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The Secret Magistrate (Paperback): Anonymous The Secret Magistrate (Paperback)
R304 Discovery Miles 3 040 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Every criminal case starts in a magistrates' court, and most end there. Last year, the 14,000 magistrates of England & Wales dealt with almost 1.4 million cases. But, what exactly does a magistrate do, who are they, and how are they recruited and trained? Are they out-of-touch and unrepresentative, or still fit for purpose with a role to play in today's increasingly sophisticated and complex judicial system? The Secret Magistrate takes the reader on an eye-opening, behind-the-scenes tour of a year in the life of an inner-city magistrate. Chapters cover a variety of cases including the disqualified driver who drove away from court, the Sunbed Pervert, and Fifi the Attack Chihuahua. Foreword by Malcolm Richardson OBE | Chair, Magistrates Association, 2015-17

Untitled Csab (Hardcover): Anonymous Csab Untitled Csab (Hardcover)
Anonymous Csab
R608 R495 Discovery Miles 4 950 Save R113 (19%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Diary of a Very Bad Year - Confessions of an Anonymous Hedge Fund Manager (Paperback): Anonymous Hedge Fund Manager, Keith... Diary of a Very Bad Year - Confessions of an Anonymous Hedge Fund Manager (Paperback)
Anonymous Hedge Fund Manager, Keith Gessen
R314 R296 Discovery Miles 2 960 Save R18 (6%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The First Book from n+1--an Essential Chronicle of Our Financial Crisis

HFM: Where are you going to buy protection on the U.S. government's credit? I mean, if the U.S. defaults, what bank is going to be able to make good on that contract? Who are you going to buy that contract from, the Martians?

n+1: When does this begin to feel like less of a cyclical thing, like the weather, and more of a permanent, end-of-the-world kind of thing?

HFM: When you see me selling apples out on the street, that's when you should go stock up on guns and ammunition.

Slender Man (Paperback, Epub Edition): Anonymous Slender Man (Paperback, Epub Edition)
Anonymous 1
R232 R180 Discovery Miles 1 800 Save R52 (22%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

LAUREN BAILEY HAS DISAPPEARED. As her friends and the police search for answers, Matt Barker begins to dream of trees and black skies and something drawing closer. Through fragments of journals, blog posts and messages, a sinister, slender figure emerges and all divisions between fiction and delusion, between nightmare and reality, begin to fall. The urban legend of the Slender Man has inspired short fiction, viral videos, and a feature film. Gathered from online whispers, Matt's story reveals the true power of the internet's most terrifying creation.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl (Paperback): Belle De Jour, Anonymous Secret Diary of a Call Girl (Paperback)
Belle De Jour, Anonymous
R321 R304 Discovery Miles 3 040 Save R17 (5%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

This internationally celebrated memoir is now a new Showtime original series.

Belle couldn't find a job after University. Her impressive degree was not paying her rent or buying her food. But after a fantastic threesome with a very rich couple who gave her a ton of money, Belle realized that she could earn more than anyone she knew--by becoming a call girl. The rest is history. Belle became a 20-something London working girl--and had the audacity to write about it--anonymously. The shockingly candid and explicit diary she put on the Internet became a London sensation. She shares her entire journey inside the world of high-priced escorts, including fascinating and explicit insights about her job and her clients, her various boyfriends, and a taboo lifestyle that has to be read to be believed. The witty observations, shocking revelations, and hilarious scenarios deliver like the very best fiction and make for a titillating reading experience unlike any other.

Fashion Babylon (Paperback): Imogen Edwards-Jones, Anonymous Fashion Babylon (Paperback)
Imogen Edwards-Jones, Anonymous
R413 R361 Discovery Miles 3 610 Save R52 (13%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

CAUTION: Reading this book will forever change the way you peruse the racks at Bergdorf's or flip through the pages of "Vogue."

Taking the reader through six months in a designer's life, "Fashion Babylon "follows an anonymous A-list British fashion designer looking to break out across the pond. Structured around three of the annual "must" industry events, this irresistible work of reportage goes inside the well-cut seams of the fashion world, where women are paid tens of thousands of dollars for simply getting dressed and where a wrong skirt length can cost you your career. You'll find out how a collection is put together -- from the objects of inspiration to the catwalk, into the shops and, hopefully, onto the cover of a magazine -- and learn who goes to the shows and where they sit...and whose backside they have to kiss to get there.

Witty, naughty and jam-packed with celebrity gossip, "Fashion Babylon" decodes the markups and the comedowns, the fabulous extremes and the shoddy shortcuts behind one of the most lucrative and secretive businesses in the world.

Came To Believe (Paperback): Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. Came To Believe (Paperback)
Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
R321 Discovery Miles 3 210 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Came to Believe - the spiritual adventure of A.A. as experienced by individual members. Over 75 A.A. members from all over the world describe the wide diversity of convictions implied in "God as we understood Him." Especially helpful to those who confuse "spiritual" with "religious."

Just for Today: Daily Meditations for Recovering Addicts (Paperback, Revised ed.): Narcotics Anonymous World Services Inc Just for Today: Daily Meditations for Recovering Addicts (Paperback, Revised ed.)
Narcotics Anonymous World Services Inc
R523 Discovery Miles 5 230 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"The twelve steps and Twelve traditions reprinted for adaptation by permission of AA World Services, Inc."--T.p. verso.

The Kingfisher Secret (Paperback): Anonymous The Kingfisher Secret (Paperback)
Anonymous 1
Sold By Readers Warehouse - Fulfilled by Loot
R310 R197 Discovery Miles 1 970 Save R113 (36%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

A work of fiction based on one of the biggest conspiracy theories of our time…

October 2016: In America, the election is a few weeks away. Journalist Grace Elliott has just landed a scoop that she believes will make her career. A porn star is willing to talk about her affair with the man some hope and many fear will become the next President of the United States. But no-one will touch it. Not even Grace’s boss, the publisher of America’s leading tabloid.

Instead, Grace is sent to Europe where she discovers a story so big, so explosive that it could decide the American election and launch a new Cold War. If she can stay alive long enough to tell it…

Ripped from the headlines and inspired by tales, speculation and whispers from within the intelligence community, The Kingfisher Secret is a highly-charged novel of espionage, intrigue and high-level deception.

Sindy in Real Life (Paperback): Anonymous Sindy in Real Life (Paperback)
R298 Discovery Miles 2 980 Ships in 12 - 17 working days
Go Ask Alice - 50th Anniversary Edition (Paperback, Anniversary ed.): Anonymous Go Ask Alice - 50th Anniversary Edition (Paperback, Anniversary ed.)
R242 R201 Discovery Miles 2 010 Save R41 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Beowulf (Paperback): Anonymous, Ernest J. B. Kirtlan Beowulf (Paperback)
Anonymous, Ernest J. B. Kirtlan
R73 Discovery Miles 730 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Packaged in handsome, affordable trade editions, Clydesdale Classics is a new series of essential literary works. It features literary phenomena with influence and themes so great that, after their publication, they changed literature forever. From the musings of literary geniuses like Mark Twain in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to the striking personal narrative of Solomon Northup in Twelve Years a Slave, this new series is a comprehensive collection of our history through the words of the exceptional few. Beowulf, first printed in 1815, is an epic Old English poem that dates back to between the eighth and eleventh centuries. The author is unknown, yet Beowulf is often regarded as one of the single most important works in Old English literature. The poem tells the tale of the protagonist Beowulf, prince of the Geats, and his constant desire to prove his strength. After hearing of a demonic and vicious monster wreaking havoc on King Hrothgar's great hall, Beowulf is inspired by the challenge and offers to slay the demon in an attempt to repay a debt owed by his father. The young, powerful warrior engages Grendel and kills the beast with his bare hands by ripping its arm off. Seeking revenge, Grendel's mother attacks the hall but Beowulf prevails. He is later named king of Geatland, and under his rule, he brings the land to great prosperity for more than fifty years. However, after a thief steals a valuable cup from a treasure trove, a dragon is awakened and unleashes its violent wrath upon Geatland. With its exalted poetics and incredible world-building, Beowulf has inspired readers and writers for centuries. Among some of the most famous is undoubtedly J.R.R. Tolkien author of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, both of which were heavily influenced by this classic epic.

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (Hardcover): Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (Hardcover)
Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.
R440 Discovery Miles 4 400 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Originally published in 1952, this classic book is used by A.A. members and groups around the world. It lays out the principles by which A.A. members recover and by which the fellowship functions. The basic text clarifies the Steps which constitute the A.A. way of life and the Traditions, by which A.A. maintains its unity.

My Activity Books for Boys (Paperback): Anonymous, Bloomsbury My Activity Books for Boys (Paperback)
Anonymous, Bloomsbury
R278 R247 Discovery Miles 2 470 Save R31 (11%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The ultimate pack of amazing activities, superb stickers, dynamic doodles and creative coloring. Contains three brilliant activity books packed full of stickers:
My Pirate Activity and Sticker Book
My Fearless Knight Activity and Sticker Book
My Things that Go Activity and Sticker Book And two exciting books bursting with things to draw, doodle and color:
My Boys' Coloring Book
My Fantastic Doodle and Draw Book

Diary of an Oxygen Thief (Paperback): Anonymous Diary of an Oxygen Thief (Paperback)
Anonymous 1
R346 R246 Discovery Miles 2 460 Save R100 (29%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days
Thirty Favorite Novenas (Paperback): Anonymous Thirty Favorite Novenas (Paperback)
R94 R77 Discovery Miles 770 Save R17 (18%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Short novena prayers to Our Lady, St. Joseph, St. Anne, St. Michael, St. Jude, St. Anthony, St. Gerard, St. Rita. St. Therese, Holy Angels, Poor Souls, etc; (5-1.00 ea.; 10-.80 ea.; 25-.70 ea.; 50-.60 ea.; 100-.50 ea.).

Eating Disorders Anonymous - The Story of How We Recovered from Our Eating Disorders (Paperback): Eating Disorders Anonymous... Eating Disorders Anonymous - The Story of How We Recovered from Our Eating Disorders (Paperback)
Eating Disorders Anonymous (Eda)
R300 Discovery Miles 3 000 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

Eating Disorders Anonymous: The Story of How We Recovered from Our Eating Disorders presents the accumulated experience, strength, and hope of many who have followed a Twelve-Step approach to recover from their eating disorders. Eating Disorders Anonymous (EDA), founded by sober members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), have produced a work that emulates the "Big Book" in style and substance. EDA respects the pioneering work of AA while expanding its Twelve-Step message of hope to include those who are religious or seek a spiritual solution, and for those who are not and may be more comfortable substituting "higher purpose" for the traditional "Higher Power." Further, the EDA approach embraces the development and maintenance of balance and perspective, rather than abstinence, as the goal of recovery. Initial chapters provide clear directions on how to establish a foothold in recovery by offering one of the founder's story of hope, and collective voices tell why EDA is suitable for readers with any type of problem eating, including: anorexia nervosa, bulimia, binge eating, emotional eating, and orthorexia. The text then explains how to use the Twelve Steps to develop a durable and resilient way of thinking and acting that is free of eating disordered thoughts and behaviors, including how to pay it forward so that others might have hope of recovery. In the second half of the text, individual contributors share their experiences, describing what it was like to have an eating disorder, what happened that enabled them to make a start in recovery, and what it is like to be in recovery. Like the "Big Book," these stories are in three sections: Pioneers of EDA, They Stopped in Time, and They Lost Nearly All. Readers using the Twelve Steps to recover from other issues will find the process consistent and reinforcing of their experiences, yet the EDA approach offers novel ideas and specific guidance for those struggling with food, weight and body image issues. Letters of support from three, highly-regarded medical professionals and two, well-known recovery advocates offer reassurance that EDA's approach is consistent with that supported by medical research and standards in the field of eating disorders treatment. Intended as standard reading for members who participate in EDA groups throughout the world, this book is accessible and appropriate for anyone who wants to recover from an eating disorder or from issues related to food, weight, and body image.

I Am A Hitman - The Real-Life Confessions of a Contract Killer (Paperback): Anonymous I Am A Hitman - The Real-Life Confessions of a Contract Killer (Paperback)
R232 R194 Discovery Miles 1 940 Save R38 (16%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

The unbelievable account of life as a hitman from a man who has been doing it for decades. Hitmen commit heinous crimes virtually every day of the week and, in most instances, we don't even realise. I've been a killer for hire for more than twenty years now, but life as a fulltime professional assassin has never been easy. There have been close calls, failed attempts and a lot of looking over my shoulder. And now, I've decided to come clean and seek atonement for my life as a murderer and one of the most covertly dangerous men alive. This is an account of a life lived between our world and a shadowy underworld of criminals... a life lived under the radar of the law... a life lived in death. This is the story of my life as a hitman.

A Warning (Large print, Hardcover, Large type / large print edition): Anonymous A Warning (Large print, Hardcover, Large type / large print edition)
R651 R556 Discovery Miles 5 560 Save R95 (15%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Mothers In Love - TruLOVE Collection (Paperback): Ron Hogan Mothers In Love - TruLOVE Collection (Paperback)
Ron Hogan; Anonymous-Broadlit; Created by Broadlit
R318 R269 Discovery Miles 2 690 Save R49 (15%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

MOTHERS IN LOVE: The Good, the Bad and the Unbelievable *By Anonymous Edited by Ron Hogan There's love, and then there's mother love -- maybe the most powerful love of all. Meet the mothers at the center of each of the 14 love stories included in this TruLOVE Collection. Whether their stories were written in 1938 or within the last few years, and whether they're about a single mom, a stepmother, or an overbearing mom who can't let go, each one explores the struggle and challenge of love and motherhood. Several stories focus on women who became single mothers unexpectedly, either through abandonment or widowhood. Another story finds a stepmother trying to deal with her husband's very unhappy child from a previous marriage. In most of these stories, our inspiring moms overcome their unhappy circumstances to find a sense of great self-respect. They also find new loves with good men who can be good fathers to their children. Even those mothers who try to keep a stranglehold on their children out of fear of eventually being left utterly alone, have their own journey to romance, and it is not an easy one. All of the heroines in these stories learn valuable lessons about coping with adversity and are rewarded by finding true love. We hope you find these stories exciting, heartwarming and, most of all, romantic!

The Secret Agent - Fully Revised and Updated Edition of the Secret Agent: Inside the World of the Football Agent (Paperback,... The Secret Agent - Fully Revised and Updated Edition of the Secret Agent: Inside the World of the Football Agent (Paperback, New edition)
Anonymous 1
R258 R207 Discovery Miles 2 070 Save R51 (20%) Ships in 12 - 17 working days

'The secret is to know when to stick and when to twist, when to bet and when to burn, when to bluff and when to hold. This whole business is one massive, never-ending card game and if you sit at the table long enough then maybe, just maybe, you're going to get so lucky that you'll beat the house or even break the bank. Unless, of course, the house breaks you first.'From mere coffee boy, to lowly scout, to multi-million pound wheeler dealer with the Premiership big guns and the cream of theChampions League, this book charts the Secret Agent's fast and furious progress through the dressing rooms, board rooms and bedrooms of England's top clubs. It doesn't just lift the lid on the true face of professional football, it tears it off and hurls it across the room.This is a no-holds-barred, jaw-dropping insight into the true power-brokers of the world game: the moneymen and dealmakers who grease the wheels - or, more accurately, the palms - that make the whole football machine tick. Scandalous, witty, fearless and occasionally heartless, The Rise and Fall of the Secret Agent casts an astonishing new light on the ambition,greed and power in a cut-throat and self-obsessed world.

The Critical Review, Or, Annals of Literature, Volume 57 (Hardcover): Anonymous The Critical Review, Or, Annals of Literature, Volume 57 (Hardcover)
R801 Discovery Miles 8 010 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The Four Branches of The Mabinogi (Paperback): Anonymous The Four Branches of The Mabinogi (Paperback)
Anonymous; Edited by Matthieu Boyd; Translated by Matthieu Boyd; Edited by (consulting) Stacie Lents
R370 Discovery Miles 3 700 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

The Mabinogi, a classic of Welsh literature, is a suite of four stories in Middle Welsh. They were composed, or at least put into their current form-it is hard to say which, because we do not know who the author was-in the late eleventh or early twelfth century, and they survive in two fourteenth-century manuscripts and two thirteenth-century fragments. Set in a primal past, the Mabinogi bridges many genres; it is part pre-Christian myth, part fairytale, part guide to how nobles should act, and part dramatization of political and social issues. First translated in parts by William Owen Pughe (d. 1835), the Four Branches of the Mabinogi did not become widely available in English until the mid nineteenth century, with Lady Charlotte Guest's translation of "the Mabinogion." (The word mabinogion, a plural form that occurs only once in the manuscripts, has been repurposed to refer collectively to the Mabinogi and seven other prose tales.) This new translation is by a Celtic Studies scholar working with a contemporary American playwright; its primary purpose is to make the text accessible and engaging for twenty-first-century readers (and especially, undergraduate students). One significant way in which that philosophy is expressed is in the treatment of Welsh names. For example, the protagonist of the First Branch is named Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed. The University of Wales dictionary, Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru, lists the following possible meanings for pwyll: "deliberation, consideration, care, caution; discretion, prudence, wisdom, patience, understanding, intelligence, perception, judgment, mind, wit(s), reason, (common) sense, sanity." It is one of the hardest names in the text for North Americans to pronounce, since it contains the notoriously difficult voiceless lateral ll. Calling the character Prince Sage, as this translation does, is a way of addressing both issues. (In general, transparently meaningful names have been rendered in English; all other names have been left in modernized Welsh spelling, with a note on pronunciation when they first occur.) The editor has also included a number of background materials that help place the Mabinogi in the context of medieval Welsh history and culture.

Go Ask Alice (Paperback): Anonymous Go Ask Alice (Paperback)
Anonymous 1
R201 R167 Discovery Miles 1 670 Save R34 (17%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"January 24th
After you've had it, there isn't even life without drugs...."
It started when she was served a soft drink laced with LSD in a dangerous party game. Within months, she was hooked, trapped in a downward spiral that took her from her comfortable home and loving family to the mean streets of an unforgiving city. It was a journey that would rob her of her innocence, her youth -- and ultimately her life.
"Read her diary.
Enter her world.
You will never forget her."
For thirty-five years, the acclaimed, bestselling first-person account of a teenage girl's harrowing decent into the nightmarish world of drugs has left an indelible mark on generations of teen readers. As powerful -- and as timely -- today as ever, Go Ask Alice remains the definitive book on the horrors of addiction.

Popes Against Modern Errors - 16 Famous Papal Documents (Paperback): Tan Books, Anonymous Popes Against Modern Errors - 16 Famous Papal Documents (Paperback)
Tan Books, Anonymous
R417 R356 Discovery Miles 3 560 Save R61 (15%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In 1789, the French Revolution took place and launched a host of religious, political and social errors which the Popes for over 160 years afterwards wrote and legislated against. Yet most of these errors have spread and today have filtered down to the common man... with the result that most people now take for granted many fundamental assumptions that are positively false But almost from the beginning of these errors, the Popes spoke out as with one voice, inveighing against them. Today, as we see these errors bearing evil fruit, many thoughtful Catholics are returning to those Papal documents which condemned these modern errors, to examine what the Popes have said all along about them. Here, in one handy volume, are the best and most famous of those papal denunciations: On Liberalism (Mirari Vos). Gregory XVI. 1832. On Current Errors (Quanta Cura). Pius IX. 1864. The Syllabus of Errors. Pius IX. 1864. On Government Authority (Diuturnum Illud). Leo XIII. 1881. On Freemasonry and Naturalism (Humanum Genus). Leo XIII. 1884. On the Nature of True Liberty (Libertas Praestantissimum). Leo XIII. 1888. On the Condition of the Working Classes (Rerum Novarum). Leo XIII. 1891. On Christian Democracy (Graves de Communi Re). Leo XIII. 1901. Syllabus Condemning the Errors of the Modernists (Lamentabili Sane). St. Pius X. 1907. On Modernism (Pascendi Dominici Gregis). St. Pius X. 1907. Our Apostolic Mandate (On the "Sillon"). St. Pius X. 1910. The Oath Against Modernism. St. Pius X. 1910. On the Feast of Christ the King (Quas Primas). Pius XI. 1925. On Fostering True Religious Unity (Mortalium Animos). Pius XI. 1928. On Atheistic Communism (Divini Redemptoris). Pius XI. 1937. On Certain False Opinions (Humani Generis). Pius XII. 1950. After this book, the reader will be forced to conclude: "The Popes were right all along " Only by heeding the advice and counsel of these enlightened Roman Pontiffs will the world be able to cast off its yoke of error and enjoy once more the true freedom Our Lord spoke of when He said, "If you continue in my word, you shall be my disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:31-32).

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