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Pittsburgh A New Portrait (Hardcover): Franklin Toker Pittsburgh A New Portrait (Hardcover)
Franklin Toker
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From its founding in 1758, Pittsburgh has experienced several epic transformations. It began its existence as a fortress, on a site originally selected by George Washington. A hundred years later, and well into our own time, no other American city was as intensively industrialized, only to be later consigned to "rustbelt" status. Remade as a thriving twenty-first-century city and an international center for science, medicine, biotechnology, and financial services, Pittsburgh is now routinely acclaimed as one of the most promising and livable of America's cities. Franklin Toker shows us why.
Toker highlights this remarkable story of urban reinvention by focusing on what makes Pittsburgh so resilient and appealing - its strong neighborhoods and their surprisingly rich architectural history. The many unique, lively urban communities that make up Pittsburgh are a treasure trove of every imaginable style of structure, from Victorian to Bauhaus, Gothic to Art Deco, and from Industrial to Green. These ordinary homes expressed the aspirations of people who came from around the world to settle in Pittsburgh, while they built the city itself into an economic powerhouse. With the wealth generated by this everyday work, local captains of industry could build their own monumental additions to Pittsburgh's urban landscape, including two of America's greatest buildings: H. H. Richardson's Allegheny Courthouse and Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater.
With accessible prose, Toker examines Pittsburgh in its historical context (from Indian settlement to postmodern city), in its regional setting (from the playgrounds of the Laurel Highlands to the hard-working mill towns dotting the landscape), and from the street level (leading the reader on a personal tour through every neighborhood). Lavishly illustrated with photos and maps, "Pittsburgh: A New Portrait "reveals the true colors of a truly great American city.

On Holy Ground - Liturgy, Architecture and Urbanism in the Cathedral and the Streets of Medieval Florence (English, Latin,... On Holy Ground - Liturgy, Architecture and Urbanism in the Cathedral and the Streets of Medieval Florence (English, Latin, Hardcover)
Franklin Toker
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On Holy Ground: Liturgy, Architecture, and Urbanism in the Cathedral and in the Streets of Medieval Florence asks just one question: had the Florence Duomo never been excavated, what could we have known of the legendary cathedral of S. Reparata below it?The answer comes through the transcription of two key texts: one, never published until now, was written for the cathedral clergy around 1190; the other was composed around 1230, and printed just once, in the eighteenth century.English translations bring to life the liturgical year in medieval Florence, from the gorgeous pageantry of Christmas to the plaintive rites of Easter.The archaeological finds now make sense of the chapels, altars, and hallowed tombs that are cited in the texts. The volume then reconstructs the canonry (torn down around 1840), where the officiating priests lived, and the neighboring buildings on the cathedral square: a hospital, a school, and a prominent city gate that long ago disappeared, and a Baptistery, bishop's palace, and confraternity headquarters that are still standing. One chapter is devoted to the religious processions that ventured forth from S. Reparata to wind through the streets of Florence. Here the old texts are brought to life by the towers, bridges, churches, and monuments that survive from medieval Florence. The processional routes are examined for their social, political, and economic importance to the cathedral clergy, and the way the routes delineated the main lines of Roman Florence.The final chapter explores the food that poured onto the tables of the cathedral clergy from the farms and villages of the Florentine countryside.Altogether, the volume provides an exceptional look at the physical and spiritual impact of Florence's thousand-year-old cathedral in the age of Dante.

Fallingwater Rising - Frank Lloyd Wright, E. J. Kaufmann, and America's Most Extraordinary House (Paperback): Franklin... Fallingwater Rising - Frank Lloyd Wright, E. J. Kaufmann, and America's Most Extraordinary House (Paperback)
Franklin Toker
R711 R655 Discovery Miles 6 550 Save R56 (8%) Out of stock

"Fallingwater Rising" is a biography not of a person but of the most famous house of the twentieth century. Scholars and the public have long extolled the house that Frank Lloyd Wright perched over a Pennsylvania waterfall in 1937, but the full story has never been told.
When he got the commission to design the house, Wright was nearing seventy, his youth and his early fame long gone. It was the Depression, and Wright had no work in sight. Into his orbit stepped Edgar J. Kaufmann, a Pittsburgh department-store mogul-"the smartest retailer in America"-and a philanthropist with the burning ambition to build a world-famous work of architecture. It was an unlikely collaboration: the Jewish merchant who had little concern for modern architecture and the brilliant modernist who was leery of Jews. But the two men collaborated to produce an extraordinary building of lasting architectural significance that brought international fame to them both and confirmed Wright's position as the greatest architect of the twentieth century.
"Fallingwater Rising" is also an enthralling family drama, involving Kaufmann, his beautiful cousin/wife, Liliane, and their son, Edgar Jr., whose own role in the creation of Fallingwater and its ongoing reputation is central to the story. Involving such key figures of the l930s as Frida Kahlo, Albert Einstein, Henry R. Luce, William Randolph Hearst, Ayn Rand, and Franklin Roosevelt, "Fallingwater Rising "shows us how E. J. Kaufmann's house became not just Wright's masterpiece but a fundamental icon of American life.
One of the pleasures of the book is its rich evocation of the upper-crust society of Pittsburgh-Carnegie, Frick, the Mellons-a society that was socially reactionary but luxury-loving and baronial in its tastes, hobbies, and sexual attitudes (Kaufmann had so many mistresses that his store issued them distinctive charge plates they could use without paying).
Franklin Toker has been studying Fallingwater for eighteen years. No one but he could have given us this compelling saga of the most famous private house in the world and the dramatic personal story of the fascinating people who made and used it.
A major contribution to both architectural and social history.

"From the Hardcover edition."

The Church of Notre Dame in Montreal - An Architectural History (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): Franklin Toker The Church of Notre Dame in Montreal - An Architectural History (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Franklin Toker
R726 R689 Discovery Miles 6 890 Save R37 (5%) Out of stock

In the extensive new preface, Toker examines the approach he took in writing The Church of Notre-Dame in Montreal and reflects on the implications of what has been discovered since the book was first published in 1970.

Archaeological Campaigns Below the Florence Duomo and Baptistery 1895-1980 (Hardcover): Franklin Toker Archaeological Campaigns Below the Florence Duomo and Baptistery 1895-1980 (Hardcover)
Franklin Toker
R5,411 Discovery Miles 54 110 Out of stock

Archaeological Campaigns below the Florence Duomo and Baptistery, 1895-1980 presents the results of one of the major archaeological campaigns of our times: the decade-long excavation below Florence's cathedral of S. Maria del Fiore.The book presents a cutaway vision of a great city that would be hard to match anywhere, exploring a site that was in use for 1500 years, from the founding of the Roman settlement of Florence to the burial there of Giotto and Brunelleschi. In terms of structures, the excavation uncovered a Roman house, an Early Christian basilica, a Carolingian crypt, and further rebuildings from the eleventh century and later. For artifacts, the findings constitute a virtual encyclopedia of ancient and medieval art in mosaics, frescoes, the grave of Florence's earliest documented saint, the first elaborate tomb of the Medici, and outstanding examples of Roman and medieval glass, metalwork, and ceramics. Forty-one specialists in material culture and archaeological science report on those finds in the book, and hundreds more illustrations are carried on the author's website, www.franklintoker.com.But the findings from below the Florence Duomo are not limited to art history. The Roman house gives a glimpse of life on the Italian peninsula in the half-millennium between Emperor Augustus and the Ostrogoth king Theodoric. The construction of a large basilica with its rich mosaic floor marks the evident revival of a battered city: a turn of events entirely unexpected from the few other fragments of early Florentine history that survive. The later additions to the church of S. Reparata (as the early cathedral was titled by then) also constitute rare remains from the turbulent centuries that followed.Archaeological Campaigns additionally caries the results of excavations at the Baptistery of Florence and digging to establish the construction history of S. Maria del Fiore. The excavation results for S. Reparata, S. Giovanni, and S. Maria del Fiore make a fundamental contribution to the history of a city that has itself contributed so much to western civilization.

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