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4M Science In Action - Wind Powered Landsailer: 4M Science In Action - Wind Powered Landsailer
R252 R232 Discovery Miles 2 320 Save R20 (8%) In stock

Set yours sails and see landsailer zip away! Landsailer is a sleek model land yacht. Put it together, add some wind and watch it go. Learn the physics behind. It is a fun science project. Contains 1 body, 1 long axle, 1 short axle, 1 rear wheels, 1 rear axle support, 1 front wheel support, 1 mast top (shorter rod), 1 mast base (longer rod), 1 mast connector, 1 main boom (main spar), 1 top spar, 1 main sail, string, screws, metal eyelets and detailed instruction. It is 65cm tall when built.

4M Green Science - Solar Science: 4M Green Science - Solar Science
R130 R117 Discovery Miles 1 170 Save R13 (10%) In stock

Build miniature working models of a solar oven and a solar water heater. Explore the science of solar thermal energy - a green and renewable source of energy. Contains 1 cardboard box, 4 silver reflector cards, 1 black panel base with cover, 1 bottle connector, 1 soft wax, adhesive tape, 2 thermal indicator stickers (printed 70C (158F) and 40C (104F)), 1 transparent plastic cover sheet, 1 cap with two holes

4M Science In Action - Rocket Race Car: 4M Science In Action - Rocket Race Car
R208 R187 Discovery Miles 1 870 Save R21 (10%) In stock

Turn a simple plastic bottle to become a Rocket Race Car. Watch it "blast off" on the ground. It's a fun exciting experiment on Issac Newton's Law of Motions. Contains a set of plastic mechanic body parts (assembly required) with 4 wheels, 1 rubber cork with needle, 2 velcro-fastening straps, screws, 2 metal axles, and detailed instructions.

4M Kidz Labs - Cartesian Diver: 4M Kidz Labs - Cartesian Diver
R19 R18 Discovery Miles 180 Save R1 (5%) In stock

Construct a Cartesian diver using a dropper, copper, washers and a hook. Place it inside a water-filled bottle and learn how changing pressure can cause the diver to sink or float. Contains dropper, 3 coppers, plastic weights and hooks and sticker.

4M KidzLabs Science toys Lab Kit: 4M KidzLabs Science toys Lab Kit
R239 Discovery Miles 2 390 In stock

Power the LED clock with a lemon, make a volcano erupt in your palm, recycle two bottles to make a giant tornado on your table-top, have fun while you learn about the scientific principles behind forces, pressure, chemical electricity and more! This kit contains experiments covering 8 physics, chemistry and mathematics topics. (Materials required from home: vinegar, baking soda, baking powder, bath fizzer, clean drinks bottles and lemon. Ask for adults permission and assistance in getting these materials for the experiments.)

4M Glow In The Dark Embroidery: 4M Glow In The Dark Embroidery
R162 Discovery Miles 1 620 In stock

An ideal kit for crafters to learn 10 stitching skills. Embroider and embellish your world.

4M Easy To Do Fun & Creative Mosaic (Dino, Racer, Rocket & Robot): 4M Easy To Do Fun & Creative Mosaic (Dino, Racer, Rocket & Robot)
R100 Discovery Miles 1 000 In stock

Jelly-like mosaic pieces that stick by themselves; no glue, no adhesive, and they’re reusable too! Follow the design templates and make four unique mosaic pictures.

4M Math Monkey Calculator: 4M Math Monkey Calculator
R229 R207 Discovery Miles 2 070 Save R22 (10%) In stock

Experience hands-on learning with the 4M Math Monkey. Learn addition, multiplication, and other math concepts with this friendly monkey. Cute, monkey-themed manual calculator grabs kids' attention and teaches mathematics skills. Foster children's early STEM learning with the included fun and instructive math games.

4M French Knitting Owl Doll Kit: 4M French Knitting Owl Doll Kit
R145 Discovery Miles 1 450 In stock

Follow simple steps to learn basic French Knitting techniques and sew your own chubby owl doll.

4M Kidz Labs - Zero Gravity Fridge Rover: 4M Kidz Labs - Zero Gravity Fridge Rover
R52 Discovery Miles 520 In stock

Wind up the rover gear and let it go on the fridge. Watch it grip and go up on the fridge surface, defying the force of gravity. It's an amazing science gadget.

4M 3D Art Pad Solar System and Space Kit: 4M 3D Art Pad Solar System and Space Kit
R96 Discovery Miles 960 In stock

See stunning space and solar system pop off the TV screen and printed art pad, and create your very own 3D creations with the magic 3D art pad sheet and sticker, Amaze your friends and family with your own 3D TV creation and posters!

4M Science Magic Coin Magic Kit: 4M Science Magic Coin Magic Kit
R67 Discovery Miles 670 In stock

Magically press a coin through a rubber sheet. This brilliant coin trick will leave your friends and family wide-eyed with amazement!

4M Green Science - Weather Science: 4M Green Science - Weather Science
R139 R119 Discovery Miles 1 190 Save R20 (14%) In stock

Experiment with static electricity that causes lightning, make clouds in your palm, build a desktop water cycle model, watch air currents that produce wind, and study the greenhouse effect and acid rain. These exciting activities will help you understand how our weather works. Contains 1 x balloon, 1 x cloud-shape cover, 1 x mountain shape, 1 x pimpled stopper, 1 x mountain base, 1 x cloud-making pump, 2 x thermometer arm, 2 x thermometer holders, 1 x pencil stand,2 x spiral template, 2 x thermometers, 1 x seed tray, pH test paper and detailed instruction.

4M Stitch A Doll & Pet Bunny Kit: 4M Stitch A Doll & Pet Bunny Kit
R133 Discovery Miles 1 330 In stock

Easy stitching! All felt pieces included are pre-cut and punched with stitch holes. Simply sew using the safe plastic needle. Perfect for budding crafters. Also comes with a cute pet bunny!

4M Insectoid Kit: 4M Insectoid Kit
R145 Discovery Miles 1 450 In stock

Construct this easy-to-build Insectoid! Discover the mechanisms behind robotic movement. It crawls, wriggles and walks! Also needed but not provided: a cross-head screwdriver and a 1.5V AAA battery. It is approximately 28cm in length with antennas.

4M Kidz Labs - Stegosaurus Skeleton: 4M Kidz Labs - Stegosaurus Skeleton
R109 R98 Discovery Miles 980 Save R11 (10%) In stock

Contains a Stegosaurus skeleton about 17 cm long when assembled.

4M KidzLabs Balancing Robot Kit: 4M KidzLabs Balancing Robot Kit
R159 R144 Discovery Miles 1 440 Save R15 (9%) In stock

Amaze your friends and family with this talented robot acrobat, who can perform gravity-defying tricks on a string or a thin pole! Learn how it works with the Earth's own invisible force – gravity. Also required but not provided in this kit: coins, a small crosshead screwdriver.

4M Animal Paper Bag Puppets: 4M Animal Paper Bag Puppets
R199 R180 Discovery Miles 1 800 Save R19 (10%) Within 4 - 7 working days

Paper Bag Puppets lets your child make puppets with ordinary paper bags and then keep the fun going by putting on a show. Just peel, stick and glue to create funny friends. Step-by-step instructions are included with no reading required. Each project comes individually wrapped and ready to begin when you open the box. Using the included instructions, children can learn how to make their own crafts for years to come. They will learn all of the valuable skills to become more talented at arts & crafts as a whole.

4M Science In Action - Mousetrap Racer: 4M Science In Action - Mousetrap Racer
R199 R179 Discovery Miles 1 790 Save R20 (10%) In stock

The amazing Mousetrap Racer is part mousetrap part car! It zooms along powered by a mousetrap spring. Learn how potential energy is stored and be released as kinetic energy. It's a cool project for school science fair! Contains 1 large arm plate top and base, 1 small arm plate top and base, 4 wheels, 1 long axle with winding drum, 1 short axle, 1 wide (rear) base plate, 1 narrow (front) base plate with srping, 2 connecting rods, string, screws, and detailed instructions.

4M Friends of Nature 3D Puzzles Safari: 4M Friends of Nature 3D Puzzles Safari
R239 R179 Discovery Miles 1 790 Save R60 (25%) Within 4 - 7 working days

Complete a variety of giant Colourful puzzles with 3D animals and a safari play scene.Let your child's imagination run wild with 3D interactive play Keep kids entertained at parties and sleepovers with six 3D puzzles, one 9-piece flat puzzle, and instructions Join in a fun activity for rainy days with this entertaining kit

4M Crystal Growing Experimental Kit: 4M Crystal Growing Experimental Kit
R191 Discovery Miles 1 910 In stock

Conduct 7 crystal growing experiments. It's fun to watch the sparkling crystals grow in front of your eyes. Display them in the specially designed display cases. It's a cool crystals collection.

4M Science Magic Mind Reading Kit: 4M Science Magic Mind Reading Kit
R67 Discovery Miles 670 In stock

Be a mystical psychic mind reader! Amaze your friends with 3 simple-to-perform yet stunning mind reading tricks.

4M Kidz Labs Human Torso Anatomy: 4M Kidz Labs Human Torso Anatomy
R167 Discovery Miles 1 670 In stock

Experience hands-on learning with the 4M Human Torso. Learn about the inner workings of the human body with this anatomical science kit. Examine organs that squish when touched for added realism. Perform surgery with the included magnifying glass, forceps, cover, body parts, stand, pins, and carrying case. Share the experience and challenge friends and family to put the organs back in their correct spot. This kit is suitable for ages 8 and up.

4M Dig & Play Dinosaurs World Kit: 4M Dig & Play Dinosaurs World Kit
R137 Discovery Miles 1 370 In stock

Dig up the dinosaurs buried 65 millions years ago when these prehistoric animals became extinct! Play a dinosaur adventure game with the game sheet provided. It's a cool kid's activity that guarantees hours of fun.

4M Kidz Labs - Pocket Volcano: 4M Kidz Labs - Pocket Volcano
R42 R38 Discovery Miles 380 Save R4 (10%) In stock

Put the Earth's natural wonder in your palm. Perform "volcanic eruptions" on a table top, in the bathtub, or even in a glass. It's an awesome science gadget!

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