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When Dinosaurs Roamed New Jersey (Paperback, illustrated Edition): William Gallagher When Dinosaurs Roamed New Jersey (Paperback, illustrated Edition)
William Gallagher
R570 R453 Discovery Miles 4 530 Save R117 (21%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days

"Ever since the beginnings of paleontology in America, New Jersey has been 'the place' and William Gallagher--who terrorized his South Jersey mother by traipsing home with green mud, marl, and fossils--is the ideal guide to the wonderful dinosaurs and other fossils of the region. High school and college students, their teachers, interested general readers and professional paleontologists will all enjoy this book "-Earle E. Spamer, The Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia "Citizens of New Jersey have needed this book for a long time . . . . William Gallagher shows all New Jerseyans why they can be proud of their state's role in dinosaur paleontology and in science as a whole."-David Parris, curator of natural history, New Jersey State Museum "A very enjoyable read--and an ambitious work that not only deals with dinosaurs of the New Jersey region, but much more besides. The hard-core dinosaur crowd will certainly want it, no matter where they live."-Louis Jacobs, author of Lone Star Dinosaurs and Quest for the African Dinosaurs "An impressive historical account of the search for dinosaur fossils in New Jersey . . . a fascinating account of prehistoric New Jersey when dinosaurs and other extinct creatures roamed its environs. It has great historical and scientific value."-Richard K. Olsson, professor of geological sciences, Rutgers University Did you know that Benjamin Franklin examined the first dinosaur bone in America from Woodbury, Gloucester County, in 1787--decades before the word dinosaur was even coined? Or that when the first reasonably complete dinosaur skeleton in the world was unearthed in Haddonfield, Camden County, in 1858, it was a major scientific breakthrough which forced paleontologists to completely revise their picture of dinosaur anatomy? Few people know that New Jersey is the nursery of American vertebrate paleontology When Dinosaurs Roamed New Jersey provides a succinct and readable history of the geology and paleontology of New Jersey from the time the region was covered by Cambrian seas 543 million years ago to the Pleistocene Ice Age only 10 to 15,000 years ago. William Gallagher tells the stories of professional and amateur fossil hunters, their discoveries, and their impact on the history of paleontological thought. He points out places in New Jersey and nearby where specimens characteristic of each era can be found. He shows how fossil evidence discovered in the state is helping paleontologists reconstruct the ecological interactions and behavior of dinosaurs, and discusses such continuing scientific controversies as the reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs. From tracking dinosaur footprints across the Newark basin, to digging for the last dinosaurs in the greensands of South Jersey, to finding a mushroom in ancient amber in East Brunswick, this book is the ideal introduction to the Garden State's fossils and prehistory. Dr. William B. Gallagher is the registrar of natural history at the New Jersey State Museum and a visiting lecturer in dinosaur paleontology at Rutgers University.

Spaceport Fear (CD): William Gallagher Spaceport Fear (CD)
William Gallagher; Performed by Colin Baker, Bonnie Langford
R405 R275 Discovery Miles 2 750 Save R130 (32%) Ships in 10 - 15 working days
The Beiderbecke Affair (Paperback): William Gallagher The Beiderbecke Affair (Paperback)
William Gallagher
R599 Discovery Miles 5 990 Ships in 10 - 15 working days

With as little plot as its creator Alan Plater could get away with and as much jazz as he could manage, the 1985 television drama The Beiderbecke Affair had a far-reaching impact, inspiring sequels, novels, albums and even jazz tours. Much like its Bix Beiderbecke-style soundtrack, Plater's quietly joyous drama was unconventional, free: its narrative following the lives and relationships of its leading characters - teachers-turned-amateur detectives Trevor Chaplin (James Bolam) and Jill Swinburne (Barbara Flynn) - with a gentle, whimsical humour. William Gallagher's illuminating study is the first critical account of this much-loved series. Drawing on interviews with cast members and musicians, the production team and Yorkshire TV executives, as well as on insights from Plater himself, Gallagher explores Beiderbecke's origins in Plater's 1981 tv drama Get Lost! before moving on to an in-depth analysis of the series itself, to reveal why such an unassuming series remains one of the best-loved examples of British television drama. The book also includes a previously unpublished BBC Radio 4 short story featuring the character of Jill Swinburne, 'A Brief Encounter with Richard Wagner'.

I Thought It Was Over (Paperback): William Gallagher I Thought It Was Over (Paperback)
William Gallagher
R443 Discovery Miles 4 430 Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Wirrn Isle (CD): William Gallagher Wirrn Isle (CD)
William Gallagher
R404 R324 Discovery Miles 3 240 Save R80 (20%) Out of stock
Scavenger (CD): William Gallagher Scavenger (CD)
William Gallagher
R405 R325 Discovery Miles 3 250 Save R80 (20%) Out of stock

Thursday 28th May 2071: the day the Anglo-Indian Salvage 2 Rocket launches. Its mission: to clean up space; to remove from Earth's orbit over a century's worth of man-made junk. From the viewing window of a nearby space station, the Doctor and Flip have a unique view of Salvage 2 as it sets about its essential task - and of the disaster that unfolds when Salvage 2 ecounters something it's not been programmed to deal with. Something not of human manufacture. Back on Earth, the Doctor fights to save Flip from becoming part of a 500-year tragedy being played out in orbit, hundreds of miles above.

The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories (CD): Jason Arnopp, Rick Briggs, William Gallagher The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories (CD)
Jason Arnopp, Rick Briggs, William Gallagher
R405 R325 Discovery Miles 3 250 Save R80 (20%) Out of stock
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