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Tarnished Romance (Paperback): Sandi K Whipple Tarnished Romance (Paperback)
Sandi K Whipple
R258 Discovery Miles 2 580 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Dancing with a Cowboy (Paperback): Sandi K Whipple Dancing with a Cowboy (Paperback)
Sandi K Whipple
R239 Discovery Miles 2 390 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Twisted Engagement (Paperback): Sandi K Whipple Twisted Engagement (Paperback)
Sandi K Whipple
R241 Discovery Miles 2 410 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days
Loving Adonis (Paperback): Sandi K Whipple Loving Adonis (Paperback)
Sandi K Whipple
R266 Discovery Miles 2 660 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Loving Adonis is a novel that intertwines multiple characters and family ties. It is a deliciously romantic tale of an exciting relationship filled with passionate encounters. But, when petty jealousies begin to dilute the chemistry, events and people from the past emerge, adding new ingredients. The loving connection flourishes and threatened familial bonds are surprisingly reinforced. This is a story of new-found love lost, love regained, and the power of family connectedness.

Twisted Engagement (Paperback): Sandi K Whipple Twisted Engagement (Paperback)
Sandi K Whipple
R241 Discovery Miles 2 410 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

Lilly, a successful entrepreneur decides marrying David would be a mistake. After breaking the engagement, her best friend, Sue, convinces her to go away. Lilly sells her business and leaves New York to regroup. She ends up in a small town called Everley Flats, Colorado. When she finds comfort and a new love, she believes all her dreams have come true. Glenn, a hotel owner, is everything she ever wanted. Lilly decides to stay in Everley Flats and rents a cottage at the edge of town. She and Sue spend days shopping to fill it and make it homey. . Sue makes many trips between New York and Colorado to spend time with Lilly, and in the interim, falls for Glenn's friend and hotel manager, Jim. Once both couples become relaxed and comfortable, strange things begin happening. Lilly and Sue are nearly run over after leaving a department store, on several occasions the doors of the cottage are found unlocked and open, and they discover they're often being followed. After many discussions, it's decided the open doors were due to forgetfulness, and the vehicle that nearly ran them over, well... it was just a negligent driver. Lilly spends her time culminating her new restaurant in Glenn's hotel. Sue is back in New York, and Glenn's been out of town on business. Lilly is alone in the cottage and excited while preparing for Glenn's return. She hears a knock on the door and races to greet him. When she opens the door, she's shocked to see her ex, David, standing in front of her. David forgives Lilly for running away, and tells her he's come to take her back to New York. He explains how they will be together, and how they will be happy. When Lilly demands that he leave, David gets physical. His assault leaves her not only bruised, but so frightened she finds it difficult to breathe. David tells her he'll be back for her, and leaves. Lilly drives to Glenn's hotel to wait for him. She can't believe her eyes when she see's Glenn exiting a limo with a beautiful woman who put her arms around Glenn and kissed him. Devastated that he has another woman in his life, and too afraid to return to the cottage, Lilly runs to her friend Sue in New York. Unable to locate Lilly, Glenn is relieved when he discovers she is safe with Sue in New York. Now, all the strange going-ons are explained. It soon comes to light that Lilly's ex, David, has an unsavory past. To make matters worse, he's been the one secretly following and spying on her. What he plans for her, well... those things were never in her dreams. Glenn and Jim have the girls flown to Montana and drive them up into the hills to Jim's fishing cabin. Now, hiding out with Glenn, Sue, and Jim, Lilly thinks she's safe. Only the police know where she is. She was wrong. When David kidnaps Lilly and drags her into a hillside cave, she understands how twisted he is. The driving forces of devoted love are what it will take to save her.

Loving Adonis (Paperback): Sandi K Whipple Loving Adonis (Paperback)
Sandi K Whipple
R269 Discovery Miles 2 690 Shipped within 7 - 11 working days

"Loving Adonis" is a novel with multiple characters and family ties. At a very young age, heartbroken Angie loses her parents. Her older brother had run away years before and now she is left entirely alone. Her aunt, whom she never knew existed, takes her in, raising her as the daughter she never had. Upon graduation from college, Angie pursues ownership of a flower shop business, pouring all of her energies and honing her focus into developing her independence. Fate, however, is at work in preventing a solitary life for Angie. As a supposed fill-in for an employee, another owner of a well-established business is introduced to Angie. Upon meeting the handsome Gary, she is shocked at her reaction to him and privately nicknames him her "Adonis." Surprised by the electric chemistry that neither can ignore, and with some reservations and trepidations, they embark upon a relationship filled with heated encounters that leave Angie breathless. Weeks filled with passion, love-making, playing, and sharing have begun to cement a commitment between Angie and Gary. But fate again steps in to test Angie on the day she accidently observes Gary embracing another woman. Too stubborn to confront the apparent cheating incident, Angie's jealousy rises and clouds all reason and logic. To make matters worse, within a short time later, Gary overhears several conversations between Angie and two other men Suspicions now mount in the minds of both and their false pride puts their relationship in danger. Both are too stubborn and hurt to confront one another. Struggling through days of loneliness and refusing to communicate, Angie is struck once again by the hand of fate. Family members suddenly begin to emerge from her past. Uncovered ties are realized and the dynamics of these family bonds add new perspectives and ingredients to Angie's daily life. When the lovers are forced to confront one another about their suspected unfaithful behavior, the shaky bonds and shattered commitments are surprisingly strengthened by the truth. This is a story of new love found, lost, and regained. But that's not the end. The story is intensified with past love found, the power of friendship and family ties. Interwoven between the pages is inspiration to search for the power of love.

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