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Secret Service (Paperback): Tom Bradby Secret Service (Paperback)
Tom Bradby 2
R290 R228 Discovery Miles 2 280 Save R62 (21%) Shipped within 4 - 8 working days

To those who don’t really know her, Kate Henderson’s life must seem exceedingly ordinary. Civil servant, wife, parent of two teenagers, daughter of an Alzheimer’s-stricken mother ... But she’s also a senior MI6 officer, and right now she is nursing the political equivalent of a nuclear bomb.

Kate’s mission to bug an oligarch’s super-yacht in Istanbul has yielded the startling intelligence that the British Prime Minister has prostate cancer – and that one of the leading candidates to replace him may be a Russian agent of influence. Is this ‘intelligence’ reliable – or is it an attempt to create chaos within the British hierarchy? Kate’s bosses have their doubts. But when the PM suddenly announces his resignation, the hunt for the spy begins in earnest. It's a nightmarish task, made infinitely worse by the revelation that there may be another mole – codename Viper – at the heart of the Establishment.

As the tension mounts, an operation that looked as if it might cost Kate her sanity appears poised to do much, much more than that …

Shadow Dancer (DVD): Clive Owen, Andrea Riseborough, Gillian Anderson, Aidan Gillen, Domhnall Gleeson, Brid Brennan, David... Shadow Dancer (DVD)
Clive Owen, Andrea Riseborough, Gillian Anderson, Aidan Gillen, Domhnall Gleeson, … 2
R32 Discovery Miles 320 Shipped within 9 - 15 working days

Thriller starring Clive Owen and Angela Riseborough, adapted by Tom Bradby from his own novel. Belfast native Colette McVeigh (Riseborough) comes from a family of well-known IRA sympathisers. After being arrested on suspicion of carrying a bomb on the London Underground, she is questioned by MI5 operative Mac (Owen), and told that if she does not co-operate with the authorities her young son will be taken from her. As Colette reluctantly takes on the role of informant for the British secret services, Mac tries to use her as a means of breaking the cycle of violence in 1990s Belfast.

The White Russian (Paperback, New Ed): Tom Bradby The White Russian (Paperback, New Ed)
Tom Bradby 3
R235 R173 Discovery Miles 1 730 Save R62 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

St. Petersburg, 1917 — the glittering capital of the Tsarist empire and a city on the brink of revolution– where the jackals of the secret police maneuver for their own survival and their aristocratic masters indulge in one final moment of hedonism.

For Sandro Ruzsky, chief investigator of the St. Petersburg police department, this decaying world provides the opportunity for a new beginning. Recently returned from a three-year banishment to Siberia (for pursuing a case his superiors would have like buried), Ruzsky is welcomed back to the city of his birth by a gruesome discovery: the bodies of a young couple found on the ice of the frozen river Neva just outside the Tsar’s Winter Palace.

The dead woman was a nanny at the palace, the man, an American from Chicago. The brutality of their deaths seems an allegory for the times, and the investigation leads Ruzsky, at every turn, dangerously close to the royal family. He is also drawn back to Maria–a beautiful ballerina he once loved and lost. While Maria is on the verge of being swept away by the revolution, Ruzsky suspects she may also be the murderer’s next target.

Pitted against a ruthless killer who relishes taunting him, Ruzsky finds himself face-to-face with his own past and the unstoppable tide of revolution as he fights to save everything he cares for. Summoning the same rich atmosphere and meticulous research that earned high praise for The Master of Rain, Tom Bradby brilliantly transports readers to St. Petersburg at the crossroads of history.

Tom Bradby is the royal correspondent for the British television network ITN. He has spent the last eight years covering British and American politics as well as conflicts in China, Ireland, Kosovo, and Indonesia. He now lives in London with his wife and three children.

From the Hardcover edition.

The Sleep Of The Dead (Paperback): Tom Bradby The Sleep Of The Dead (Paperback)
Tom Bradby 2
R234 R172 Discovery Miles 1 720 Save R62 (26%) Shipped within 7 - 12 working days

The brutal murder of Sarah Ford and the disappearance of her six-year-old daughter, Alice, shattered the rural serenity of Julia Havilland's childhood. But these are not the only scars that have resolutely refused to heal. Shortly afterwards, Colonel Mitchell Havilland sacrificed himself on a Falklands hillside in an act of characteristic - but baffling - heroism. When Julia comes home from China fifteen years later, it is to a place of ghosts. Whilst she awaits the outcome of the enquiry that seems destined to end her short but spectacular career in military intelligence, Julia is drawn back across the landscape of the past, to find that it is not just the tortured image of her much-loved father that returns to haunt her. Everything she has ever believed in and lived for has suddenly been called into question, and unless she confronts her demons, she will not survive. For there have been other deaths, and the dead will not sleep... At once a race-against-the-clock thriller and a complex psychological drama where the memories of the past conflict with knowledge of the present, The Sleep of the Dead is a stunning read on any level and more than confirms Tom Bradby as one of this country's foremost thriller writers. Praise for Shadow Dancer: 'Quite exceptional...Tom Bradby succeeds in creating real characters. Far too many novels take refuge in cliche and caricature - Bradby refuses to. The language, the tension, the fear - all are portrayed vividly and correctly...A taut, compelling story of love and torn loyalties' Daily Telegraph 'A remarkable first novel...Bradby handles the tension with skill to produce a gripping tale' The Times 'The best book on the northern conflict since Harry's Game...An excellent read on any level. It scores heavily as a thriller and as an accurate unblinking look at what is happening right now' Irish Independent

The Master of Rain - A Suspense Thriller (Paperback, 1st Anchor Books ed): Tom Bradby The Master of Rain - A Suspense Thriller (Paperback, 1st Anchor Books ed)
Tom Bradby
R279 R263 Discovery Miles 2 630 Save R16 (6%) Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Shanghai, 1926: a sultry city lousy with opium, warlords, and corruption at the highest levels. Into this steamy morass walks Richard Field, an idealistic Brit haunted by his past and recently appointed to the international police. He’s not there long before called to the flat of a Russian prostitute, former daughter of privilege found sadistically murdered, handcuffed to her bed. When he discovers among her possessions a cryptic shipping log, he senses that this murder is more than a random crime of perverse passion. What unfolds is a searing story that propels Field into a confrontation with the city’s most ruthless and powerful gangster, and a dangerous attraction to another salacious Russian whose sordid connections seem destined to make her the next victim. Scintillating and subtle, The Master of Rain is a marvelous debut.

Shadow Dancer (Paperback, Film Tie-In): Tom Bradby Shadow Dancer (Paperback, Film Tie-In)
Tom Bradby 1
R195 R154 Discovery Miles 1 540 Save R41 (21%) Special order

Colette McVeigh: widow... mother... terrorist. A woman who has lived the Republican cause for all of her thirty-three years. A woman whose brothers are both heavily involved at a senior level in the IRA, whose husband was killed by the British security forces. A woman who is now an informer for MI5.
Apprehended by the police in an aborted bombing raid in London, Colette is given a simple choice: talk and see her children again, or stay silent and spend the rest of her life watching them grow up from behind the bars of a prison cell. Gradually and unwillingly she is led to betray her past by her young MI5 handler, David Ryan, who has never doubted where his loyalties lie. But when he follows Colette across the Irish Sea to Belfast, the very tenets of his existence -- trust, loyalty and honesty -- are quickly sacrificed on the pyre of the province's history. And, as he watches Colette put herself in increasing danger to fulfil her side of the bargain, he realizes that his professional integrity is irrevocably and fatally compromised.
" "
"Shadow Dancer "is a chilling, complex and utterly compelling thriller about the choices we make and why we make them. It is a riveting portrait of a group of ten people torn apart by the strife of civil war and the overwhelming pull of family attachments.

The God Of Chaos (Paperback, New ed): Tom Bradby The God Of Chaos (Paperback, New ed)
Tom Bradby 2
R150 R118 Discovery Miles 1 180 Save R32 (21%) Special order

Cairo, June 1942. A city blistering under the lash of a relentless summer and panicked by the implacable advance of Hitler's most talented general, Erwin Rommel. It is the worst possible time and place for the body of a senior British officer to be found in a rubbish bin, bathed in blood. His murder has been made to look like a political assassination by local extremists opposed to British rule, but former New York cop Joe Quinn isn't buying that. He senses more fundamental human emotions at play. For Quinn, it's like old times, a reminder of his past. One he doesn't want to revisit. Thrown out of the New York Police Department as a liability after the tragic death of his son, he probably shouldn't be a cop any longer, but maybe he's just what this case needs. The investigation leads him through the underbelly of an exotic, violent and seedy city to the heart of the Cairo's high command and the possibility that a highly placed spy is feeding the allies' most sensitive secrets to Rommel, waiting out in the desert. Only one woman has seen the killer - an American named Amy White. The trouble is Joe Quinn's already falling for her and if he doesn't stop the spy soon, then not just Amy, but everything else he holds dear is certain to be brutally eliminated ...

The Master of Rain (Paperback): Tom Bradby The Master of Rain (Paperback)
Tom Bradby
R254 R214 Discovery Miles 2 140 Save R40 (16%) Special order

The brilliant new thriller from the acclaimed author of "Shadow Dancer" and "The Sleep of the Dead." In a world where the basest of human needs are met, truth seems certain to be a fatal commodity. Shanghai, 1926: a city of British Imperial civil servants, American gun-runners, Russian princesses and Chinese gangsters, where heroin is available on room service and everything is for sale. Exotic, sexually liberated and pulsing with life, it is a place and time where anything seems possible. For Richard Field, it represents an escape from his past. Seconded to the police force, his first moment of active duty is at a brutal crime scene. A young White Russian woman, Lena Orlov, lies on her bed, sadistically murdered. The key to the investigation seems to be the beautiful Natasha Medvedev, but can she be trusted and is it safe to fall in love with a woman who may be the next victim? Beneath the murky depths of Shanghai, Field sees a world beyond the glamour of the city s expatriate life a world where everything has its price, and where human life is merely another asset to barter."

Blood Money (Paperback): Tom Bradby Blood Money (Paperback)
Tom Bradby 1
R215 R169 Discovery Miles 1 690 Save R46 (21%) Special order

A stunning new historical thriller set during the Wall Street Crash of 1929.
New York, 1929, a city of speakeasies, swells and hoodlums at the fag end of the roaring twenties. It's a hell of a time and place for a young cop to be trying to make his way in the world.
Joe Quinn has been given a shot at the NYPD's main headquarters squad and his first case is one that could put his name up in lights; a banker flops onto Wall Street and all the signs point to murder. Pretty soon, the dead man is not alone; a group of old buddies is being eliminated, in a particularly gruesome manner. The men have connections to Lucky Luciano and other denizens of the organized crime world. Their leader's identity is a closely guarded secret; he is known simply as "the bag man," once the name given to a top cop on the take.
The days of such naked corruption are supposed to be over, but nothing in prohibition era Manhattan is that simple. For Joe Quinn, a case that starts as an opportunity swiftly becomes a nightmare from which there is no escape. The path seems to lead inexorably towards his own father, once New York's foremost celebrity cop. And at the heart of the investigation lies a woman whose love he has fought to deny for nearly a quarter of a century.
She was adopted by his mother. She is about to marry his brother. And now, through her, he's about to find out just how painful being an honest cop can be.

"From the Hardcover edition."

The White Russian (Paperback): Tom Bradby The White Russian (Paperback)
Tom Bradby
R356 R330 Discovery Miles 3 300 Save R26 (7%) Special order

January 1917--With St. Petersburg on the brink of revolution, Sandro Ruzsky, the city's chief police investigator, returns from exile in Siberia only to be assigned a grisly case: the bodies of a young couple found on the ice of the frozen River Neva, just outside the Tsar's Winter Palace. Ruzsky's investigation leads him dangerously close to the royal family and to the woman he loves, and he finds himself confronting both a ruthless killer and the ghosts of his past as he fights desperately to save all that he cares for.
With meticulous research and narrative skill" "Tom Bradby" "brilliantly re-creates the gilded salons and squalid tenements of St. Petersburg in the last days of the tsars. Evocative and thrilling, The White Russian" "is a tumultuous story of murder and betrayal in a city at the crossroads of history.

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