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Lives of the Poets (with Guitars) - Thirteen Outsiders Who Changed Modern Music (Paperback): Ray Robertson Lives of the Poets (with Guitars) - Thirteen Outsiders Who Changed Modern Music (Paperback)
Ray Robertson
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"The days of poets moping around castle steps wearing black capes is over. The poets of today are amplified." -- LEONARD COHEN Picking up where Samuel Johnson left off more than two centuries ago, Ray Robertson's Lives of the Poets (with Guitars) offers up an amplified gathering of thirteen portraits of rock & roll, blues, folk, and alt-country's most inimitable artists. Irreverent and riotous, Robertson explores the "greater or lesser heat" with which each musician shaped their genre, while offering absorbing insight into their often tumultuous lives. Includes essays on Gene Clark, Ronnie Lane, The Ramones, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Townes Van Zandt, Little Richard, Alan Wilson, Willie P. Bennett, Gram Parsons, Hound Dog Taylor, Paul Siebel, Willis Alan Ramsey, and John Hartford.

Moody Food - A Novel (Paperback): Ray Robertson Moody Food - A Novel (Paperback)
Ray Robertson
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Inspired by the exploits of ill-fated country-rock visionary Gram Parsons, this mid-60s tale of idealism and escape traces the trials of a fictionalized draft-dodging flower child from the United States to Canada and back. It is the late 1960s in Yorkville, Toronto's hippie ghetto of artists, intellectuals, drunken poets, and would-be rock stars. In this idyllic haven, narrator Bill Hansen, a drummer, meets Thomas Graham, an American musician on the lam from the draft. The two form a band, but even as they revel in music and freedom, Graham is hobbled by another love: a drug habit that becomes his reason for living and, eventually, for dying. Graham's emotional trip and failed, revolutionary life reflect the rise and fall of an entire generation's aspirations.

The Preservation and Management of Vegetation in Ravines in Highland Park, Illinois - A Report (Hardcover): Kenneth Ray... The Preservation and Management of Vegetation in Ravines in Highland Park, Illinois - A Report (Hardcover)
Kenneth Ray Robertson; Created by Ill Public Works Dept Highland Park, Ill Community Developmen Highland Park
R447 Discovery Miles 4 470 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Mental Hygiene - Essays on Writers and Writing (Paperback): Ray Robertson Mental Hygiene - Essays on Writers and Writing (Paperback)
Ray Robertson
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One of today's best young novelists, Ray Robertson is also one of its ablest critics. This is a collection of his most entertaining, insightful, controversial, and funniest reviews and essays written over the last five years. Believing that 'writers have a responsibility to help maintain the mental hygiene of their time,' Robertson, following in the footsteps of Mordecai Richler and other novelist-critics such as Anthony Burgess, Kingsley and Martin Amis and John Updike, is at the front line of contemporary literary debate. Whether castigating the bland cabal he refers to as McCanlit, poking fun at the trendy ephemera of intellectual fashion or arguing for his own unique fictional aesthetic, Robertson pulls no punches and suffers no fools. Divided into three sections -- 'Us,' 'Them' and 'Me' - 'Mental Hygiene' gathers together both published and previously unpublished reviews of local and international writers as well as eight highly personal essays on the craft of fiction and the writing life in general.

1979 - A Novel (Paperback): Ray Robertson 1979 - A Novel (Paperback)
Ray Robertson
R279 R214 Discovery Miles 2 140 Save R65 (23%) Shipped within 8 - 13 working days

It's 1979 and Tom Buzby is thirteen years old and living in the small working- class city of Chatham, Ontario. So far, so normal. Except that Tom's dad is the local tattoo artist, his mother is a born-again former stripper who's run off with the minister from the church where the pet store used to be, and his sister can't wait to leave town for good. And everyone along his daily newspaper route looks at him a little differently, this boy who's come back from the dead, who just might be the only one who understands the miraculous, heart-breaking mystery that is their lives. Set in the year that real newspaper headlines told of North America's hard turn to the right, 1979 offers a smalltown take on the buried lives of those who almost never make the news, and one boy's attempt to make sense of it all.

B-Trees for BASIC (Paperback): Ray Robertson B-Trees for BASIC (Paperback)
Ray Robertson
R361 Discovery Miles 3 610 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

The "heart and soul" of almost all relational database programs is the B-Tree algorithm. In fact may programmers describe a relational database as a B-Tree program with supporting code that simply delivers the query to the B-Tree or displays the results from the B-Tree. The beauty of this book is that it describes in great detail with lots of diagrams and charts exactly how a B-Tree works. It is one of the clearest explanations on the subject existing and is extremely useful for any person or classroom that is investigating databases. The number of illustrations in this book are too numerous to list. Diagrams are given showing every major step taken in writing a B-Tree. The diagrams also show exactly how searches are done. Flow charts are also presented showing how the B-Tree algorithm works. Tables are presented showing the performance of the B-Tree. Code is listed for an entire B-Tree program written in simple DOS based BASIC and it is inspected and laboriously explained line-by-line.

Why Not? - Fifteen Reasons to Live (Paperback, None): Ray Robertson Why Not? - Fifteen Reasons to Live (Paperback, None)
Ray Robertson
R303 R245 Discovery Miles 2 450 Save R58 (19%) Special order

Featured on "The Hour" with George Stroumboulopoulos.
Longlisted for the $25,000 Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction.
"Clear-eyed ... Robertson is no stranger to confronting unsavoury truths."--Steven Beattie, "That Shakespearean Rag"
"Many of us sense that the world has too many moving parts and can become utterly defeated. Ray Robertson found a 'road back' in this splendid and intriguing book." --Jim Harrison
Shortly after completing his sixth novel, Ray Robertson suffered a depression of suicidal intensity. Soon after his recover, he decided to try and answer two of the biggest questions we can ask. What makes humans happy? And what makes a life worth living?
His answers aren't what you might expect from a mental illness memoir--but they're exactly what you'd expect from Ray Robertson. With the vitality of Nick Hornby and a brashness all his own, Robertson runs his hands over life, death, intoxication, and art. Unashamedly working-class and unabashedly literary, "Why Not? "is a rolling, rocking, anti-Sisyphean odyssey.
Ray Robertson is the celebrated author of eight books and six novels, including "What Happened Later," about Jack Kerouac's last years. He lives and writes in Toronto, Ontario.

David (Paperback): Ray Robertson David (Paperback)
Ray Robertson
R309 R252 Discovery Miles 2 520 Save R57 (18%) Special order

"God and whiskey have got me where I am. Too little of the one, too much of the other."
--David King, 1895.
Born a slave in 1847, but raised as a free man by the Reverend William King, David has rebelled against his emancipator and his predestined future in the church. He's taken up residence in the nearby town of Chatham, made a living robbing graves, and now presides--in the company of a German ex-prostitute named Loretta--over an illegal after-hours tavern.
These days that final, violent confrontation with Reverend King seems like a lifetime ago. The residents of Chatham know David as a God-cursing, liquor-slinging, money-having man-about-town, famously educated and fabulously eccentric. And he seems to be more-or-less happy ... that is, until the death of Reverend King brings his past crashing down upon him.
Inspired by the Elgin Settlement, which by 1852 housed 75 free black families and was studied by Lincoln and Harriet Beecher Stowe, "David" is a fiery look at one man's quest for knowledge and forgiveness, and a moving portrait of life after the Underground Railroad.

Ray Robertson is the author of "Why Not? Fifteen Reasons to Live."

I Was There the Night He Died (Paperback): Ray Robertson I Was There the Night He Died (Paperback)
Ray Robertson
R301 R243 Discovery Miles 2 430 Save R58 (19%) Special order

"Ray Robertson is an irrepressible voice, with brass balls, and a heart of gold. "I Was There the Night He Died" is a hilarious, moving, insightful, and timely piece of modern realism, delightfully void of literary pretension. Here, at last, is a novel that rocks and rolls."--Jonathan Evison, author of "The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving"
""So," she says. "Who died tonight?""
Sam Samson, meet Samantha. Sam's a novelist: his dad has Alzheimer's, his mother died of stroke, his wife was killed seventeen months ago in a car crash. Samantha, eighteen, is a cutter. She lives across the street from Sam's parents' house. Marijuana and loneliness spark an unlikely friendship, which Sam finds hard to navigate, especially as his dad's condition worsens and the money for his care suddenly vanishes. Yet somehow, between a record player and a park bench, through late-night conversations about the deaths of Sam's musical heroes, and ultimately through each other, Sam and Samantha learn to endure the things they fear most.
Starring a 40-something writer who stumbles through the small town he thought he'd left behind forever, and a marooned teenager who wishes she were anywhere else, "I Was There The Night He Died" is a saucy, swaggering look at loss, love, and the redeeming power of music in the twenty-first century.
Praise for Ray Robertson,
A Women's National Book Association Great Group Reads Author, 2013
Shortlisted for the Hilary Weston Prize, 2011
and the Trillium Prize, 2008
"Ray Robertson is the Jerry Lee Lewis of North American Letters."
--Chuck Kinder, author of "Honeymooners"
"Both playful and profound, laced with insight from music to history, politics to literature, high to low culture."--"National Post"
"Robertson's art is as character-driven as Mordecai Richler's ... he wants us all to behave better and doesn't care who he angers along the way."--"Globe and Mail"

Moody Food (MP3 format, CD): Ray Robertson Moody Food (MP3 format, CD)
Ray Robertson; Read by Liam Kirkwood
R268 R200 Discovery Miles 2 000 Save R68 (25%) Special order
David (Hardcover): Ray Robertson David (Hardcover)
Ray Robertson
R378 R308 Discovery Miles 3 080 Save R70 (19%) Special order

"God and whiskey have got me where I am. Too little of the one, too much of the other." David King, Chatham, Canada, 1895.

Born a slave in 1847, but raised as a free man on the world-renowned, African-American Elgin Settlement near present-day Chatham, Ontario, David King is a man whose life has been defined by his violent rebellion against the very person who freed him the Reverend William King.

Far from the pulpit he was intended to fill as the Reverend King's anointed successor, David has lost his faith in God and humanity. He has also turned his back on both his past and his own people by abandoning the Elgin Settlement for nearby Chatham after a final, shattering confrontation with the Reverend King. Undoubtedly, the most unconventional man in town, David is also thanks to his illegal after-hours tavern, Sophia's, and his highly lucrative grave robbing business one of Chatham's richest citizens, white or black, and certainly its best read. Triggered by the news of the elderly Reverend King's death, the middle-aged David is compelled to revisit a past he thought he left behind, but which as evidenced by his inability to embrace the happiness he so dearly earned he clearly has not.

Ranging over the early years of the pioneering Elgin Settlement, David's wild, whiskey-fueled early years in Chatham as a factory worker and apprentice grave-robber, and his day-to-day life with his ex-prostitute German lover in present-day, 1895 Chatham, "David" is a portal to a fascinating, if mostly unknown piece of Canadian history, as well as, the story of one man's search for wisdom, peace, and forgiveness."

The Best Canadian Essays 2012 (Paperback): Ray Robertson, Christopher Doda The Best Canadian Essays 2012 (Paperback)
Ray Robertson, Christopher Doda
R499 Discovery Miles 4 990 Special order

Unique and informative, these essays take a hard look at the state of Canadian literature today by exploring independent publishing, the awards culture, and the commercialization of even the most un-commercial of books. Delving into the political issues driving Canadians, including the tar sands in Alberta and the future of the railway system, this collection also discusses timely topics such as sexuality in the cyber world, the ongoing discoveries in science, and immigration. With contributions from Ryan Bigge, George Fetherling, and Stephen Henighan, this volume is both entertaining and thought provoking.

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