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Milex - Power Airfryer (3.6L): Milex - Power Airfryer (3.6L)
R1,799 R1,299 Discovery Miles 12 990 Save R500 (28%) In stock

The Milex Power Airfryer 3.6L is the latest seven-in-one, 3.6-litre capacity Airfryer in the Milex product range.

The Power Airfryer’s secret is in its Rapid Hot Air Technology which allows you to cook healthier versions of your favourite fried foods with little-to-no oil and in next-to-no time!

Your meals are cooked in a whirlwind of superheated air - a quicker, easier and cleaner alternative to a deep-fat fryer or conventional oven.

Air-fry, grill, bake, sauté and roast without sacrificing the taste and texture!

All these functions are now available in one sleek and compact device. And it couldn’t be easier to use - simply add your food to the Non-Stick Easy-Load Fry Basket, slide it into the unit, and with the touch of a button, select one of seven pre-programmed cooking functions or manually adjust the timer and temperature settings.

The state of the art digital touchscreen control panel eliminates the guesswork and ensures that whatever you cook comes out perfectly delicious and crispy time after time.

Mellerware Rose Gold - Stainless Steel Kettle and Toaster Pack (2 Piece Set)(White): Mellerware Rose Gold - Stainless Steel Kettle and Toaster Pack (2 Piece Set)(White)
R1,499 R1,149 Discovery Miles 11 490 Save R350 (23%) Ships in 3 - 5 working days

Fall in love with breakfast all over again with the matt white and rose gold Breakfast Pack from Mellerware. The classic designed matt white painted stainless steel kettle will compliment any modern kitchen, it has a 1.8L capacity with indicator light and water level indicator. It is matched to perfection with the 2 slice painted stainless steel white toaster with adjustable browning control. Your kitchen will love you for adding them to the family.

Pure Pleasure Non-Fitted Electric Blanket (Single): Pure Pleasure Non-Fitted Electric Blanket (Single)
R299 R219 Discovery Miles 2 190 Save R80 (27%) In stock
Bosch MUM48A1 Kitchen Machine (600W | Black): Bosch MUM48A1 Kitchen Machine (600W | Black)
R3,549 R1,999 Discovery Miles 19 990 Save R1,550 (44%) In stock

MUM4 - the tried-and-tested classic among food processors - boasting exceptional Bosch quality and a wide range of accessories.

MultiMotion Drive - flexibility included.  The dynamic planetary gear allows the stirring tools to rotate right to the edge of the bowl in elliptical motions, so all the contents are kneaded extremely thoroughly without leaving any dough residue behind on the edge of the bowl.

MUM 4 special accessories - a classic with many functions.  The meat mincer, citrus press, blender attachment, pastry attachment, fruit press attachment and ice-cream maker are just a few examples of the wide array of MUM 4 accessories. They give you virtually everything you could want and need in your kitchen.

Large mixing bowl - space for everything. With its 3.9 l volume for a maximum dough quantity 2.0 kg, this mixing bowl offers sufficient space for creative ideas. With up to seven processing levels and a powerful pulse function.

SafetyFunction - safe and secure.  Maximum safety in every situation and in all areas: covers for unused drives, safety-lock mechanism for the mixing bowl, extra lid latch on accessories and many other functions for active safety.

Bosch Series 6 Rechargeable Handheld/Stick Vacuum (Unlimited Blue): Bosch Series 6 Rechargeable Handheld/Stick Vacuum (Unlimited Blue)
R5,299 R2,999 Discovery Miles 29 990 Save R2,300 (43%) In stock

Boschs most compact cordless vacuum cleaner. With the replaceable battery from the Bosch Power for ALL concept (green series 18v) you can easily use the batteries from your screwdriver, hedge trimmer or similar product.

One battery pack for all 18-Volt Bosch Home & Garden tools from the Green product line.
Most devices have different batteries, which can be inconvenient. The exchangeable Power for ALL batteries are part of the 18-Volt Bosch Home & Garden cordless system (GREEN Product Line). They are compatible with many different power tools & gardening devices from Bosch.

Brushless motor, motorized floor nozzle – effective performance.
You deserve good performance for cleaning. That's why we've equipped our Unlimited with the latest brushless motor technology, making our digital motor powerful, reliable and emission-free. Combined with our specially developed Bosch AllFloor Power Brush, this ensures thorough cleaning on all floors.

Extended run-time using an additional exchangeable 18V Power4All battery pack.
Want to clean your entire house without running out of power? If you want more flexibility in terms of runtime, an additional battery let's you extend your vacuuming. To extend the run time, an additional battery pack and quick charger can be purchased separately

Effortless handling, flexible cleaning thanks to compact design.
Vacuuming as easy as it gets. The Unlimited Serie | 6 with its compact design and low weight makes cleaning very comfortable. The handheld weighs only 1.4 kg and together with the tube and the nozzle only 2.3 kg. This makes it now easy to vacuum from the floor to the ceiling.

Quality made in Germany.
Do you value high quality? The Unlimited Serie | 6 is developed and produced in our factory with more than 80 years experience in vacuum cleaner manufacturing. Our vacuum cleaners have won many awards in consumer tests and have passed hundreds of testing hours in the development phase.

Cleaning on all levels. Floor, upholstery, ceiling and your car.
Vacuuming on every level - from the floor to the ceiling, is now possible. The vacuum cleaner comes with useful accessories that allows you to clean all kinds of flooring as well as other surfaces, such as tables, upholstery and even your car interior.

Siemens Hand Mixer (500W) (Black): Siemens Hand Mixer (500W) (Black)
R1,299 R699 Discovery Miles 6 990 Save R600 (46%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Milex Hurricane Air Fryer (11 Litres): Milex Hurricane Air Fryer (11 Litres)
R2,599 R1,999 Discovery Miles 19 990 Save R600 (23%) In stock

The Hurricane air fryer cooks quicker than conventional ovens, cookers or deep fryers while saving up to 70 percent of electricity. Through minimal oil usage, it allows you to have tasty meals that are healthier than conventionally deep fried meals. The heat emitted from the lamp is powerfully driven around the bowl by the fan, enduring an even distribution of heat throughout for best results.

Alva 3 Panel Gas Heater (9 Kg) (Black): Alva 3 Panel Gas Heater (9 Kg) (Black)
R1,399 R1,249 Discovery Miles 12 490 Save R150 (11%) In stock
Elektra Health 8076 Electrode Hot Steam Humidifier (3L): Elektra Health 8076 Electrode Hot Steam Humidifier (3L)
R430 R399 Discovery Miles 3 990 Save R31 (7%) Ships in 4 - 8 working days

The Elektra Hot Steam Humidifier adds moisture to the air to prevent dryness that can cause irritation in many parts of the body. Humidifiers can be particularly effective for treating dryness of the skin, nose, throat, and lips. It can also ease some of the symptoms caused by the flu or common cold or even asthma.

Goldair Quartz Electric Heater with Fan & Humidifier: Goldair Quartz Electric Heater with Fan & Humidifier
R1,362 Discovery Miles 13 620 Ships in 4 - 8 working days

Goldair offers an impressive range of heating appliances to ensure comfort and warm in your home when you need it the most. Our electric heater range includes everything from fan heaters and ceramic heaters to radiant heaters and oil column heaters.

Russell Hobbs 3-Tier Satin Quartz Food Steamer (3L): Russell Hobbs 3-Tier Satin Quartz Food Steamer (3L)
R1,099 R959 Discovery Miles 9 590 Save R140 (13%) Ships in 7 - 10 working days

Enjoy delicious and nutritious food with the Russell Hobbs 3-Tier Satin Quartz Food Steamer. The digital display is very convenient with a 120 minutes countdown timer.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle (White): Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle (White)
R999 R899 Discovery Miles 8 990 Save R100 (10%) In stock

With new Xiaomi Smart Kettle you can daily heat up a cup of water for yourself to warm the heart, support all body processes, improve blood circulation and minimise any occurring spasms and pain.
Work usually takes up most of your time; sometimes you don’t even have a minute to stop. Take a few seconds for yourself.
Drink a glass of water in the morning, this simple action will help your brain to recover from sleep, to hydrate and launch the whole body work.
Furthermore, just one cup of warm water will help you to improve the stomach and intestines functioning and make your metabolism better.

Stylish accent in your kitchen design - Neat smooth lines, beautiful colour, high-quality material —these are the qualities that you will notice looking at Xiaomi Smart Kettle for the first time.
But external beauty is not enough for an intelligent functional device.
You’ll appreciate all the advantages of this smart kettle from Xiaomi will be opened, as soon as you will check its operation in practice.

Quiet boiling in 5 minutes - Thanks to the heating element capacity of 1800W water is heated from the bottom up quite evenly and quickly.
You need only to press the button, and within 5 minutes you will be able to make your favourite tea.

Warm water at any time - A water tank, all temperature sensors and other parts of the kettle, which have direct contact with water, are made of high quality GB9684 standard 304 stainless steel.
This material is widely used in medicine and food industry. It does not rust, does not absorb any odours, can be easily washed and, most importantly, it is absolutely harmless and safe for the organism.

Triple protection for your safety - An optimised power connector is so safe that you can connect your Xiaomi Smart Kettle to the power source without any apprehensions, even if it was accidentally spattered with water.
The plug is designed so that the water does not flow down to it. Furthermore, the kettle has a so-called "boil dry" protection.
It turns off automatically if there is no water inside, and thus prevents accidents.

Brew the most delicious tea - The water temperature for brewing green tea should be 80–90 °С, in this case all its taste properties will be revealed.
Too high temperature can destroy all the nutrients and nullify all the beneficial properties of this drink.
Use the Smart Home APP to adjust the desired temperature range, depending on whether you want to boil or simply heat the water.

130 mm tank thickness - 130 mm thick tank made of 304 stainless steel by seamless casting has a smooth and even surface, which is very easy to clean.
A special coating on the inside is absolutely harmless to human health, it is used in medicine and food industry, and in addition, no scum traces remain on it.
Thick kettle walls allow you to permanently keep the water temperature.

Handy cover lock - Once you click on the button the lid will gently open up to an angle of 45°.
Due to its special material there will be no perspiration and scum traces on the cover, and its special form does not allow the boiling water to be spilled and splashed.

Ultra-precise sensors - British thermostat by Strix, service life up to 10 years Japanese high temperature sensors by Shibaura Xiaomi Smart Kettle complies with temperature regime with an accuracy of ± 1 %.
You can also control the temperature using the Smart Home application on your smartphone.

No more scum - When the water is heated, some of the salts and impurities contained in it can stick to the walls of the kettle. To avoid this, you need to filter the water with Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier prior to its further use.
The water will be clean and fresh, and its quality will meet all national standards.

Elna 120 Sewing Machine: Elna 120 Sewing Machine
R3,595 R2,899 Discovery Miles 28 990 Save R696 (19%) In stock
Alva Hi/Low Pressure Gas Water Heater (16L)(3kg): Alva Hi/Low Pressure Gas Water Heater (16L)(3kg)
R4,199 R3,199 Discovery Miles 31 990 Save R1,000 (24%) View more sellers In stock

GWH2016L 16 Litre

This product requires professional installation by an lpgsasa approved installer. Failure to do so – voids the warranty
This product requires a flue - not included
Super-efficient – heat only what you need – reduced energy wastage
Works in all environments - even with low water pressure
Digital temperature control and display – season control settings
Gas flow regulation control
Water regulation control
Pulse double ignition
Water Heater Type B
Type of Gas LPG
Gas Consumption: GWH2016L – 2.34kg/hr at max
Operating pressure 2.8kPa
Heat Load 32 kw
Exhaust Discharge Mode Flue Duct Type
Suitable Water Pressure 0.025-0.5 Mpa
Water Output 16 Liters/min
Gas Pipe φ 8mm Rubber Hose
Size of each Jet 0.69mm
Power Supply 3v 2x D Batteries
Assembly: instructions included
Works with all 9kg cylinders

In Accordance with: SANS 1539, SANS 1237, SANS 1156 (appliance, regulator & hose)
LPGSASA approved
12 month warranty

Water controlled automatic ignition:
If the hot water tap is switched on, the unit will automatically ignite and deliver hot water to the tap.
Auto cut-off protection:
Numerical control automatic ignition, the auto cut-off protection will extinguish the gas supply immediately.
Low water pressure startup function:
When water supply pressure is lower to 0.025Mpa, the water heater cannot be ignited, Fit water pressure pump to boost pressure.
Anti-freeze protection:
When temperature is very low, remove the water discharge valve to discharge accumulated water inside the water pipe to avoid
damage caused by freezing.
High-pressure protection:
Once water pressure is over 0.8Mpa, the water-out valve will release water and lower the pressure. This will happen automatically to avoid damage.

Bosch 8kg/1000rpm Front Loader Washing Machine (Silver/Inox): Bosch 8kg/1000rpm Front Loader Washing Machine (Silver/Inox)
R8,999 R6,209 Discovery Miles 62 090 Save R2,790 (31%) Ships in 4 - 7 working days

Automatic washing machine with EcoSilence Drive™: quiet operation and durability that you can rely on.
iSensoric Washing Machine with iQDrive for highly effective and efficient laundry care.

Taurus Calentador - PTC Ceramic Heater with Remote Control (2000W)(Black): Taurus Calentador - PTC Ceramic Heater with Remote Control (2000W)(Black)
R2,999 R1,599 Discovery Miles 15 990 Save R1,400 (47%) Ships in 3 - 5 working days

Fight the winter chills with the stunning Ceramic Heater from Taurus. Its black colour scheme allows it to fit in with any home and office environment. The Taurus Ceramic Heater is super easy to use and with its remote control feature it is one that will make you feel comfortable and at home. It has a 12 hour timer and digital temperature control which allows you to select the exact temperature you desire to keep you warm throughout winter.

Russell Hobbs Mix-Art Stand Bowl Mixer (600W)(Black): Russell Hobbs Mix-Art Stand Bowl Mixer (600W)(Black)
R1,899 R1,529 Discovery Miles 15 290 Save R370 (19%) In stock

Russell Hobbs - 600W Mix-Art Black Stand Bowl Mixer
With 3 bowl accessories: a stainless steel balloon whisk, stainless steel dough hook as well as aluminium creamer-beater. Intelligent circuitry ensures a consistent operating speed, whatever the load may be. Unique tilting system with planetary mixing action for increased efficiency.

Hart Easy Pour Kettle (2.5L): Hart Easy Pour Kettle (2.5L)
R199 R133 Discovery Miles 1 330 Save R66 (33%) Ships in 10 - 13 working days
Russell Hobbs Milk Frother (Black): Russell Hobbs Milk Frother (Black)
R999 R905 Discovery Miles 9 050 Save R94 (9%) In stock

Multi-function milk frother offers 4 functions: Foam - Heating and frothing the milk to produce hot froth, cool - only frothing, but no heating, hot - no frothing but heating the milk to +-65 degrees Celsius and baby - heating milk to a baby-safe temperature of 38 degrees Celsius. Induction heating meaning no scorching. Illuminating power and function buttons. Detachable stainless steel cup is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Suitable for heating milk up to 300ml. Suitable for frothing milk up to 150ml.

Spindel 6.5kg Laundry Spin Dryer: Spindel 6.5kg Laundry Spin Dryer
R2,799 R2,599 Discovery Miles 25 990 Save R200 (7%) In stock

Spindel is a specialist laundry spin dryer that uses spin power instead of heat to quickly remove excess moisture from laundry. It also extracts residual detergent and mineral deposits from the fabric, so laundry dries cleaner and feels better too. The Spindel can be used with machine or hand-washed laundry and is safe for all fabrics.

How does it work?:

Simply load the wet laundry, turn the switch on and watch the water pour through the spout. The stainless steel inner drum accelerates up to 2800 revolutions per minute, extracting the majority of the residual moisture without damaging even the most delicate fabrics.

After the 3 minute cycle is complete you can:

  • Air dry your laundry in a fraction of the time,
  • Iron certain fabrics immediately (i.e. fabrics with synthetic fibre), or
  • Run a significantly shorter cycle in the tumble dryer to save energy and reduce heat damage
Swiss Miele Vacuum Bags: Swiss Miele Vacuum Bags
R169 R152 Discovery Miles 1 520 Save R17 (10%) In stock
Taurus Fredigora Aire - Digital Plastic Air Fryer with Timer (2.6L)(1400W)(Black): Taurus Fredigora Aire - Digital Plastic Air Fryer with Timer (2.6L)(1400W)(Black)
R1,599 R1,241 Discovery Miles 12 410 Save R358 (22%) In stock

Taurus introduces the Freidora Aire digital Fryer. The Fredigora Aire has an easy to use digital control panel. With its 2.6L basket and 60 min timer, healthier food has never been this easy to cook.

Bosch MFQ36470 Hand Mixer Set: Bosch MFQ36470 Hand Mixer Set
R1,099 R717 Discovery Miles 7 170 Save R382 (35%) Ships in 7 - 11 working days
Elektra Health 8075 Electrode Hot Steam Humidifier (4L): Elektra Health 8075 Electrode Hot Steam Humidifier (4L)
R529 Discovery Miles 5 290 Ships in 4 - 8 working days

Keep the quality of the air in your baby’s room consistent with the Electrode Warm Steam Humidifier by Elektra.

Using new electrode technology with boil dry protection and handy aromatherapy oil holder, this environmentally friendly warm humidifier silently and efficiently releases heats water to produce steam that humidifies the air to neutralise the damaging effeccts of dry air.

The choice between cool and warm humidifiers is often a personal choice. If you find breathing easy in a sauna environment, then the warm steam will be ideal for easing the symptoms of cold, allergies and ashma.

Mellerware Swiss - Plastic Floor Fan Heater with 2 Heat Settings (2000W)(White): Mellerware Swiss - Plastic Floor Fan Heater with 2 Heat Settings (2000W)(White)
R299 R262 Discovery Miles 2 620 Save R37 (12%) Ships in 3 - 5 working days

The portable fan heater of the Mellerware Contemporary range will keep you hot or cold at home, in the office or take it with on holiday for all weather occasions.

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