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Southern Progressivism - The Reconciliation of Progress and Tradition (Paperback, 2nd): Dewey W. Grantham Southern Progressivism - The Reconciliation of Progress and Tradition (Paperback, 2nd)
Dewey W. Grantham; Foreword by William A Link
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Praise for the First Edition "For an understanding of what was happening and what southern progressivism was all about, [Grantham] has produced a monumental history and resources which may be added to and reinterpreted, but is not likely to be superseded." -David Chalmers, Reviews in American History "The rich detail and comprehensiveness of Grantham's examination of the South in the first two decades of the twentieth century makes this a definitive work on the topic." -Library Journal "[Grantham's] masterful synthesis of forty years of scholarship makes the study preeminent in the field." -James A. Tinsley, Southwestern Historical Quarterly "Grantham's volume . . . puts to rest once and for all any suggestion that the complex, multi-faceted reform effort known as progressivism somehow bypassed the South." -Willard B. Gatewood Jr., Florida Historical Quarterly "Southern Progressivism is a must for students of twentieth-century America and the South." -Choice

Hoke Smith and the Politics of the New South (Paperback): Dewey W. Grantham Hoke Smith and the Politics of the New South (Paperback)
Dewey W. Grantham
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Cutting across the Bourbon Era, the Populist Revolt, and the Progressive Movement, Hoke Smith's career gave expression to the Southern politics of his generation. In Hoke Smith and the Politics of the New South, Dewey Grantham examines in detail the central role of this leader as a key to the better understanding of the political mind of the New South. A vital force in Georgia politics for almost forty years, Hoke Smith was a powerful politician, a brilliant lawyer, a successful newspaper publisher, and a leading educational reformer. He was a member of President Cleveland's second cabinet, was twice governor of Georgia, and served for ten years in the United States Senate. His career touched virtually all of the important developments in the South during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. From the cross-currents of national and sectional events emerges Hoke Smith the individual. For the first time, in this full-length biography, Smith is seen in the perspective of the times in which he so emphatically participated. In its careful examination of his acts and motivations, the book captures at once the essence of a man and a political type, as well as of an important period.

The Democratic South (Paperback): Dewey W. Grantham The Democratic South (Paperback)
Dewey W. Grantham
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The seeds of the new political developments in the South, where for so many years the Democratic party found solid support, were sewn way back. Although most of the former Confederate states have consistently declared their devotion to "states rights" and home rule, traditionally represented there by the Democratic party, Southern society and point-of-view has been rapidly changing during the last century. Professor Grantham interprets the economic and social revolution now under way in the South as the phenomenal climax of deep-rooted and historic developments in the region and the nation as a whole. Not denying the fundamental conservatism of the South, he has discovered that Southern politics is far more than one of sectionalism and segregation, that the politics of individual states vary enormously, and that the progressive movement in the South may reflect far more than we generally realize the attitudes and aspirations of Americans as a whole. He skillfully delineates the forces that have encouraged the South's attachment to the Democratic party and indicates how increasingly differentiated economic and social pattern will shape the future.

South in Modern America (Paperback): Dewey W. Grantham South in Modern America (Paperback)
Dewey W. Grantham
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The South in Modern America is a lively and illuminating account of the Southern experience since the end of Reconstruction. In the twentieth century, as in the nineteenth, the South has been the region most sharply at odds with the rest of the nation. No other part of the country has as clear-cut a sectional image. The interplay between the South, the North, and the rest of the nation represents a rich and instructive part of United States history, illustrating much of the nation's conflict and tension, the way it has tried to reconcile divergent issues, and its struggles to realize its historical ideals. In this new treatment of modern Southern history, Dewey W. Grantham illuminates the features that make the South a distinctive region while clarifying how it has converged socially and politically with the rest of the country during this century.

The Life and Death of the Solid South - A Political History (Paperback): Dewey W. Grantham The Life and Death of the Solid South - A Political History (Paperback)
Dewey W. Grantham
R804 Discovery Miles 8 040 15 working days

Southern-style politics was one of those peculiar institutions that differentiated the South from other American regions. This system -- long referred to as the Solid South -- embodied a distinctive regional culture and was perpetuated through an undemocratic distribution of power and a structure based on disfranchisement, malapportioned legislatures, and one-party politics. It was the mechanism that determined who would govern in the states and localities, and in national politics it was the means through which the South's politicians defended their region's special interests and political autonomy. The history of this remarkable institution can be traced in the gradual rise, long persistence, and ultimate decline of the Democratic Party dominance in the land below the Potomac and the Ohio.

This is the story that Dewey W. Grantham tells in his fresh and authoritative account of the South's modern political experience. The distillation of many years of research and reflection, is both a synthesis of the extensive literature on politics in the recent South and a challenging reinterpretation of the region's political history.

Recent America - The United States Since 1945 (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition): Dewey W. Grantham, Thomas Maxwell-Long Recent America - The United States Since 1945 (Paperback, 3rd Revised edition)
Dewey W. Grantham, Thomas Maxwell-Long
R1,177 Discovery Miles 11 770 Out of stock

This third edition of "Recent America" is an extensive revision that includes entirely new material to carry the coverage forward into the second decade of the twenty-first century--right up through the recent midterm elections of 2010. With an emphasis on national politics, the ever-evolving multicultural American society, the role of the United States in international affairs, and economic trends, this third considers changes in American literature, fine arts, music, film, pop culture, and sports and their relationships to social, cultural, and economic trends. The incorporation of these often overlooked historical themes presents a more relevant and inclusive recent history of the United States.Building upon the tradition set forth by Dewey Grantham in the first and second editions of his highly readable and informative survey history of the United States since World War II, Thomas Maxwell-Long brings new perspectives and explores new realities that Americans did not face even as recently as the turn of the century. The result provides students with an engaging, well-rounded, and thoughtfully illustrated narrative that reconstructs history and also makes strong connections between the present and the past.

Cry from the Cotton - Southern Tenant Farmers' Union and the New Deal (Paperback, New Ed): Donald H. Grubbs Cry from the Cotton - Southern Tenant Farmers' Union and the New Deal (Paperback, New Ed)
Donald H. Grubbs; Foreword by Dewey W. Grantham
R531 Discovery Miles 5 310 Out of stock

The Southern Tenant Farmers' Union was founded in eastern Arkansas in 1934 to protest the New Deal's enrichment of Southern cotton barons at the expense of suffering sharecroppers, both black and white. Their courageous struggle, in the face of determined and often violent resistance from their landlords, is the subject of this thorough study from Donald H. Grubbs, which was published to critical acclaim in 1971.

Cry from the Cotton was the first full-scale look at the STFU and its leaders. It discloses that, although the union operated under noticeable socialist party sponsorship in its infancy, it drew much more upon the native Southern evangelical and populist traditions, much as the civil rights movement would do twenty-five years later. Grubbs convincingly demonstrates that while the STFU failed to gain immediate social justice for its members, it resulted in the formation of the Farm Security Administration, which even today continues to aid the rural poor, and it played a large part in forcing the formation of the La Follette Civil Liberties Committee, whose spotlight on management terrorism helped the CIO toward success. The volume stands as a classic on labor issues and class struggle and still echoes with the haunting plea of the dispossessed for equity.

Recent America - The United States Since 1945 (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition): Dewey W. Grantham Recent America - The United States Since 1945 (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition)
Dewey W. Grantham
R626 Discovery Miles 6 260 Out of stock

This second edition of Recent America is an extensive revision of the first one and includes entirely new material that carries the coverage forward, from the mid-1940s to the present. The emphasis is on national politics, federal policy, and the role of the United States in international affairs, but careful attention also is given to economic trends, the evolving social order, and major cultural changes. In the pages of this book the author has attempted to bring new perspectives to bear on the recent history and to encourage what historian Felix Gilbert describes as "reconstructing a historical consciousness that integrates the present with the past." I hope the result will provide a useful and engaging introduction to the last half century of American history, one that will interest students and general readers alike.

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