who is the real culprit and why is Baxter being framed ? Have fun finding out the answer to the mystery. A reader writes: Oh why? Oh why ? Oh why ? Critic's comment: There must be some way to stop him from writing.

Master of the Scam (Paperback): Aaron T Knight Master of the Scam (Paperback)
Aaron T Knight
R381 Discovery Miles 3 810 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

At the height of the Great Depression in 1937 a young man's life is permanently changed by the careless actions of a truck driver at a busy intersection in Manhattan. Struck by the massive vehicle he is badly crippled for life. Bribery and lies take away his hope of moneyto pay his monumental medical bills. Revenge becomes the dominationg force in his life as he turns to con games to steal from insurancecompanies by creating fraudulent claims.He becomes a master at the game. He comes to the attention of an experienced investigator whobecomes obsessed with his desire to trap and punish the master of the scam. Set against an era of financial hardship and World War II his struggle for existence and facing the dangers of a world war makes this a story of a man's remarkable drive to survive.

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