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A Dragon to Trust (Paperback): Susan Kearney A Dragon to Trust (Paperback)
Susan Kearney
R354 Discovery Miles 3 540 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
The Futuristic Romance Collection (Paperback): Susan Kearney The Futuristic Romance Collection (Paperback)
Susan Kearney
R328 Discovery Miles 3 280 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
A Dragon to Tame (Paperback): Susan Kearney A Dragon to Tame (Paperback)
Susan Kearney
R351 Discovery Miles 3 510 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Born in Mystery (Paperback): Susan Kearney Born in Mystery (Paperback)
Susan Kearney
R287 R248 Discovery Miles 2 480 Save R39 (14%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Born in Secret (Paperback): Susan Kearney Born in Secret (Paperback)
Susan Kearney
R286 R247 Discovery Miles 2 470 Save R39 (14%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Born in Danger (Paperback): Susan Kearney Born in Danger (Paperback)
Susan Kearney
R287 R248 Discovery Miles 2 480 Save R39 (14%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Solar Heat (Paperback): Susan Kearney Solar Heat (Paperback)
Susan Kearney
R334 Discovery Miles 3 340 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

If she saves his life, he'll be her enemy forever.
When intersolar mining boss Derrek Archer rescues a beautiful stranger named Azsla from her emergency sleeping pod, the desire between them flares to dangerous heights.
Azsla, a member of the ruling elite, has powers that can save Derrek's planet from an approaching asteroid, but if she reveals those powers, he'll learn that she's not only a spy, but also a slave mistress capable of controlling him and destroying everything he holds dear.
Mastering the hot-blooded miner seems impossible as sexual conquest becomes a battle neither of them can win.
If they and the planet are to survive, they'll have to rely on one another, trust one another, because love may not be enough.

Lunar Heat (Paperback): Susan Kearney Lunar Heat (Paperback)
Susan Kearney
R334 Discovery Miles 3 340 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

A future that's out of this world.
A seduction that's out of control.
Wealthy, reclusive celebrity, Shara Weston, hides from her countless fans on a private asteroid in Earth's orbit, but that doesn't stop captivating alien Cade Archer from crash-landing into her life.
Cade's on a mission to free his people from cruel enslavement by opening a portal from his planet to Earth, but a powerful enemy has followed him, hell-bent on stopping Cade at any cost. While Cade's plan sounds noble, Shara can't help but worry that an untested passage between his planet and hers could lead to the destruction of everything she's ever known or loved.
Alone amid the stars, the attraction between them explodes. Shara must follow Cade down a sensual path of sweet domination . . . a path that frightens her . . . a path that pleases her . . . a path that could risk the lives of every man, woman, and child on two worlds.
Will she surrender to Cade's intentions, or will his quest for freedom destroy them both?

The Quest (Rystani Warrior, Book 4) (Paperback): Susan Kearney The Quest (Rystani Warrior, Book 4) (Paperback)
Susan Kearney
R332 Discovery Miles 3 320 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

In THE ULTIMATUM, he was a sex slave.
Now Kirek's a full-grown Rystani warrior with the most powerful mind in the galaxy. During his previous mission, Kirek learned the Zin, an ancient enemy, are about to decimate the Federation. To stop them, he must sneak into enemy territory-and he's targeted just the right woman to help him.
When Captain Angel Taylor "finds" the ultra sexy psi-warrior stowed away on her space salvage-and he claims he needs her help-she's cautious. Angel's a self-made captain and barely scraping by with her antiquated ship. But after Kirek promises her sole access to the galaxy's richest salvage haul, she's drawn into his reckless mission.
It doesn't hurt that she finds Kirek devastatingly attractive. Charming. A man who knows how to play every sexual game. He's the perfect candidate for a fling. Too bad he keeps insisting that fate has brought them together, that they are destined to be life-mates, and that her psi is as all-powerful as his own.
However sexy Angel finds the Rystani warrior, she isn't about to give up her skepticism, her independence, or her heart. So while they make an unlikely team, their battle of wills quickly escalates into a game of seduction.
But once they're deep in enemy territory, Kirek risks everything-to save the Federation and to win Angel's everlasting love.
"With absorbing descriptions, tense dialogue and great, in-depth characters, Ms. Kearney has another successful story on her hands. The Quest shouldn't be missed " - Road to Romance
Other stories in this series: The Challenge, The Dare, The Ultimatum.

The Ultimatum (Paperback): Susan Kearney The Ultimatum (Paperback)
Susan Kearney
R331 Discovery Miles 3 310 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

His captive has issued a most unusual ultimatum . . .
He must make love to her. . .
Little does he know that giving her what she needs may bind him to her forever . . .
Rystani star pilot Xander is willing to use unusual methods, no matter how unorthodox, to save the galaxy from a deadly virus. He's already resorted to kidnapping bio-geneticist Alara Calladar in the hopes that her psi-talent of identifying DNA will help find a cure to save both their worlds.
But now his sworn enemy has revealed that her biology requires her to periodically regenerate her cells by making love or she'll die. Really die.
Xander is stunned, yet fascinated, by her admission and wonders what other secrets she's keeping. While he has little choice but to agree to trade his life-saving love making for her psi powers, he's determined to keep an emotional distance. No way is he falling for her, a woman from a race who invaded and occupies his home world.
Soon their desperate bargain becomes a turbulent but all-consuming passion. Her body isn't just rejuvenating each time they make love, it's adapting to his on a genetic level. Before long she will be unable to make love to any man but Xander.
Xander resists becoming her conquest, but not even the dangerous mission can distract him from Alara's appeal. She's just the kind of woman he admires. Intelligent, resourceful, and passionate. If only he trusted her. If only she wasn't the enemy. If only his heart didn't have a mind of its own.
When together they must merge their talents to fight the most powerful forces in the galaxy, will trust win out, or will they lose each other forever?
The much-awaited sequel to The Challenge and The Dare.

The Dare (Paperback): Susan Kearney The Dare (Paperback)
Susan Kearney
R334 Discovery Miles 3 340 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

All Dora wants is to be the woman he loves . . .
All Zical wants is to complete his mission . . .
All the enemy wants is total annihilation . . .
Blocked by the limitations of her computer hardware, Dora has used only her smarts, her humor, and her sinfully sexy voice to intrigue Rystani warrior-pilot Zical. In order to experience human sexuality-and consummate her love for him-she builds the perfect female body to inhabit. Being human is more difficult and more wonderful than Dora expected. She didn't expect the sensation of touch to alter her emotions. Nor did she expect chocolate to taste so good. Or love to be so complicated.
But for a Rystani star pilot, accepting Dora as a crew woman, never mind a lover, is downright confusing. Even if Zical considered Dora fully human-which he doesn't-his tragic past has made him swear off falling in love. But as Dora's increasingly human allure becomes hard to resist, a threat to the solar system sends them on a dangerous mission to the very edge of the galaxy.
As Dora explores the full extent of what it means to love, can Zical's sense of honor and his proud adherence to Rystani customs ever let him give his heart to a woman who created herself only for him? And as their enemies turn deadly, Dora and Zical must overcome their pasts . . . if they hope to fight for all of their futures.

The Challenge (Paperback): Susan Kearney The Challenge (Paperback)
Susan Kearney
R335 Discovery Miles 3 350 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

Domination. Desire. Destiny.
He rules a future in which women are helpless, obedient, and always willing. She comes from a past in which a woman's strength, brains, and courage are unquestioned. The challenge between them is timeless.
Secret Service agent Tessa Camen took a bullet meant for the president. She regains consciousness three hundred years in the future on a spaceship, naked in the arms of Kahn, a fierce warlord from the planet Rystan. He's been expecting her. Tessa was whisked forward in time because her fighting abilities include a psychic talent like none other. Only she can defeat an enemy who threatens Earth. The fate of her home hangs in the balance. Once again, she's called on to serve and protect her nation.
In Kahn's world, women are meant to be ruled but also protected. He can seduce Tessa, but can he own her heart and mind? Can he put aside his beliefs about women to help her train for a brutal intergalactic test, The Challenge? If she loses, so does Earth.
Tessa and Kahn are caught in a war of wills set in a future where survival is a skill, power is an aphrodisiac, and love is a challenge that could destroy everything they cherish.

Dancing With Fire (Paperback): Susan Kearney Dancing With Fire (Paperback)
Susan Kearney
R333 Discovery Miles 3 330 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"The fast-paced story line never slows down...Kearney turns up the Florida summer heat with this exhilarating, fiery tale." Harriet Klausner, The Mystery Gazette
In a battle against a ruthless enemy, all they have is each other.
Kaylin Danner gave up everything when her mother died. Her dancing career. Her life. Her future. With her dance studio, she helps pay the bills and raise her younger sisters. When an explosion kills her father, Kaylin is suspicious of foul play. Suddenly, strangers begin asking about her father's business secrets, their home is invaded, and the family attacked. And now Kaylin has her hands full holding the family together. Who can she turn to? Who can she trust?
Sawyer Scott was her dad's partner. He wants to carry on their research, research which could change the world, literally. But Kaylin fears continuing her father's work increases the danger to her family. As they both grieve, Sawyer shows Kaylin how dependable, thoughtful, and protective he really is. Resisting the brilliant and sexy scientist is difficult. And although Kaylin tells herself she can face the hard times alone, she slowly lets down her guard. Yet even as she falls into a working partnership with Sawyer, Kaylin questions her own judgment.
Is trusting Sawyer a good decision? Will finding the missing formula lead them to her father's killer? Can she stop dancing with fire long enough to save her family and herself?
Kearney, a native of New Jersey, writes full time and has sold books to the industry's top publishing houses - Grand Central, Tor, Simon & Schuster, Harlequin, Berkley, Leisure, Red Sage, and Kensington. As an award winning author, Kearney earned a Business Degree from the University of Michigan. Kearney's knowledge and experience span the romance genre, and her fifty plus books include contemporary, romantic suspense, historical, futuristic, science fiction, and paranormal novels. She resides in a suburb of Tampa - with her husband, kids, and Boston terrier. Currently, she's plotting her way through her 54th work of fiction.
Visit Susan at www.SusanKearney.com.

Kiss Me Deadly (Paperback): Susan Kearney Kiss Me Deadly (Paperback)
Susan Kearney
R335 Discovery Miles 3 350 Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"Taut and filled with suspicion and danger, this exciting thriller has just the right mix of romance and chills." - RT Book Reviews
Her luck may have just run out . . .
Dedicated family attorney Amanda "Mandy" Newman may have survived an attempted drowning and, along with co-workers, just won the biggest lottery in history, but before she can collect, the ticket is stolen. Now, her co-workers are being murdered one by one.
She needs help, and that puts her between a rock and a hard man-the brother of a co-worker.
DEA officer Zack Taylor was a one-night stand who'd turned into so much more. Now that his family and Mandy are in danger, he is back in the picture. The attraction between them still simmers; Zack can feel it. But can he resist his desire for her long enough to discover her secret?
With her life on the line, the attraction between them should be kept on ice. After all, under the circumstances, a kiss could be deadly.

The Challenge (Paperback): Susan Kearney The Challenge (Paperback)
Susan Kearney
R160 R138 Discovery Miles 1 380 Save R22 (14%) Out of stock

She was shot protecting the President, and woke up naked in the arms of a hunk...A hunk named Kahn, who told Secret Service agent Tessa Camen an outlandish story about travelling through time, saving the world, and a Challenge only she can accept. Kahn offers her proof she can't refute: Tessa has been brought forward through time to save Earth by winning an intergalactic challenge. Kahn only has a few weeks to train Tessa to use the psi-abilities he insists she has. He is confident in the success of a time-honoured method that uses sexual frustration to bring out her powers, but Tessa is dubious. She's a martial arts expert and can fight her way through anything, but she's never had much luck with emotions. luckily for Earth, Kahn can be very convincing...

Kiss Me Deadly (Paperback, Updated): Susan Kearney Kiss Me Deadly (Paperback, Updated)
Susan Kearney
R160 R138 Discovery Miles 1 380 Save R22 (14%) Out of stock

Mandy Newman won the biggest lottery in history
She and her coworkers picked the right numbers and hit the jackpot... and then someone stole the ticket.
Now Mandy's fellow winners are being murdered one by one, and an attempted drowning convinces Mandy she's next on the killer's hit list. In urgent need of protection and help to recover the ticket, she finds both, wrapped in the sexy form of DEA agent Zachary Taylor.
But Zack abandoned Mandy once before, so relying on him doesn't come easy. If she's going to trust him, he needs to start telling her the truth. And she must do the same--since Mandy has a secret that could devastate them both. While on the run, Mandy and Zack struggle between sparking sensuality and latent distrust. But can they overcome their past as a killer attempts to destroy their future?

Beyond Magic (Paperback, First): Susan Kearney, Elaine Cunningham, Kassandra Sims Beyond Magic (Paperback, First)
Susan Kearney, Elaine Cunningham, Kassandra Sims
R160 R138 Discovery Miles 1 380 Save R22 (14%) Out of stock

"Beyond Magic" is an anthology from three of Tor Romance's bestselling authors.

From "USA Today "bestselling author Susan Kearney

A skeptical journalist intends to debunk an astral projection machine--until it slingshots her mind through the galaxy into another body. To keep the love she finds there, she must leave all she knew behind and embrace the stars...

From "New York Times" bestselling author Elaine Cunningham

A medium and a psychic team up to solve a series of mystifying kidnappings and murders. Can they put their own past behind them? If they do, they might survive to have a future together...

From national bestselling author Kassandra Sims

Magic is dying, and to save it, an apathetic witch must choose sides. Making the decision, she learns that there are things in the world worth fighting for, things beyond her wildest reckonings--like love.

Midnight Magic (Paperback): Rebecca York, Susan Kearney, Jeanie London Midnight Magic (Paperback)
Rebecca York, Susan Kearney, Jeanie London
R160 R138 Discovery Miles 1 380 Save R22 (14%) Out of stock

"Midnight Magic" is a unique collection of three novellas, all grouped around a similar theme: an abstract magical painting called "Midnight Magic". Many years ago, a heartbroken magician used magic paint to create a new reality for himself - and after the painting was finished, he disappeared into it. Now, everyone who looks at this painting sees something different-and sometimes the heartbroken and lovelorn fall into it and find love and happiness. With three paranormal romance tales contributed by bestselling authors Susan Kearney, Rebecca York, and Jeanie London, this anthology is sure to live up to the reputations of all three authors, and appeal to each of their unique reading public.

The Dare (Paperback): Susan Kearney The Dare (Paperback)
Susan Kearney
R160 R138 Discovery Miles 1 380 Save R22 (14%) Out of stock

Susan Kearney returns to the universe of The Challenge, this time following the adventures of Dora. In the first book, Dora was the sentient computer who is almost like family to the protagonists. Now, Dora-whose computer mind is that of a capricious teenager, except with access to all of the information ever put onto disk-wants a body. She wants to be human. She wants to experience feelings, not just catalogue them. And she wants to kiss Zical, desperately. She transfers her computer mind into the body that she believes Zical would find attractive-but she's still only sixteen. And now she has to figure out how to work her clumsy human limbs, how to walk without falling over, and how to deal with the strange ache in her chest. It doesn't help that she and Zical are stranded on a strange new planet (and she wasn't sup- posed to have followed him!), and they don't have the use of their psychic powers...

The Quest (Paperback): Susan Kearney The Quest (Paperback)
Susan Kearney
R160 R138 Discovery Miles 1 380 Save R22 (14%) Out of stock

A warrior on a mission: Kirek of Rystan's objective is to destroy the Federation's deadliest enemy, but he needs help. When assistance comes in the form of a sexy and irresistible space pilot, he takes on a second goal - to win her heart. A woman with a plan: Captain Angel Taylor's going after the biggest salvage haul in her career. Fiercely independent, she can't imagine a life with Kirek, a traditional Rystani warrior with extraordinary psi powers-but he has seductive skills she can't resist. The quest: Teaming up, Angel and Kirek risk their lives to fight the evil Zin empire, but their biggest battle of all will be their battle with each other.

Lucan (Paperback): Susan Kearney Lucan (Paperback)
Susan Kearney
R85 R68 Discovery Miles 680 Save R17 (20%) Out of stock

Lucan Rourke is on a mission to find the Holy Grail, a prize with the power to heal his world and ensure the continuation of mankind. Armed with a map of the stars and ancient legends that claim Arthur and his knights of the round table appeared on Earth as mysteriously as they disappeared, Lucan journeys to Avalon, an ancient archeological site on the planet of Pendragon. But his 8-year quest is only beginning because Lucan isn't the only one seeking the prize. Lady Cael of Pendragon is the only dragonshaper on her moon, fated to live life without a mate. In human form, she's earned her position on the Avalon research team but her people still fear her dragon's fire. Lady Cael needs to bring down Avalon's impenetrable shield so Pendragon can avail itself of their rightful heritage, a prize that can heal their beleaguered planet. The passion between Lucan and Cael is immediate and undeniable but it's also dangerous. They must not waver from their mission. Can they join forces and work together to find the Holy Grail? Or will their growing desire leave them vulnerable to the forces dedicated to stealing the Grail and destroying the universe?

Rion - Number 2 in series (Paperback): Susan Kearney Rion - Number 2 in series (Paperback)
Susan Kearney
R75 R60 Discovery Miles 600 Save R15 (20%) Out of stock

Marisa Rourke is a beautiful, fearless telepath who tames dragonshapers on Earth. Rion is a tall, dark, and sexy space explorer whose home planet is a galaxy away. The attraction between them is undeniable, but Rion is hiding a desperate secret that will change Marisa's life forever.
Marisa's gift is the only way Rion can communicate with his people, enslaved by a powerful enemy. He knows that kidnapping her is wrong, but saving his planet is worth sparking the fiery clairvoyant's fury. Yet hotter-and more explosive-is the psychic bond growing between Marisa and Rion. Could their passion be the key to freeing Rion's people? Only if he and Marisa can discover how to channel their desire . . . before a vicious enemy destroys them all.

Jordan (Paperback): Susan Kearney Jordan (Paperback)
Susan Kearney
R75 R60 Discovery Miles 600 Save R15 (20%) Out of stock

1600 years ago, Jordan was the sole survivor of a ruthless Tribe attack which annihilated his world. To stop the Tribes deadly galactic conquest from continuing, he followed the Tribes to Earth, assumed the name Merlin and assisted King Arthur and his Knights to save Earth. When Arthur died, Camelot fell and Jordan lost his Ancient Staff. Now, over 1000 years later, the Tribes are back and so is Jordan. He's recovered his Ancient Staff and is again on the trail of the Holy Grail to save Earth and protect the galaxy ...Vivianne Blackstone is a lady with her own agenda. An American businesswoman, self-made billionaire and a fighter from the get-go, she's confident, capable and a definite type A personality. One of Earth's brightest and most loyal citizens, she vows to do her part to save the planet when she learns the Tribes are on the move again. Jordan and Vivianne team up to save Earth and along the way they fall in love. But according to galactic legend, there's only 1 way to defeat the Tribes: Uniting the Ancient Staff with the Holy Grail. There's only one catch, Jordan cannot live without the Ancient Staff. To defeat the Tribes and save Earth, he must perish.

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