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Beautiful Wave (DVD): Aimee Teegarden, Patricia Richardson, Lance Henriksen, Helen Slater, Bart Johnson, Alicia Ziegler, Brie... Beautiful Wave (DVD)
Aimee Teegarden, Patricia Richardson, Lance Henriksen, Helen Slater, Bart Johnson, … 1
R32 R23 Discovery Miles 230 Save R9 (28%) Ships in 20 - 25 working days

Coming of age adventure feature following the experiences of a young woman who embarks on a journey of self-discovery when she goes to stay with her grandmother for the summer holidays. Nicole (Aimee Teegarden) is a quiet, slightly bookish teenager from New York. Her grandmother, Sue (Patricia Richardson), lives a very different life. As the owner of a California surf shop, she presents a fresh environment for her granddaughter and encourages her to try surfing herself. Nicole gradually begins to emerge from her shell and even plans a road trip to Mexico, where the discovery of a long-buried family secret shakes her world even more...

A Dictionary of Social Work and Social Care (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition): John Harris, Vicky White A Dictionary of Social Work and Social Care (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
John Harris, Vicky White
R270 R250 Discovery Miles 2 500 Save R20 (7%) In stock

This new edition has been fully revised and updated to provide over 1,800 A-Z definitions of terms from the field of social care, concentrating on social work as a significant area within this field. Covering social work theories, methods, policies, organizations, and statutes, as well as key terms from interdisciplinary topics overlapping with health and education, this is the most up-to-date dictionary of its kind available. It also provides extended entries on specialisms such as children and families, domestic violence, and residential care, and has been extensively updated to include new legislation. Useful appendices include a glossary of acronyms and a Table of Legislation, Regulations, and Codes of Practice, cross-referenced to Dictionary entries. Entry-level bibliographies and web links provide further resources and the web links are listed and regularly updated on a dedicated companion website. Written by two leading figures in the field, and a team of eleven contributors, A Dictionary of Social Work and Social Care is a must-have for students of social work, social care, and related subjects, as well as for qualified social workers undertaking continuing professional development programmes.

The Trial of Maximo Bonga - The Story of the Strangest Guesthouse in South East Asia (Paperback): John Harris The Trial of Maximo Bonga - The Story of the Strangest Guesthouse in South East Asia (Paperback)
John Harris 1
R256 R189 Discovery Miles 1 890 Save R67 (26%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

There was someone standing further along the beach, facing out to sea. An old man dressed in... I blinked... battle fatigues? Second World War U.S. by the looks of the helmet. I looked on for a moment, squinting into the sun-streaked coconut smoke. `You won't like Bonga's Guest House, I can tell you now. Maximo Bonga...' said the fisherman's wife. She was lost for words, shaking her head. `Maximum Bongo?' I asked.`Bonga,' she said. `It means flamboyant.' Based on a true story On one of South East Asia's most remote beaches, a young woman's body is found. The corrupt local police think they have found the perfect fall guy in Maximo Bonga - cantankerous World War Two veteran and owner of the weirdest guesthouse in town. But unbeknownst to them, an unlikely friendship has been forged between Maximo and John, one of the boarders of Maximo's guest-house-cum-boot-camp, where an old machine gun and camouflaged mantraps stand guard, sandbags form fences and a tyrannical pet rooster terrorises the guests. Along with an eccentric bunch of modern-world rejects, John sets out to defend the old soldier in a kangaroo court set up at the local cockpit, in a paradise like no other.

The Dark Side of the Moon - The Making of the Pink Floyd Masterpiece (Paperback): John Harris The Dark Side of the Moon - The Making of the Pink Floyd Masterpiece (Paperback)
John Harris
R275 R199 Discovery Miles 1 990 Save R76 (28%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

A behind-the-scenes, in-depth look at the making of one of the greatest sonic masterpieces and most commercially successful albums of all time. Over three decades after its release, Pink Floyd's 'The Dark Side of the Moon' remains one of the most acclaimed albums of all time. Its sales total around 30 million copies worldwide. In its first run, it took up residence in the US charts for a mind-boggling 724 weeks. According to recent estimates, one in five British households owns a copy. This, however, is only a fraction of the story. 'Dark Side' is rock's most fully realised and elegant concept album, based on themes of madness, anxiety and alienation that were rooted in the band's history - and particularly in the tragic tale of their one - time leader Syd Barrett. Drawing on original interviews with bass guitarist and chief songwriter Roger Waters, guitarist David Gilmour, and the album's supporting cast ,'The Dark Side of the Moon' is a must-have for the millions of devoted fans who desire to know more about one of the most timeless, compelling, commercially successful, and mysterious albums ever made.

On the Prowl - In Search of Big Cat Origins (Hardcover): Mark Hallett, John Harris On the Prowl - In Search of Big Cat Origins (Hardcover)
Mark Hallett, John Harris
R845 R760 Discovery Miles 7 600 Save R85 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Big cats such as lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars fascinate us like few other creatures. They are enduring symbols of natural majesty and power. Yet despite the magnetic appeal of the big cats, their origins and evolutionary history remain poorly understood-and human activity threatens to put an end to the big cats' glory. On the Prowl is a fully illustrated and approachable guide to the evolution of the big cats and what it portends for their conservation today. Mark Hallett and John M. Harris trace the origins of these iconic carnivores, venturing down the evolutionary pathways that produced the diversity of big cat species that have walked the earth. They place the evolution and paleobiology of these species in the context of ancient ecosystems and climates, explaining what made big cats such efficient predators and analyzing their competition with other animals. Hallett and Harris pay close attention to human impact, from the evidence of cave paintings and analysis of ancient extinctions up to present-day crises. Their engaging and carefully documented account is brought to life through Hallett's detailed, vivid illustrations, based on the most recent research by leading paleontologists. Offering a fresh look at the rise of these majestic animals, On the Prowl also makes a powerful case for renewed efforts to protect big cats and their habitats before it is too late.

How to be Good - The Possibility of Moral Enhancement (Paperback): John Harris How to be Good - The Possibility of Moral Enhancement (Paperback)
John Harris
R546 Discovery Miles 5 460 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

'How to be Good?' is the pre-eminent question for ethics, although one that philosophers and ethicists seldom address head on. Knowing how to be good, or perhaps (more modestly and more accurately) knowing how to go about trying to be good, and the ways in which it is pointless or self-defeating to try to be good, is of immense theoretical and practical importance. And what goes for trying to be good oneself, goes also for trying to provide others with ways of being good, and for trying to make them good whether they like it or not. This is what is meant by 'moral enhancement'. There are many proposed methodologies or technologies for moral enhancement. Some of them are ancient and/or familiar: we may attempt moral enhancement by setting a good example, by good parenting, by education or training, by peer pressure, by telling stories with a moral, in words or in pictures, and so on. We can imbibe substances with mood changing or motivational effects. We can also use medical, biological, or other scientific means; we can search for and deploy chemicals, or biological or molecular agents, which we believe will change people for the better; and we can modify the environment to make bad outcomes of all sorts less likely. We can experiment with political and social systems, institutions, and arrangements designed to make the world a better place or people better people. The question whether and to what extent moral enhancement is possible is the subject of this book.

The Last Party - Britpop, Blair and the Demise of English Rock (Paperback, New ed): John Harris The Last Party - Britpop, Blair and the Demise of English Rock (Paperback, New ed)
John Harris
R421 R303 Discovery Miles 3 030 Save R118 (28%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

'The loveliest - and certainly the most human - book about pop music I've ever read ... A delightful and humane soap opera, a real page-turner, full of rounded and entirely recognisable characters.' Jon Ronson, Daily Telegraph THE DEFINITIVE HISTORY OF BRITPOP - BLUR, OASIS, ELASTICA, SUEDE & TONY BLAIR Beginning in 1994 and closing in the first months of 1998, the UK passed through a cultural moment as distinct and as celebrated as any since the war. Founded on rock music, celebrity, boom-time economics and fleeting political optimism - this was 'Cool Britannia'. Records sold in their millions, a new celebrity elite emerged and Tony Blair's Labour Party found itself, at long last, returned to government. Drawing on interviews from all the major bands - including Oasis, Blur, Elastica and Suede - from music journalists, record executives and those close to government, The Last Party charts the rise and fall of the Britpop movement. John Harris was there; and in this gripping new book he argues that the high point of British music's cultural impact also signalled its effective demise - If rock stars were now friends of the government, then how could they continue to matter? Britpop in numbers: *There were an astonishing 2.6 million ticket applications for the Oasis gig at Knebworth in 1996. 1 in 24 of the British public wanted to see them play. In the end the band played to 250,000 fans across two nights with a guest list that ran to 7,000. *'Definitely, Maybe', Oasis's debut album, went straight to No 1, selling 100,000 copies in 4 days and outselling the Three Tenors in second place by a factor of 50% *On its first day in the shops Oasis's second album, 'What's The Story, Morning Glory', was selling at a rate of 2 copies a minute through HMV's London stores. * By 1997 Creation Records (which had been founded 12 years earlier with a bank loan of GBP1,000 by an ex-British Rail Clerk Alan McGee) announced a turnover of GBP36million thanks almost entirely to one band: Oasis.

The Backpacker (Paperback): John Harris The Backpacker (Paperback)
John Harris
R285 R209 Discovery Miles 2 090 Save R76 (27%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

For fans of Alex Garland's "The Beach," a true story of out-of-control travel"" ""Leaving the blinding sand for the cool shade of the trees, I walked carefully through the undergrowth to where Dave, using two twigs as chopsticks, was picking up a freshly severed human finger . . . "" John's trip to India starts badly when his girlfriend, with whom he is traveling, returns home. Left to his own devices, he soon finds himself looking at the sharp end of a knife in a train station cubicle. But his life is saved--and turned upside down--by Rick, an enigmatic fellow traveler who persuades John to question his mundane plans for the future, risking it all for much, much more. Fast forward to the Thai island of Koh Pha-Ngan, where John, Rick, and their new friend Dave pose as millionaire aristocrats in a hedonistic Eden of beautiful women, free drugs, and wild beach parties. However, when they find themselves hotly pursued by the Thai Mafia, they embark on adrenaline-fueled journeys to Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, and Hong Kong, facing danger at every turn. This is not travel writing for the faint of heart: this is an unbelievable true story of the hunt for excess, at any cost.

More Than Meatballs - From Arancini to Zucchini Fritters and Everything in Between (Hardcover): Michele Anna Jordan More Than Meatballs - From Arancini to Zucchini Fritters and Everything in Between (Hardcover)
Michele Anna Jordan; Photographs by Liza Gershman; Foreword by L John Harris
R509 R474 Discovery Miles 4 740 Save R35 (7%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

More than fifty recipes that celebrate the versatility of meatballs, fritters, and other bite-sized rounds of deliciousness! "I love meatballs!" people say around the world. Round morsels of bite-sized savory foods meat, poultry, fish, grains, and vegetables have never been more popular. In Turkey alone, there are more than 150 traditional recipes for meatballs. It's nearly impossible to get a seat in New York City's Meatball Shop, and food trucks that feature an enormous array of meatballs are popping up all over the United States and beyond. More Than Meatballs offers dozens of recipes, from classic Italian polpetti and French boule de viande to Spanish and Mexican albondigas, Moroccan merguez meatballs, Sicilian arancini (stuffed risotto balls), and carrot fritters. A final chapter features meatballs in traditional and contemporary contexts, with soups, salads, tacos, sandwiches, and, of course, spaghetti. In addition, the book offers natural options for gluten-free meatballs and practical suggestions for making your kitchen meatball friendly. Highlights of the recipes include: Roasted Garlic Meatballs Fresh Herb Meatballs with Fried Padrons & Aioli Lamb & Chard Caillettes Carrot Fritters Dirty Rice Boulettes with the Devil's Mustard Sauce Chef John Ash's Chicken & Shrimp Meatball Soup And many more! Skyhorse Publishing, along with our Good Books and Arcade imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of cookbooks, including books on juicing, grilling, baking, frying, home brewing and winemaking, slow cookers, and cast iron cooking. We've been successful with books on gluten-free cooking, vegetarian and vegan cooking, paleo, raw foods, and more. Our list includes French cooking, Swedish cooking, Austrian and German cooking, Cajun cooking, as well as books on jerky, canning and preserving, peanut butter, meatballs, oil and vinegar, bone broth, and more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

A is for Artist - A Getty Museum Alphabet (Hardcover): John Harris A is for Artist - A Getty Museum Alphabet (Hardcover)
John Harris
R371 Discovery Miles 3 710 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

An alphabet books illustrated with details taken from paintings in the J. Paul Getty Museum.

Drama and Pride in the Gateway City - The 1964 St. Louis Cardinals (Paperback, 0 Ed): Bill Nowlin, John Harry Stahl Drama and Pride in the Gateway City - The 1964 St. Louis Cardinals (Paperback, 0 Ed)
Bill Nowlin, John Harry Stahl; Society for American Baseball Research (Sabr)
R656 R526 Discovery Miles 5 260 Save R130 (20%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

By 1964 the storied St. Louis Cardinals had gone seventeen years without so much as a pennant. Things began to turn around in 1953, when August A. Busch Jr. bought the team and famously asked where all the black players were. Under the leadership of men like Bing Devine and Johnny Keane, the Cardinals began signing talented players regardless of colour, and slowly their star started to rise again. Drama and Pride in the Gateway City commemorates the team that Bing Devine built, the 1964 team that prevailed in one of the tightest three-way pennant races of all time and then went on to win the World Series, beating the New York Yankees in the full seven games. All the men come alive in these pages - pitchers Ray Sadecki and Bob Gibson, players Lou Brock, Curt Flood, and Bobby Shantz, manager Johnny Keane, his coaches, the Cardinals' broadcasters, and Bill White, who would one day run the entire National League - along with the dramatic events that made the 1964 Cardinals such a memorable club in a memorable year.

Human Remains in Society - Curation and Exhibition in the Aftermath of Genocide and Mass-Violence (Hardcover): David Anderson,... Human Remains in Society - Curation and Exhibition in the Aftermath of Genocide and Mass-Violence (Hardcover)
David Anderson, Paul J. Lane, Zuzzana Dziuban, Vilho Shigedha, Caroline Sturdy Colls, …
R2,150 R1,937 Discovery Miles 19 370 Save R213 (10%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Whether reburied, concealed, stored, abandoned or publicly displayed, human remains raise a vast number of questions regarding social, legal and ethical uses by communities, public institutions and civil society organisations. This book presents a ground-breaking account of the treatment and commemoration of dead bodies resulting from incidents of genocide and mass violence. Through a range of international case studies across multiple continents, it explores the effect of dead bodies or body parts on various political, cultural and religious practices. Multidisciplinary in scope, it will appeal to readers interested in this crucial phase of post-conflict reconciliation, including students and researchers of history, anthropology, sociology, archaeology, law, politics and modern warfare. -- .

Goronwy Rees (Paperback): John Harris Goronwy Rees (Paperback)
John Harris
R165 Discovery Miles 1 650 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

After gaining an Oxford fellowship at the age of twenty-one, Goronwy Rees (1909-79) went on to write for the "Guardian" and the "Spectator" before becoming Principal of the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth in 1953. A Marxist intellectual turned cold warrior, who also claimed that 'writing books is the only thing I'm serious about', he became a full-time writer in 1957 following his acrimonious resignation from Aberystwyth over revelations about his friendship with Guy Burgess. This first study of Rees as author sets his writings in the context of a dramatically eventful life.

John Harris also discusses Rees' complex relationship with Wales and how, although an unwavering advocate of home rule, he was perceived in his native country as being anti-Welsh. Whatever his personal trials, Rees kept up writing, publishing a powerful novel of ideas, a range of non-literary books, and two fine volumes of memoirs blending fictionalised autobiography with acute social analysis.

Combinatorics and Graph Theory (Hardcover, 2nd ed. 2008): John Harris, Jeffry L. Hirst, Michael Mossinghoff Combinatorics and Graph Theory (Hardcover, 2nd ed. 2008)
John Harris, Jeffry L. Hirst, Michael Mossinghoff
R1,095 R1,020 Discovery Miles 10 200 Save R75 (7%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

These notes were first used in an introductory course team taught by the authors at Appalachian State University to advanced undergraduates and beginning graduates. The text was written with four pedagogical goals in mind: offer a variety of topics in one course, get to the main themes and tools as efficiently as possible, show the relationships between the different topics, and include recent results to convince students that mathematics is a living discipline.

Events, Places and Societies (Hardcover): Nicholas Wise, John Harris Events, Places and Societies (Hardcover)
Nicholas Wise, John Harris
R3,097 Discovery Miles 30 970 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Events can be synonymous with a particular place, helping shape and promote a location. Given the rise of the global events industry, this book uncovers how events impact upon places and societies, looking at a range of different events and geographical scales. Geographers are concerned with how notions of space and place impact people, communities and identity, and events have played a central role in how places are perceived, consumed and even contested. This book will discuss international event cases to frame knowledge around the increased demands, pressures and complexities that globalisation, transnationalism, regeneration and competitiveness has put on events, places and societies. Integrating discussions of theory and practice, this book will explore the range of conceptual perspectives linked to how geographers and sociologists understand events and the role events play in contemporary times. This involves recognizing histories and planning strategies, the purpose of bidding for an event or the local meanings that have emerged and changed in the place. This helps us analyse how events have the potential to redefine place identities. This international edited collection will appeal to academics across disciplines such as geography, planning and sociology, as well as students on events management and events studies courses.

The Art of John Harris - Beyond the Horizon (Hardcover): John Harris The Art of John Harris - Beyond the Horizon (Hardcover)
John Harris 1
R748 R578 Discovery Miles 5 780 Save R170 (23%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

World-renowned visionary artist John Harris' unique concept paintings capture the Universe on a massive scale, featuring everything from epic landscapes and towering cities to out-of-this-world science fiction vistas.
This collection focuses on his wide variety of futuristic art, as well as his striking covers for a variety of esteemed SF authors, including Arthur C Clarke, John Scalzi, Ben Bova, Hal Clement, Jack McDevitt, Frederik Pohl, Orson Scott Card's Enders books and many more.

Moon Gardening - Ancient and Natural Ways to Grow Healthier, Tastier Food (Hardcover): John Harris, Jim Rickards Moon Gardening - Ancient and Natural Ways to Grow Healthier, Tastier Food (Hardcover)
John Harris, Jim Rickards 1
R372 R305 Discovery Miles 3 050 Save R67 (18%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This is not your average gardening book. In it you will discover how to increase your crop yield and grow healthier, better tasting food, whilst reducing work in your garden and forking out less on your fertiliser. This seemingly impossible win-win is achieved by planting and reaping in tune with the phases of the moon. Lunar gardening has been around for as long as man has pulled food from the soil. It was practised by the Incas and the Native Americans, and is still followed by the Maoris and rural communities in Eastern Europe. Because it works. But with the mass adoption of fertilisers achieving quicker results for a need-it-now-generation, these techniques have been all but forgotten by the modern gardener. Until now. Head gardener at Cornwall's famous Tresillian Estate, John Harris has researched, studied and put in to practise the principles of gardening by the phases of the moon for more than forty years. The results he's achieved are nothing short of astonishing. He has never watered his garden (even during the drought of 1976), he only grows organically and yet he's won numerous show awards and prizes for the size, abundance and taste of his produce.In The Moon Gardener, he shows you how you can do the same by following a few simple principles. Moon gardening is not some groundless fad. It's been followed for thousands of years with great success. Anyone who's met John Harris knows he's one of the most down-to-earth people you could wish to meet. This book, written in his own inimitable style, is packed full of tips that improve results, anecdotes that inspire and resources you can rely on. Its ultimate aim is to pass on John's treasure trove of horticultural knowledge to future generations, so that we can all get more from our garden. And before you ask, no: moon gardening doesn't mean you have to start digging at night.

Attrition in the Pharmaceutical Industry - Reasons, Implications, and Pathways Forward (Hardcover): Alexander Alex, C. John... Attrition in the Pharmaceutical Industry - Reasons, Implications, and Pathways Forward (Hardcover)
Alexander Alex, C. John Harris, Dennis A. Smith
R2,904 R2,578 Discovery Miles 25 780 Save R326 (11%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

With a focus on case studies of R&D programs in a variety of disease areas, the book highlights fundamental productivity issues the pharmaceutical industry has been facing and explores potential ways of improving research effectiveness and efficiency. Takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to the problems and potential solutions to drug compound attrition Tackles a problem that adds billions of dollars to drug development programs and health care costs Guides discovery and development scientists through R&D stages, teaching requirements and reasons why drugs can fail Discusses potential ways forward utilizing new approaches and opportunities to reduce attrition

Exploiting Chemical Diversity for Drug Discovery (Hardcover, and): Paula Bartlett, Michael Entzeroth Exploiting Chemical Diversity for Drug Discovery (Hardcover, and)
Paula Bartlett, Michael Entzeroth; Series edited by David M.J. Lilley, Marius Clore, Simon Campbell; Edited by (editors-in-chief) …
R4,254 Discovery Miles 42 540 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Conceptual and technological advances in chemistry and biology have transformed the drug discovery process. Evolutionary pressure among the diverse scientific and engineering disciplines that contribute to the identification of biologically active compounds has resulted in synergistic improvements at every step in the process. Exploiting Chemical Diversity for Drug Discovery encompasses the many components of this transformation and presents the current state-of-the-art of this critical endeavour. From the theoretical and operational considerations in generating a collection of compounds to screen, to the design and implementation of high-capacity and high-quality assays that provide the most useful biological information, this book provides a comprehensive overview of modern approaches to lead identification. Beginning with an introductory overview, subsequent chapters address topics that include the design of chemical libraries and methods for optimizing their diversity; automated and accelerated chemistry; high throughput assay design and detection techniques; and strategies for data analysis and property optimization. Written by experts in the field, both academic and industrial, and illustrated in full colour, this book provides an excellent overview for current practitioners and will also serve as a stimulating resource for future generations. Researchers in organic and medicinal chemistry, the biological and pharmacological sciences, as well as those interested in allied computational and engineering disciplines will value the comprehensive and up-to-date coverage.

Rugby in Global Perspective - Playing on the Periphery (Hardcover): John Harris, Nicholas Wise Rugby in Global Perspective - Playing on the Periphery (Hardcover)
John Harris, Nicholas Wise
R1,254 Discovery Miles 12 540 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

This book critically examines how rugby union has developed in recent years, in nations on the periphery of the sport. Focusing on people and places on the fringes, it examines contemporary issues and challenges within the global game. Such a collection is timely, as the sport's governing body seeks to expand influence and participation beyond the eight core nations, with the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan being the first time that that tournament has taken place outside of the core. Presenting case studies from Europe, Africa, North and South America, Asia and the Middle East, this collection offers an interdisciplinary account of a sport that is undergoing a period of significant change. Through examination of topics such as the development of rugby sevens and the growth of women's rugby, it considers what the future may hold for the sport. Rugby in Global Perspective is important reading for students of sport in society, the globalisation of sport, sports studies, sport development and associated fields. It is also a valuable resource for academic researchers working in rugby union or sport in the peripheral rugby nations, as well as those with an interest in cultural geography, sociology, development studies, events studies, event management and sport management.

Caradoc Evans: The Devil in Eden (Hardcover): John Harris Caradoc Evans: The Devil in Eden (Hardcover)
John Harris
R589 R461 Discovery Miles 4 610 Save R128 (22%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
Sport and Social Identities (Paperback, New): John Harris, Andrew Parker Sport and Social Identities (Paperback, New)
John Harris, Andrew Parker
R876 Discovery Miles 8 760 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

Playing and watching sport can teach us a great deal about wider social issues. This book looks at how identities are constructed and reinforced in sport, exploring notions of race, class, sexuality and nationalism. With contributions from international experts, this book is key reading for students of sociology and sports studies.

Various Artists - Bowery Songs (CD): Mark Spector, Brandon Mason, John Harris Various Artists - Bowery Songs (CD)
Mark Spector, Brandon Mason, John Harris; Performed by Joan Baez
R289 Discovery Miles 2 890 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Tumult (Hardcover): John Harris Dunning Tumult (Hardcover)
John Harris Dunning; Artworks by Michael Kennedy
R513 R387 Discovery Miles 3 870 Save R126 (25%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

"Incredible, inspiring, infinitely readable" - Craig Thompson, author of Blankets "The story was tremendous, a real page-turner. And I loved Michael Kennedy's artwork." - Frank Quitely "[Tumult] reads like an art house thriller. An ode to cinema, it has shades of Jim Jamusch or a hipster Hitchcock, and some of the boldest, most original art I've seen in years" - Christian Ward "Unique, thrilling and illustrated with gusto" - Michael Allred Tumult is the coolest indie movie on paper. Oblique, funny and beautiful work from two future comic stars!" - Sean Phillips Adam Whistler has it all, so why does he feel so empty? When he breaks his ankle on a Mediterranean holiday he impulsively ends his relationship, toppling himself into emotional free fall. At a house party he meets-and beds-the lovely Morgan. But when he encounters her a few days later she has no memory of him and introduces herself as Leila. Leila has dissociative identity disorder, or multiple personalities. People are being murdered and Leila fears that Morgan, the personality Adam first met, is the killer. He doesn't believe that any part of her is capable of it, so he sets out to unravel the mystery of her past. Tumult is a stylish, contemporary psychological thriller in the vein of Alfred Hitchcock and Patricia Highsmith.

Enhancing Evolution - The Ethical Case for Making Better People (Paperback, Revised edition): John Harris Enhancing Evolution - The Ethical Case for Making Better People (Paperback, Revised edition)
John Harris
R609 R488 Discovery Miles 4 880 Save R121 (20%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days

In "Enhancing Evolution," leading bioethicist John Harris dismantles objections to genetic engineering, stem-cell research, designer babies, and cloning and makes an ethical case for biotechnology that is both forthright and rigorous. Human enhancement, Harris argues, is a good thing--good morally, good for individuals, good as social policy, and good for a genetic heritage that needs serious improvement. "Enhancing Evolution" defends biotechnological interventions that could allow us to live longer, healthier, and even happier lives by, for example, providing us with immunity from cancer and HIV/AIDS. Further, Harris champions the possibility of influencing the very course of evolution to give us increased mental and physical powers--from reasoning, concentration, and memory to strength, stamina, and reaction speed. Indeed, he says, it's not only morally defensible to enhance ourselves; in some cases, it's morally obligatory.

In a new preface, Harris offers a glimpse at the new science and technology to come, equipping readers with the knowledge to assess the ethics and policy dimensions of future forms of human enhancement.

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