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Inorganic Polymers (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition): James E. Mark, Harry R. Allcock, Robert West Inorganic Polymers (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition)
James E. Mark, Harry R. Allcock, Robert West
R1,137 Discovery Miles 11 370 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Polymer chemistry and technology form one of the major areas of molecular and materials science. This field impinges on nearly every aspect of modern life, from electronics technology, to medicine, to the wide range of fibers, films, elastomers, and structural materials on which everyone depends. Although most of these polymers are organic materials, attention is being focused increasingly toward polymers that contain inorganic elements as well as organic components. The goal of Inorganic Polymers is to provide a broad overview of inorganic polymers in a way that will be useful to both the uninitiated and those already working in this field. There are numerous reasons for being interested in inorganic polymers. One is the simple need to know how structure affects the properties of a polymer, particularly outside the well-plowed area of organic materials. Another is the bridge that inorganic polymers provide between polymer science and ceramics. More and more chemistry is being used in the preparation of ceramics of carefully controlled structure, and inorganic polymers are increasingly important precursor materials in such approaches.
This new edition begins with a brief introductory chapter. That is followed with a discussion of the characteristics and characterization of polymers, with examples taken from the field. Other chapters in the book detail the synthesis, reaction chemistry, molecular structure, and uses of polyphosphazenes, polysiloxanes, and polysilanes. The coverage in the second edition has been updated and expanded significantly to cover advances and interesting trends since the first edition appeared. Three new chapters have been added, focusing on ferrocene-based polymers, other phosphorous-containing polymers, and boron-containing polymers; inorganic-organic hybrid composites; and preceramic inorganic polymers.

Introduction to Materials Chemistry (Hardcover, 2nd Edition): Harry R. Allcock Introduction to Materials Chemistry (Hardcover, 2nd Edition)
Harry R. Allcock
R2,309 Discovery Miles 23 090 Ships in 12 - 17 working days

This textbook introduces the reader to the elementary chemistry on which materials science depends by discussing the different classes of materials and their applications. It shows the reader how different types of materials are produced, why they possess specific properties, and how they are used in technology. Each chapter contains study questions to enable discussions and consolidation of the acquired knowledge. The new edition of this textbook is completely revised and updated to reflect the significant expansion of the field of materials chemistry over the last years, covering now also topics such as graphene, nanotubes, light emitting diodes, extreme photolithography, biomedical materials, and metal organic frameworks. From the reviews of the first edition: "This book is not only informative and comprehensive for a novice reader, but also a valuable resource for a scientist and/or an industrialist for new and novel challenges." (Materials and Manufacturing Process, June 2009) "Allcock provides a clear path by first describing basic chemical principles, then distinguishing between the various major materials groups, and finally enriching the student by offering a variety of special examples." (CHOICE, April 2009) "Proceeding logically from the basics to materials in advanced technology, it covers the fundamentals of materials chemistry, including principles of materials synthesis and materials characterization methods." (Internationale Fachzeitschrift Metall, January 2009)

Chemistry and Applications of Polyphosphazenes (Hardcover): Harry R. Allcock Chemistry and Applications of Polyphosphazenes (Hardcover)
Harry R. Allcock
R10,395 Discovery Miles 103 950 Out of stock

Polyphosphazenes are polymers containing nitrogen as part of their backbone; they are commonly used in O-rings, pipelines, and seals in oil, fuel delivery, and storage systems. New polyphosphazene derivatives have been proven biocompatible, biodegradable, and bioactive, and some of them are being investigated for possible medical applications. Harry Allcock’s Chemistry and Applications of Polyphosphazenes provides the only published compilation of material on polyphosphazenes, detailing synthetic methodologies and physical properties for each substance. Allcock explains the critical relationships between structure and properties, aiding the practicing researcher in the design of polyphosphazenes with specific applications. Professionals and students in polymer science, engineering, and industries such as rubbers and plastics will find Chemistry and Applications of Polyphosphazenes to be an invaluable text.

Polyphosphazenes in Biomedicine, Engineering, and Pioneering Synthesis (Hardcover): Alexander K Andrianov, Harry R. Allcock Polyphosphazenes in Biomedicine, Engineering, and Pioneering Synthesis (Hardcover)
Alexander K Andrianov, Harry R. Allcock
R3,490 Discovery Miles 34 900 Out of stock

A symposium titled "Polyphosphazenes in Biomedicine, Engineering & Pioneering Synthesis" was held at a recent meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in August 2017 in Washington, DC. The chapters in this book provide a summary of the international contributions reported at that meeting, the purpose of which was to bring together a broad range of topics, research investigators, and representatives from industry to discuss the current status of different aspects of this field.

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