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Star Trek Next Generation - Season 4 (DVD, Boxed set) Loot Price: R241
Discovery Miles 2 410

Star Trek Next Generation - Season 4 (DVD, Boxed set)

Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Will Wheaton, Whoopi Goldberg, Colm Meaney, …

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Loot Price R241 Discovery Miles 2 410

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All 26 episodes from the fourth season of the first 'Star Trek' spin-off. In 'The Best of Both Worlds 2' Picard has been assimilated by the seemingly unstoppable Borg, and Riker risks destroying his friend and captain when he launches an attack on the enemy cube. 'Family' sees Picard recuperating from his ordeal back on Earth with his resentful older brother, while Worf receives a visit from his adoptive human parents and Wesley views a message from his late father. In 'Brothers' Data takes control of the Enterprise when he is summoned by his 'father', Dr Noonian Soong, in order to be fitted with an emotion chip. 'Suddenly Human' finds Picard attempting to decide what to do with a teenage human boy who has been raised by a group of Talarians. 'Remember Me' sees Beverly convinced that people are going missing from the Enterprise as a result of her son Wesley's warp field experiments. 'Legacy' finds the crew embroiled in civil war when they visit the home world of Ishara, the sister of their deceased colleague Tasha Yar. In 'Reunion' Worf is reunited with his former mate, K'Ehleyr, and son Alexander when Picard is asked to intercede in the Klingon accession. 'Future Imperfect' sees Riker recovering consciousness after succumbing to a strange gas, only to discover that he is apparently fifteen years into the future and now an admiral, about to arrive on a Romulan warbird. In 'Final Mission' Wes Crusher is accepted to Starfleet Academy and takes Picard on one last away mission. 'The Loss' has ship's counsellor Deanna Troy lose her empathetic powers just as the Enterprise approaches a race of two-dimensional lifeforms. 'Data's Day' sees the android first officer recounting his typical day, describing his attempts to understand a variety of human emotions as he helps Chief Miles O'Brien prepare for his impending wedding. 'The Wounded' finds Picard forced to intervene when a renegade captain launches an attack on the Federation's former enemies, the Cardassians. In 'Devil's Due' the population of Ventax II turn to Picard for help when the 'god' Arda arrives to enslave them - according to the terms of a contract they made with him for one thousand years of peace. 'Clues' sees the entire Enterprise crew (except Data) lose one whole day of memory after passing through a wormhole. In 'First Contact' Riker is stranded on a planet whose inhabitants are fearful of and even hostile towards alien life forms. 'Galaxy's Child' has Geordi disappointed when his alterations to the Enterprise do not meet with ship designer Leah Brahms' approval. 'Night Terrors' sees the crew plagued by hallucinations when they become trapped in a space rift. 'Identity Crisis' finds Geordi compelled to return to a planet he once visited as part of a survey team when all the other members of the team vanish. In 'The Nth Degree' Barclay's intelligence is rapidly enhanced, and it continues to grow by the minute, causing him to try and bring the Enterprise to the centre of the galaxy. 'Q-Pid' has both Q and Vash return, this time in a recreation of the Robin Hood legend, where Picard is Robin, Vash is Marion, Q is the Sheriff, and Worf, despite his protestations, is one of the merry men. In 'The Drumhead' a Klingon working on board the Enterprise is found to be in league with the Romulans; this leads the respected-but-bigoted Admiral Satie to start a witch-hunt for other conspirators. 'Half A Life' sees the Enterprise crew encounter a race who decree that ritual suicide should be undertaken by all those reaching the age of 60. 'The Host' finds Dr. Crusher falling under the spell of a Federation ambassador, but when he is injured and needs her medical attention, she makes a discovery which causes her feelings to change pretty quickly. 'The Mind's Eye' has Geordie kidnapped by the Romulans and brainwashed into the assassination of a Klingon governor. 'In Theory' sees Data encounter more illogical human emotions when an Enterprise cadet falls in love with him. Finally, in 'Redemption', the Klingon Empire is teetering on the brink of civil war and the Romulans are taking more than a passing interest in the power struggle.


Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Release date: May 2006
Movie released: 1991
Actors: Patrick Stewart • Jonathan Frakes • LeVar Burton • Michael Dorn • Gates McFadden • Marina Sirtis • Brent Spiner • Will Wheaton • Whoopi Goldberg • Colm Meaney • Elizabeth Dennehy • George Murdock • Jeremy Kemp • Samantha Eggar • Dennis Creaghan • Theodore Bikel • Georgia Brown • Doug Wert • Corey Danzinger • Adam Ryen • Chad Allen • Barbara Townsend • Eric Menyuk • Bill Erwin • Beth Toussaint • Christopher Michael • Suzie Plakson • Charles Cooper • Robert O'Reilly • Patrick Massett • Patrick Steuer • Michael Rider • Andreas Katsulas • Chris Demetral • Carolyn McCormick • April Grace • Nick Tate • Kim Hamilton • Mary Kohnert • Kim Braden • Rosalind Chao • Sierra Pecheur • Alan Scarfe • Bob Gunton • Marc Alaimo • Time Winters • John Hancock • Marco Rodriguez • Marta DuBois • Paul Lambert • Marcelo Tubert • William Glover • Patti Yasutake • Rhonda Aldrich • George Coe • Bebe Neuwirth • Carolyn Seymour • Michael Ensign • George Hearn • Sachi Parker • Lanei Chapman • Duke Moosekian • John Vickery • Brian Tochi • Craig Hurley • Jim Norton • Kay E. Kuter • Saxon Trainor • Page Leong • Dwight Schultz • Jennifer Hetrick • Clive Revill • John De Lancie
Contributors: Gene Roddenberry • Michael Piller • Ronald D. Moore • Rick Berman • Jean Luc Picard • Will Riker • Data • Geordi La Forge • Worf • Beverley Crusher • Wesley Crusher • Deanna Troi • Guinan • Chief Miles O'Brien • Borg • Lore • Doctor Noonian Soong • John Whelpley • Jeri Taylor • Ralph Phillips • Lee Sheldon • Joe Menosky • Thomas Perry • Jo Perry • Brannon Braga • Drew Deighan • J. Larry Carroll • David Bennett Carren • Kacey Arnold-Ince • Klingons • Romulans • K'Ehleyr • Hilary J. Bader • Alan J. Adler • Vanessa Greene • Harold Apter • Stuart Charno • Sara B. Charno • Cy Chermak • Vulcans • Cardassians • Keiko • Philip La Zebnik • William Douglas Lansford • Bruce D. Arthurs • Dennis Russell Bailey • David Bischoff • Mark Scott Zicree • Maurice Hurley • Thomas Kartozian • Pamela Douglas • Shari Goodhartz • Timothy De Haas • Ira Steven Behr • Peter Allan Fields • Michel Horvat • Rene Echevarria
Directors: Cliff Bole • Les Landau • Rob Bowman • Gabrielle Beaumont • Robert Scheerer • Jonathan Frakes • Corey Allen • Chip Chalmers • Robert Wiemer • Tom Benko • Winrich Kolbe • Robert Legato • Patrick Stewart • Marvin V. Rush • David Livingston
Dimensions: 192 x 137 x 30mm (L x W x T)
Format: DVD
Disks: 7
Running time: 18 hours, 50 minutes
Region encoding: Region 2. This DVD will play in all South African DVD players.
Audio format: Dolby Digital 5.1  Dolby Digital 5.1
Video format:  Standard 4:3 (1.33:1)
Languages: English
Age restriction: 12 PG
Categories: DVD > TV Series > Science Fiction
DVD > Science Fiction
LSN: XKF-126-0KE-3
Barcode: 5014437903235

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