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The International Sugar Trade (Hardcover): A. C. Hannah, Donald Spence The International Sugar Trade (Hardcover)
A. C. Hannah, Donald Spence
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Once considered a rare and exotic sweetener, sugar was not always as widely available or important as it is today. As part of the human diet for nearly all of recorded history, sugar has evolved over time, becoming quite a common commodity. Yet the very simplicity of this common sweetener masks the highly complex and elaborate global trade that has developed around it. Now, The International Sugar Trade offers the only comprehensive reference guide to the worldwide market. A sweeping analysis of the entire sugar industry, it covers everything from the product's historical beginnings to the complex geopolitical and financial forces that have dominated the worldwide sugar trade during recent decades.

Over the past fifty years, especially, the international trade in sugar has changed dramatically. Since it is either imported or exported by every country on earth, sugar has become an integral component of the economic relationships among nations. Because of that unique position, the trade in sugar has both reflected—and been affected by—a wide range of divergent forces, including global politics, health consciousness, the emergence of developing nations as suppliers and consumers, and many others.

Perhaps the greatest change in the international sugar trade has been the trend toward price stabilization. Historically at the mercy of everything from war to weather, the price of sugar has always been extremely volatile. But, following such trends as the development of sugar substitutes, an overall decline in per capita consumption, and an increase in the overall amount of sugar on the open market, the price of sugar has leveled off considerably. This comparatively recent stability has profoundly altered the manner in which sugar is traded on the world market, and while this has created new opportunities to profit in sugar, it has also made trading in sugar commodities more complex than ever before.

In this important new reference, A. C. Hannah and Donald Spence explore the broad scope of the entire sugar market, providing an essential global tour of the international sugar trade in all its intricacy. Everything is here, from cultivation and refinement to importing and exporting, from commodity trading and tariffs to substitutes and consumption. The International Sugar Trade provides comprehensive coverage of:

  • The history of sugar—from cultivation and refining to end use
  • Trends in world production, consumption, and international trade
  • Crucial information on export marketing, contracts, trade, and prices
  • The policies of the world's major sugar producers—with particular attention focused on likely developments in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Cuba
  • The impact of existing sugar substitutes and those under development
  • The sugar trade cycle and marketing chain, descriptions of key players, and detailed coverage of the sugar futures markets.

The International Sugar Trade contains the most essential and up-to-date information currently available. It includes numerous tables and graphs describing production, consumption, and trade for nearly every country. It also includes five complete appendices exploring sugar and the environment; sugar and health; the Brazilian Alcohol Programme; international sugar agreements; and historical statistics covering the period from 1955 to 1994. It is a vital resource for anyone involved in the international sugar trade.

"[The International Sugar Trade] is a comprehensive account of sugar, the commodity. [It] is aimed at a wide audience, from specialists looking for more background to traders coming to sugar for the first time, students, nonspecialists, and laymen in search of an introduction to the fascinating world of sugar."—from the Preface.

The only complete guide to sugar, one of the world's most important and heavily traded soft commodities, this authoritative overview provides in-depth coverage of a wide range of essential topics, including:

  • Origins, background, and production
  • The world sugar economy today
  • The sugar futures markets
  • International sugar agreements
  • Consumption trends of substitute products
  • Key issues for the future
The Rhetorical Voice of Psychoanalysis - Displacement of Evidence by Theory (Hardcover): Donald Spence The Rhetorical Voice of Psychoanalysis - Displacement of Evidence by Theory (Hardcover)
Donald Spence
R1,617 Discovery Miles 16 170 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

As psychoanalysis approaches its second century it seems no closer to being a science than when Freud first invented the discipline. All the clinical experience of the past hundred years, Donald Spence tells us in this trenchant book, has not overcome a tendency to decouple theory from evidence. Deprived of its observational base, theory operates more like shared fantasy. In support of this provocative claim, Spence mounts a powerful critique of the way psychoanalysis functions - as a clinical method and as a scholarly discipline or "science". In the process, he prescribes an antidote for the uncontrolled rhetoric that currently governs psychoanalytic practice. This reliance on rhetoric is the problem Spence identifies, and he attributes the troubling lack of progress in psychoanalysis to its outmoded method of data collection and its preference for fanciful argument over hard fact. Writing to Jung in 1911, Freud admitted that he "was not at all cut out to be an inductive researcher - I was entirely meant for intuition". His intuitive approach led him to retreat from the traditional Baconian principles of inductive investigation and to move toward a more Aristotelian approach that emphasized choice specimens and favorite examples, played down replication, and depended on arguments based on authority. Detailing this development, with particular attention to the role of self-analysis in the Freudian myth and the evidential drawbacks of the case study genre, Spence shows how psychoanalysis was set on its present course and how rhetorical maneuvers have taken the place of evidence. With this diagnosis, Spence offers a remedy - an example of the sort of empirical research that can transformclinical wisdom into useful knowledge. His book holds out the hope that, by challenging the traditions and diminishing the power of rhetoric, psychoanalysis can remain a creative enterprise, but one based on a solid scientific foundation.

The International Sugar Trade (Hardcover): Tony Hannah, Donald Spence The International Sugar Trade (Hardcover)
Tony Hannah, Donald Spence
R3,583 Discovery Miles 35 830 Out of stock

This is the first book to cover in a comprehensive way, the conduct and structure of the international sugar industry from cultivation right through to end use. The authors look in detail at the workings of the growing and production sector and the trends in world production, consumption and trading of sugar. Important sections consider the policies of the world's major sugar producers and the likely future developments of the trade in the light of the developments in Eastern Europe and China, and in the substitute sugar sweetener products. The book will be an invaluable reference source for sugar producers and traders and for all those involved in the financial, advisory and investment communities.
Published in association with the International Sugar Organization

Introduction to Futures and Options (Hardcover): Donald Spence Introduction to Futures and Options (Hardcover)
Donald Spence
R1,167 Discovery Miles 11 670 Out of stock

This is a comprehensive guide to the workings of the world’s commodity and financial futures and options markets. For all those new or already active in the futures and options markets, it is a handbook of first and last resort for traders, brokers, advisers and investors alike, and is written by a highly experienced market practitioner with contributions from leading experts in the field. It begins with an examination of the markets and instruments - including the OTC market and erivatives, and goes on to explain trading, regulation and management. It also evaluates the likely future developments in futures and options.

The World Sugar Market (Hardcover): Sergey Gudoshnikov, Linday Jolly, Donald Spence The World Sugar Market (Hardcover)
Sergey Gudoshnikov, Linday Jolly, Donald Spence
R5,567 Discovery Miles 55 670 Out of stock

Since the first book published by Woodhead on the global sugar business (The international sugar trade) was released in 1996, the world sugar market has undergone fundamental change. Over the past decade the industry s key economic and policy drivers have created a new regional distribution of sugar production that has had an enormous impact on the price finding process as well as changing the type of sugar on offer to the world market. Brazil has become a dominant supplier whilst Cuba s production has collapsed to the pre World War One level; Russia has become the world s greatest importer and structural surpluses have seen stocks rise to historic highs and the world price fall to a level below the production costs of some of the most competitive exporters.
The world sugar market focuses on these changes by identifying, describing and assessing the key industry drivers and their future potential impact on the market. Part one provides an overview - covering the history of sugar production and consumption, cultivation of beet and cane and the current state of the market for sugar and alternative sweeteners. Part two focuses on identifying, describing and assessing the key market drivers, both economic and political, on sugar demand. Part is devoted to a similar analysis of sugar supply, whilst part four covers the future for the sugar markets.
The world sugar market is aimed at a wide audience from the sugar specialist looking for in-depth information on a specific topic to the newcomer needing to gain an overview of the current state-of-play and future for the world sugar market. The book is published in collaboration with the International Sugar Organization whose statistics and studies are used extensively throughout.
Provides a comprehensive overview of this complex and rapidly changing businessWritten by three of the world s leading authorities on the global sugar industry and its economicsIncludes data from the International sugar Organization"

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