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NERF Super Soaker Floodfire Blaster: NERF Super Soaker Floodfire Blaster
R499 R299 Discovery Miles 2 990 Save R200 (40%)
Ends Sun at 11:59:59 PM

Puny water pistols don't stand a chance against the awesome power of the Nerf Floodfire Super Soaker. This high-capacity water blaster holds a whopping 1.2L of water for an outstanding mobile attack.

NERF - Zombie Strike Dreadbolt: NERF - Zombie Strike Dreadbolt
R1,403 Discovery Miles 14 030 In stock

Prime the crossbow to fire by swinging lever backward and forward, then pull the trigger to unleash an arrow toward the zombie hordes. Store the arrows on the crossbow to keep them within reach whenever zombies attack. The Nerf Zombie Strike Dreadbolt crossbow comes with 5 Zombie Strike arrows.

NERF - Nitro MotoFury Rapid Rally: NERF - Nitro MotoFury Rapid Rally
R1,647 R1,065 Discovery Miles 10 650 Save R582 (35%) In stock

Blast into overdrive with Nerf Nitro sets! Kids can create awesome stunts as they fire foam cars from blasters that feature the power and performance of the Nerf brand! Blast into stunts to go high, go far, go fast! Blast into motorized, rapid-fire stunt challenges with the Nerf Nitro MotoFury Rapid Rally set. Design outrageous car-blasting action with the high-jump ramp, long-jump ramp, and 12 obstacles. Comes with 9 cars, including 3 special ones available only in this set. Additional sets each sold separately.

NERF - N-Strike Mega Twinshock: NERF - N-Strike Mega Twinshock
R1,060 Discovery Miles 10 600 In stock

Strike with powerful pump-action blasting to unleash 2 darts at once with the Nerf N-Strike MEGA TwinShock blaster! With 3 ways to blast, battlers can optimize their strategy for each battle. Fire one dart at a time, double-blast opponents by firing 2 darts at once, or unleash all 10 darts rapidly with slam-fire action. The pump-action blaster holds up to 10 Nerf MEGA darts that scream through air up to 26 meters. Blast into battle with the power of the Nerf N-Strike MEGA TwinShock blaster!

NERF N-Strike Special Edition Dart Refill (12 Pack): NERF N-Strike Special Edition Dart Refill (12 Pack)
R118 Discovery Miles 1 180 In stock

Give yourself the edge in any battle with this 12-pack of Elite Darts!

NERF - Accustrike Raptorstrike: NERF - Accustrike Raptorstrike
R1,279 Discovery Miles 12 790 In stock

Experience exciting head-to-head combat with the Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike RaptorStrike. Kids can strike with confidence and skill as they fire darts for accuracy. The blaster is part of the AccuStrike Series, which features darts that can fire more accurately than other projectiles.

The bolt-action blaster comes with an extendable bipod to stabilise shots, perfect for stealth battles with your friends. The 2 six-dart clips and 18 darts includes ensures battlers will stay stocked for their Nerf fights. The blaster comes complete with a pop-up sight for targeting.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Accu Series Refill Toy, Pack of 24: Nerf N-Strike Elite Accu Series Refill Toy, Pack of 24
R133 Discovery Miles 1 330 In stock

Kids can strike with confidence as they blast darts designed for accuracy! part of the accustrike series, this refill pack includes 24 Elite foam darts that are designed for greater accuracy. The darts are compatible with NERF N-Strike Elite blasters (each sold separately).

Nerf N-Strike Elite Accu Series Alpha Hawk Blaster: Nerf N-Strike Elite Accu Series Alpha Hawk Blaster
R711 Discovery Miles 7 110 In stock

Kids can strike with confidence as they blast darts designed for accuracy! The Nerf N-Strike AlphaHawk is part of the AccuStrike Series, which features darts designed for greater accuracy. Hit the mark with the precision of the most accurate Nerf darts. The AlphaHawk blaster fires 1 dart at a time from a revolving, easy-load drum that holds up to 5 darts. Take aim and strike like a hawk! Includes 10 Elite foam darts that are designed for greater accuracy. Compatible with Elite darts (sold separately).

NERF - N-Strike Elite 30 Dart Refill: NERF - N-Strike Elite 30 Dart Refill
R152 Discovery Miles 1 520 Within 7 - 11 working days
NERF Super Soaker Squall Surge: NERF Super Soaker Squall Surge
R325 R281 Discovery Miles 2 810 Save R44 (14%) Within 7 - 11 working days

The Super Soaker brand has been the water-blasting brand of choice since 1989. Dive into non-stop soakage with the Squall Surge water blaster! The Squall Surge features pressurized-trigger firing to deliver a surging stream of water. Send the water blasting up to 35 ft. (10.6 m). Featuring a tactical design, this water blaster holds up to 16 fl. oz. (473 mL). For innovative water-blasting fun, nothing soaks like a Super Soaker water blaster!

NERF N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest: NERF N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest
R699 Discovery Miles 6 990 Within 7 - 11 working days

Load up big-time for any N-STRIKE Elite mission with the Tactical Vest Kit! The kit’s Tactical Vest, included ammo and Quick Reload Clips let you stay heavily armed even while you’re on the move. The vest’s dart storage loops hold up to 12 darts, and you can fit 2 Quick Reload Clips in the clip storage area. There’s a pocket for blaster storage so you can carry some backup firepower, and another pocket for whatever else you need to complete the mission! With all the ammo and firepower you can fit in your Tactical Vest and your blaster in your hand, you’ll be ready for any battle situation! Tactical Vest Kit lets you carry along lots of extra firepower! Vest features storage pockets for an extra blaster and for extra Quick Reload Clips! Includes 2 Quick Reload Clips! Each Quick Reload Clip holds 6 darts. Load your clips, then store up to 12 extra darts in the Dart Storage Loops. Kit includes 12 N-STRIKE Elite Darts! Elite Darts work with any N-STRIKE Elite blaster and most original N-STRIKE blasters. Vest straps adjust fit to most sizes.

NERF - Elite Multi-Pack Stealth Striker Set: NERF - Elite Multi-Pack Stealth Striker Set
R621 R551 Discovery Miles 5 510 Save R70 (11%) Within 7 - 11 working days

Head into battle with the Nerf N-Strike stealth striker set! kids can now keep extra darts, clips, and blasters in easy reach, for hours of nonstop battling. With the Nerf N-Strike Elite utility vest's extra storage, they'll have the capacity to bring everything they need as they blast into action against the competition!

NERF - Elite Dart Pouch: NERF - Elite Dart Pouch
R91 Discovery Miles 910 Within 7 - 11 working days

Stay prepared to take on the competition and keep extra rounds close by with the Nerf Elite dart pouch! the pouch easily clips your waist to quickly access rounds for quick reloading!

NERF Elite Rough Cut: NERF Elite Rough Cut
R488 Discovery Miles 4 880 Within 7 - 11 working days

Slam into battle with the double-barreled domination of the Rough Cut 2X4 blaster. This sleek blaster lets you launch 2 Elite Darts at once at targets up to 75 feet away, and the pump-action design lets you pump repeatedly to unleash a steady double stream of darts. Launch up to 8 Elite Darts without reloading. As with most N-Strike blasters, the Tactical Rail lets you add most N-Strike Tactical Rail accessories (sold separately) for more battle capability. Power up the multishot madness of the Rough Cut 2X4 blaster and get ready to dominate with both barrels.

NERF - Elite Hip Holster: NERF - Elite Hip Holster
R144 Discovery Miles 1 440 Within 7 - 11 working days

This is how action goes, with the right equipment! The stylish hipster is designed for both right and left handed. In addition to a Nerf Blaster, dart ammunition can also be stored (not included). With a convenient adjustable carrying strap, blaster and arrows are always easy to handle and the hands are free to play - Holster made of high quality nylon material in stylish NERF ELITE design - Easy and quick handling as well as comfortable carrying - Storage of Nerf Blaster and ammunition (not included)

NERF N-Strike Elite Stryfe Blaster: NERF N-Strike Elite Stryfe Blaster
R480 Discovery Miles 4 800 Within 7 - 11 working days
NERF Elite Modulus ECS10 Blaster: NERF Elite Modulus ECS10 Blaster
R1,313 Discovery Miles 13 130 Within 5 - 8 working days
NERF Modulus Tri Strike: NERF Modulus Tri Strike
R1,236 Discovery Miles 12 360 Within 5 - 8 working days

Boys can build their own blaster for each mission with the Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike blaster from Hasbro! The Tri-Strike blaster features 3 different ways to blast that can all be used separately, or combined, for custom configurations. Bring an entire arsenal to the battlefield with the versatility and power of the Tri-Strike blaster!

NERF Rival Magazine Refill: NERF Rival Magazine Refill
R318 Discovery Miles 3 180 Within 7 - 11 working days

Get one up on the competition with the Nerf Rival 12 Round Magazine Refill! Whether you’re on Team Red or Team Blue, the Nerf rivalry is going to be fierce – and you’ll need every round you can get! With this 12-round magazine, you can load it up with 12 of the 18 included Nerf Rival rounds. Then you can slap the fully loaded magazine into your Zeus MXV-1200 or Apollo XV-70 blaster (each sold separately) and you’re ready to rumble! Ammo up fast with the 12-Round Magazine!

NERF - Nitro Duel Fury Demolition: NERF - Nitro Duel Fury Demolition
R856 Discovery Miles 8 560 Within 7 - 11 working days
NERF Zombie Strike Flipfury: NERF Zombie Strike Flipfury
R522 Discovery Miles 5 220 Within 5 - 8 working days

Experience the excitement, energy, and attitude of the Nerf brand, and find out why It's Nerf or Nothin'. Nerf Zombie Strike blasters from Hasbro deliver the ultimate Zombie-blasting fantasy. Raise your Nerf battles to a ghoulish new level with Zombie-themed blasters and exclusive Zombie Strike darts. Now you can protect the world from the zombies with the Zombie Strike Flipfury blaster. Join the Battle Against Zombies No one knows exactly what happened the day the zombies struck. All we know is someone had to strike back. Nerf Zombie Strike blasters give you the tools you need to defend civilization from the zombie apocalypse. Arm yourself with Nerf Zombie Strike blasters and darts (each sold separately), and go online at nerf.com to check out fun zombie games. Strike a blow for humankind and take the fight to the invading zombie horde! Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro. When you're the only thing that stands between humanity and a horde of zombies, you can't afford to waste time reloading. With twin rotating drums that hold 6 Zombie Strike darts each, the Nerf Zombie Strike Flipfury blaster lets you fire 12 darts before reloading. After you unleash 6 darts from the top drum, pull the secondary trigger to flip drums and keep blasting. Stop the undead in their tracks and make sure no zombie gets past you!

NERF - Nitro Soft Racer (6 Pack): NERF - Nitro Soft Racer (6 Pack)
R196 Discovery Miles 1 960 Within 7 - 11 working days
Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700 And Face Mask (Red): Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700 And Face Mask (Red)
R870 Discovery Miles 8 700 Within 7 - 11 working days

Get started in Nerf Rival battles with this kit that includes the Apollo XV-700 blaster and a Face Mask! Experience intense head-to-head competition with the precision and power of the Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700 blaster. The blaster has a spring-action cocking mechanism and fires at a velocity up to 100 fps (30 mps). It comes with an easy-load magazine and 7 high-impact rounds. The blaster has a trigger lock, a tactical rail, and a ready indicator. The face mask has a breathable design and an adjustable strap. Both the blaster and face mask come in red or blue (each sold separately), so choose a color and go into battle as Team Red or Team Blue. Experience the intensity of Nerf Rival with the Apollo XV-700 blaster and face mask! Includes blaster, face mask, 14 rounds, and instructions.

NERF Rival 25 Round Refill Pack: NERF Rival 25 Round Refill Pack
R182 Discovery Miles 1 820 Within 7 - 11 working days

Whether you’re on Team Red or Team Blue, the Nerf Rival competition is going to be fierce – and you’ll need every round you’ve got! Each high-impact round in this 25-round Refill Pack works with Nerf Rival blasters (sold separately). If it’s precision and power you want, you need the 25-round Refill Pack!

NERF Modulus Gear Assorted: NERF Modulus Gear Assorted
R185 Discovery Miles 1 850 Within 7 - 11 working days

The Nerf Modulus system lets boys build their own blaster for each mission or battle. Add double dart firing power to the battle with the Grip Blaster and 2 Elite darts! Load both darts into the blaster, pull down the handle, and grip the trigger to fire both darts at once! Attack with the Grip Blaster alone or attach it any tactical rail to customize the Nerf Modulus blaster (sold separately). With the full Nerf Modulus system, over 1000 different combinations are possible!

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