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Japanese Kanji and Kana Workbook - A Self-Study Workbook for Learning Japanese Characters (Ideal for JLPT and AP Exam Prep)... Japanese Kanji and Kana Workbook - A Self-Study Workbook for Learning Japanese Characters (Ideal for JLPT and AP Exam Prep) (Paperback)
Wolfgang Hadamitzky, Mark Spahn
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Japanese Kanji and Kana Workbook offers a systematic approach to learning Japanese characters. It is designed to be used with the best-selling Japanese Kanji & Kana: A Guide to the Japanese Writing System. Presenting all 92 Hiragana and Katakana and 617 high-frequency Kanji characters, this character workbook teaches you how to write the Kanji and Kana neatly and correctly. Included for each character are the Japanese and Chinese readings, stroke order writing guides, English meanings, vocabulary, radicals, and ample space for writing practice. This valuable Japanese language book also includes an introduction explaining how to begin learning the Japanese writing system and two Kanji indexes-one by radicals, the other by readings. The 617 kanji characters provided cover all Kanji required to take the AP Japanese Language and Culture Exam and the JLPT levels N5, N4, and N3.

The Learner's Kanji Dictionary - Find Any Compound Using Any of Its Component Characters (English, Japanese, Paperback,... The Learner's Kanji Dictionary - Find Any Compound Using Any of Its Component Characters (English, Japanese, Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)
Mark Spahn, Wolfgang Hadamitzky
R538 R451 Discovery Miles 4 510 Save R87 (16%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"The authors have succeeded in the purpose of making it as easy as possible to look up the readings and meanings of Japanese words written in Chinese characters." --"The Modern Language Library"
The purpose of this "Learner's Kanji Dictionary" is to offer a handy and easy-to-use tool to look up the readings and meanings of Japanese words and names written with Chinese characters (kanji). Each kanji entry is presented in extra-large form, with its strokes labeled in order by small numbers 1, 2, 3, ... positioned at the beginning of each stroke to show how the kanji is to be written. Handwritten pen and variant forms of the kanji are also given, along with its general structure and graphemes. This dictionary is a concise version of the more comprehensive "Kanji Dictionary." In all, this Japanese dictionary lists the most important 2,882 characters and 12,073 multi-character compounds, including all 1,945 "Joyo Kanji" decree for general use plus all 284 "Jinmei-yo Kanji" sanctioned for use in given names. In addition, the most frequently used approximately 700 surnames and 600 given names have been added.
One feature that makes this dictionary particularly useful for a beginner, or anyone else, is that every compound is listed under each of its characters. This multiple listing makes it possible to look up a compound under whichever of its characters is quickest to find, and it is a big help in deciphering sloppy handwriting or a blurred copy. Entries are arranged according to a radical--based lookup system of the same type used in virtually all character dictionaries, but with improvements that make it particularly easy to learn and use. And with the alphabetically arranged index of kanji readings at the back of the dictionary, the user can look up a character via any of its known readings (or look up a compound via any of the readings of any of its characters), without having to determine radicals or count strokes.
This handy character dictionary includes: 2,882 character entries and 12,073 compounds.Character entries are according to the system of 79 Radicals.Information about writing, form, structure, etc. of each of the characters.Approximately 700 surnames and 600 given names.An alphabetical pronunciation index.

The Kanji Dictionary (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition): Mark Spahn, Wolfgang Hadamitzky The Kanji Dictionary (Hardcover, 2nd Revised edition)
Mark Spahn, Wolfgang Hadamitzky
R1,553 R1,246 Discovery Miles 12 460 Save R307 (20%) Out of stock

The acknowledged authority on Japanese Kanji, The Kanji Dictionary makes written Japanese more accessible than ever before and is an absolutely vital tool for anyone seeking to learn Japanese at an intermediate or advanced level. This is the only kanji dictionary of its kind to employ a revolutionary multiple-reference compound system. Every kanji compound, a word or phrase made up of two or more characters, is listed under each of its components characters. This unique, time-saving feature makes finding compounds fast and easy. Entries are arranged according to a radical based reference system, similar to that used in most other dictionaries, but it has been simplified to make it easier to learn and use. Also, the comprehensive on/kun readings index and handy radical "overview lists" provide further means to find an entry. The focus of this reference work is kanji compounds, and the more than 47,000 entries in the main text include the most common and most important terms and expressions currently in use. The addition of newly coined terms, particularly those in new technical fields, is another key feature. Features over 47,000 entries with an emphasis on current expressions. Arranged for search from any kanji in a compound. Contains a complete on/kun (Chinese/Japanese) reading index. Includes an easy-to-use radical guide. Provides appendices of counters, historical periods, common Japanese surnames, etc.

Japanese Kanji & Kana - (JLPT All Levels) A Complete Guide to the Japanese Writing System (2,136 Kanji and All Kana)... Japanese Kanji & Kana - (JLPT All Levels) A Complete Guide to the Japanese Writing System (2,136 Kanji and All Kana) (Paperback, Revised)
Wolfgang Hadamitzky, Mark Spahn
R454 R384 Discovery Miles 3 840 Save R70 (15%) Out of stock

"One of the best modern texts. Highly recommended." -The Japan Times Complete, compact and authoritative-this Japanese language book provides all the information needed to learn kanji and kana, including the 92 hiragana and katakana phonetic symbols (known collectively as Japanese Kana) and the 2,136 standard Joyo Kanji characters that every Japanese person learns in school. This new and thoroughly revised edition reflects recent changes made to the official Joyo kanji list by the Japanese government. The kana and kanji are presented efficiently and systematically which helps you learn them quickly and retain what you have learned to improve your mastery of the Japanese language. The ability to read Japanese and write Japanese is an essential skill for any student and will build on their previous knowledge and improve their overall capacity to learn Japanese. A concise index allows you to look up the Kanji in three different ways (so the book also serves as a Japanese Kanji dictionary) and extra spaces are provided to allow you to practice writing Japanese. Japanese Kanji and Kana contains: All 2,136 official Joyo kanji with readings and definitions. Characters are graded by their JLPT examination levels. Up to 5 useful vocabulary compounds for each kanji. Brush and pen cursive forms as well as printed forms. 19 tables summarizing key information about the characters. Kanji lookup indexes by radicals, stroke counts and readings.

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