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A Marriage of Inconvenience (Paperback): Jane Hatton A Marriage of Inconvenience (Paperback)
Jane Hatton
R454 Discovery Miles 4 540 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Cheryl loved Oliver, Oliver loved Cheryl. Jonathan loved Cheryl too, and Joanna loved Oliver. Cheryl's parents distrusted Oliver, and wanted her to marry Jonathan, Oliver's whole family appeared to despise Cheryl and would have preferred him to marry Joanna. Maeve wanted Cheryl's job, and Oliver resisted the idea of a job at all, unless it was something of which everyone else disapproved. Four-year-old Candy only wanted to be a bridesmaid - anybody's bridesmaid. The gypsy at the fair said You choose - oh, and watch your step as you do it! Lightheartedly as it all began, with so many different agendas, the sun wouldn't shine on everyone. Nor did it.

Winds of Change (Paperback): Jane Hatton Winds of Change (Paperback)
Jane Hatton
R431 Discovery Miles 4 310 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Kim and Tamsin met each other in Things that go Bump in the Night, each of them unaware at the time that they had ever had a twin, and by doing so inadvertently solved the mystery of who had killed their birth mother more than twenty years before. But the story didn't stop there: the consequences of their separation, of what had led to it in the first place and of what had subsequently come out of it, would have to be addressed, and this would involve new friends, new partners, and the start of new lives for them both, and the reunion of a disrupted family, the rescue of a near-derelict listed building and its adjacent farmland, and the restoration of a man's whole life. A West Country saga, and a delight to read.

Things That Go Bump in the Night (Paperback): Jane Hatton Things That Go Bump in the Night (Paperback)
Jane Hatton
R431 Discovery Miles 4 310 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

It began as a murder mystery, more than twenty years old and remaining unsolved, and it held a special fascination for Kim and Diana because Kim had inadvertently rented the scene of the crime - but as they were to discover, once you start digging in such circumstances, you're almost bound to disinter things that other people wish to keep hidden. You can place yourself in grave danger, and in extreme instances, you could lose your own life. The phrase "where the bodies are buried" takes on a new and sinister significance. And if you're clever enough to find the murderer, it doesn't end there. How can it? When someone has killed, when someone has moved heaven and earth to cover up the deed and succeeded for so long a time there are going to be all kinds of smaller crimes that have arisen out of the original deception. Lies may be the least of them. Even when you think you have found the truth, is it the whole truth? Because the fact of murder has a beginning somewhere, and that beginning may be far back beyond the actual motive...

A Different View (Paperback): Jane Hatton A Different View (Paperback)
Jane Hatton
R515 Discovery Miles 5 150 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Dot's social position in Embridge, a small seaside town in Dorset, defines her lifetime's achievement, so that when her openly despised son-in-law becomes a celebrity overnight, making her a laughing stock among those she has always considered her friends, her humiliation is complete. Shrewd enough to realise that she can't expect much help from her alienated daughters, her ex-husband, or her stepson, she prepares to face it out alone, and is therefore very much shaken when she finds that she isn't alone at all, and that help will come from some very unexpected places. Further west, the granddaughter of Dot's late first husband - best-selling novelist Elizabeth Ballantyne, whom due to a family feud Dot hasn't seen since she was two - is trying dump her arrogant, conceited boyfriend, Paul, who is proving difficult to dislodge, and the already complicated Nankervis family tree is due for a high wind through its branches when their interests, and those of the family in general, converge at a family christening in Cornwall ...

Looking for Henry (Paperback): Jane Hatton Looking for Henry (Paperback)
Jane Hatton
R517 Discovery Miles 5 170 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Susan has grown up with the knowledge that her natural father died before she was born, and that Jerry Nankervis adopted her on his marriage to her mother. She has never asked questions, has wanted to be part of the Nankervis family so much that she has never felt the need. But stepbrother Oliver and his wife have gone to live in Cornwall, half-sister Debbie has married a Cornishman, Jerry's marriage to her mother has foundered and he shows all the signs of returning to his first wife, Helen. Stranded in Embridge with her own marriage in seriously shoal water and her mother steadfastly unsympathetic, Susan feels desperate and rejected. A chance meeting at Debbie's wedding has put an idea into her head, on an impulse she acts upon it: she will trace her father, Henry, and in learning about him she maybe can find herself ... but where the quest will lead her is not where she expected, and the search itself has such far-reaching effects that it seems likely to make things infinitely worse ... Susan's actions have been, in one way, definitive, but can this be the final word on the subject? To find out, watch for the seventh in the series, STORMCLOUDS.

A Rooftop View (Paperback): Jane Hatton A Rooftop View (Paperback)
Jane Hatton
R442 Discovery Miles 4 420 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

First in the Cornish chronicle of the Nankervis family. Nonie first met Matthew Sutton when he came as a teacher to the art college where she was a student. It wasn't his ideal career choice, it was that or starvation, and maybe the sedate south-coast town of Embridge wasn't ready for him, but however that might be, his impact on the college turned out to be unforgettable. A disillusioned ex-bomber pilot from World War II and a twenty-year-old of the sixties is hardly a match made in heaven, and things were further complicated by the turbulent love-life of Nonie's best friend Helen, and her whirlwind romance with conventional solicitor Jerry Nankervis. And then there was Peachey, third in this close triangle of friends, whose twisted thinking and misdirected suspicions were to change everything, irrevocably, for them all ... but the real spanner in the works in the end was probably Dot. The Dreaded Dot. It had all the ingredients of a simple love story at the outset. But then, so did Romeo & Juliet.

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