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Turning Snowflakes into Snowdrops (Paperback): Mark Woollacott Turning Snowflakes into Snowdrops (Paperback)
Mark Woollacott
R326 Discovery Miles 3 260 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

A terrible, personal tragedy serves as the catalyst for a sequence of events that completely change the outlook of twenty-three-year-old Abigail Spears' already-troubled life. First, she loses her mother to stomach cancer and, soon after, her grief-stricken father takes his own life, leaving her in a lamentable predicament, alone and left with no choice but to live with her cold and oppressive grandmother near the bleak, brooding hills of Dartmoor, England. Her grief and sense of aloneness makes her feel vulnerable and exposed to the hardness of the world. She knows her struggles will only be overcome if she learns to free her true self from the shackles of her own inner oppressions, doubts, and personal hang-ups. But is she strong enough to muster the inner strength and conviction required in order to resolve all of her issues? Can she overcome the fear of failure and break free from the shadow of adversity which always seems to haunt her? This is a tense and dramatic work of contemporary fiction that explores the vulnerabilities and strengths of the human condition when put under the greatest stresses from the real world and also the inner world of the mind. It is a story about the fear of living alone, confronting independence and surviving by one's own strengths. It is a story of hope and self-discovery, whereby the principle character undergoes a personal growth transformation as a result of an arduous life-changing journey. This story tells of one young woman's difficult journey as she strives to grow spiritually, tries to understand the nature of her true self and endeavors to find her real purpose in life. Emotionally engaging, profound, yet also disturbing, this is a story that will move you, inspire you, and remain forever in your memory.

Pray for Fey (Paperback): Mark Woollacott Pray for Fey (Paperback)
Mark Woollacott
R224 Discovery Miles 2 240 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

A deeply moving debut novel - beautiful and enchanting Fiction writer Mark Woollacott delves straight into the world of fairies and sheds light on the mysteries of the soul and the afterlife in what is truly an unforgettable story rich with powerful insights about fairy nature. This moving story is heartrending in its intimacy and will leave readers touched by its gentle eloquence, spiritual insights and beauty. Following the tragic death of her sister, Fey (a young idealistic fairy) is determined to prove that there is an afterlife for fairies - something which fairies have always denied the existence of. Not only is Fey prepared to sacrifice love in order to search for her spiritual identity but, more astonishingly and at great personal cost to herself, she breaks with years of fairy convention and turns to human beings for guidance and commits herself to their God in the hope of being granted a soul and eternal life in heaven. Pray for Fey is a deeply moving fairy tale set in the late nineteenth century, in rural Brittany, France. It is a tragic love story that truly touches the heart and reveals what really happens to fairies after they die. Pray for Fey is appropriate for readers from age nine to adults.

Love Sings like the Nightingale (Paperback): Mark Woollacott Love Sings like the Nightingale (Paperback)
Mark Woollacott
R185 Discovery Miles 1 850 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The year is 1693 and it is a time when the Kingdom of Sicily was part of the Spanish Empire and ruled by local barons. Roberto Calamia (a humble, thirty-year-old carpenter and unpublished poet) is in love with wealthy, world-wise and deep-feeling Isabella Attino (a beautiful opera singer in her late twenties) who lives with her father and two sisters in a rural Sicilian town called Paterno, in the province of Catania, a short distance from the slopes of Mount Etna. Isabella is in love with Roberto, but she doesn't wish to confess her love to him. Instead, she holds back her true feelings - as the last time she experienced love with someone she ended up being emotionally hurt and betrayed and, understandably, doesn't wish to be hurt again. Isabella's sisters encourage Isabella to be more considerate and trusting towards Roberto instead of being guarded, cold and distant, but Isabella doesn't heed their advice and issues Roberto with a challenge, in order for him to prove his love and worthiness, and sends him on a perilous journey to the dangerous slopes of Mount Etna, where he must ascend to its fiery, poisonous-fumed summit. This is a powerful and moving love story that focuses on the themes of trust, regret and emotional self-preservation. Love Sings like the Nightingale is a short play which comprises six scenes over three acts. The book features a writer's note, a table of contents, the cast and sets, the play, and the writer's biography.

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